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Dating scammer Mariya


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Name: Mariya


I didn't get that far thanks to this site

Other Comments:
I will continue to play along with this Scam and submit the information as I get it

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2008-01-27, 14:35:33
[hidden] from Sr Valle, Norway  
My GOOOOD !!! I am SO GLAD I found this page ! THANK YOU. I ALMOST sent money to these sleazebags - a girl called me TWICE - had a nice conversation and I was really fooled - but something was gnawing somewhere in my brain. The first letters I got didnt really respond to what I was writing - so that was the first warning-sing - but I must admit - after speaking to 'Mariya' 2 times on the phone - I thaught to myself: ok? - this seems genuine. Now I,m gonna have fun with it - tell 'her' that I,ve sent the money - ask her to call me many more times and just drag this oooooon. Payback's a bitch!

I,m also posting the name and mailadress she used so it can be googled:

Mariya Bazhenova
City: Khabarovsk
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mariya

2008-01-31, 14:40:08
anonymous from Athens, United States  
Here is the scammer that contacted me. She is Orthodox Russian with a star of David on her necklace, I don't think so. Alias, Ekaterina. I have several more photos, broke off contact when she wanted my phone number.

Good Luck,


2008-02-02, 00:07:29
anonymous from Norway  
posting this so it can be googled:

Mariya from Habarovsk
Been sent lots of photos, but i see many of them already here.

Im gonna bait these fuckers, didnt take long before there was a money request. 'she' will also call me, i cannot wait for that call!!!! :)

2008-02-19, 17:04:32
anonymous from Norway  
2008-02-19, 17:05:16
anonymous from Norway  
2008-02-19, 17:05:44
anonymous from Norway  
2008-02-23, 18:36:50
anonymous from Sweden  
Wow . She is trying to scam me right now.

This is her info now
She uses many names
here is the ip she uses now (today)
and her emailadress: (she contacted me from this)

calls herself Elena when talking to me

This is probarly her real info
A guy posted this after she sent him info on where to send money

Name: Mariya
Surname: Bazhenova

Posting his His letter (mine i get is the same as posted here before)

My dear **** I am happy to see from you the letter today. I was so
is happy to hear your voice yesterday!!! At conversation with you I
have been excited and very much worried, therefore I could not It is
good to think and recollect the necessary English words. But it is not
important for me!!! I have felt you more close to me when I have heard
you. During that moment we have united In a single whole and between
us was a lot of love. During this moment I thought, that my heart will
jump out from My breast. I also have felt, that you also are surprised
to hear my voice and worry a little. But it is clear to me because it
is proper response. The darling hope we can talk to you more often,
but it will be better, If we meet you then we can not only talk but
And to see each other. My dear I understand, that a trip very
expensive, But this sum includes all expenses and without it it is
impossible to manage. I want To arrive to you for a month and I hope,
that I will see you already in the following Month. My dear **** I
so am glad. That you have told to me, that Can help me with a trip to
you, therefore I said to you that I will learn how possible to send me
the money for the travel to you. So I consulted with the accountant in
my work how it would be safer and faster to send money from the other
country, and here what she advised: As far as I don't have my own
account in the bank, and to make an account in the bank is very long,
as many papers are checked about the client, then it is better to use
the services of Western Union. As she told me, this company id the
world's leader in the money transfers. Offices of this company are
very spread, so to transfer money is possible from almost any country
of the world. She made me sure that it is very safe and trustworthy
company and money will be available for the recipient in about 10
minutes. For that you could send me money you need to visit Branch of
Western Union in your country. You will need to fill in a simple
document which you receive from the agent and there you should
identify my data:
Name: Mariya
Surname: Bazhenova
Country: Russia
And also you should identify you personal data. After you will send me
money, you will be given a Money Transfer Control Number consisting of 10
figures. So, you should send me this number and your personal data and
then I can go to the Branch of Western Union and get money. My friend
accountant said to me that she sent money this way and she liked it
very much because it is very fast and the main thing safe. She also
gave a link of the site of the company You can
learn at this site where is the nearest to you office of Western Union. My
dear, please, find the nearest to you Branch on this site and go to him
to send me money. I will wait for the information from you. I love you
and I hope you will soon write me. Yours, Mariya

Mariya Bazhenova

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Bordo
Dating scammer Mariya

2008-02-23, 18:44:15
anonymous from Sweden  
More picters of her
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Bordo

2008-02-23, 18:44:53
anonymous from Sweden  
one more image of her
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mariya

2008-03-03, 14:30:41
anonymous from Norway  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Sayarkina

2008-03-06, 05:11:37
shropslad from United Kingdom  
Came acroos this siter via a google serach on okhla
yes mariya has moved house to lenia street 4, flat 3, olha as the idiots spelt it correctly spelt olkha. ya only got to know that the person on the pics comes ( if russian at all) from western russia olkha is almost mongolia there a pit more opal eyed down there thats putting it pc lol.

Same old pics but who ever she really is she is fit lol
2008-03-06, 05:12:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2008-03-06, 05:14:54
shrops,lad from United Kingdom  
2008-03-07, 05:57:21
anonymous from Norway  
Heisann! Har begynt å skrive med ei jente fra polen nå som tok kontakt på et nettsted. Skriver til meg på norsk å jeg får aldri svar på hvor hun har lært å skrive norsk fra dette er litt rart da hun har svart på at hun aldri har vært i norge. Kaller seg freya og bruker Noen som vet hvordan jeg kan finne ip adressa å derfra å sjekke om hun er fra polen, bruker selv hotmail, men har lite peiling på soring av ip adresse å aånt. Dessuten får jeg lagt ut stikkordene her tilfelle flere søker etter info om evnt scam her da så andre kan få nytte av det.
Veldig flott side dette!!
2008-03-07, 10:06:58
[hidden] from Norway  
This is what I got from her. She ask for money for ticket and visa. I told here I need some ID to be allowed to send any money outside of EU area. Because of international terrorism.
This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers
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