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Dating scammer pretty


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Name: pretty



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Hey does this sound familiar.........
Hello ,maybe my future boyfriend!!!
I found your profile HornyMatches and found it very nice. I have decided not to waste time and just
to e-mail you.They tell that I am pretty girl , but I haven't found my soulmate yet. I have a clear vision of my man, and he lives in my dreams! He is very kind, sociable and like sex. I see us together, walking in the beautiful park and talking to each other on different points. I want to look into his
loving and sympathetic eyes. He is my knight with generous and courageous heart! He is a goal-oriented person, who knows what he wants and he will lead me to gain the secrets of this unknown beautiful world! Belly dancing, reading spiritual books, hiking, cooking, swimming, picnics and of course hot nights with crazy sex. I have some of
my pictures to share with you. If you reply to me then I will reply back with more info about me.Message me
back if interested and we start from there. I hope that I can be your soulmate. I am 27 yo.
Don't worry if I don't reply back right away, but I will surely
reply.Just being a little busy . and I am 27 y.o.

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2008-08-07, 08:13:53
She also goes by the name of Anna, Anastasija, Anastasia, lidmilla, and several others.
2008-08-07, 09:38:18
anonymous from United States  
Oh boy, whoever the man behind the curtain here is they are taking risks I'll tell you but at least I've just received the naked pic email and now comes the real set up for the scam. Here's todaemail;
<<<<<<<<<<------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello <<Scammie name here>>! This is me again...
Please write me the name of the closest Airport to you (possibly International) and it's code (if you know).
For example the closest Airport to me is Chelyabinsk and it's code is (CEK). I already started to pack my things
and I want to start my trip so I will go to Moscow from Chelyabinsk. I have so many worries and I'm so afraid to
start everything but if I don't start it now I will never do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I asked my sister to take a naked photo of myself because I didn't have any naked photos and I thought I will
need them and it was my choice. Also I didn't want all men to look at this pic.... and now I know you little more
and I will cross my fingers I'm not wrong in doing this and I will make a show of trust and send you my naked pic
to you hoping it will be for your eyes only and you will not show it to someone. I was not comfortable to pose for
such pic and I tried to smile, I think the pic is nice. I don't want to chat about sex or something like that,
I just wanted to show you how my body looks like... and that's all. Maybe I shouldn't do this but I will click
'send' button and close my eyes! I hope you will be not mad on me because I sent this pic for you, I'm a good girl,
really!!!!!!!!!! Please don't show my pic to anyone and please don't ask for any naked pics in different poses or
something like that. I'm a good girl and I'm not info taking naked photos!
I really apologize if you think now I'm not a good girl... I hope you don't think so.
I'm impatiently waiting for your answer!
AAAAAAAAAAAh!!!! I'm so ashamed to send this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What I'm seeing here is pretty cut and dry, first there is a pretty thin story about why you've been selected in then there's a quick rush of desperation veiled as an exodus from home to begin a grandiose adventure, the need for the Airport code is kind of silly as the info is clearly online and all you need is google for it and you'll get the entire planets list, but its obviously part of the rouse that will arise in the next batch of emails, the psychology here is pretty cut and dry also, some flattering and ego stroking - followed by some form of a show of good faith or trust, all arranged neatly with the end being a softened up mark. I expect the next email to be a plead for help as 'she' will be now stuck in Moscow with no way to get either to the 'final destination' nor 'home'. What I am curious about at this point is how many more emails will come before the hit, and how much will the hit be targeted at. Knowing that the currently airline industry is feeling the fuel crisis the most I am sure that the amount will be commensurate with the price of an Airline ticket to or fro the US. is about $1200-$2300 US Dollars ((or €775-1500 Euros)). So to tell the truth, at this point I am just playing along to see if I can't catalog the whole scam beginning to end.
2008-08-07, 09:59:15
Anna also goes by gately 345 as well as gately 400 at yahoo. She has wrote me from both boxes in the same day apparently not realizing at first of the same e-mail then when he figured it out did not write back with the other. Like I would not know this, after all we are just stupid americans and pay do not pay attention to the details. This scammer also goes as lost in reverie girl with different variations. She has kind of changed up her pattern of letters, the last time he tried me the nudie was the 2nd or third e-mail ,now it is the 5th. Since she is packing (I got the same letter today) expect a few pics from moscow. A story on the visa interview then the money question. Probably 3 more letters.
2008-08-07, 19:57:46
anonymous from United States  
I have gotten the same emails from her and the same same pictures as well. This girl is so funny and trying to take anyone she can to the

2008-08-07, 21:29:03
anonymous from Mexico  
celine weah

me escribio una dama con este nombre de Dakar africa
podrian ayudarme si es fraude
2008-08-08, 09:15:57
from United States  
Just got the leaving on my trip to moscow letter, Sure hope the plane does not fall out of the sly. If it does, maybe it will fall on the building where all the other scammers are working.
2008-08-08, 11:10:05
anonymous from Germany  
Also, will ich meinen Brief damit, dass meinen Namen Kseniya beginnen! Aber meine Freunde und die mir nahen Leute nennen mich Ksuxa! Mir 28 Jahre. Ich lebe in Russland. Ich werde ehrlich mit dir seit Anfang unserer Bekanntschaft. Leider konnte auf jenem Internet - Web-Seite, wo wir kennengelernt haben, ich nicht das Land Russland finden! Deshalb konnte ich nicht in meinem Profil aufzeigen, dass ich in Russland lebe. Ich hoffe mich, dass du nicht dagegen, dass ich in Russland lebe und du wirst meinen Brief nicht ignorieren! Russland - das schoene Land und meine Stadt ist eine gute Stelle fuer den Wohnsitz. Ich lebe in der Stadt Novocheboksarsk. Es nicht die grosse und sehr junge Stadt. Das Alter meiner Stadt ist mehr als vierzig Jahre. Ich hoffe mich, dass du die Probleme darin nicht hast, dass ich aus Russland ankomme?! Wenn wir in der Zukunft persoenlich treffen und kennenlernen wollen, so kann ich dich besuchen, da ich in andere Laender schon reiste! Ich reiste in Tuerkei und in Italien. Ich fuhr dorthin wie der Tourist fuer die Zeit von 10 Tagen.

Jetzt will ich dir mehr ueber mich und ueber mein Leben erzaehlen!

Ich habe eines der Colleges meiner Stadt beendet und jetzt arbeite ich vom Lehrer in der Schule. Meine Arbeit bringt mir das grosse Vergnuegen. Meine Ambitionen bestehen darin, um den richtigen Mann zu begegnen und mit ihm die glueckliche Familie zu schaffen. Ich habe die gute Arbeit, es ist viel Freunde und der bemerkenswerten Eltern. Aber leider habe ich den geliebten Menschen nicht. Ich bin Single. Ich dachte niemals, was wird, den richtigen Mann so schwer zu finden. Ich kann dem richtigen Mann ganze meine Liebe und mein Herz schenken, so dass mein zukuenftiger Mann mit mir sehr gluecklich sein kann! Ob du mich verstehst? Aber den idealen Mann existiert nicht. Aber die Harmonie in den Beziehungen kann man mit dem richtigen Menschen schaffen. So dass ich nicht betruebt werde. In Russland existiert das Sprichwort: Der, wer sucht, ist obligatorisch wird finden! Deshalb habe ich entschieden, zu versuchen, nach dem Mann im Internet zu suchen. Ich weiss nur russisch und die deutsche Sprache, deshalb habe ich entschieden, nach dem Mann in Ihrem Land zu suchen. Ich studierte die deutsche Sprache in der Schule der Fremdsprachen. Fuer mich die wichtigsten Qualitaeten im Mann solche, wie die Richtigkeit, den gesunden Menschenverstand des Humors, die Ehrlichkeit, die Guete. Der Mann, den ich begegnen will, soll mich verstehen und sich um mich sorgen. Ich will den Menschen begegnen, der sich mit der Frau richtig wenden kann und kann die Frau richtig verstehen. Ich suche die ernsten festen Beziehungen, weil ich denke, dass in meinem Alter die Zeit angekommen ist, an das weitere Leben zu denken. Ich will nicht in der Einsamkeit leben, ich will mein Leben zusammen mit dem geliebten und nahen Menschen leiten.

Ich bemuehe mich, in der guten Form meine Figur zu halten! Ich lerne mich mit dem Aerobic. Ich ziehe die gesunden Lebensmittel vor und fast bereite ich immer ich die Nahrung vor. Die Kultur meines Landes ist auch wir sehr reich wir haben sehr viel Traditionen.

Alle westlichen Leute denken, dass Russland ein armes Land mit dem niedrigen Lebensstandard ist. Aber es nicht so. Zum Glueck wird jetzt der Lebensstandard in Russland erhoeht und wird um vieles leichter und besser, als frueher leben! In Russland wird der riesige Bau und die Produktion gefuehrt!

Es ist eine kleine Geschichte ueber mich. Mir auch waere es sehr interessant, mehr ueber dich und ueber dein Leben zu erfahren! Ich schicke dir mein Foto zusammen mit meinem Brief. Ich hoffe mich, dass mein Foto dir gefaellt. Ich werde sehr froh sein, dein Foto zu sehen!

Leider habe ich viel Zeit nicht, um sich die langwierige Zeit im Internet zu befinden, kann deshalb ich dir nur einmal am Tag schreiben. Es ist fuer dich gut?

Jetzt soll ich gehen. Ich warte mit der Ungeduld auf deine Antwort!

Bis Bald, deine neue Freundin aus Russland Ksuxa!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lyudmila

2008-08-08, 11:13:46
anonymous from United States  
Ah look guys a new one from the friendly scammer, today's hot topic fear of flying.?.?.?.?

Hello <<Scammie name here>> !! How are you? I'm ok!!! I just returned from my work.
I was dancing at opening a cafe here. It was my last day at work,
everybody in my dance group told me so many warm words and wished me
luck in my trip! I told them about you and everybody said they will cross
one's fingers for us and they hope you are a good man and we will like each other!
We had some fun today and it was my last working day... but now I feel myself so sad...
I will miss my work and girls from my group... I almost cry now... anyway I don't want
to make any steps back and I want to continue my arrangements.
I have some good news for you! After sending this email I will go home, take my packed
bags and go to Chelyabinsk! It is a nearest big city and there is an airport. From there I will
fly to Moscow! I`m really afraid to fly on a plane! I hope my plane will not fall down!
I'm really afraid! It is several hours from Chelyabinsk to Moscow.
When I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email.
I hope tomorrow I will be able to write you. Please don't worry about me if you don't
hear from me tomorrow, that will mean I was not able to find a place to stay and I will
write you the next day. In Moscow I will spend some time, I have to make all final arrangements
with my documents and after it I will come to you! I've never been to Moscow before and I'm so
nervous now... I've never went somewhere alone and now I should go alone to such big city!
You know... I had such great desire to start my trip already.. and now I feel myself like a newborn
kitten who has even didn't open it's eyes... I just want to hug my mommy and don't want to go anywhere...
but I know that's my dream to start a new life and I will try to turn in to reality!
Soon you will hear some news from me from Moscow!!!!!!!!

Love and kisses!
I hope I'm the one for you!



Now I've seen this email exactly as it's written here on another website, and it produces several hits on google, which makes me think that either this is a small enclave of scammers working in tandem or, the same scammer(s) who just tend to reuse the same BS cover story, you'd think that it'd be apparent by now that this information is well known by the online community. But I guess that P.T. Barnum was right and that there is in deed a sucker born every minute. In any case, I was surprised to get this one as I figured that the last two responses I sent indicated that I have been busy and unable to write, the last email I got yesterday asked for airport codes - so I thought I'd be hearing nothing for a few days at least to simulate travel, but I%+ of what I need to come to US through Travel Agency, if the scam plays out the way it should, she'll have approx. 500 Dollars but will need like 990 Dollars US to cover a balance of about 1390 Dollars. Guess she wants to have money to buy a drink on the plane or maybe a bag of peanuts too...oh interestingly enough no more pictures sent, maybe since I've gotten the nude one I'll not get any more photos from this point on. Well I'll return later with the latest in how the scammer is doing and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it all...

2008-08-08, 12:12:27
OJAS from United States  
2008-08-09, 20:00:10
anonymous from United States  

'Anna' is running the same scam here, boys. Letter for letter. Pix for pix.
Sort of smelled it out right away. Played for a while, then started to do my homework. As of now she is heading to Moscow.

If I thought it was one woman/person runnig the scam I would wait a while and respond. But as it seems this is a much larger operation, I am inclined just to ignore it.
Wouldn't serve a purpose to fire back.

Loved the nude pix though!
2008-08-11, 09:06:32
anonymous from United States  
Looks like I got my christmas goose early this time, not only did I get the I've landed email but I've also received the I'm broke email. Wow and it only took 8 days to go from hello my name is, to can you send me $1000 US. Holy crap, and this crap actually works, I mean people really fall for this? I am astounded that anyone who uses a computer regularly would not see this for what it is...but in any case here is the end of the line for my fun with a Russian Traveler, hmm I wonder if these are the old Gypsy people from over in the old world adapting to the new high tech thing....bears some research I think....

Hello dear <<sucker>> !!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited to write you again!!!!!!!!!! I'm in Moscow! You can't imagine how happy I am because I already started my trip to you! I still cannot believe I've done it! WoW! As I wrote you I was scared to fly on the plane but everything was OK and I'm still alive )))) Moscow is a really big city! I've been told the population of Moscow is about 10 million of people! From the Airport I went by bus... it was so long way... about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I've seen so many nice places in Moscow while going by bus! When I got off the plane in the Moscow Airport policeman asked me about passport and he looked at me like I am an enemy ))) I think all people here are a little crazy because of terrorism. Everything here is very expensive, not like in my city... and everywhere are big crowds of people! Everywhere is so many people! I feel uncomfortable because of it but I hope I will be OK soon. I couldn't find a cheap hotel, everything is so expensive in Moscow. Finally I found a place to stay, I rent a room from an old woman. She is about 70 years old. She said her husband died 2 years ago and she doesn`t have money to live, so she gives in rent rooms in her apartment. She is very nice woman. She said I have to be very careful. You know... she said many girls from small cities come to big cities, they are looking for a better future and fortune but because they are from small cities they can`t imagine their way to find the happiness can be not so easy as they thought... and some of them can end up as prostitutes or something like that. She said I should be careful when I meet you!! But I don't worry about it! I feel with all my heart you are really nice man! Sorry I wrote you about my worries.. I have nobody to write about it. My mother is worried enough about me and I don't want to make her worry any more. I think that's really good I've met you! I can write you about everything. By, the way, one more thing about my trip. Agency will help me to rent a room to stay near my future work in your area. I will share this room with a few girls yet, it is usual procedure and it helps to pay the rent (it will be cheaper).And I have a question, is it normal if we will like each other may be it is possible to live together?of course if you or somebody doesn't mind. Do you have a big wide bed?(joke). Anyway, if you will not want to stay with me it is ok for me to rent a room, don`t worry!!! As you know I will stay there for three months and later if I want I will be able to prolong my trip. I will arrive by my Work visa, so I won`t have any problems with law while I will be working. I think I will be able to improve my english and I think it will help us to learn each other better,who knows. I miss my family... but I'm getting better with every hour ))
Now I'm very hungry and I will go and eat something. I hope everything will be fine.
Please write me as soon as possible!See you soon! Big kiss from moscow!!


Hello dear <<sucker>> !!!
Here is the info, about my flight, that I was given in agency:

Information for Anna Volkova

Kind regards,'Selma Travel', 135421, Moscow, Korneichuka 24,
office 11. e-mail:

Please use our service. Manager: Ms.YurZaripov
Moscow to Fort Lauderdale
Flight 1 Sunday, August 17, 2008

Departure: 12:55 Moscow, Russia - Sheremetyevo International, terminal 2
Arrival: 16:30 Atlanta, USA - Hartsfield Jackson, terminal S
Airline: Delta Air Lines DL047
Aircraft: Boeing 767-400
Change of plane required. Time between flights = 2:20

Flight 2 Sunday, August 17, 2008

Departure: 18:50 Atlanta, USA - Hartsfield Jackson, terminal S
Arrival: 20:44 Fort Lauderdale, USA - Fll International, terminal 2
Airline: Delta Air Lines DL821
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200/300

Fort Lauderdale to Moscow
Flight 1 Sunday, November 16, 2008

Departure: 12:03 Fort Lauderdale, USA - Fll International, terminal 2
Arrival: 15:10 New York, USA - John F Kennedy, terminal 3
Airline: Delta Air Lines DL080
Aircraft: MC Donnell Douglas MD-88
Change of plane required. Time between flights = 1:15

Flight 2 Sunday, November 16, 2008

Departure: 16:25 New York, USA - John F Kennedy, terminal 3
Arrival: 10:10 +1 day(s) Moscow, Russia - Sheremetyevo International, terminal 2
Airline: Delta Air Lines DL030
Aircraft: Boeing 767-200/300

Price: foreign passport,visa,tax,consulate fee,ticket Eco.class.USD 1. 00+
I've got all the information and I'm resending it for you!! You see after my visit to the consulate and to the agency I am so happy to say we will meet in few days!!!! I am really lucky girl to meet you. Honey the thing is that I booked the nearest possible flight. I need some of your help. there is one small problem but I am sure we will be able to solve it. I wanted to ask you to help me to pay for my tickets directly but they tell I can't use your help or ask you about sending me tickets because I have a permission to use the help of the travel agency only because they do all travel things and it is their business to arrange all travel things for my trip, such is the law. It is not possible to get a work visa without the help of the agency, they have too strict rules of getting visas.
I was sure my mom will help me because she promised but now she sent a letter explaining it is possible only in few months or so because of our family problems. She can't send a transfer now. I was in the bank to try to ask them a loan but they said I need to have a registration in Moscow to get a loan from their bank and I don't have it! I think it is not great problem for you to help me. I even hope maybe it will be pleasure to help me because you are my knight, right? after all payments here and my flight from Chelyabinsk I have about 700 dollars of my own money and I need about 950 US dollars from your side because I have to pay for my tickets and few more things, and I have to pay in advance about 1590 dollars. The tickets are roundtrip and this price includes all arrangements of documents and everything. Honey, I've been told fuel fees and tickets and everything became more expensive and I didn't expect it............
I have to be sure that I will be able to book my tickets or I will lose all the money I gave them in advance. I'm not going to ask one more time for your help, you see I am in such situation... I will be waiting for your answer. I know it sounds like I am a poor outsider but you see I don't have enough time to find the money I need and find somebody to help me, you know my mom gave me all she could collect for my travel. I hate to ask but now I don't have any other choice. I need some help from you, please help me to leave Moscow and it is all I ask now and you know I am full of the love to share with you. Kiss you, counting days and minutes before our meeting. You know it is only money, and I think it is not too hard for you to help me, you see I have such chance only once in my life. I know you are a kind man and I hope you will be able to help me. I promise I will return all the money and I will earn money because I am ready to work as hard as I can! You know my rent address here is Russia, Moscow, Nametkina, Street 23, flat - 14. Remember my full name is Anna- (first name) Volkova-(last name). It is right writing in English, and you should put it on western union list and you can choose any bank in Moscow, they tell it is international service and I can pick up the money at any bank of Moscow. They said I can get only western union transfer because I have not any bank accounts in Moscow and I have only passport and it is enough to get it!
If you need the address of Western Union in Moscow is
Moscow, 117420

Actually I've been told you can send it to any of their offices. I can call you as soon as I receive the transfer to let you know about it. And please after you complete a transfer write me the number of your transfer, I'm not sure how it's call but they will give you a number of your transfer.

Million of Kisses,
Your poor Anna

P.S. I am not sure I should tell this but I want to let you know if you don't like me when I come I will not bother you and it is only your choice to spend time with me or not. I know you may be too busy, and in any case I will return the money back. I can have a room for rent if I want, a job and I want to say please don't worry I don't want to use you just to reach my goal. I am sure when we meet we will have no regrets about it, I promise. Please, don't leave me alone I've done so much to start this trip and I don't want to give up. And I can stay more than six months, I can stay longer and I can prolong my visa. I want to get to know you better..... to learn more things about you, to touch your hand.. look in your eyes...


funny she/he/it states that they need my help but then at the end they make a comment about being able to get a job and a room as well as pay me back and I love how there is sweet romantic talk littered throughout the instructions to send the money overseas, it like the writer is hoping to place subliminal suggestions to the reader...never heard of hypnosis through writing but I am sure these folks would if they could.... watch your asses kids.
2008-08-11, 10:04:55
anonymous from United States  
Anna sent me the 'I've arrived' letter and ' I'm in trouble letter' within hours of on another. I did not reply to the 'I've arrived' letter but he/she/it sent the ' I'm in trouble ' letter. Talk about impulse control issues. Another strange thing is that she never told me her last name. Like I am going to send money to a perfect stranger. This scammer needs help, a real piece of work. I am thinking about what I am going to writr about the final finale letter. It will be a good one, probably full of a lot of mf's and cs's along with fo's and eating certain pieces of waste. Will keep you informed.
2008-08-13, 15:45:22
anonymous from United States  
This is the letter I sent in response to Anna's/Boris request so it could come to me.

Anna, the routing number for the transfer is 18456suckmyco-k, if this does not work try 12436eatsh-t.
I decided to not send you the money for your so called trip to the states because you Boris are nothing but a low life scammer who prays on people to get their money. You are hoping that all American men whom are a little older are gullible, horny men who will fall for a pretty face (the pics are not you but some unsuspecting woman or accomplice) and send you money to get some pussy. Well I tell you this is not true and most people in USA are educated, smart. intelligent and will not fall for a scam like yours; especially when your replicated letters are on the internet and public domain for all to see. Your pics are all the same and are everywhere to be seen. You are an idiot, have no sense of decency and are going to rot and burn in hell. You are a real penis sucker and mother fu ker, a hole. Why don't you get a real job like most of the world and make an honest living. I know that the honest wages in Siberia suck but if you turn your your savvy to scam into something productive then you may make a good living and making a mediocre wage is much better than freezing your ass off in a siberian prison with the rest of the a holes who don't have a clue about Jack Sh-t.
You have tried to scam me before and you are not even smart enough to know it, it did not work for you then and you try again using the same fu ked up, sh-tty, chopped pictures. LOL. A 2 year old mentally retarded child could do a better job. You are the scum of the Earth, a Fu-k, and a Dick head. You and the cluster fu-k of other scammers you are sitting with are real losers and you all need to get a life in this world. I hope for your sake that you find God and repent your ways before something happens that you regret the rest of your life, if you want to call it that, like getting your head chopped off by the Russian Police; of course the ones whom are not being paid off to help you get away with your bull sh-t, screwed up scam .
If you did come to America you would never survive because someone would kick your dumb slavic ass the first time you tried to rob them or take advantage of them. Most Russian people are good, honest, hard working and need to have respect, you make all Russians look bad and stigmatize them. You on the other hand are a loser and only work hard at masterbating and getting your jollies looking at porn, this is the only way you get off. you may get some by paying a prostitute but this is the only way you can get a woman. The beautiful honest woman in Russia will have nothing to do with your stupid ass because you are lower than pond scum on a snakes belly. I hope your penis falls off and is eaten by you and your scammer buddies in stew. I hope you get into a orgie with your scammer buddies so you can feel hoe it is to get fu-ked in your ass.
What goes around comes around, you will get your day eventually.

Not so gilible American who did not fall for your idiotic scam.

2008-08-16, 11:30:44
anonymous from United States  
hello i just had a run in with this lady in these pictures wanted money saying she was going through a travel agency but the money could only be sent to her .i called the russian embassy in washington dc and asked questions about some of the stuff she said like i need to have the plane tickets before i could get my visa i also called the airline and the numbers on the web page she gave me and found out they didnt exist sooo men do your homework !!!!! make them give you information so can call and verify what they say. as soon as they ask for money i move on

2008-08-18, 22:28:34
anonymous from United States  
Anyone seen this girl?Says she's from Russia.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina Gennadevna Popova from Angarsk, Russia

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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