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Dating scammer Tatyana from Krasnoyarsk Russia


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Name: Tatyana from Krasnoyarsk Russia



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Tatyana from Krasnoyarsk Russia. Says she is a medical doctor. Trying to find out if she is a real person or a scammer. Wanted to see if anyone recognized her photo.

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2007-09-11, 22:32:49   (updated: 2007-09-11, 22:35:50)
anonymous from United States  
That was the wrong pic! Don't know how THAT happened!? Here's the one I wanted to post! Now ya see?

2007-09-12, 00:51:02
Eddie from Sweden  
something top do with the mole? put me out of my misery.
2007-09-12, 01:41:03
O from United States  
C'mon 'S',
I say ... you've been trying to conceal some past connexion to the other side of the Atlantic ... Right?
2007-09-12, 02:24:19
Eddie from Sweden  
OK, I get it. Boris is a vegetarian! Or should I say.. 'leafarian'.
2007-09-12, 10:59:42   (updated: 2007-09-12, 11:46:35)
O from United States  
Compare the pic Anon US 2007-09-11, 22:32:49 (updated: 2007-09-11, 22:35:50) with

found on this page


This molehunter concedes to his competitor gracefully!
Will it be OK if I use indefinite article a ? :-)
2007-09-12, 12:15:36
'S' from United States  
It's magic I tell ya! 1minute it's there,then BAM! gone! Maybe 'Head-on' came out with 'Mole-Gone'! LOL Sure hope that wasn't poison ivy or sumfin! LMAO I'd wear a fig leaf for her tho!{wiking smiley}

I have alot of 'connection's'across the pond,ancestor's that is.I'm a real 'mutt'! English,German,Irish,Scotch,Dutch and a couple other's too I beleive.In the UK there's even an association for the decendent's,a family crest and some kind of nobility.Over here there's one that signed the Declaration of Independence and another that was a famous general in the 1840-60's.

2007-09-12, 12:49:20
I was the individual that posted this original question. I would like to say thanks to all who posted a comment on here. Especially the time Skeet and OJAS spent looking. Ya'll are the best. Thanks again!

2007-09-12, 12:53:25
O from United States  
It's your Royalty I felt ... one day you might sue me for ... if I'm caught plagiarizing you. :-)

Seems newbies can have no (re)leaf from mole magician
2007-09-12, 13:50:32
'S' from United States  
LMAO! That's a good 1 O!!! re-leaf!!!! The only royalty I know is a flush,but I see more of the valve then the card's! LOL

2007-09-12, 20:03:38
'S' from United States  
What the H*** is it???

2007-09-13, 02:10:07   (updated: 2007-09-13, 02:10:50)
Eddie from Sweden  

For future reference, if you're not sure whether the beautiful Russian girl you're writing to is a Boris or not, here are a few general tips to help you (all gleaned from personal experience, research, two trips to Russia in 12 months, and sponsoring two girls to visit me). If several or more of these criteria apply, you're really writing to a sleazy guy sitting in a smoky room in Yoshtar Ola, Mari-El Republic with a bunch of other sleazy guys spamming indiscriminately on laptops .

# 'girl' writes to you first on a dating site...especially a free one (or an email appears out of nowhere in your mailbox). Real Russian girls are rarely so bold as to write to you first. (unless you're obviously very attractive or rich :). Plus if they're looking for a partner, they generally prefer him to be Russian speaking and live in Russia. Much more convenient!
# girl's much too young for you (or too good to be true/looks like a model/porno star)....although I have noticed a recent tendency for some scammers to use photos of slightly 'less attractive' girls.
# girl has some far-fetched excuses for you not visiting her in Russia (criminal city, not the Russian custom, terrorism, her dream to visit you etc). ALL BULLSHIT! Actually, the normal way to meet a Russian girl is to visit her in her city first!
# scammers rarely have children, but all the real Russian women I've ever met on the internet did.
# photos are too revealing (can't be a respectable girl). Respectability is very important in Russia.
# most of the pics are old and a little bit faded with a curiously grainy quality that soon becomes easy to recognise (overuse?). A serious girl who's looking for a partner, would save up and go to a professional to have a photo set done, and/or borrow a digicam at least (dates should also be on the photos you receive). Russian girls aren't all that poor anymore, no matter what people say. Most of the real grisl I've met have had good pics.
# girl claims not to have a mobile phone. Very unlikely!!! fer f***'s you know a single girl without a mobile phone? Even poor Russian girls can't do without one, they're much cheaper than in Europe and a megafon telephone card doesn't cost that much either. You should be able to call her. On the other hand, not having a landline or a computer is quite common.
# very long rambling/ecstatic form letters with a strange format, punctation and layout written in scamlish. (world's worst Babelfish copy)
# writes everyday in English (how does she have time if she's working? + most Russians can hardly speak a word of English). Anyway, what's the point of finding a girl if you can't communicate with her, at least on a basic level?
# doesn't answer direct questions (sometimes factual mistakes in the letter)
# falls in 'love' very quickly. Don't let your ego or loneliness pull the wool over your eyes. You could be an axe murderer for all she knows.
# uses a proxy server to hide his/her location, ie a SOCKS server / GPRS Internet. if you can't trace 'her' IP, it's 100% scam. If she uses gmail, be suspicious too cos you won't be able to trace the IP. Hotmail and yahoo are acceptable if she'll chat with you on messenger, otherwise why does she have a non-cyrillic email account?

MOST IMPORTANT...if you get this far:
# wants money for a 'visa' and/or maybe tickets, but IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE RUSSIAN GIRL TO GET A TOURIST VISA TO A WESTERN COUNTRY! She can get a sponsored visa with your help, but then she needs a personal letter of invitation from you, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in your home country, a completed sponsor's application form (also from you)....not including the documents that she has to fill in herself. All of these she has to drop off at your national embassy in Moscow WITH PREPAID TICKETS and wait 10 working days. These are the rules for Schengen, and USA/Canada is almost as complicated. Anyway, a normal tourist visa + travel costs + hotel rooms would set her back 2000+ US dollars for a trip to the US. She should be asking you for a lot of money! Why should it be so easy for a gorgeous sexy girl just to jump on a plane and fall into bed with you? So be realistic. should check your national embassy website in Moscow for visa prices and procedures.

There are a few scammers that are more patient and professional. There are even a few real girls scamming, and professional gold-diggers. One or two (mostly in the Ukraine) are not even afraid to use their true identities. These scammers are harder to spot.

But a ground rule is: if you are really looking for a Russian wife/partner, you must be prepared to travel to Russia to meet her. And if she turns out to be a professional gold-digger, which has never happened to me personally or anyone I know, you should try to be philosophical and treat it as an exotic trip to a foreign country, have fun anyway, and try not to waste too much money on her.

There are actually lots of perfectly nice Russian girls waiting out there!

2007-09-13, 08:04:22   (updated: 2007-09-13, 08:12:42)
OJAS from United States  
I had a 3 posts now missing on this thread

1) Automate scammer pic search, for 10 at a time instead of 1
2) Error correction due to delphi converting it to markup language
3) A brief functional description

If you are anyone else is intersted, I'll be happy to send by e-mail. I'll post how to obtain my e-mail

All posts on this thread for over 6 hours between 2007-09-12, 13:50:32 and 2007-09-12, 20:03:38 are gone!

... They are not there ...

@SM It's a pleasure, wish you the best.
2007-09-13, 10:04:54
Skeet from United States  
Eddie,Guess you missed the begining of this.SM is a woman I was helping from R/S and found she posted here too so,I asked all the guy's to help find the girl's pix which I knew! I had seen here.Ojas found her 1st {Kudos O} She was/is trying to convice a friend of her's the girl was fake BUT,he wouldn't listen and severed commuication with SM over it! She is attempting to get thru to him,he blocked her EM ! I asked her to keep me up to date so,we'll just wait and see now.

O,All that computer stuff is 'Greek to me'!
If you know more about this stuff I have some ques. maybe you can answer. PM me at R/S,if you're not sure who I am just look in the Russian forum and find a post with the lyric at the bottom.{you know the one}

2007-09-13, 11:16:21
OJAS from United States  

I understood SM was only seeking picture search help, and it's my pleasure to be of help.

[This time I happen to be right - A New Zealander, the first person to convert Oxford English Dictionary into CD format, ''English is the most difficult language'' ... I was lucky to understand SM]

After reading my post, a friend of mine left a message on my phone, difficult due to static effects, to decide whether he was asking ''can you do more?'' (request) ''can't you ...'' (challenge)

My offer stands to help with picture search for anyone willing to try it out - it's very easy after a simple C/P and some mouse clicks.

No, I'm not on Russian Anti-scam sites, only on their free dating ... Here I've misuderstood your question ... as is my usual, but at least I gotta agree with that NZer!

Can I send an e-mail to Eddie, requesting him to forward the procedure to you?
2007-09-13, 12:34:53
Eddie from Sweden  
OK...sorry Skeet. Sometimes I don't read back through the threads far enough due to not having that much time at the mo and I lose track. Overenthusiatic with my posts. Still, that particular one usually gets quite good feedback. Hopefully someone else will read it?
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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