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Dating scammer Elena


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Name: Elena


Russia, Perm, Kuibisheva street, 15, flat 4. An index 614007.
The address of bank Western Union: GUTA BANK. KOMSOMOLSKII
PROSPEKT, 7. PERM, the Index 614990

Other Comments:
From: Elena
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[Her dying mother]

Hello my dear $ukr!!! I to have very bad mood and to me is very sad. Today doctors informed me awful news. They to me to tell, that my mum will need to be performed operation. And the operation will be faster made, the it will be better for it. But a problem that this operation very expensive. If we to not have time to perform this operation my mum any more will not be in alive. She will die. I to not want, that my mother to die. Operation costs 800 euros. I to not know, where to me to find such big sum of money. Now I should devote time to search of money for operation to my mum. To me it will be very difficult to find the sum, but I shall try. On it I to finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter. I kiss you!!! Your Elena.

[My reponse: Boyfriends >> poor friend like me, who have to impose on friends]

Hello my dear Elena!!! I couldn't write to you earlier due to my travels.
Sorry to hear about you mother. I spoke about her to my friend in New York, who is an internationally famous surgeon. He is highly respected by many surgeons in Russia, who were his students. It is nice of him to have offered to help on the medical issue. I know, in the time he was with me on the phone, he was losing more than 800, the surgical cost you mention, because that is the kind of income he earns. He however wants to help me, out of respect for me. I am going to ask his help, ONLY AFTER you will send me some information.
However, it may be easier for you, to ask all your boyfriends, and they may happily give you 800, and more!
I again wish your mother well.


Hello my darling $ukr!!! Thank you very much for the letter. Unfortunately I asked 800 euros my friends, but anybody from my friends has no such sum. So you can help me whether or not? Now I should come back to my mother I Wait for your following letter. I kiss you!!! Your Elena.

[My challenge - Доверие, но проверие - Boy they hate Stalin!]

Elena!!! [Taking care to repay everyone of her ! in kind and count]
I suggested you ask all your boyfriends. Many times, boyfriends will do lot more than friends.
If you want me to ask my doctor-friend, send me all these:
1) Hospital's name, full address, phone number, fax number, web-page address
2) The Doctor's name, full address, phone number and e-mail address
3) A copy of the doctor's diagnostic report
4) A copy of hospital's billing statement
5) A picture of you with your mother in or just outside the hospital
6) Your full name, address and phone number
7) Your mum's full name, address and phone number
They can all be in Cyrillic, it doesn't matter if you can't give them in English
The billing statement can be in Roubles, since hospitals in Perm accept Roubles, and you don't even need to worry about or $.
My friend will talk to the doctor about the diagnostics, and unlike me he understands all the medical details. After he understands the full details, he will then contact one of his students, who are now surgeons in Russia, and possibly have him visit you, your mother, and the hospital in Perm. After that he can pay the hospital in Roubles directly.
This is the easiest way of doing things for many reasons:
1) I can pay my friend any time in any currency. He is an extremely close friend of mine from my college days.
2) He can pay his Russian student surgeon in any currency. Although they may not want to accept from him, my friend will insist on paying them
3) The hospital and doctor bills can be paid directly to them and in Roubles, saving all the time and effort for them, and you in dealing with foreign currencies.
And most of all, here is the biggest advantage for you!!!
You do not have to become my girlfriend, but keep all your present Russian boyfriends, and perhaps get even more of them!
So think about it!

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2008-01-21, 14:05:52
OJAS from United States  
Spasibo Droog,
And now for some fun. You may have already heard about Pierre. This is Dirk http://www.delphifa..=59#69007
Also see http://www.delphifa..?p=1#71581
2008-01-22, 12:42:36
Droog from Russian Federation  
Didnt get his answer yet.
2008-01-23, 14:16:31
OJAS from United States  
Continuing on delphi links
This is about finding a picture link, using the example of this thread starter girl.

Among so many pictures I had, I chose the one showing the most exposed face for a thread starter picture. Were it an active baiting thread, I would have posted all pictures in the descending area of exposed face. Since it was not, I provided links to other sites that have all pictures I have.

First I note thread the picture is on, 2156 (and if there was a page number)
Right-click, save picture as, accept default file name, to a flash drive
At the bottom of this page, run a picture search for the just saved file, (in this example 19976.jpg)
Among all the hits choose the one matching the thread (and page) - In this example there was only one hit http://www.delphifa..p=0#51283

Linking has several advantages over Copy, Paste, Post
1) External pictures retain their original size, that delphi may compress, making it difficult to view details
2) The original author gets the credit (maybe an occasional blame) instead of the Copy / Paste author, without even knowing who the author was
3) Each link is only one line, and only the interested reader will click
4) Disinterested oldbies need to scroll only one line down, instead of feeling you are being repetitive

I will eventually combine all articles of finding delphi links and post in the primer thread for interested newbies
2008-01-24, 10:33:46   (updated: 2008-01-24, 10:36:48)
Droog from Russian Federation  

Thank you very much! I already have made amistake today saving not as a copy but just copy/paste as MW doc :-) didnt work here Then I gave the link to Russian site with pictures os russian scammer.
My cshoolmate off line all the time (by QIP). He is on vacation actually. But was not go to anywhere out of city. Actually every ukrainian understand russian as native.
2008-01-24, 12:09:54
OJAS from United States  
2008-01-24, 13:48:37   (updated: 2008-01-24, 14:10:38)
Droog from Russian Federation  
Всегда пожалуйста! Vsegda pojaluista!You always welcome!
I really suffer because of bad image of Russia. Those jerks (russian scammers) make it worse. Russia looks like some strange country is full of gangs running around.
Yes, a lot of corruptions in RF and a lot of poverty but its not for here though poverty leads to criminal...

Thank you once again for help! I learn more and more here even for my work and daily life. I just wont agree (I saw somewhere here) that old style internet access is organized so upstream by cable modem and downstream by dial-up (if I remeber correctly) - should be in opposite even for old style. I think.

I lost some my comment (before someone explained me how to handle it just did learn this site in proper way). It was not nice comment in russian and I wrote him as anon. It would be interesting what he will reply. Remember only it was under picture og some Egyptian who posted strange stuff - he would like scammer writes or something.
2008-01-24, 15:02:16
OJAS from United States  
Posting picture links 2 ways
In this example, this picture was found in delphi, you can post the image link directly http://www.delphifa..20065.jpg
Readers get no further information, unless clear from the context.

The second way is to download this picture to a flash drive, run the picture search from the bottom of this pafe and post the comment link http://www.delphifa..=47#51482

There is a big difference, the second method is preferable. This is why with every submitted picture, it helps to add comments, such as moles, tattoos, body-piercings, if the bottom ear lobe is split or fused, other static feaures on the girl, type of electrical outlets, and whatever else strikes you. After the picture has been uploaded, it is not as easy to add comments, what you see in the picture, at its bottom, because that option is temporary.

The Image link can be found by right-click for properties, hold and drag the mouse over its URL, <CTRL>C for Copy, open a Notepad, <CTRL>V for paste
2008-01-24, 15:29:08
OJAS from United States  
You need not take it personally. Ordinary people distinguish between people like themselves and criminals. They don't generalize.
I post links regularly about scammers arrested in San Diego. No one takes it kindly towards these scammers as well. They don't generalize about all of San Diego.

There are jerks who know nothing, post generalized idiotic comments about your country, my country, Western world, women, so called bitches, and the list goes on. They waste a lot of others' time in delphi who would otherwise be helping newbies in whatever ways they can. But these assholes need to be driven away otherwise they keep misleading newbies with their ''expert'' opinions on ''bitches'' foreigners, a gender and so on.

It takes time for people to realize which side someone is on. Until then they give the new guy benefit of doubt, may ask questions directly, at any rate observe in subtle ways. And there are guys like police officers from my country, Iceland, Australia regularly seeking information from here. You can be sure many others are here just for data mining, never post here. They include FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, MI5, MI6, FSB, GRU, etc. For them information here is more useful for strengthening a case that has already gone for prosecution, when a scammer had been charged for something more serious.
2008-01-26, 06:02:58
Crikey from Australia  
yay i found your link! lol
'It takes time for people to realize which side someone is on. Until then they give the new guy benefit of doubt, may ask questions directly, at any rate observe in subtle ways. And there are guys like police officers from my country, Iceland, Australia regularly seeking information from here. You can be sure many others are here just for data mining, never post here. They include FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, MI5, MI6, FSB, GRU, etc. For them information here is more useful for strengthening a case that has already gone for prosecution, when a scammer had been charged for something more serious.'

I agree,generalizing is to no avail and hold no weight in the long run,these people are individuals,and wether they work alone or in groups they dont represent the countries they come from,even if they are anti-social criminal scum,lol.thats just my view.

OJAS,you ,Dirk,Eddie,Tony and others whom i may have forgotten do a great job,your post up there i quoted gives me heart to know the feds at least use this place do data-mine.I dont pray much,but i pray for the day the feds can join together an wipes these losers from the net,an throw their asses in jail.

cheers OJAS:)hope to hear from you soon,Dirk has my email,he'll remember me through joy_alisha@hotmail...aka..Alisha Burkat.
2008-01-26, 09:23:30
OJAS from United States  
Hi Crikey,
Mickey also from Qld, invited me to contact him, a bit confusing for me, whether you are 2 different guys. I e-mailed Mickey a request for a post with the Oz flag. I will request Dirk for your e-mail, then will know if you are different from him.

When you get the chance to visit your Moscow Embassy site, post Australian visa requirements in the Welcome thread http://www.delphifa..2412.shtml

My posting recommendations
1) The welcome thread only gets general information (Not even compliments) to facilitate readability for newcomers
2) Inquires in http://www.delphifa..f991.shtml (A newbie out of the blue receives a friendship-seeking lonely girl resembling Elle McPherson - What do you do?)
3) Active baiting threads are best left to the masters except for brief posts, so as not to be too distracting
4) Other dormant threads - when a googler or picture search hits them, useful to activate and post updates
5) As always, anyone feel free to post anytime on my thread.

Scammers of course, ... don't bother posting your crap in delphi ... you will be hit hard and your low levels of intellect and morality are best kept to yourselves
2008-01-26, 15:17:09
OJAS from United States  
My apologies to Oz mates for confusing Mickey and Crikey. Both you guys seem to be Qld Bulls. If one of you were a redback, less confusion ;-). But you guys don't enjoy a monopoly on confusing others. Pierre has been doing it all along! http://www.delphifa..?p=0#56866 It takes a while to understand his strategy ''Don't weaken your position by writing to scammers in English'' - A profound strategy he employs effectively. Since scammees also are entitled to use form letters, a simple copy / paste of any Pierre's reply will save you good deal of time from learning scamlish yourself. During phase 1 (Before the money letter) you can send such responses in any sequence. Also scammers are very salutation tolerant - You can easily get away calling an Elena a Natalya and so on. During my heyday when all such stars were orbiting me (make it my non-existent wallet as I was to reckon later) one of my confusion was between Natalia, Natalja, Natalya, from Ioshkar-Ola, Joshkar-Ola, Yoshkar-Ola. Scammers were ''broad'' minded enough to overlook my confusion!! :-))
2008-01-26, 18:25:16
OJAS from United States  
Droog, I'll request a few things
Try to interpret this and its next page
I do not know if someone already has posted these, but if you find links, post for these:
Telephone area code numbers Vs. Russian city name
One-way train fares from Moscow & Sankt Petersburg to other Russian cities
If you cannot find in English, Cyrillic is fine, Spasibo :-)

I will try to collect a few African links for you and post in your thread. Post me here a link to your thread. Our Australian friend also will contribute in your thread about his African scammer, how to report to Nigerian authorities, etc., so there will be some posts helping continuation of your thread. You might have seen there is no particular classifications in delphi by gender, geography etc. As it is, we have over 1600 threads on dating scammer alone. As you know, google's paradigm ''search - don't sort''. From time to time I post suggestions on pattern searching in delphi.
Ovidyamsa Zafstra! :-)
2008-01-26, 22:26:53   (updated: 2008-01-26, 22:45:43)
Crikey from Australia  

the following info was posted at the above link on your request OJAS.

OJAS has asked me to post some info on Australian Visa requirements for newcomers wanting to know the basic deal... The aust gov link is

Thats the basic front page,the direct link to visa info for entering australia is

Its not as easily found but if your interested in a 'spousal visa' goto

The website above gives alot of great info and specific government requirements and associative costs for all types of entry visas into australia..but! is very difficult to navigate and go any further in practical terms!
So heres a second website i found where an immigration help company can help,its very informative an they respond quickly.A lady named mary will email u privately with any concerns you may have,i will post the link to her direct email if needed but it can be found by threading through the links on the site posted below.

EASY VISA GUIDE..: http://www.migratio..yvisa.asp

PARTNER VISA FORM: http://www.migratio..rtner.asp

WEBSITE CONTACT/FEEDBACK FORM: http://www.migratio..ntact.asp
(they respond quickly and inform mary to contact u directly)

finally *****Skilled Migration Visa Assistance Form*****
Mary Heath
Viacorp Migration


hope this helps with the basic requirements for any looking to see if their scammer is fooling them with misrepresented information.


RE-the question of are mickey an crikey the same guy,nope were not! im in north queensland man:)city of cairns:)..btw now the tennis has stopped the crickets back on!i just watched gilchrist get out for 17 or so in his final test match as hes retiring!shame,he was a bloody good wicket keeper!
Anyways cheers OJAS..hope this info above helps others:)

P.S for Droog...the link below is one of the 2 threads i began posting info on about my scammer (ALISHA BURKAT from Africa/nigeria/now claiming to be in ghana,who sends pics that look like theyre ripped from a Russian dating site.Its starts at the end of the thread,work backwards an i hope u have a day,theres 85

2008-01-27, 05:18:19
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Crikey,
As always I do not post compliments or general discussions on the welcome thread, where you have posted information for newbies. Please e-mail Mickey that I request him to forward my e-mail to him. It has a few things, which if you or he could review and post with Oz captions with Oz flag in the welcome thread, it will be eye-catching to more Oz newbies.

I have a hard time enough understanding US visa requirements. There is no way I am going to understand for other countries. Thanks for taking time to navigate Australian visa requirements, and your newbie mates will be appreciative.

The thread 987 where you posted for Droog is one of the general threads for such purposes, one of the oldest 5 that has been around. The threads are file numbers f987.shtml etc. in this page http://www.delphifa..age_scams/
2008-01-27, 05:45:20   (updated: 2008-01-27, 06:38:35)
Crikey from Australia  

Was it wrong clogging up the page with my original post in the primer thread about the scammer alisha? The second post yes was just the bare facts about aussie visas,well as bare as i could keep them,cause when it comes to visas for any country nothing is

Re-Mickey,i dont have his email to ask him to forward your email onto me,Ive only been in contact with Dirk mainly and Tony briefly.That said i would still like to see your suggestions and information etc.When receiving the mail of yours ill be happy to go over and post in the welcome thread with the aus-flag etc.

It feels weird being a newbee here,in regards to being scammed i am,in regards to being online ive been around ten years or so!cheers,hope to hear back from ya.

p.s ,im in the process of creating a new thread for my scammer,hope my email dont get published,some say they dont but do!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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