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Dating scammer kelly flowers,kelly gabriel


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Name: kelly flowers,kelly gabriel

Email: kelly flowers


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same old story.....shes on out for her......her pic was on anothr scam site......on the black list.....she says shes from ohio, and went to niheria to model and was left........i noticed someone put a pic up of one that see sent me.....stupid person sent another one that looked i checked it out and both pics are used by someone called...
Nicks: Alice Williams, alice78, lindababe1977, latifer, Mary Wassen, Ebhotemen Uguomore, Florence Martins, Josephine Wilson, hunnyheart, wave402rally, Mary Wassen, goodrose, Jeni Williams, Lillian Williams, lillywill29, Roselyn Williams

steals pictures of 'Karol' from

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2007-09-25, 19:15:16
anonymous from United States  
here's another

2007-09-25, 19:15:47
anonymous from United States  
and another one

2007-09-25, 19:17:26
anonymous from United States  
You to believe in what you have to believe in , i understand about the record about Nigeria or scam world ...
herbert , i never want you to regret of meeting me , i'm a nice lady with great already knew all that ... i need to pay off my landlady so i can get back on my feet , i need your help , send me the funds to pay her back Ok.
Kelly dumb can someone be.......see sent me all ther pics....ant once, and they all lokk like a different person............

2007-09-25, 22:28:26
anonymous from United States  
Wanna piss him off? Call him 'Monkey Boi' hahahaha
2007-09-26, 05:53:37   (updated: 2007-09-26, 05:55:20)
anonymous from United States  
here's another email from kelly...........

sending me money is not the problem , If i tell you i don't understand what you are talking about the scam things that goes all over the world i'm lying because i'm not dead yet and atleast i read socialogical science in college , so i knew the scam thing from the oldies ... and how it does exits till today ...seel , i will explain everything to you so , you will get updated who and who to call a scammer .... i'm a lover not a cheater Ok...and for trusting me or believe me , i won't bother you on that for the rest of my life , i will have to leave that to you Ok.... , many people says , Every scams comes from nigeria , ghana ,asia ,phylipines , russian, Uk , and the US itself ... see scam is every where in the world ... what most people understand is that all scam comes from Nigeria which is absolutely wrong , some might not be nigeria and claim to be in Nigeria ... They have Efcc in Nigeria to deal with scammer and interpools too ... so you know what i mean .... , the golden truth is that 98% of the worl'ds scam records and inventory shows that The United state is the hidden hive of scammers, see if i scammed or i was a scammer , i wouldnt be asking you for help , i would of be a billionaire by now , see i don't believe in the money you don't work for , or expecialy something you get from people that makes them hurt , you know what i mean , i'm not someone like that i'm not materialistic , i'm not a Godly woman who believe in asking than lieing about things!.........internet scams base on United state beaureu of social conduct and social and criminal laws tentatatively released the scams reserch estimates that in the next 10 years average United states citizens would have been scamed or be a scammer .... now could you kindly answe this few question ?.....where did internet fraud originated from? ( it was originated from the united state , if you are into history , go to liberary and read about it ...i'm very seriouse about this) , what about Felony? where did they originated from?....and impersonification?........what of hackers?......There are no hackers in Nigeria as soon as i have lived here.......what about identity thirft? , record fraud , credit card fruad? see everything was based on the united state , i know about it ... look it is a mere face off in the monarchy,........and judicial unrest u should be updated and dont speak on a mere observation about what you just saw about the record on internet most aint true or what you hear from most of western union agent , they are most of fruad themself ...see i have sent money to gambia before when i was in the state for the orphanages .....i used my credit card , the next day i found 0 on my record , i just had to steped back from them ...,.... i know the nitty gritty of social unrest and communal monarchy...... u dont even know the concept of scamming in context' , all you say is scammer ,scammer , you don't know the real meaning ! you don't know what it's about ... it is paramomount and undauntly sure ,that the net is the redenvours of all criminal activites ....see herbert i'm not on here to play any bullshit games or what ever , i'm more matured than telling lies at my age to get money from people .. it's just absolutely sin from God... u should be mindful of ur contemporary perception of any one u meet on the net' human beign are of different calibre.......dont blush with ur mouth base on ur previous expriences or info of individual...... i might be ur limelight to ur dreams and you can also my perfection in life... I will take you to the civilised world of love!!!!!!!
Herbert see doubters are hopeless people they never get anything out of life, i hope you will never doubt me again ....Have you read about Thomas in the Bible? Thomas doubts and he he almost missed Jesus.... , i don't believe you really believe in God or you trust him , thats reason you can't trust in Human being ... their are trustworthy human bein like God on earth , i have lived all my life to be Honest and be who i'm ...u need God's truth to live in life ... you might had facts they aint going to save you!!! u must reconcile with GOD fast...or else ur life will be like a mirrage or a moving shadow....see everyone has a record with God , so why do i have to lie or cheat on anyone , i will be rewarded on everything i do ... if i hurt you , i will be hurt back in 100% ... so i dont need that , i need to trust my God and find the right man that will make me complite person , i hope this was you,.....see it is the God factor that makes all other factors works....God is not wicked nor hostile Ok .... so i hope i clear up really about myself now and you can understand the kind of lady you are talking to right now ... here is my ID Information i used in Ohio ...

Kelly Flowers.
04 /08/1975
5'6 fit
130 pounds.
Blue eyes.
Snn:280(--)2213.......i didnt include the rest two numbers...

i had account with First choice american before , but i don't have it anymore again ...
i can still remember my card number ....

driver linces number , it has expired now....D61660323537(-) one missing number
I used Visa.....4491720(--)0225657 ........i didnt include the rest two numbers...
Favourites activities = swimming ...

, I trust you with all this information ... i hope this help you out ...
Your one and only .

i emailed her back stating that i have an email into the us embassy over there asking to explain to me what an american citizen has to do to get out, i alos forwarded all of her emails to them.....i will let you know what happens......

how can i go about checking the infomation above......
2007-09-26, 19:26:01
anonymous from United States  
here's another from kelly

I'm not lying to you , yep ... i emailed other men two like 3-4 ,that guy went mad with the e-mail because i told him i'm in nigeria and he put it on report , that doesnt mean im a scammer ... i e-mailed you what happened to me , and thats what i told him also ? so is their any bullshit lie about telling people what happened to you? does that make you a scammer or not honest!? I'm mature to tell people what happens to me ... you replied back to my e-mail on true and you cared for me ... then you got nonesense advice from a lady in western union , you did search and you foud what the guy posted and you acusing me of a scammer or not honest ? all this is crazy man Ok? it's not funny , you picked up back the money you sent to me ... you call me all kind of name , i swored with the entirenity life , you cant take my word as something important? i gave you all my information still yet you cant believe me , i sent you pictures , you said they are differents... see if it has to end now let it end ... goodluck to you.
2007-09-27, 05:13:52
anonymous from United States  
hello everyone..........i just got a email from the US embassy in it is......

We often help U.S. citizens who need help getting home. Unfortunately,
we have heard of several such people claiming to travel to the States
when in fact they are simply trying to scam an American into sending
them money. The person you have been corresponding with most likely has
no intentions to travel to America, and will attempt to entice you to
send more money. Usually they claim to need help paying for the visa,
ticket, or Basic travel Allowance. We suggest you break off contact
with the person and by no means should you send more money. More
information can be found at

American Citizen Services
U.S. Consulate General
Lagos, Nigeria

........this was about kelly flowwers,kelly g..........

i hope this info helps.........
2007-09-28, 22:48:35
anonymous from United States  
same thin like all the above...almost got to the point of sending gut said ..why not google the name and wow. She/ or whomever it is is on a dating site called marriageminded Exact or very similar e-mails. whew that was close. I hope it is a scam because i would feel really bad to not help someone in need if it were true.
2007-10-30, 06:23:01
anonymous from United States  
Sweetheart ,
Thanks for getting back to me are very intresting and cool .... So what would you like to know more about myself .... i have had rough life in the past ....that may really scare you off from me .. but i ain't too shy to tell my past ...
Well , i'm an active attractive, Sweet , sexy , honest , caring , charming , loving , passionate , affectionate ..laid back lady .... i have a great sense of humor with a big heart to love... i have Blue eyes , black hair , i weight about 130 pounds , Athletic fit.... I'm an italian canadian... i'm sweet passionate sincere lady ... and i treat everyone with respect and care ... i was adopted...I'm passionate about life ..
I was adopted because i lost my mom during my birth .... i never knew my dad , he wasn't caring about me nor he was more intrested in moonshine and raising another family since he lost my mom and he had no choice to dumped me at a motherless home i heard! it's pretty hard road to run ... I was raised modest and oldfashionally .. i have a very big heart ... I was adopted twice ... the first home is not cool ... they treated me unconfortable until the govt took me off from them .... then i got adopted again by a widowed lady was a dream home ... she took very good care of me and made me live my life to the fullest ....we moved to ohio when i was 19 ...
i lost her a year after i graduated from college , due to brest cancer ... it hurt terrible ....but it does make me a strong lady .... after she had died , i had no one to take care of me anymore .... i was raised modested and oldfashionly ... i'm not into bar chems ....i lived rough life to survive .... i had it all hard on me ... i couldnt get by , by then i met a friend back from college ... i explained all what had happened to her ... she felt so sorry for me ... and she accomodated me ... we lived together until i met my ex ....i thought he was a nice man then ....
she was into modeling ... she introduced me to modeling job , its not a dream job , but i had no choice i had to do it to survive , i had a plan to work in a hospital as a nutrition then ... but i couldn't further my career since after i had lost my foster mom , it hurt terribly ...
I just turned 32 ....I'm single never been married and i have no kids , but i love kids .... But i'm presenlty in west africa right now ..... I came down here with my boss for modeling fashion parade ...But i'm fired right now because i wont have sex with a married man , i just dont undertand why all men are not honest ... i thought he was a nice man , and he had all my trust in him ...hes married with his own family and kids ...i cant do that its suck and its cheating...because i refused not to have sex with him ... he tried to rapped me ... and i couldnt let him so he hit me badly and got mad .. then he left me with nothing here .... and hes gone now i couldnt find him , i just dont know why all men are not honest ? I'm a christian lady with a great values about life ... I have never cheated .... and i have kept my body cleaned for the right man not for one night stand...I'm a christian catholic and i believe in God and .. I'm spiritual too ... I'm very sweet caring , i have a big teddy heart to love completely .....I cherish the moutain ... i love the sea ... i like going adventures ... i like to fish , camping , i love swimming ... shopping , cinema.... i love all kind of old school musics and blues and country musics..... i love to cook and bake too..... I'm not materialistic ...
My friend are not honest , they hurt me terribly ... i caught my roomate and my boyfriend in bed , i was hurt badly , i thought he loved me ... he had been decieving the true love i had for him ... he had affair with my roomate and i never knew .... i was hurt terribly , i caught both of them in bed together , i went crazy ... because i couldnt believe it....they broke my heart finally ...they betrayed me ... they beat me and kicked me out of the aprt, thats the reason why i had to followed my boss down here to work ... but i realised everything was a set up on me ...i was hurt badly....because i wont have sex with a married man so he hate me and left me down here ....
i had him reported to the authority.... they said they can't really do anything until the can find him ... i have been here now for 3 months with nothing .....i dont live really good down here ... i live hardly to survive , i hard to sell my things up to be able to get by ... sold clothes ... shoes , jewlry .... i just sold my cell phone last week to pay bills. is pretty cruel hon down here.......i live terribly to survive .....Honey ... this might scare you off or change your mind about me .... but i'm being honest about myself and what had happened to me .. i believe i shouldnt be hiding it away .. its life and its Obstercle im facing right now.....But if your looking for a nice and caring , honest lady ... here i'm ....i believe in loving a man till death .... in bad or good time .. in the cold or hot wealther ... i'm modest and old fashion type ....
I'm looking for an honest caring sincere , intelligent sweet loving man to spend the rest of my life with ...I want a man i can grow old with ... someone i can spend the rest of my live loving and caring for cherishing him and having him taken very good care of me too.. a man that is ready to give 50/50 in a relationship ...I'm looking for someone that will add to my happeness and make me feel good and wanted again ...i want a dependable and trust worth man for the rest of my life ...i want someone that will cherish me and treat me like a Queen .... someone that will make m me feel safe.....someone i can live with and get me a very nice job ... someone that will help me out of here and make me his Queen forever ...i want someone that want me for true love and lifetime love forever ... a sweet and caring loyal man ....
I treat my man with respect ... i cherish him like a King .... i make him happy and please! i will do anything to make the right man feel comfortable with me ... i will cook for him .... and pamper and spoil him routing ...i will make him cock talk and a sweet love candy .... ? Did i describe you? are you the right man? do you want someone like me?
get back to me asap and let me know what you think.
2008-05-02, 12:15:25
anonymous from United States  

How about a blonde 30 to 35 goes by Shelly Adams wants to send check to be cashed in U S and send money to her so she can leave Nigeria maybe same as Alice Williams
2008-08-17, 01:58:25
I am very so much happy to hear back from you ...
i thought you would never write back to me because of my past experience about men ....i am just a kind of softhearted lady that want to be happy and loved , respected and be secured be honest . i dont know you ... but we do seems to have something in common ....and i would love to see where that leads .... i am very intrested in knowing more about you , after i got heart broken in my last relationship .... i thought i would never find any honest man that could stand for himself ....and someone that is very serious about finding the true life partner ..... I thought my ex really do really love me but obviously he doesnt ....and that brokes my heart because i had to trust him so.....I am glad its Over and i am ready to move forward .....I want to be happy again ... I want a very caring man that would not risk my love for a seduction... Someone that would commit to me ... someone that would be my best friend and love me for who i am ... 'True men are rear' I want to meet someone that has a big heart .... i hope i am not asking for too much ...a little about me ... i am 32 .. i love to have fun .... i am very caring ... i am very romantic and special too ...i love to dance ... and make people love and i love to make new friend too ....
I want to know more about you and see what happens ....Please tell me more about you and send me some more picture too ......describe yourself and your personality? Your basics?? What type of man are you and what do you wnat out of life? What do you do for a living ? do you believe in God? Do you smoke drink or do drugs? Are you a Christian? Tell me more about your family? ever been married? Kids? wife? .....Tell me something about your marriage? Your Family ... Close friends? What are your Hobbies? what brought you to that site? any luck in your search ? What do you expect out of life? Whats your favourite color ? What are you looking for in a woman? how do you treat lady? do you believe in premarital sex?? are you a lady beaters? Where about do you live ( in the Country Or city?) Do you Drive ? Do your Own your house or you rent? Do you live close to the Ocean or river? Whats your dream about ?
Please reply back as soon as possible .... cant wait to hear back from you asap .

Hello Sweety ...
How are you doing? Glad to hear back from you .. and thank you for trusting me about yourself ...You sound too good to be true ... we seems to have
alot in common ... and we seems to be attracted to each other ... if its really meant to be we would see how it goes ... you are very intresting ...So what
would like to know about me ? I am just a simple lady that has been through alot but always have been strong and i want to meet the man of my dream
to spend the rest Of our life together ...
I am an active attractive sweet sexy honest caring sharming Open minded laidback and spontaneous ... I have a very compassionate spirit and i am very
romantic and loyal to everybody ...I dont tell lies , i do not smoke , drink or do drugs ... smoker , alcoholic or smoker doesnt as long as i dont get ''HIT'
lol....I am truelly honest and easy going with life and ppl ... i am italian canadian ...I weight about 125-127 pounds... i am very active and healthy... my eyes
are Brown ... my hair are Dark Brown ...I am slim or athlectic fit with good shape ...i was adopted ...
I was adopted when i was 9 because i lost my mom during my birth .. it hurt so much ... i never knew her ... but i can always have her in my dreams ....
Dad wasnt the best dad because he wasnt caring about me , He's alcoholic ... and hes more intrested in moonshine and raising another family of his own
.... so he dumped me at the motherless home for few years till i got adopted ... I was adopted twice ... i went through two foster(s) home ...the first home i
was treated bad until the Govt took me off there .. then i got adopted again by a widow lady ...She a dream come true ... she took very good care of and let
me live life to the fullest ....So we moved to Ohio when i was 19 ...
It hurt that i lost her a year after i graduated from college I studied food & Nutritions..i lost her due to brest cancer has been the hardest time of life it
hurt pretty bad but it just makes me a strong lady ...
Since when i lost her i have been living a very cruel life ...but i am happy , i dont have the matarials things but i am very healthy ... no one could help me
....i have got no one except her and i had lost her so i was left alone :( ... everything was hard on me ... until i met a very good friend back from school but
i thought she would help me .... i explained all what had happen to me and she felt sorry she was into modelling she introduced me to the Job... its not a
dream job but i just had to do it to survive ....and we have been living together as a roomate friends are not honest ...
I am 32 Newark Ohio , But i am in West africa nigeria right now ,... i came down here with my boss for modelling fashion parade.... I am single i have
never been married and no kids ... ( i love kids ).. I am very Open minded ... Sincere ... caring , Sharing , Giver ..lover ... cuddler lol.. am very romantice
and devoted .... i am always active and always strong .... I am Catholic but i believe in traditional too and being modest ... and i believe in Old fashion love ..
I love long walk ... holding hands ... i am downtoearth.....I love the Ocean ... Parks , sea , lake ,fishing is nice ...i like the fire...I like Shopping , Singing ,
Concert dance .... live music , Swimming cream....I love to cook and bake ... i love Country and Blues music .... or some metal rock...
I just broke up from a hurrible relationship ... my heart was wipped out friends they are not honest ....they betrayed me and used me ... i was hurt
badly , i caught my Boyfriend and my roomate in Bed ... it hurt pretty bad ...they had to beat me and kicked me out of the aprt .. he really wipped my heart
out because i really have trusted him and used to love him deeply ... but i was dumped and i have gotten over it ... but i can always still trust ... i am very
strong and devoted ...So when they kicked me out of the aprt , my boss asked me out to come down to africa for modelling job so i could make some
money to get myself back on my feet ....i donot really have any choice ...So i followed him here for modelling fashion parade but i am fire right ...Because
he wanted to rapped me and i didnt let him ... hes more intrested in one night stand a married man thats cruel ... he asked me for sex and i couldnt do it
so he tried to forced me ...and i didnt let him so he got mad at me and hit me bad ... It hurt so much i just believe in Honesty ...He tried to seduced me ....
i couldnt stand it ... he is married with his own family , wife and Kids i can't just do that ... hes not honest and thats suck...He tried to rapped me i couldnt
let him ... my biggest turn off is cheating .so because i refused .. He got mad and hit me bad ... i was hurt that night ...then he left me since that night with
nothing and it hurt so much .....But i just dont understand why all men are not honest ..He left me with nothing ... i dont have anything to support myself had
to sell clothes and jewlry to survive...just sold my cell phone last week to pay rents ... life is pretty hard but i know the right man is out that that will treat
me like a Queen ... and make my dreams come true ... I am just tired of dishonest people .... I am looking for an honest and caring and sharing man to
spend the rest of my life with someone that will take very good care of me and cater for me and treat me like a queen .... i dont want a man for what i
could offer him ... and i am not looking for a man because of what he could offer me .... it has to be 100%ly ... it hurt ... and i hope you are honest ... I
reported to the united state consolate down here ... and they told me they cant really do anything until the can find him .... i have been here for couples of
months now and its really hard to survive ... i hardly eat ... i just sold my cell phone last week to pay rent since my landlady is yelling to kick me out ... life
is pretty rough down here.. I dont play games .... so if you are going to hurt me again ... i am not intrested....but if you are going to love me for me and take
very good care of me we can get to know and see what happens.... i am a seriouse decent and deligent lady that want good out of life i have been through
so much now i want the happiness and the right man ... its hard to find honest man ... but if you are honest we can possible grow together and make the
connection work out perfectly who knows ?
well , i believe in love at first sight .... and i believe in falling inlove and sharing everything about me with the right man only i dont cheat or tell lies ... i dont
smoke or drink or do drugs ... thats reason why i dont have any friend because .. i am of a decent lady ... and they all hate me out of my personality ....i am
full of love .... and im very respective ....i am a kind of lady that stays with the right man in the bad or good time ...i treat people as i ever wanted to be
treated ... i love life and life love itself .... and i am seeking a man to sharing all quality with and possible build a strong relationship and family ... i want
someone that i can grow old with and be with him forever ... I want someone i can cherish and treat like a king ...I believe 100% ... i am a one man woman
....i am seeking for a caring sharing honest sweet , dependable loyal man ....that will make me happy and feel loved ....i want an honest man that i can
submit the whole me and my heart to ...I want someone that will add to my happiness seeking a lifetime love and a personate man ... that knows
what love really mean ... someone that will
treat his lady likee queen ... and never make me sad or cry ... but i want someone that i can cry on his shoulder and look into his eyes and see the
beautiful love hes has for me ....i want someone i can spend the rest of my life with .. someone i can feel there arms arround me ... someone i can cuddle
with .. travel with all things with and ...spend the entirnity with ... someone i can grow older and stronger inlove with and be with him forever ....
I treat my man like a KING ... and a teddy bear i spoil and cherish him ... I will always be there for him and his problem would always be mine ... if hes not
happy i am not and if hes i am happy ... i want a man we can both spend the rest of the world together...I want someone we can share everything
together that we can care for each other and love each other deeply and unconditionally ... I hope this catch your intrest?
Do you really want someone like me? Could you make commitment to me? Are you the right man .... ? Can i live with you ? and would you take very good
care of me ? Could you help me back into your arms and get me a very nice Job?.....Can i trust you ? are you really seriouse about this? get back to me
asap and let me know what you think

2008-09-17, 17:16:01
anonymous from United States  
kelly flowers (9/17/2008 1:47:17 PM): I am 32 Newark Oh. but in im west africa right now . i came down here with my boss for modelling fashion parade but am fired now because i refused to have sex with him so he got mad and left me down here i just cant do that , hes married i dont understand why all men are not honest , are you honest?
because i refused to have sex with my boss ,..... hes more intrested in my pants than work and i just cant do that ... hes even married with his own family ... thats dishonesty i cant do anything with a mani do not really feel for
I am very active attractive sweet caring honest romantic passionate witty ... i have a very big heart and i am laid back ..very Open minded ...I am very compassionate .. I am very Loyal and Spiritual ... i dont like lies or head games . I have never smoked , drink or do drugs ....I am very honest and easygoing with life and people . I am italian canadian , I weight 125 pounds .. i am 5'5 tall .. I am athletic fit/ average ...Black hair ...Blue eyes ...well i was adopted . I was adopted because i lost mom during birth ....and dad was not a caring soul hes more intresting in making moonshine and raising another family since he lost my mom and he dumped me at the motherless home .as i heard it
I was adopted twice , i went through two foster(s) home ... the first home wasnt much fun , i was treated very cruelly until the Govt took me off from them . then i got adopted again by a widow lady ...she was very cool and took very good care of me ... she was a dream come true.. We relocated from weatherford tx to Newark Ohio when i was 19. I lost her a year after i graduated from college , i studied Food&Nutritions ...I lost her due to breast cancer hurt pretty badly and it was a hardest time for me .. because i hard to start over again , i do not know anyone arround here as i am not a type that makes bunches of friends.. its really hard to start over alone , it has always been me and her hurt but i had to move on .
Since when i lost her i havent been living happily as i would like to , because i really havent got a job yet , and its really hard to survive been just you ...everything was pretty hard since when i lost her and it make it pretty lonely for me ...until i met a very good friend i used to know back from college in Ohio. I had to explaine everything i have been through to her because i am very open minded ... she felt sorry for me so shes into modelling , she introduced me to modelling , it wasnt a dream job but i had to do it to survive . my friends are not honest .
I am single i have never been married and i do not have any kids , i do love kids , and if its possible would love to have some ... someday ..... I am an Open book i tell it as it is , i do not have anything to hide about me , i would understand if i scare you away . I am very romantic.. I am very spiritual and i have been a catholic for years now because my foster mom was lol.I am very down to earth ....i love the ocean waves , i like to hike , collectings ....singing , shopping , , i like cuddling near the fireplace , i live to fish , i love to cook too ...i like ice cream .... .. I am into Blues music , Classic rock , country.. and some metal rock.
life is pretty hard down here as i am alone and i am always lonely with no one i know or something , everything down here is pretty crazy and i live pretty hard down here i have got no one to support me and that what make it hard i do not have a job or anything , i hardly eat on dailly bases , i dont have anything to suppirt myself , i had to sell some of my things to survive , sold some of my Clothes , my jewlery , shoes , just sold some of my clothes last week to be able to pay rent.
I am tired of dishonest men , I would like to find just someone that would treat me good and make me feel like a lady again....someone that would cherish me and respect me for whom i am ..... I am not looking for a man for what he could offer me or give me , i am looking for a man for what we could share together . I am looking for a loyal man , someone honest , very loving , someone that we can both trust each Other , work things together in bad and good times , someone we can both share dream together , build family together , be happy together , get married .... and grow old into together
..I do very much believe in Old fashion love ... i want a man that would treat me with tenderness , someone that would respect me and love me for me , someone that would dnever cheat on me or use me and dumped me ... someone that would not play with my heart , someone that would make me strong when i seems down ... someone that would work things out with me when things are bad .....someone that wouldnt let predicament scare him off ...I want a strong hearted man .. someone that is full of passion ... someone that is not affraid to make commitment and keep it forever .I want someone that we can spend he rest of our life together .....I want someone i can treat like a man .
I am looking for someone that would treat me like a lady too ... never hit me or make me cry .....someone we can be together no matter what life brings our way ... someone that would always stand by me .... i am looking for a very serious man that is very hard working and hardlover ....I want someone i can do everything with , someone i will always be with forever ....I want someone that would love me unconditionally ....someone that would do everything for his lady to make him happy ....... Is this you ? Are you the right man ? Do you want someone like me?
I need your help with grocery shopping , my foodstuff has finished , and i do not really have anything to do foodshopping ....
2008-12-12, 01:13:47
anonymous from United States  
I would love to know everything about you and see where it takes , you can write me back with couples of your pictures to my personal email addy and i will do thesame and we can go from there ,
I am online now . I hope to hear back from you asap.

2009-02-13, 12:15:51
anonymous from United States  
I am a member of and this 'linda kelly' person has started a message thread with me. After I got her email i could tell something was wrong and I did some searching to find this website. She claims to be an antique dealer from the US and she is currently shopping in Africa and will return in a week or so. I thought it was total BS and after seeing this site i can tell it definately is. Here is an email from Linda sent 2/13/09....(by the way, that email address Linda uses is still active if any of you want to report it to a high authority.)

'My name is Linda Kelly,I just got on and checked Ur profile and I liked it so I thought I should just say hello to you... Actually, I read your profile and it really impressed me so much, well,I'm from United States! I was born in the month of August on the 10th day. Hair: blonde Height: 5'6', Eyes: blue Bust: 33', Dress: 6, Waist: 25', Shoe: 7.5 - 8, Hips: 34 and I have a very light complexion! I will burn very easily in the direct sunlight the first time I am in the Sun. My favorite color is puple on myself and on a man I would like to see his wearing a I really adore the color purple on a man it will just increase his handsome ten fold at least, it will to me! I'm a single.I just wanted to let you know the kind of person I am, I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through, see, I have been hurt so many times by different men and wouldn't want that to happen to me again...that's the reason why I said that I need love.... I am far from a millionaire and I am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through good and bad times and won't give up on you is what I am looking for. Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work. I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater rather than read a novel. I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people. I do not smoke. I do drink on social occasions.... well concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous woman. My desire is to be sexually faithful to the man I marry. If two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their partner's sexual behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. Moreover, I am currently working on my own cos I had to try something else after I lost almost all I had to my last relationship.....I just got into the business of collecting is a nice thing to do. I buy and sell Antiques and well I am on a trip to get some antiques in WEST AFRICA but i will be back home nextweek. It isn't fun anyway but I will be back home soon to the United States very soon, hope to hear back from you Remember, I need real love. I don't play games and isn't ready to be played....I got yahoo IM....we can get to chat there live. My IM name is (linda.baby08222) and my mail address ( also write poems in my spare time.....Distance is not a problem. If I find the right woman, I don't mind relocating... I have relocated before when I was in love. I don't mind during it again as long as I find the right man. I am a very honest and truthful woman. I hate lies and deceit. I want real love..If u aren't ready for what I said...please don't hit me back. I am getting too old to play games. I am a very busy Very independent...I'm looking to meet a sweet woman, I can love and grow old with hand in hand. Someone who enjoys travel and getting away for adventure. I'm looking for someone who enjoys life to its fullest; this includes the best and the worst of times, as they are all part of what makes life complete. Someone who I am able to laugh, cry and be silly with, that is, to be best of friends. Most of all I wish to experience true love with the person of my dreams, for love is the greatest gift of all. I just want what most people want...My perfect match would need to be easy going, interested in going new places and trying new things. A strong, loving, healthy relationship with some one I can love, and be loved in return. I'm looking for someone to share life with, who can treat me with respect and just like queen I got a few question for you.... how long have u been on on that site You got kids? Ever married? What do u does for a living? What do u does for fun?What are your favorite dishes...?

N:B....I Hope we are looking for the same thing and once again i want you to cancel your profile from that site if you really Intrested in me,take off your profile from that site and i will also cancel mine too,I believe we can do it on here,I m very honest and also hate doubting dating so take very good care of yourself till i hear from you again

2009-03-30, 11:44:17
anonymous from United States  
Just ran into her on match. Different pictures going under the nams Findingsoulmate1 and Findingsoulmate2.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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