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Dating scammer Stacey Huggard from the UK


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hi my name is mike and ive been talking to a girl in the uk.
her name is stacey and she and i have been talking for about 3 weeks,she says she wants to be with me and says she has no money to arrive to me,so i offered to pay and she asked me to send money western not stupid western union is no trace and my money would be gone forever.i am posting her picture a suspected scammer.


2007-09-10, 17:55:08
anonymous from Canada  
hi my name is mike and ive been talking to a girl in the uk.
her name is stacey and she and i have been talking for about 3 weeks,she says she wants to be with me and says she has no money to arrive to me,so i offered to pay and she asked me to send money western not stupid western union is no trace and my money would be gone forever.i am posting her picture a suspected scammer.

2007-09-10, 18:41:54
anonymous from Canada  
ive been contacted by a lady in the ik named stacey,she is very smart about the way she asks for money,first her friend was in a car accident and need 1900 pounds to save her life because she was bleeding from the head,she said she had 1000 pounds but was short 600 pounds and asked if i send it to her as a loan .next day her friend is ok she had operation.then tells me she has a security insurance check coming from her dead mothers insurance and wanted me to open an account for insurance to deposit 5000 canadian and i was to send it back to her because she is in a jam and has no access to money.she told me that she wanted to be with me,but had no way to travel,lacking funds,so i told her i would come to her and she wouldnt give me here home address,said she would pick me up from airport and come to my hotel,plus she says shes 29 and still a virgin,29 year old virgin in the uk,ya right,she said she had no phone but yet gave me her next door neighbors number to call,i did call and spoke to her,she sounded like a uk slapper,didnt sound 29 years old.i will post all the pictures she has sent me,if anyone has seen this girl please post it on here.

2007-09-10, 18:42:36
anonymous from Canada  
heres another picture of stacey

2007-09-10, 18:43:45
anonymous from Canada  
another picture of aka stacey huggard

2007-09-10, 20:42:44
anonymous from Canada  
Stacey Huggard: I think you've done your worst and wait while i do mine ok?
Stacey Huggard: Are you trying to pull my legs?
Stacey Huggard: <ding>
Stacey Huggard: I just did the same search and nothing like that
Stacey Huggard: I have never share such picture with anyone...You are the only one i am talking with
Stacey Huggard: If it is from UK..It would have been ok

carl carl: what you mean ive done my worst?
carl carl: thought you was gone to bed
carl carl: 316 am there
Stacey Huggard: You are mad and i swear ..I will destroy you and make life more miserable for you
carl carl: whats are you talking about dear?
carl carl: im lost
carl carl: explain
Stacey Huggard: You are mad and you are a big fool
carl carl: im no fool
Stacey Huggard: You just did your worst...You've put my profile on that and call me a scammer right?
Stacey Huggard: Lets see who i have told that which you called lie...]
carl carl: i told you iw as going to put your shit up in that site
carl carl: i gave you a chance to prove to emw ho you are,but you didnt want to
Stacey Huggard: Ok
Stacey Huggard: Its ok..But i am not going to give you chance to prove yourself
Stacey Huggard: You are a bitch
carl carl: yep im abitch
carl carl: but im not a scammer
Stacey Huggard: You lied and put Mike...Who is mike?I know you did that also
carl carl: it was there i found that
Stacey Huggard: I swear...I am going to kill your son..I know hes your dearest..You just destroyed my life
carl carl: thats why my additude went this way,after reading that
Stacey Huggard: You are a liar..I dont know any mike..You are the only one i talk with
Stacey Huggard: I promise you Carl...I swear..Your blood will pay for this and this is not a threat
carl carl: your going to kill my son,wait hold on im gona copy and paste this to the cops
Stacey Huggard: I dont mind going to jail
Stacey Huggard: Yes..Go on and do that ok?
Stacey Huggard: Go on
carl carl: thats where your going believe me
carl carl: threaten my son
Stacey Huggard: I will cause you every pain i am going through now
carl carl: you have no idea who your fucking wiht
carl carl: i may be a nice guy but im street smart
Stacey Huggard: Thats not a threat..Ok
Stacey Huggard: Lets see
Stacey Huggard: Ok?
Stacey Huggard: Lets see but i promise
carl carl: you just threatened my son
carl carl: you made a grave mistake bitch
Stacey Huggard: Ok
Stacey Huggard: We will see
carl carl: noYOU WILL SEE
carl carl: fucking lying bitch.i hate people like you

2007-09-29, 22:06:15
anonymous from United States  
This girl has now shown up on supposedly living in Holbrook. Buyer beware. Here is the email that she just sent me.

Hello Dear,

How are you doing today?i hope that you are doing great,...I like your profile and everything you said on your profile is interesting, anyway My Name Stacey Huggard,I am 29years old lady, single with no kids ,well it's quite difficult to write about oneself when u know that others will be judging u on what u write, i'm just going to be simple and fly straight. I've been told that i'm a classylady with a great dress sense,i'm an optimistic person who has a variety of interests...................i' m a down to earth lady who consider herself
confident,intelligent,honest,romantic,spontaneous,caring with a big heart,easy to get along with,positive personality,ambitious,self-

motivated,secure,expressive,attentive,passionate,good christian with a good sense of humour, i love cooking,sports, i'm open minded and fun loving,little things in life count, i'm drug,smoke and disease free,i'm not into games,as they hurt, absolutely not a time waster .......But at the moment i am in a sad and depressed because i am feeling dejected i have no one who cares about me thats why i had to join this site searching for a comforter that will make me smile again ,If you care to know what happenned to me and you are Still interested in me kindly send me a mail to .

I am anxiouly waiting for your responde because right now i am a hopeless romantic lady who is in search for that special someone to make my life worth living once again..

With Love and Care

Stacey Huggard

2007-10-02, 13:48:41
anonymous from Canada  
i hope she takes her own life because a scammer like her is a waste of life,she used same tacky stories on me,she will tell you anything you want to hear and then the big question,cant you send me money to be with you.
2007-10-14, 09:44:59
Its me Stacey Huggard..I really dont know what my picture is doing on there and its so shameful you allow people to place anyones profile on here cheaply..Do you know so many lifes that has been destroyes by so doing and do you guyz go on special investigation before placing ones picture or profile?The fool who wrote you about me is a deep liar ok?I dont know...You read our conversation and you should know am so free..He want me to come to him free?Just wondering ..This is not the right thing guyz.I hope you do special investigation,not on me alone but on everyone that is on there.I hope to see the change.I am not blaming you guyz..I know you are trying to expose the handi work of the scammers but do it in full wisdom so no one is being affected.I hope to see the changes.Stacey
2007-10-18, 22:13:02
[hidden] from United States  
I got contacted on and here her profile. http://profile.mysp..221911152

I told about it but it is still there. Anyways... here is the email I got.

I got 4 pics and if you look close to the bottom right, you can see a watermark.


Hello [name removed],
How are you doing today?Hope all is well with you.Thanks for writting me and wanting to know more about me.I am seeking someone special that will capture my heart and handle it with care,a man who will cherish me and willing to share his bad and good time with me,a man who will take good care of me.I am new into this and also not the party type.I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with..I have been through a lot but looking for someone to make me a happy woman again.I am presently sad and depressed.I have been hurt before and dont want to go through such anymore.I am looking for someone who is family oriented and also family caring,someone who want honesty and trust at the highest level.Someone who is always afraid of getting hurt and also hurting someone.Long term and serious relationship is highly welcome..i dont go after fancy things,i like to be myself always and be happy with my man,all my my life i have always wanted to be happy with a man that will love me unconditionally,a man who will be kind,honest,passionate,sincere,loyal and with good sense of humour,i have no kids of my own but hope to have kids some day with a man that will be willing to settle down with me right now,i went through ur profile and i found it very interesting and also i found both of us 99% and the only 1% missing its that right now am stuck in africa.I am also looking for someone to get me out of my present problem.I will like to tell you more about me but will like meet you in person then we can share our thought together and then see where this will lead us to.Here are my pictures and hope you will send me yours also.I am ready to relocate to the man of my life and hope to have a happy home.I like kids and also like having people around me.I like reading,swimming,camping,travelling and also cooking.I dont know how to do this but i hope you understand.Feel free to share about you with me Ok?Take good care of yourself.Stacey

2007-10-18, 22:14:24
red dress pic of her

2008-06-05, 16:35:04
anonymous from Canada  
stacey had the nerve to come to this page and try and convince people shes not a scammer,lmao

she has talked to many guys ,same story and always asking for a hand out or travel funds to be with her.same pictures to all.

listen stacey nobody believes you,the jig is up and thanks to this site you didnt scam me out of cash because god knows i was going to send some.
2008-06-05, 16:45:50
anonymous from Caledon East, Canada  
these pictures of stacey are not even her pictures,i feel sorry for the lady that has no idea shes exploiting her pictures all over the net.

stacey if you ever read this i hope karma comes back and bites you in the ass because your the lowest form of a person ever.



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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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