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Dating scammer pretty


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Name: pretty



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Hey does this sound familiar.........
Hello ,maybe my future boyfriend!!!
I found your profile HornyMatches and found it very nice. I have decided not to waste time and just
to e-mail you.They tell that I am pretty girl , but I haven't found my soulmate yet. I have a clear vision of my man, and he lives in my dreams! He is very kind, sociable and like sex. I see us together, walking in the beautiful park and talking to each other on different points. I want to look into his
loving and sympathetic eyes. He is my knight with generous and courageous heart! He is a goal-oriented person, who knows what he wants and he will lead me to gain the secrets of this unknown beautiful world! Belly dancing, reading spiritual books, hiking, cooking, swimming, picnics and of course hot nights with crazy sex. I have some of
my pictures to share with you. If you reply to me then I will reply back with more info about me.Message me
back if interested and we start from there. I hope that I can be your soulmate. I am 27 yo.
Don't worry if I don't reply back right away, but I will surely
reply.Just being a little busy . and I am 27 y.o.

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2007-11-21, 12:02:16
chris from United States  
She tried the same thing on me just this week. She sent me a picture of her Passport when I asked her if this was a scam. I have a ton of pictures and a picture of her passport. If you want them just ask and I will send. Elena Tuzova is a scammer. She has a nice body as she sent me a naked shot of her.
2007-11-21, 12:14:06  
This is Stella Johnson the real Stella Johnson, who was using model pictures as a scam online:

This women destroyed my business this year if you find her where she lives hand her over to the police.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nigerian 419'er Scam Artist Mrs. Stella Johnson
Dating scammer Irina Gennadevna Popova from Angarsk, Russia
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5
Dating scammer Sandra Seidu
Various dating scammers

2007-11-21, 12:52:34
anonymous from South Africa  
This one seem be going the extra mile. Here is the lastest two pics and letter.

Hi!!!!!!!!! Sorry this will be short, I will write you more later!
I just want to let you know I arrived to Moscow!!! I'm safe and everything is OK here. I already settled down. Today I will try to make more pictures for you and I will send them to you as soon as I can!!!!! I'm very excited!!!!!! I feel like we became closer to each other!!!! The weather is good today, rather warm for November!!! The temperature is about -4`C. There is no snow here, I saw on TV several days ago it was snowing in Moscow but now it's very good weather and no snow. Do you believe in global warming or global cold snap? Last few years the weather is so strange... Last year in my native city there were no snow till the end of December... and usually it starts to snow there in the end of November.
Sorry I have to go now, I promise I will write you later!
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope I will be able to send more pics from Moscow soon but I don't promise!!!!!!!!
I will comment everything soon.

Your girl in Moscow.

2007-11-21, 12:53:52
anonymous from South Africa  

2007-11-21, 13:27:20
OJAS from United States  
Newcomers - Please click on the Welcome link and make informed posts http://www.delphifa..122#62019

Frequently Asked Information - Visa - News - E-mail - Translator - More FAQ ... http://www.delphifa..p=17#62230
2007-11-21, 13:30:37
anonymous from United States  
2007-11-22, 00:20:02   (updated: 2007-11-22, 00:20:18)
Eddie from Sweden  
I don't know OJAS...a lot of these guys seem to be ignoring our advice.

South Africa....check this link and you'll find almost exactly the same mail you posted...mail number 8. (it's on a 3rd thread as well)

2007-11-22, 12:09:34
OJAS from United States  
If only one newbie reads any of newbie posts for me the effort is well worth it. I hope someone saves his hard-earned buck and returns with informative posts.
2007-11-22, 16:28:35
anonymous from United States  
any scammer that says they have a work visa to come to america to work and then they want to know where you live so they can come work by you is lying you have to be sponsored to get the work visa there was a case of 6 mexicans in new orleans not to long ago that switched employers after being here and were arested on visa some rescearch if ya want...
2007-11-22, 21:52:38
Spotted this scam right off Mispelled Krasnoyarskiy Krai. by adding IY to the end, plus the stripping of all information from the pictures except that it was edited with Adobe photoshop CS/2, which is not available in Russia. Date picture was taken, Camera used and serial Number would have been present if not removed Professionally.

I played the game asking questions that had to be answered, yet none were, they were closed in question no way to avoid an answer, and come straight out and told her/who ever how strapped I was financially and could not afford much of anything. I even pretended to change my Life insurance beneficeries to her at $100,000.00 and got a reply of WOW? Then more evasiveness avoiding answering the questions posed such as Snail mail address so that benefits could be sent, required for dispurment of benifits.
Skip trace on IP address's even unknown in E-mail revieled exact location of spammer. Information which I sent to them and they never read. Too bad for them I am with the FBI
2007-11-23, 03:26:25
anonymous from South Africa  
The newbie appologizes from South Africa
2007-11-23, 07:46:11
anonymous from India  
'Inna' <>,'Alenochka' <>,'Olivia Obruth' <>,'Damien Roberts Textiles & Fabrics' <>

please check all these mail & inform me
2007-11-23, 09:42:38   (updated: 2007-11-23, 09:44:52)
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from South Africa

no need to apologise...everything you post is appreciated! And now you know what your next letter is going to be :D

BTW congratulations on the RWC victory!
2007-11-23, 10:22:13   (updated: 2007-11-23, 10:25:06)
OJAS from United States  
1) Google them
2) If no hits search with
3) In my newcomer info follow links to search for blacklisted e-mails / blacklisted domains
4) There is blacklisted e-mail thread on this link http://www.delphifa..1102.shtml
2007-11-23, 11:39:40
anonymous from United States  

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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