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Dating scammer Jamila Alhassan


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Name: Jamila Alhassan



Other Comments:
Picture from a scammer in Ghana........Im guessing this girl is NOT the scammer

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2009-09-23, 18:33:20   (updated: 2009-09-23, 18:46:46)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-23, 16:38:54
[hidden] from United States

Hi Your photo is stolen from Julie / Porn Star /
If, Your on line with anyone at all its a scammer.
May even be, My old scammer.
Under no circumstance try to confront this scammer with the truth.
All, You will accomplish is being lied to more.
The Scammer will claim to be Julie and is not doing Porn anymore.
Julie is very wealthy and has no need to scam anyone.
She could buy the entire Country of Ghana.

There is not one single person on line from Ghana or anywhere else
in West Africa that is not 100% scammers.
Ghana, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal, Benin Republic, Refugee Camp,
Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, All of West Africa that are not scammers.
You may not even have been asked for money yet ?
It makes no difference as it is till a scammer.
Scammers have been known to wait 3 years before cleaning out their victims.
There are thousands of scammers working out of West Africa right now.
They hook, You with words of Love and Promises to come to You.
Whats is, worse is, Your being scammed, By a man.
Thats right, He can work as a team with a Woman like, My scammer did.
Very convincing and, I did not listen to, My friends when warned.
You want to be just like, Me ? I am Homeless, I have been paying
off the debt, I buried, Myself under.
Your next if, Your stupid enough to stay hooked up to anyone from West Africa.
If, You think, I'm being hard on, You wait till, You learn the hard way.
There is not one single White or Black, Woman or Man on line
from West Africa that's not a scammer. NO EXCEPTIONS.
They can say they are from anywhere in the World they want to.
Its still a scammer.
They can fake Webcam appearances like, My scammer did with, Me.
Your He / She doesn't care for a second if, You live or die.
Just stop sending money and say good bye to the scammer.
You shouldn't ever send anyone money on the Internet in
the first place.
Never tell any scammer about this site.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site or any personal information.
Scammers are here because other victims confronted their scammers
and told them where they learned the truth.
A Scammer has a lie for everything.
They will use anything to keep getting, Your money.
They use Religion and know the Bible very well.
They will use God Himself if need be to keep getting your money.
There is always some sad story about needing food or medicine
or some horrible tragedy but it doesn't exist only in the lies,
You have been told.
The scammer uses fake names, stolen pictures, They have dozens of e mail
addresses. Blocking them is only a speed bump.
They just use another e mail address or another of dozens of phone number's.
They will pass all, Your information onto other scammers also.
You need to get off the Internet completely until, You take the time
to learn all about scams and scammers.
Your a victim and will be again for sure because, You didn't even
know enough to recognise this was a scammer in less than a second.
Your only at the beginning of, Your personal nightmare right now.
Unless, You change all, Your personal information, You will never
stop the scammers.
Out of thousands of reported scams on this site only 12 used their
own information and pictures but all of those were Russia.
Not one has been reported from West Africa ever.
You should be sick to, Your stomach unless, Your Gay because, You
have been talking Love and sex most likely with a man.
Please come back and make a complete posting with every detail.
Name address, phone #, e mail address, How, You were contacted to start with.
The IP address and header minus, Your information.
Tell the whole story. OK
Remember no nude pictures are allowed here or of any minor.
Well, I have told, You more than enough for, You to understand that,
Your being scammed. Don't blame, Me later for not warning, You.
You may be offended to learn it is a man scamming, You.
But, I only deal with the truth not lies like the scammers tell.
You have been lied to about everything and what makes, You think
a liar does when confronted with the truth ? He keeps lying.
My scammer sent, Me pictures of another woman after I proved that, Julie
is in the USA, Florida and had nothing to do with the scam.
Those pictures took, Me over a week to find out they were stolen also.
So if the scammer comes clean and tells the truth when confronted
its just more lies.
In, Your case being contacted from Ghana it more than proves that
without any kind of doubt, Your being scammed.
I do not care if the Police from Ghana contact, You like, I was
contacted. It was scammers also.
Break this off now or lose even more because with every contact they
are copying what, You wrote and may use, Your information
photo's and all to scam someone else.
Good Luck, I hope for, Your sake, You listened to, Me.
Some guy's have committed suicide because of being scammed
others believed they were going to get rich from the scam and
lost over $ 80,000.00 USD

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Below is a picture of a real scammer Nigerian. But its the same thing in Ghana.
This is what, Your scammer really looks like.
Notice how the idiot cannot read English.
You are teaching, Your scammer English.

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2009-09-24, 12:58:29
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
Hello.I have got scammed of Anna Ogannisyan.Writes to me on the thread Anna Ogannisyan and writes to me about scamming.I writes with scammer Anna Shitova and writes to her if you want that.It is important to play with scammers and give them a falce mtcn.

take care.see you soon.regards from Sweden.
2009-09-24, 13:03:59
Magnus from smo, Sweden  

2009-10-02, 22:41:22
anonymous from United States  
this girl is a scamer from ghana accra
ive posted some pics of her abd her so called uncle and son
she wont ask for money right away but she will get around to it eventualy
be carefull
shes good

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2010-03-21, 04:22:18
anonymous from United States  
Lately Teteh Solomon works with Abdulrahim Mubarak..wtach out for the pair of scammers.
2010-04-13, 16:41:34
regnom from United Kingdom  
Im afraid that miss Jamila Alhassen got me good. l fell for her charms, and paid a high price !. This has been going on now for the passed 8 months, and after seeing her name as a known scammer, made me feel sick. lve had a feeling about this, for some time now, but now i know for sure. She was good and patient, and she sucked me in. But ive had the last laugh on her, even though she cleaned me out, ive had a very nice insurance pay out, for an accident i had, and have got all my money back x3. So by by Jamila.....hahahah, it was nice knowing you hahahahahah.....rot in hell bitch !!!!!!!
2010-04-14, 13:50:16
anonymous from United States  
This woman is a lying piece of cow dung, i have been talking with her for over six months and she did all the things you heard about. I want to marry you, i want a good man for my son, she doesn't care about anyone but herself. you can see her on or and she e3ven talks about it like they are stealing her pictures but she is full of shit, I talke with her on numerous ocassions live on webcam and made her write things on paper and hold it up so that I could see it live, she has sent me over four hundred pictures of her mostly naked and three very loose and porn type videos and a couple of shots i requested she do exactly as I told her to prove that it was her. It is the same exact female on her websites claiming that she is not the one , but i can prove that she is. She makes me sick with the way she belittles men and even in her last was so condecending about men are just trying to buy a wife. She is the poorest example of a human being I have ever had the displeasure to know, I am fortunate that I never really sent her that much , jus a little every once in awhile, but she has this thing going becasue of the number of men that sh eIS scamming all over with promises of a life time together, and all you men arfe now doing by even looking at this bitch is heloing her to provide more money for her shit self. She is a lowlife and anyone like that supposed friend that says she u=is the victim is lying because I have seen her LIVE on WEBCAM many a time and it is the same woman that claims ahe is so young and beautiful and sexy , she might be, but GOD has a really special place in HELL for woman like these. Enough said , watch out for this lying bitch ! She even went as far as to disable remarks under her YOUTUBE videos , Gee I wonder WHY, because she is a lying sack of shit praying on people that beleived that she could be both pretty and honest ! End Of STORY !

2010-05-09, 22:48:58
anonymous from United States  
This same person is now on Myspace no profile she ask me what was I going to buy her mother for Mother Day she use the name Eunice Nomotey her real name is Jamila Alhassan and used the photos of Melissa S. Roy.....BEWARE don't be crazy and send anyone in Ghana money not a penney......
2010-05-25, 16:32:13 from Norway  
Whats wrong with men? Desperate?
I have been following these scammer posts and see men fall for beautiful models and thinking these are poor girls living in poverty in Ghana. So poor they even can hire photographers.
2012-01-13, 19:55:14
anonymous from United States  
yes guys she and her team who type the emails send the little gifts collect the gifts you send to who ever is collecting then at that 8117 north circle west african ghana her best i think is the i dont want to marry the prince my family is pressuring me too.this is how she got me,and her uncle mike who was to set up my marrige to her,she said she read my profile from and wanted to move quickly to be with me to avoid the prince guy,the pictures were convincing,excellent altered photos showing her with this family in ghana,ok we talked via yahoo and by phone daily,that voice had me i said let me speak to her mom,this older sounding woman said it was real and not a scam assured me 100 percent if i were to send 2k her uncle would set up the marrige fly me to ghana for a traditional tribal wedding,and she would recieve her late fathers inheritance,she said she was half ghanain half italian malta,so i sent 2k little by little to her,i ran into trouble so i said to her im thinking to sell my honda to complete the 2k she said yea go ahead ill buy you a new car when we get to malta,so i did,she claim she was robbed at the wire transfer place,im pissed now so i go online and this add came up so i pull it up on the web i entered her photo,wow i was shocked to see her photo under several names she had a million stories why it was there i was done after even this old woman came on the phone and even she said she was not a scam over 50 times these people are really sick,this all started after i signed up with that african dating site,the scammers screen dating sites im thinking they go after divorced older men they make contact,using stolen photos put one of there girl friends on the phone to sweet talk you all to get you to wire you hard earn money to them its all they want.i no longer sign up for dating sites i feel the scammers screen them is how they are getting our information to scam us.anybody feeling this maybe true please respond
2012-01-13, 20:08:01
if i go over there and recognize that guy holding that sign i cant believe its not butter im going to put a ak47 to his head make him drive me to a busy internet cafe march him inside and kill him and all the people inside that internet cafe to send a message to these people.
2012-01-14, 02:24:45
2012-01-13, 20:08:01

The above pic of the girl in the red swimsuit belongs to porn slut Julie Yuliana and her pics are plastered all over this website under many names and addresses !
2012-01-15, 06:22:55
anonymous from Norway  
The mindset of the men who get scammed has to change. Ask yourselves a question. How come so many white girls live in Ghana? Why are pretty girls often stranded and beg for money from strangers? These broke girls use professional photographers to take their pictures.:)
The only solution is to stay away from africans and africa.
2012-01-19, 20:58:05
anonymous from Norway  
Why blame the girls on the photos? They are not aware that their pictures are being used. Why call them sluts becuse you men are so stupid to believe the african tales? Men who believe about white girls being stranded in Ghana? Have'nt you heard that Western embassies help to repatriate you if stranded?
They are men behind the profiles. Black ugly men with hairy legs laughing their heads off at the stupid white losers.
2012-02-25, 21:01:24
anonymous from United States  
hi i think i am getting scamed from a girl or what ever from accua ghana calls herself mandella bredo mandy bredo i have cauth her in onw lie she sent me pic of a web girl called sweet krissy when confonted her about it and told her that i wasnt going to talk to her anymore she said that she would tell me the hole story she said she did it becauce she was affaid that i would not like the way she looked but not the case the next set of pic the girl is just as hot here are few

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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