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Dating scammer kelly flowers,kelly gabriel


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Name: kelly flowers,kelly gabriel

Email: kelly flowers


Other Comments:
same old story.....shes on out for her......her pic was on anothr scam site......on the black list.....she says shes from ohio, and went to niheria to model and was left........i noticed someone put a pic up of one that see sent me.....stupid person sent another one that looked i checked it out and both pics are used by someone called...
Nicks: Alice Williams, alice78, lindababe1977, latifer, Mary Wassen, Ebhotemen Uguomore, Florence Martins, Josephine Wilson, hunnyheart, wave402rally, Mary Wassen, goodrose, Jeni Williams, Lillian Williams, lillywill29, Roselyn Williams

steals pictures of 'Karol' from


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2007-09-18, 00:23:12
anonymous from United States  
The brunette posted above is Karol a model on FocusHawaii or NewFaces.
2007-09-22, 17:40:49   (updated: 2007-09-22, 17:43:59)
anonymous from United States  
does anyone know her

2007-09-22, 21:16:14
anonymous from United States  
Anon US,I know who the girl in the pic is...Name is Karol,model pic's stolen from either FocusHawaii or NewFaces both modeling sites that have MANY of the model's pix stolen by scammer's.
2007-09-23, 09:47:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-09-23, 09:47:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-09-23, 12:36:59   (updated: 2007-09-23, 12:38:32)
anonymous from United States  
here are some of her emails

You said it's really hard to trust me , it's much harder to believe you can say this to me ... I already you the real truth out of this matter , i don't tell lies , please read my lips and see the honesty ... I told you it was posted as my message i sent to you because of Nigeria ISP ... You know how bad this country is , and how they are trying to avoid them on Cyberworld ...
Herb you have to believe me totally , you think i'm joking when i said i have been crying all days long , we can really grow this relationship , if you cant put atleast mutual trust and restpect to generate true love , trust is an important aspect to falling inlove , You know when finding love , you hear noises here and there , you don't have to listen to them you have to decide what you really wanna do yourself ...
Actually i wouldnt want you to trust me naturatly because I'm a human bein like you , just trust God in me , you will neve regret it , like i told you before i cant promise Marriage , it depends on our compatabiblity that matters , You really have to look in to my eyes and see if you have any roses this .... See herb , this life you have to kiss many frogs before you could find someone that is eatable , we are approaching to kiss each Other and im intrested we are attracted to each Other not for whatt you could do for me or offer me , or what i could do for you or offer you , our heart , love , determination our attraction matters most in this ... we need to have a seat to seat talk , nice dinner see what really happen , been far away from someone you have feelings with will be a bloodly Problem , but you can get over all this with your true heart and trust ...
I'm a Godly woman like i told you , you knew my values and heart , I'm a poor lady with a bigheart to love , i cant afford to hurt you i have been to that town before its not Good to live , i cant even pray it to my enemy ....Im in so much pain and heart hurt because it hurt me deeply ... You still dont trust me at these stage we were now ....
What gives me the impression that when im standing to you , you will still believe in my indetity , honey , i want this to work out for both of you , not you only neither me ... but both of us , i m not looking for someone to make me happy because i can do that myself im looking for someone to add to my happiness .
herb , Just trust me , i already had firm trust in you with the God , i prayed every knight about you , you could imagine how important you were to me , you are not just a friend but indeed a very nice man to get to know and see what happnes , and i hope you can see that in me , plus i dont want to be much fastforward about thing with you because i dont want you to think im been materialistic or something like that , material things doesnt bother me at all , having thousands of diamond doesnt worth the Kingdom of lord ...
I just wnat you to trust me Herb , this is how we can work this out finally .... Herb Please just trust me , you dont have to hurt me , you already promised me you wont hurt me , distrusting me will bring about heart hurt , i had ucer for not eating very well , and its affecting me now because i couldnt eat i feel hurt in my heart and so , and my soul is crying deeply ...
Herb ,Just trust me .... Trust me , i promise , i will never let you down ... read my word and see how pure my heart is with you ...
Well , I'm having alot trouble with my connection i will need to restart this puter .
get back to me asap.

this is after a week of emailing
2007-09-23, 18:18:10
anonymous from United States  
she has a yahoo address of spoke with her couple hrs ago...loser from hell is what she is.. Anyone know where to report scammers like her?
2007-09-23, 20:15:17
anonymous from United States  
thanks for the info.......don't let her know that you know she is a along with her, hell have some your emails, if you want.....mess with her head.....don't send any money..............
2007-09-23, 22:35:09
'S' from United States  
First of all it is NOT a she OR the girl in the pic writing/IM'ing you,it's a MAN! p A black guy probably in his 20's sitting in an internet cafe somwhere in W.Africa.One thing you got right a LOSER!

Here's some link's for other sites you can report 'her' on;



2007-09-24, 05:23:51   (updated: 2007-09-24, 05:30:34)
anonymous from United States  
here is an email..........i found this site alittle to late...........makes you want to go find them.....

I don't have any money with me anymore sorry, i already paid off the people ... I meant i paid for the flight and the BTA .... so i dont have any money with me , that can't be refunded until i get back to the state sorry!
See i don't care iether you trust me or not , it's up to you ... helping me doesn't mean i won't live and you not helping me anymore , doesnt mean , i won't live anymore , by the way im tired of this stress , i had cold since three days now , i'm just getting over it , if you want send the money , if you can't send it , hold your money , God will help me someday somehow , God is supernatural worker ...He can do anything , i have never given up on HIM...I'm so sorry , iether you trust me or not , either you send the rest funds or no ... I will be Ok , by His Grace ... Ty alot ...

2007-09-24, 05:32:56
anonymous from United States  
does anyone know this phone numbers and guys name.....

PHONE NUMBER;2348078293992,27384359954,473584965,439439536.

email..............     Amos James <

2007-09-24, 08:47:49
anonymous from United States  
here's another.........

Nice to hear back from you soon,I thought to tell you a little more about myself. I enjoy all kinds of things that I like to do with my one and only special one,I am a 'Leo'; I was born in the month of August on the 19th day. Hair: Light Brown Height: 5'6', Eye :Brown Bust: 33', Dress: 6, Waist: 25', Shoe: 7.5 - 8, Hips: 34 and I have a very light complexion! I will burn very easily in the direct sunlight the first time I am in the Sun. My favorite color is puple on myself and on a man I would like to see him wearing a I really adore the color purple on a man it will just increase his handsome ten fold at least, it will to me! I'm a single.I just wanted to let you know the kind of person I am, I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through, see, I have been hurt so many times by different men and wouldn't want that to happen to me again...that's the reason why I said that I need love.... I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through good and bad times and won't give up on you is what I am looking for. Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work. I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater rather than read a novel. I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people. I do not smoke. I do drink on social occasions.... well concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous woman. My desire is to be sexually faithful to the man I marry. If two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their partner's sexual behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. Moreover, I am currently working on my own cos I had to try something else after I lost almost all I had to my last relationship.....I just got into the business of collecting is a nice thing to do. I buy and sell Antiques and well I am on a trip to get some antiques in WEST AFRICA but i will be back home nextweek. It isn't fun anyway but I will be back home soon to ( Texas) Fort worth City, hope to hear back from you Remember, I need real love. I don't play games and isn't ready to be played.... also write poems in my spare time Distance is not a problem. If I find the right MAN. I don't mind relocating... I have relocated before when I was in love. I don't mind during it again as long as I find the right man. I am a very honest and truthful woman. I hate lies and deceit. I want real love..If u aren't ready for what I said...please don't hit me back. I am getting too old to play games. I am a very busy Very independent...I got a few question for you.... how long have u been on You got kids? Ever married? What do u does for a living? What do u does for funs?What are your favorite dishes...? What interest do you have in my profile???
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2007-09-24, 08:49:19
anonymous from United States  
I m not Happy this Morning,I was just coming from the Port, How are you doing today and how was everything moving,Well Thank for the mail,Honestly I really need your assistance and your help for this, Well right now everything seems really bad. I am facing some problem down here that I need to resolve immediately. Well it's all about my Goods, it has been seized by the Customs $95,000 worth of Antiques that I brought was been seized and am planning to get back to state this week,But I Thank God everything has been solved but I was bill to pay some little amount of Money before they can release the goods And right now all the money I have with me I have used it to Buy all the items and there's other way I can Pay for the stuff but I was ask to pay the money so that they can released the goods to me otherwise it might lead to the Governor of the state here. The only country I have traveled to was United Kingdom... but this my first time of traveling down here in (Nigeria) Well when I was coming down here I brought some Check but I couldnt get those Checks cash. I was told they are foreign Checks and it can only get cash in state. I want you will help me out with this, I mean I want you to help me and cash the Checks in make its faster,I will be very happy if you can Borrow me the Amount,As soon I return back to the state i will repay you back, I will have to send them down to you through a carrier services as soon as you get the Checks cash you will send the money down to me thru western union money transfer and I will send down the information that you will send the money back to thru western union ..... . I will be looking forward to your urgent reply,I really need your assistance and your help,I will be more than happy if you can help me on this...I will be back to the state this as soon I get my goods from custom,Thanks so much..., I been crying since when i return from Custom Office...Pls and Pls I really need your help...I dont want to loose my goods here I need your help

This image was also posted here:
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2007-09-24, 21:50:10
anonymous from United States  
Nice to hear from you i will need a little of amount.i just need $350 to get the goods back to me you can send the money throught western union to me.i will give you the inforamtion to send the money.


can anyone help out
2007-09-24, 21:51:02
anonymous from United States  
heaven knows i'm very honest with you ... it's hard for you to believe me , there is no way we can make it work without your bit trust in me ... sorry.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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