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Dating scammer Wendy Blaya


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Name: Wendy Blaya


Wendy M Blaya
Nagpayong ST Pala-O
Iligan city
Lanao Del Norte ( Province )
9200 Philippines

Other Comments:
Wants money to finish school , sick mother .

Tue, 7 Aug 2007 17:45:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya']
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From: 'wendy blaya' View Contact Details
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Hello Pierre,,,



How are you? I'm fine. Thanks that you answered on my message...........In an Internet matching service I found some profiles of people who seem to fit mine. I liked your profile and decided to send you a message because you seem interesting. I hope that you can take some time to start interacting with me so we can find out more about each other. let me tell you a little about myself: I am young woman, 26 years old. I am single and I live in an apartment with my MOTHER as well my grandparents coz im belong to a broken family...MY father left us 10 years i dont know where is my father now...and some of my siblings are living in different places here in philippines..and i dont even see them now...

After finishing high school, I working as a dance teacher. I very much like to dance! It is fine work. I teach people to dance various dances. Adult people, elderly and children - I teach all people. Dance - language of love. I like to travel to different places,......... but I does not do it often and i love singing also.,.go to videoke with my friends,,just to sing... I have many friends with whom I sometimes spend time, play volleyball and tennis, and enjoy other entertainment. I attached pictures so you can see how I'm looking.

And of course, I would love to see some pics of yours...Presently im graduating nursing student here in our area..our area is not in the city proper.,..its in remote area..where there is only one cafe...... how i wish that we can get to know each other through emailing so that maybe in the future we are meant for each other....time will tell right?? i like nursing coz i like to comfort and give my attention to people who r not feeling well......

Please ask me things interesting to you about me and inform me some information about you: What do you love an entertainment? What do your character? What qualities do you love in women? Do you ever had a wife?

I shall answer on your questions and inform you more about myself in following E-mails! Write to me on this E-mail address....... by the way my name is WENDY. This name is more pleasant to me. I very much would want that you named me so. O.K.?


I shall be wait for your messages.......


indeed a great pleasure to know u..


hello my dear Pierre,,




I am glad that you liked my letter and would like to continue our acquaintance. I will tell you more about me and I also hope to hear more about you and your way of life.......

My name is WENDY and my last name is BLAYA... My height is 178 cm or im 5 feet and 9 inches tall and my weight is 55 kgs. I am 26 years and my birthday is JULY 21, 1981.... I live in ILIGAN CITY, LANAO DEL NORTE PROVINCE...HERE IN PHILIPPINES..... it is part of MINDANAO.. and our city is called THE CITY OF WATERFALLS......

I think that you have heard about my country because of our BOXING SPORTS. known filipino boxer is MANNY PACQUAIO.... (by the way I like to watch boxing very much). ..did u hear that name????My city is situated in the northern MINDANAO.. part of PHILIPPINES... and if we become more in future and you come to visit me, you will like my city, because we have many places of interest here. .......

I work as a PART TIME in the restaurant here. like a fast food chain..a service crew.... in our in PALA-O, ILIGAN CITY......... My job is a part time crew in the restaurant..small restaurant just to support my personal needs..i have 5 brotherS and I HAVE NO the only girl in the family...4th in the family..ok???but now im living in an apartment with roommates...its 1 hour away from our hometown..... When I was a child, I was always felt compassion to those who has no home or food.. So I have decide that I will do my best in helping wretched people..., or to those who r poor or depressed families...coz i feel happy when i can help someone who are in need...

Let me tell you about my family. Well, as you know I live with my mother and I have 5 brothers and and im the only no sister.... My mother works in the shoe factory... and her name is Elena. She was born on august 30, 1955.... My father is ... florendo but he found someone or married to another woman..i dont even see him...... He was born on october 28, 1950..... My mother is always an example of how family life should be made. she was successfully married for over than 27 years.....

Unfortunately I don't speak any languages except English and TAgalog.... Maybe you are surprised with very fluent in english..or good in english...coz i learned in school .... But I am opened to everything new and would like to start learning different languages someday, when I can afford it to myself.

I like playing piano!!!i love singing..and of course dancing........

Hope you'll like it! hehehehe...hhmmmmmmmmm

u can tell me more about ur life and everything u want to share with me..ur lifestyle there and ur experiences...because we are here to know one another..for us to have a good relationships..or maybe where it will lead to us..

im here to know u better.......

Waiting for your reply soon,

this is for u.....

take care..

sweet kissess........mwaaaahhhhhh

im here for u..


Hello my dear Pierre,,,



I am very glad to your letter and can not hide a smile from the person. You very attractive person. When I read up your letter, I feel a small regret, that it was terminated and at the same time I am happy. It is similar to when finish to read the interesting book. Only except for it, I feel something else. I feel, that me pull to you. .. you have sometime tested similar feeling when you pulls to the person?

For me it is amazing, as I still at all did not see you. For me you not simply attractive person, you also very good person. I have understood it on your words. I am happy to know you. For me it is honour. I know, that you count me the beautiful person. But I want to know fairly, what I need to change in the appearance? I think, that I am not ideal. I would like to be better to like you. ............

You know, that I live in Philippines in city of ILIGAN... .it is found in MINDANAO ...and it is part of LANAO DEL NORTE PROVINCE..,,......our city is nice and lots of beautiful spots to visit and lot of fabulous beaches too.... It is very beautiful city and our city is called as.. THE CITY OF WATERFALLS.......... His age exactly one thousand years. In him lives about one million people. Unfortunately now it was the city in which a lot of criminality...but in our area...its a remote area here in BRGY. PALA-O,,, its only 4000-5000 people...

To leave on street after approach of night it happens very dangerously.......... Only do not worry for me.... service. To travel to me it seems very interestingly. In the childhood, I dreamed, that sometime I shall go round all world and I shall see many different people. ..thats why i want to relocate coz i want to know ur culture and traditions in ur country....But now I became adult and I understand, that with my financial income it to make simply not probably.

I can not even visit to the city proper coz its very expensive to go there and visits some interesting places...... I for a long time had to say goodbye to children's dream. It would be very interesting to me to learn more about that place where you live. Tell me. Ok? How people live in your city? What these people? With the help of you, I can open for myself new city in which you live.

It is very interesting to me. You now for me very dear friend and I hope you will not delay the answer........

im impatient to wait ur letter........

take care and be happy always....

stay sweet and good ......


Mon, 13 Aug 2007 02:57:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya'

hello my dear Pierre,,

Greetings of Peace and JOy!!!!


well thanks for ur very nice email.......well after my studies.,.my plans are looking for a that i can help my family..and i want to uplift our standard of living.....for our family.....i do part time modeling before just to sustain our family and school needs.....but i stopped it right now.....coz im about to graduate......and i really need to become a nurse.......thats my dream since im a child........well i want to have here to find my soulmate.....a husband...whom i can share my life with ......a man who is very kind, honest and very sincere and generous guy.........who understands me always..,..who can support and comfort me in times of problems.... a down to earth guy...and a man for keeps......

A man who can give so much love and affection to me..and willing to spend the rest of his life to me...who has big heart also while i will do the same to him.,..

for me...AGE IS NOT important..nor he is young or old..its not my basis to find a man here..........its just numbers..... so what matters most is the character.....or the beauty inside..... as long as u have good and kind heart..and not a great pretender...then honest to goodness....then he is the one for me......

well to tell u that my graduation .......for so busy........though sometimes i dont have extra money to chat.......and sometimes i cant email u always. i dont have computer at home..just to go to the internet cafe to rent .........lot of things to fixed right now....lot of graduate.......thats why sometimes im worried and sad..if i cant graduate........coz i really want to be a nurse..,..after my graduation how i wish i can be ur private nurse..and at the same time ur wife........its my great opportunity for me to go there with u....thats my dream country where i supposed to live live a nice husband..and have a kids.......but sad to say i cant afford to go there.....i dont have actually the funds for the passport, visa and the plane so sorry for that.....its not easy to go there......but if u will give me a chance........then its i wish.......and im praying for that.........hope that i can find someone the right guy here......and hope its u........


what is important is that IM JUST TRUE TO MYSELF..... so if u think that i may not be the lucky girl for you...then i respect that..... in life there is always failures and successes...

so for me....DONT LOSE HOPE WHILE WE ARE STILL ALIVE...and we should believe in our dreams.........

may peace and happiness be with u and ur family!!!!!!

im here to get to know u better.....thats why emailing is nice and in this way we can have a better relationship.....

take care..always..

im here for u..

Wendy ...
Tue, 14 Aug 2007 19:53:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya'



WELL , I have a miserable life in here..sometimes i can say to myself that life is unfair..because im belong to a broken and poor family....but though i am like this but i dont lose hope and i strive hard to meet my dreams come true. As far as i know that its not easy to find someone in here..... lot of men are just playing around and pretending to be somebody else...just to pleased some women in here.......well..for me i dont matter the looks, the age...what matters most for me is the character of the person. ....

Talking about my likes.....specially foods....i like baked macarones, spaghetti....and fried chicken.......and i love chocolates also.........and i eat vegetables...coz im a vegetarian..and vegetables are good for the health BUT it doesnt mean that im vegetarian i dont eat meat..i still eat meat..and fish...but if there are fruits and vegetables..i prefer to eat them..coz its good for the health...have lot of vitamins..........

I dont like someone who doesnt trust and believe me..and keep on promising without doing or acting it...i believe the saying that goes this way.. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN not only in words...but he must do it.....i really dont like people who r hiding their true personality,.....but i can say to u that im expressive to my feelings...and i really want to share about my past experiences.....

in looking for a serioius relationship..which will lead to marriage....i want to be a nurse because i know that nursing is a good profession.and ideal job....and i want to care, comfort to the people specially to those who r sick....

Talking about my past relationships which i was really hurt but i still want to move on..and dont close my doors for another person who is willing to love me relationship before it was really discouraging...well i have a boyfriend here a filipino..what i dont like to him is he lied to me...and he was not serious about me....and i caught him courting with another really hurts......i dont like liars.....i want one woman man.......he is unfaithful to me....i gave him the trust......and i trusted him but he betrayed i decided to join the site.find my man..who can be my lover, my soulmate, my companion and my everything......coz maybe i can find someone in here......and i can say that im a passionate and a romantic lover.....i like kissing, hugging..and holding hands also while walking.........

well about my views on SEX..i consider it as a sacred thing.......and it will be done after marriage..but i guess in other country they dont matter it....but its ok..and i respect that..coz we came from a different culture and in our country PHILIPPINES..... we dont have divorced here....which is not good....right?what i want if i will be married soon.....i will love my husband for the rest of my life because i believe that love is sacrifice..........i want someone who wil accept and love me of what i am...........

im not here into lets do things in moderate way...coz LOVE CAN WAIT..AND LOVE TAKES TIME...... do u agree??

though im belong to a broken and poor family.......hope he can accept that for being me......for being what i am....

HERES MY CELLPHONE NUMBER FOR U TO CALL ME........ +639289660166...or the same as this.......... 00639289660166.....

so i really need love and respect....and most everybody aims also for this.

pls tell me more about u.,.and what u feel about me?? everything..coz i want to know better... we r not here into rush.....i know its not an easy thing to commit into a relationships.....

take care,,,,,,

love of kisses..............



Wed, 15 Aug 2007 07:21:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya' helllo my dear Pierre,

HOW R U??hope ur fine and doing great there!!!!!!


Thank you again for your letter! ..I liked it very much! I hope that if you keep writing me, you too are interested in me and we are going to continue our relations. Well a bit unusual relationship actually, but still it brings more interest in our life..............

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of that one person that I would share my dreams, happiness and energy with ... I could not see his face but he was there. I always felt like he was out there, I just needed to feel him. I visualized the bond we would have and the courage he would give me to endure life's obstacles.

All these years I was with others, and feeling my way through life, learning lessons that later on would prepare me to become the person that I am now.......... I have felt alone and sad.... Then one day my eyes opened and I became that little girl again ... realizing that he is here now...... here in my world was the man that I had dreamed of and I'd hoped would not miss our meeting in life.

Now I start to feel that I am on my right way..... and I hope we will not miss our chance.

The kind of man I am looking for should be open minded, free of false shame and taboos and sexually liberated..... I would like him to know what he wants from life, what he wants to 'get and what he wants to give.......being sweet, playful, friendly, warm and patient makes him more matching to me, of course my wishes are directly related to how I am myself and I do know that perfect matches only exist in romantic stories, but I want to give you an idea who I am and what I want. ..........


The type of man I fall for is full of life, age, and the physical appearance... doesn't matter, the heart is what really important to me.......

thank u so much..

and hope finally ur the one im looking for......

hope this dream would come true..

take care..

hope that u will not forget me..

miss u..


i need only love and respect ...

Wendy M. BLAYA...

to my husband Pierre,,,



How are you my dear, are you tired, are you ok? and lots of questions like these I always ask you. Not because I just want to ask or curious, but every question comes from inside of my heart....

I know we are so far apart from each other and I try so much to be with you. I know, this is so hard but nothing on earth can make me lose my true love for you.......

Although we've never met in person, I still really love you. I don't know when I started to love you, it started with sending e-mails to you everyday wishing you a good morning and good night with a lot of feeling in them. Then, one day, I found myself loving you and couldn't stop this feeling. Just you knowing me more and more each day and how you understand me in everything, that's why I love you more and more....

Every time you say hi or hello, you brighten my life....

The distance is our problem but if we look at it in a different view, we will know this is the thing that can prove our true love. It's not so long SWEETIE.., every dream will be come true and we will smile with a tear of happiness together when we talk about the past, in our house with our little daughter that you told me you want to have with me... the little girl with her black hair like us, little eyes like me, and your smile.

I will wait for the day we are together and I hope you will wait for me...!!!!

take care..

lot of kissess to you sweetie.....mwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

I love you with all of my heart,..


Sun, 19 Aug 2007 06:09:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya'

hello my dear Pierre,,



hope that u have a great smile upon reading my simple letter........

First and foremost my honey..... how r u???hope ur fine and doing great there??? ..and to tell u that i dont want to take or ask money with u coz its unethical..but its just happened that my mother laid off in her job....she suffering kidney troubles and headaches...and she got paid a small amount of money and she gave me that ,...and its not enough to pay for my graduation fees...thats why im so worried now and very sad now...and i think she will be back to her work...but not yet sure when it will be...unless she will doing fine and great already honey.....i have money my dear but its not enough to pay for it..but sorry for bothering u..what i want is ur willingness to help me honey...ill wait ur decision...or what do u think about it?>???or if u think that i can be trusted???u know that i missed u so much and im always thinking aobut u...well i appreciate u if u want to help me to graduate...and i will accept that with a happy heart...hope that when u help someone its really coming from ur i wish u can help me and u can save my life and change my life...thanks so much and im waiting for ur reply...

im very sorry to bother u....u know that its bad to ask money u never met...i know what im doing is shameful on ur part.......but maybe if u have pure and kind heart..and a generous person.....that would be better for me....,.I REALLY NEEd 350us$ for my graduation expenses and also i need to buy medicines for my mother ok??

how i wish u have pure and kind u ?

just email me if u want to help me or not...its ok with me...what i want is that ur willingness to help and ur soft heart....

im hoping that u will not mad at me after reading this letter my dear...

im just true to myself in here..and i just dont want to pretend about myself...i want to express my real feelings...coz the more i will share my problems the more i can feel better...

hoping for ur kind consideration about my problems..or my situation.....

im very sorry for being so unethical.....i can say that we r not perfect....

take care..

lot of kissess.,..mwaahhhhhh



Tue, 21 Aug 2007 23:17:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya'

hello my dear Pierre, me my that i can graduate.......i can prove that u love me..when u help me.........ok?? u know that i trust u and i believe aobut you? dont u trust me? why dont u help me? i wan tto graduate and buy medicines for my mother..

hope that u have a generous heart......the only way we can get money here is via.....WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER....... do u know that?

take care my loves.


Thu, 23 Aug 2007 15:00:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'wendy blaya'
hello my dear PIerre,,

well i really need 400us$ for my graduation expenses....and i will buy medicines for my mother.,,

pls send it via..WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.........



please visit their website

ok?? pls help me the way..i love the poem..i was so touched......and iw il make u one next time ok??

pls help me honey..even just 400us$.,..pls send it via.. WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.......

after u sent give me ur name, ur address and the MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER ok?

love you,
ur wife,



2007-09-03, 13:50:25
anonymous from United States  
OK Anon US,WHO is the hot little asian girl supposed to be???
2007-09-04, 18:06:38
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
I want Tati back where she belongs! D.
2007-09-04, 21:16:40
anonymous from United States  
Stop whinning D! 'She's there' lol I think the asian gal IS hot tho!
2007-09-05, 11:26:24
anonymous from United States  
Well alot are til the start to age!



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