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Dating scammer pretty


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Name: pretty



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Hey does this sound familiar.........
Hello ,maybe my future boyfriend!!!
I found your profile HornyMatches and found it very nice. I have decided not to waste time and just
to e-mail you.They tell that I am pretty girl , but I haven't found my soulmate yet. I have a clear vision of my man, and he lives in my dreams! He is very kind, sociable and like sex. I see us together, walking in the beautiful park and talking to each other on different points. I want to look into his
loving and sympathetic eyes. He is my knight with generous and courageous heart! He is a goal-oriented person, who knows what he wants and he will lead me to gain the secrets of this unknown beautiful world! Belly dancing, reading spiritual books, hiking, cooking, swimming, picnics and of course hot nights with crazy sex. I have some of
my pictures to share with you. If you reply to me then I will reply back with more info about me.Message me
back if interested and we start from there. I hope that I can be your soulmate. I am 27 yo.
Don't worry if I don't reply back right away, but I will surely
reply.Just being a little busy . and I am 27 y.o.

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2008-09-30, 18:58:24
anonymous from Mexico  
2008-09-30, 18:58:54
anonymous from Mexico  
2008-09-30, 18:59:24   (updated: 2008-09-30, 19:00:39)
anonymous from Mexico  
2008-09-30, 19:01:10
anonymous from Mexico  
Svetlana Ovchinnikova (

2008-09-30, 19:01:52
anonymous from Mexico  
2008-09-30, 20:24:41
anonymous from United States  
You are beig scammed. I got the picture above Svetlana Ovchinnikova just last week. Don't do it. Break whatever communication you have off.

2008-10-01, 07:59:59
[hidden] from United States  
My stupid husband was online dating sites but the girls that he wrote to both were scammers,why do not know we are so broke! One was lizzyhansen1@yahoo and the other I looked at Lizzy's so called pics and I know her Raven Riley how? Yes I am in the adult industry! My husband and I always had an agreement not to make it personal well online dating is a little personal! So this has hurt me far and beyond I also found charges for I have called them they took him down and promised me no more e-mails well he has gotton more. So my asvise to anyone be careful on these sites I really do believe its all about money and not matchmaking. What I really need help on is where did my husband find these two girls or where did they find him???? Would love to know!!!Would also love to see what he wrote on his profile! Online dating sites suck and I would love if our national news did an investigation.
2008-10-01, 09:20:23
anonymous from United States  

Ever note that there are NEVER any skanky or fat women who contact you... They all got bod's to die for, tits poppin out on virtually any picture you get from them... I often ask myself.... JUST HOW DUMB DO THE PEOPLE WHO SEND THIS SHIT THINK WE ALL ARE???
2008-10-01, 10:27:13
OJAS from United States  
Scammers are predominantly MEN regardless whose photos they send http://www.delphifa..=8#100156

US Embassy http://moscow.usemb..scams.html
2008-10-01, 11:00:22
anonymous from United States  
This same girl is emailing me on the same way that you. She says that now is in Moscow and her name that she is using is Anna, from reading all the stories here she is telling me the same she has a sister named Olga and also a 13 years all brother and also a mother. Her dad died in a car accident, is what she told me. Today a got a scan of her passport that you can see her name is Anna on this passport.
2008-10-01, 12:55:51
anonymous from United States  
Anna almost got me too. She needed $950 for visa and travel fees to the USA, and to be mine. I got the identical travel itinerary as the man posting on September 29, 2008. Nothing she sent me was original. Below is her most recent email to me. She also sent me a scan of a passport that may be seen in other photos here. The photos are especially helpful. I would load one, but all the pictures I got appear to be here already. I must say, she is very beautiful. I thought she was my dream come true. I am really hurting. So are many other men, thanks to her. If something or someone seems to good to be true, know it is not ri.

Subject: I want to....
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 17:38:59 +0600

Hello dear (name)!

My mother doesn't speek English!!!!!!!!!!!
This is web site of the agancy:
I am sorry about all the problems with the money!
But without your help I will not be able to fly to you.
Mother gave me almost all the money that she had to
help me out with this journey.
If you can not help me, I will be returning to home.
But I do not want to be lonely again.
I do not want to return home.
I do not want to stay in Moscow either.

More than anything else, I would like to continue the trip!
I want you! I want you to surround me with your tenderness, warmth and care.
I certainly think about the future. I want us to be together.
I go to sleep and I wake up together with the thoughts about you.
They are not leaving my head.
More to that, I’d like to wake up in your arms every day.
I’d like to be sure that you really need me now and in the future.
I just want to look into your eyes.
I want to feel your warm breath.
I want to see your smile and know that this smile is for me.
I want to be waken up by you rather than some kind of alarm clock.
I want to be your sunshine.
I want you to warm your hands up in the back pockets of my jeans.
I want you to pay me with your kisses for the rental of my jeans pockets.
I want to believe you and never question anything you say.
I want to hear your voice. I want to get to your inner thoughts.
I want to be everything you need. I want you to know all these things.
Can’t wait for the moment I board the plane and start my final journey to you.
I am looking forward to hearing some good news from you.
Hope you can help me out and give me your support.

P.S.For that you can trust me I sent you my passport!
2008-10-01, 17:53:47   (updated: 2008-10-01, 17:56:35)
OJAS from United States  
hidden US 2008-10-01, 07:59:59, seems has more info http://www.delphifa..=22#107637
2008-10-01, 19:24:55
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the good work. I was beginning to believe this 'woman' until I saw that her e-mails were exact copies of the scam e-mails posted here. I'm actually relieved! I didn't want to deal with a beautiful Russian woman throwing herself at me! Now I'm glad I don't have to. LOL
2008-10-02, 09:22:54
anonymous from United States  
This is my second posting. I have not sent 'Anna' any money, but I am continuing this to see how far she will go. On my own, I contacted her travel agency. I got the below response back from the agency. Based on the Melita Travel site, it appears they only accept cash, wire transfer and Western Union payments, but no credit cards. That does not bode well for the agency's integrity as far as I can tell. I wrote back to them and asked if they would accept Amex or Visa. I'll let you know.

I also emailed 'Anna' back, simply asking her if she knew anything about a few women's names (some of her apparent aliases). So far, no response. Aside from this lapse, I have heard from her every day.

How long do you think it will be before we are seeing 'Anna' with dark hair and a new travel agency?

Subject: Re: URGENT to: Mr. Ivan Petrov re arrangements for Anna Kouminowa
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 15:42:24 +0600

Respectfully yours,
'Melita Travel' Agency

Dear, Sir

We have a client Ms Kouminowa, but Ms Kouminowa doesn't have money enough

to pay for the tickets. If the trip is not paid in full, the trip will be cancelled.

The total cost of the tickets is 1790USD.

Best regards. Manager Ivan Petrov

To get any other information you may contact us by e-mail. It is
cheaper for you and comfortable for us, we will reply
after receiveing your letter or answer by phone.

'Melita Travel' Agency
Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya Tulskaya 17
tel: +7 495-797-8174
2008-10-02, 09:51:17
anonymous from United States  
If Anna were real, I'd be happy to have her with me and support her. I'm a schmo, I admit it. I think she is so beautiful. But this is not real. The people behind this just want money. Be careful out there!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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