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Dating scammer Mariya


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Name: Mariya


I didn't get that far thanks to this site

Other Comments:
I will continue to play along with this Scam and submit the information as I get it

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2008-03-21, 08:05:08
anonymous from Norway  
Helo. Here is a new one, with the same telefon nr +7 917 717 1303 to sms too.
The Name she use is Elena, an live in a town caled Sosnogorsk town.It is a small town in the Komi Republic. I will give you the last mail here.
I am happy that you replied to my message. I thinkyou want to know some personal information about me. Well, my name isElena. I am 31 years old, my birthday is 14.11.1976., so my zodiacsign is Scorpio. My height is 170 sm, my weight 53 kg, I have blue eyesand fair color of my hairs, but I think you can see it yourself in myphotos. I hope you will find me attractive:. I live in the Sosnogorsk town.It is a small town in the Komi Republic. We have a very contrastedclimate in our republic, very cold winters (the temperature can godown to minus 30-40 degrees) combine with very hot summers (to plus30-40 degrees). Unfortunately, the summer is very short and most ofthe year it is very cold and the snow is on the ground. Sosnogorsksituated in 1500 km to the north-east from Moscow. Our town have about40 000 people, it is really small town, but I love it very much. Ihave here my friends with whom I work and communicate. I work as asaleswomen-consultant in the shop of children's toys. It's not a badwork, but it's not what I wanted, when I studied in the University. Istudied in the Pedagogical Institute in my town, and I wanted tobecome a teacher of Russian language and literature. But graduatingfrom the University I understood that it's very difficult to live onthe wage of a teacher. I think it' is enough information for thismail. I hope to see your mail tomorrow.Elena.
Be careful guys

2008-04-11, 03:30:38 from Norway  
he he this was very funny !!! It´s now
she havent ask for any thing yet , just nice ,ordanary mailing for 4 weeks
I will confront her
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mariya

2008-04-11, 10:22:04 from Norway  
rating mail from her ,,,,only nice ....i think i must have some fun whit her ...not nice,,,but ! she use us naive men
2008-04-11, 13:41:58
OJAS from United States  
Richardsen from Norge,
Enjoy! http://www.delphifa..=59#69007
Humorous ideas how to deal with Russian dating scammers http://www.delphifa..086.shtml
When you decide on your Grande Finale Copy / Paste the Cyrillic from http://www.delphifa..p=1#71200
e-mail subject title: Cкамерство
(Cкамерство = Scam Business, is now part of everyday Yoshkar-Ola vocabulary)
Download and send a picture album
Clown's middle finger http://www.delphifa..11673.jpg
Scamming Ape http://www.delphifa..21930.jpg
2008-04-12, 10:40:33 from Norway  
ha ha ha ha im crying now ,,,,,,,love those funny letters....tink i must rewrite one of them .....the indian reservation ! thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-04-12, 14:50:01   (updated: 2008-04-12, 15:36:39)
OJAS from United States  
During phase 1 (before the Money Letter) they usually do not read your letters http://www.delphifa..=13#39806
Pierre has a good suggestion, not to weaken our position by writing in English. He ONLY writes them in scamlish. If you search delphi on top left for his name, you will get a lot of his beautiful scamlish letters, you only need to copy, paste, change name to your scammer. Pierre has already done hard work, saving time for us. This will ensure that during this phase you send them svada. If compose mails for them, save them as drafts, and send when it is about 2100 their time, when it will be their night shift at work, and the reflexes of their employees are weak. http://www.worldtim..shkar-Ola

If you are inclined to erotically entertain your scammer, copy, paste, and edit with your own suggestions, to send them


When you offer to send them money, they actually start reading your letters. Send them lengthy mails like this, again, copy, paste, edit and post for us your suggestions when you send them

When you decide on your Grande Finale, send it 1000 their time, so the boss himself gets it. I am adding another picture for your Grande Finale choice!


2008-04-20, 10:59:54
anonymous from Norway  
Now her email is:

I loved that fucking girl:(
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mariya

2008-04-20, 12:47:21
richardsen from Norway  
then you been scammed
2008-04-21, 15:27:23
anonymous from Austria  
Hi, Mariya/Lyudmila/Elena/Oksana and now Irina is writing to me. So far i have about 12 photo's. I know its a scam so i wont say to much yet as i hope to get some nude ones! Please if anyone out there has any, put me out of my misery and post them here! I read somewhere on this site that someone claims to have some if so please post them. I'll even pay you via Western Union or meet you in the internet of cafe i'll even be your loved hahaha thanks anyway. I'll let you know more soon as i guess it will end soon.

2008-04-21, 15:50:51
OJAS from United States  
Thanks for posting in English for us. Please also post for German speakers http://www.delphifa..=101#85610
2008-05-09, 15:52:16
anonymous from Norway  
2008-05-12, 10:35:46
anonymous from Norway  
She have a profile here:

Elena H Says...
I dream to find the person who will sincerely like, and to respect me, perhaps, this most important. I do not search for the superman, I think, that so not красит the person as his soul, his mind. The person who will care of me is necessary for me, will preserve me, to value me for which I shall be the most dear and loved in this world. I want to fall asleep at him on a shoulder and to wake up near to him that he awakened me in the mornings the gentle kiss that he was the most tender and gentle. he should be decent, reliable. But, it is natural, as any person he will have the lacks, it is natural. Ideal people it does not happen, but if you love the person you like both his advantages and his lacks.
big love

2008-05-12, 10:36:45
anonymous from Norway  

2008-05-12, 10:37:24
anonymous from Norway  

2008-05-12, 10:37:55
anonymous from Norway  

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