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Dating scammer Irina Z...


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Name: Irina Z...


Full address not known yet. Claims to be in/from Samara, Russia. But the IP is located in Ukrain (region Kharkivska Oblast, city Kharkiv)

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To: 'Dirk van Dellen'
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Found me on New-Dating:

Letter 1

Hello Dirk. As you now my name - Irina .
Im have no yahoo or msn. Sorry!
Im live from Russia in city Samara
Probably you want to study about me
It is more! My birthday September, 26, 1978. My growth
170 centimeter my weight of 53 kg. I have brown eyes and light hair.
I have silent character. I sensitive also am necessary for me stability
In attitudes . In people I estimate honesty. I am pleasant similarly to in
The good company, I cheerful Humour with good feeling. I like to
Prepare for tasty food to listen to good music and to look
Interesting cinema. And even more I like to read, Especially to love
Novels. I am the Russian girl, I live in Samara. I am very similar to my city.
It seems to me very beautiful and with set of good places.
It is probable, because I was not more somewhere. In my family I have no
Anyone. My parents were lost, when I was 11 years in autoaccident. I have only one brother.
It is married, and now lives with family. Now I live one. It
Is very firm for me to speak about it but if you want to find out
About it in more detail I can inform you about it. In the childhood I
Very much required to have a lot of brothers or sisters, but my parents
A lot of work was, therefore they did not assume to themselves Any
A lot of the child. Now I work as the medical employee, I am very similar
I am very similar to a nature in my country, it is probable in the friend
The countries it too very beautiful, were never simple I there. Mine
Dream - to visit other countries to look beautiful places of ours
Planet. I very much would like to receive family so it has gathered, that
I have grown one, and I very much would like to correct it. I do not do
Know, why I speak all of you it, but I trust you, you seem to me it
The especial person. Unfortunately I have no access in the Internet
Neither from a house, nor from work, therefore to me to have necessity enter
The Internet cafe. About acquaintances in internete I read in
Magazine. I very much want to find, that the person whom I shall bring up loving
And with which I shall connect all my life.
In this life I was very strongly offended and now I want to find happiness near to loved
The person which me will love and respect.
I very much wait your answer. Irina .
P.s Send me please your photo.

Letter 2

Greetings road. I am very happy to receive your letter. I am very pleased against it
I have found you, it is very pleasant for me to contact you.
It was pleasant very much to me,
That you have written to me the letter from the answer. It - very much
Interesting to me to study it is more about you and your country. In general
It is interesting, that we with you are copied, because I for
First time Contacts to the person from other countries. I hope that to you
As nterestingly to correspond with me It it is interesting to me because
To me always did not suffer people. I work as the medical employee and
It as you know trade which is paid from the budget of the country. And
For the country it is difficult to pay work the medical employee because as
Explains our government, the budget, Russia checks deficiency.
I in the childhood dreamed to address with people.
There there are in you brothers and the sister as frequently you with them
Meet? I have the brother, it is 30 years, and it has family. It married
To two years back, and one one year ago in them we give rise the son. It has
Named Pasha. it such is interesting. When my brother goes with
The wife, and the small son to us home I am always pleased, as I very much
It is a lot of children of love. And you love children? Besides it it is interesting,
As you will spend a free time and whom you work? It - very much will regret,
But I should finish the letter. I hope, that you will answer me soon
Also will answer my questions. With impatience to see your letters yours
The friend in a cold Russia Irina !

Letter 3

Congratulations my dear
I am pleased, than which you have written to me more usually.
Today I enter the Internet centre, and I see the letter from you it very much pleases.
I think, that you are interested in me,
And you want to study about me more. It - the truth?
I think that it so.

I can inform, that in me to concrete hobbie - not existing.
But not supervision it in me - some enthusiasm. Basically it - orders also billiards.
I want to study from you, - whether what music to you is pleasant?
It is pleasant to me, to various styles, and managements, but last time are pleasant to me style New Ege,
As it stimulates on reflections, and I like to listen to this music before dream.
It - such groups as Enya, the Riddle and many others.
If not this music of me to similar also popular American and English music.
We have the radio, the most popular Radio in Russia - radio Europe +.
I constantly listen to this radio. You heard about them? Probably - not existing,
But this most popular radio in Russia. Probably you reflect it,
As I in the general of the beginnings to correspond from you? I can inform only one.
Understand me, I can not find the person who loved me in Russia and respected.
As one wise person ' has told, when we live, we are in search,
In search, that who can go with you on life because to one to go very much and very difficultly. '
I think, what you agree with me? And if it is concrete, that I search for it in the person,
That it it was kindly and cautiously.
Probably it only children's dream, but I count it you such.
For me the purpose in life it to find the person who can cares of me and of ours with it children.
I address to this to all efforts to which I am possible and I shall be always with this person
The support in a support what to help and support it.
As you think on the account of that I have written to you!
I shall wait for your letter, yours Irina .

Letter 4

Greetings my dear!
How passes your day? I hope that all well!
I wanted the person which will be more senior than me. Which already has life experience.
And with which on the present it will be interesting to me.
In general I think, that the difference in the age of always strengthens attitudes between people.
I am sure, that only so it is possible to have strong attitudes between people,
Which like each other. I already spoke you, that I want long-term attitudes.
I want to have stability in attitudes.
Tell to me about your family. I would like to know your plans for the future. You trust in love
At first sight? You trust in ' the present love '?
Tell to me about your friends. You love what character traits in the person? I think, that I have written
some interesting information that you could know me better.
With sincere feeling of respect Irina .

Content-type: text/html


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2007-11-15, 02:06:36
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Pierre, The feeling is mutual. But the distance far...
2007-11-15, 08:29:56
anonymous from Canada  
Hey never to far ha ha ha Pierre
2007-11-15, 16:27:00
Fjellhare from Norway  
2007-11-15, 16:45:38
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
That's all, folks
2008-01-20, 09:42:04
[hidden] from Turkey  
i have a strange story with a russian girl living in kharkov ukraina.we met in icq.then we have been talking for 3 months.she is a real girl.i saw her pictures ,saw her with web-cam.i have her phone number.she called me .i called her many times.she wanted to visit me in turkey. and i sent her some money for ticket.and she did not disappear suddenly.but 2 days later i sent money, she said she was ill and she must use that money for medicine.i thought she was a scammer in a way.but she still says me how she loves me how she needs me etc. etc. i can not understand really what her aim is. because everything says me she is liar.but i must really find it out what her aim is.cos she still says me how she loves me how she wants to be with me. etc etc.
please help me
2008-02-15, 03:41:35
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Hidden from Turkey,

She (or he) wants more money. Don't send anymore money!

Too late!
2008-02-15, 06:28:45   (updated: 2008-02-15, 06:29:04)
Peter from Germany  
Yes, 'hidden' from Turkey, they never stop until you do it!
2008-03-02, 23:23:12 from Australia  
Hey, I have some scammers trying to con me at the moment- what can I do with this info? Where should I send it?
2008-03-02, 23:27:36
anonymous from Australia  
Please find following the letter where 'Olga' asks for money. There are other letters with photos and (presumably false) postal addresses:

TRAVEL INFO : OlChebotaewa
------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------
--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

© Travel Agency RTO-Tra.

-------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
TRAVEL INFO : Olga Chebotaewa - private tour.(work visa) Russian-English

---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Travel dates for: Ms. Olga Chebotaewa
Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to
be checked in with your name and where possible your address.
Suitable baggage labels and
stickers are available free of charge. In advance of your journey.
please note the current free baggage allowance included in your
ticket price. You can find this information in the internet or via
your Airline contact
person. In case you booked a special fare please note that it can
be subject to restrictions. Travel Abroad: When preparing to travel
abroad for less than 5 months,
it is important to ensure entry to another country . Depending on
the country to be visited and the student's nationality, it may be
necessary to apply for a
visitor visa.The student must have: a valid passport or travel document, valid visa .
Furthermore, page 4 must be signed by the RO. No special
permission is needed, but it is important to have a valid
passport,valid visa and all travel documents.

Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey. Kind regards.'RTO-Travel' is a licensed and
officially registered travel agency.
Travel agency RTO-Travel.

Our goal is to provide quality services for group and individual travel.
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please use our service .Managers: Ms.Pozina Galina. Ms.Kirina
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The nearest possible flight is - February 27,Wednesday 2008.From
Sheremetyevo Airport Int., Moscow.

Price: foreign passport,visa,tax,consulate fee,ticket Eco.class.USD
1. 00+
------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This reservation will be automatically cancelled if the order is not
purchased until February 26, Tuesday 2.

------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------

Lincoln hello my love,I've got all the information and I'm resending it for
you!! You see after my visit to the consulate and to the agency I am
so happy to say we will meet in few days!!!!
I am really lucky girl to meet you. Honey the thing is that I booked
the nearest possible flight. I need some of your help.
there is one small problem but I am sure we will be able to solve
it. I wanted to ask you to help me to pay for my tickets directly but
they tell I can't use your help or ask you about sending me tickets
because I have a permission to use the help of the travel agency only
because they do all travel things and it is their business to arrange
all travel things for my trip, such is the law. It is not possible to
get a work visa without the help of the agency, they have too strict rules of getting
Lincoln I was sure my mom will help me because she promised but now she
sent a letter explaining it is possible only in few months or so
because of our family problems. She can't send a transfer now. I was
in the bank to try to ask them a loan but they said I need to have a
registration in Moscow to get a loan from their bank and I don't have
it! I think it is not great problem for you to help me. I even hope
maybe it will be pleasure to help me because you are my knight,right?
after all payments here and my flight from Tomsk I have about
500 dollars of my own money and I need about 990 US dollars from your
side because I have to pay for my tickets and few more things,and I have
to pay in advance about 1390 dollars. The tickets are roundtrip and
this price includes all arrangements of documents and everything.
Honey, New Year came and new prices came also.... I've been told fuel
fees and tickets and everything became more expensive and I didn't
expect it............
Lincoln As I mentioned I will have 6 months visa. I have to be sure that I will be
able to book my tickets or I will lose all the money I gave them in advance.
I'm not going to ask one more time for your help,you see I am in such
situation... I will be waiting for your
answer .I know it sounds like I am a poor outsider but you see I
don't have enough time to find the money I need and find somebody to
help me, you know my mom gave me all she could collect for my travel.
I hate to ask but now I don't have any other choice.
I need some help from you,please help me to leave Moscow and it is all
I ask now and you know I am full of the love to share with you. Kiss
you, counting days and minutes before our meeting. You know it is
only money, and I think it is not too hard for you to help me, you see
I have such chance only once in my life. I know you are a kind man
and I hope you will be able to help me. I promise I will return all
the money and I will earn money because I am ready to work as
hard as I can!
Million of Kisses,
Your poor Olga
you know my rent address here is Russia, Moscow, Leninskaya
Street 81, ap. 66. Remember my full name is Olga - (first name)
Chebotaewa -(last name). It is right writing in English, and you should
put it on western union list and you can choose any bank in
moscow,they tell it is international service and I can pick up the
money at any bank of moscow. They said I can get only western union
transfer because I have not any bank accounts in moscow and I
have only passport and it is enough to get it!
I can call you as soon as I receive the transfer to let you know about
it. And please after you complete a transfer write me the number of
your transfer, I'm not sure how it's call but they will give you a
number of your transfer.
P.S. I am not sure I should tell this but I want to let you know if
you don't like me when I come I will not bother you and it is only
your choice to spend time with me or not. I know you may be too busy,
and in any case I will return the money back.
I can have a room for rent if I want, a job and I want to say please
don't worry I don't want to use you just to reach my goal. I am sure
when we meet we will have no regrets about it, I promise. I dream
about our first meeting, our first night and I have some sexy lingerie
with me! I think everything depends on you! Lincoln I will keep checking my
mailbox all day and all night because I can't sleep if I'm not sure
everything is allright and you can help, please, honey, don't leave me
alone I've done so much to start this trip and I don't want to give up.
And I can stay more than six months, I can stay longer and I can
prolong my visa. I want to get to know you better..... to learn more
things about you, to touch your hand.. look in your eyes...

This scam is not particularly sophisticated. However, at the moment another 'girl' is writing to me - she wants to set up (what seems to be) a wire-transfer scam. At the moment, she thinks I will do it. Is there any good use I can put this info to before she works out I am wise to her?

Hope this helps,
2008-03-03, 01:32:02
anonymous from Australia  
Linc, Go to the thread on humourous answers. There are plenty of good ideas there. Keep this lowlife occupied for as long as you can as while you are giving her the run around he/she is notscamming someone else. Good baiting and good luck!
2008-03-03, 02:35:47
OJAS from United States  
2008-03-13, 14:15:42
anonymous from France  
j a etait victime de cette jeune femme par des mail emflamé et elle et venu a me demander de argent chose que jai fait par le bié de westerunion au nom de sont ami j ai payer le billet plus le visa 1500 euro et ensuite elle a voulu me faire croire qu il lui fallait de l argent pour montré a la douane ' et bien sur de l espece' je ne suis pa tomber dans ce segond senario et apres avoir insisté elle a fini par m oublier attentiona cet personne irina suvorova 32 ANS adresse mail IRISKA32@gmail
ville yoshkar ola et une ARNAQUE BIEN FICELLE

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Suvorova
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2008-04-20, 04:12:41
anonymous from France  
Yoshkar-Ola (comme Cheboksary et toute la république de Mari-El) est un nid de scammers bourré d'ordinateurs, avec des centaines de mecs qui envoient 24 heures sur 24 des photos et des e-mails à tous les gogos amateurs de blondes. Je ne comprends pas qu'on puisse tomber dans un piège aussi con. Tous les sites vous disent de ne pas envoyer d'argent. Si vous voulez une russe, allez en Russie, ça vous reviendra bien moins cher que d'envoyer de l'argent à des HOMMES, gangsters nommés IVAN, BORIS ou YOURI... Qui eux roulent en BMW et ont pleins de copines pour leurs photos.
2008-04-25, 05:49:36
anonymous from United States  
Yeah, that's the same format I got. Just beware of '', she goes by the name of 'Anastasiya.'
2009-01-27, 05:44:27
anonymous from Istanbul, Turkey  
Hi!... My name is Haldun and i live in Edirne from Turkey.I'm 31 years old and single.I'm engineering and am working to be egricultural adviser about since 7 years.I'm very cute,honest,understandingand gentle man.i am looking for a very nice girl for longterm relationship or marriage!am working and am have house,car and summer resort. am thinking serious longterm relationship & .....
I like drive a car and sing in the car,swimming,football,traveling,pets(animals),go out,computer,camping,gardening,shopping...etc I'm looking for a girlfriend all over the world!....Maybe love...maybe marriage!...)
i hope see you soon!...
my facebook Haldun Edirne
icq 30661726
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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