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Dating scammer Julia Valyaeva


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Name: Julia Valyaeva

Email: hugofsun@yahoo/lfresiya@yahoo both deleted

114Krasnoarmeyskaya str#136 Kiev 01010 Ukraine ph#380506813464

Other Comments:
Gold digging pro dating scamming hooker.19 month relationship then it was over after me finding out how big of a piece of crap she was.Working with a translation service with offices in Kiev/Nikolaev/Lviv and god knows where else.I am sure they will just open up under a different name soon however I will see this through to the end and punish all involved.


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2007-10-05, 15:33:46
anonymous from United States  
This Ukraine-club, you know their not a good Translation company. When the manager of the office is reciving western unions for a lady clinet, from many men profesing love to each one of them and getting translations and english lessons, and planing trips for each of them to come see her. I know this for a fact, I am one of the men who went and seen her in Kiev. All the love letter between the two of you and you think you are the only one. The thing that to me looks the worst for the club, on one of the fourms, it was asked if any one had anything good to say about the club. Haven't seen any good comments........
2007-10-19, 07:35:30
I just do not understand why you posted her contact details along with her phone number. Do not you think she can do the same? Do not think it is fair. Also I do not understand what exactly bad she did to you - stop your relations? If so, the every second lady in the world is scammer and should be prosecuted. Correct?
2007-10-19, 13:43:45   (updated: 2007-10-19, 13:49:46)
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous 2007-10-19, 07:35:30

HA!...Пожалуйста, не оскорбляйте наш интеллект! Возможно, технически, эта девочка и ее организация, так называемое 'агентство перевода', не преступники в юридическом смысле. Однако, они принимают деньги и подарки без чести, без искреннего намерения будущих отношений. Поэтому эта девочка и ее 'организация' безнравственны.

Этот американский парень имеет большое оправдание, чтобы оставить фактическую информацию в этом вебсайте о безнравственных действиях, предупредить других парней об этом. Если тогда другие парни хотят давать ее деньги, проблема принадлежит им, не американскому парню, не к там.

ты мне ваньку не валяй - каждый дрочит как он хочет.

HA!... Please, do not insult our intelligence! Perhaps technically, this girl and her organization, the so-called 'translation agency ', aren't criminals in a legal sense. However, they accept money and gifts without honour, without a sincere intention of a future relationship. Therefore this girl and her 'organization' are immoral.

This American guy is well justified to post current information on this website about their immoral actions, to warn other guys about it. If the other guys then want to give her money, it's their problem, not the American guy's, not yours.

Don't roll around like a vanka - everyone does as they want.
2007-10-19, 20:12:35
anonymous from United States  
Thank you Eddie,
If anon is in correspondence with her well he will find out himself.If he think's it will ever get passed Kiev well all I have to say is no Government will ever allow a criminal into the country.Anon I speak the truth about her and always she is cute and very sexy but please listen to me when I say do not trust anything she tells you it was costly on my part 1 visit there plus a trip to the Maldives Islands plus a crapload of money so break it off she is going down real soon along with that club the owner Vasiliy Prokochuk or (Ukchuck) believe me I have been through the dam ringer.
2007-10-19, 20:26:50
anonymous from Fairfield, United States  
I have a little bit of Russian from when I was in the service they sent me to the language school however I got pulled out before I learned a whole lot.When I was talking to her during the phone calls with the said company I could make out a few words but I never thought a thing about them ( InRussian) I am very impressed with your skills are you bi-lingual? ha ha she was fine.If anon is talking or writing to her all I have to say is sorry she will never leave Ukraine as of last Friday the charges were filed now she is a criminal.It is a shame she wasted herself on more money so beautiful.
2007-10-20, 12:13:14   (updated: 2007-10-20, 12:14:54)
OJAS from United States  

Your decision to post your e-mail address seems intentional.

I once expressed my concern about Dirk giving away his e-mail address. I for myself invite all kinds of malware to my computers. I know how to counter malware.

Posting an e-mail address exposes you to love /hate mails from scammers. In my case I have a hackable e-mail address, but scammers have to work hard to get at it.

The safe course for inexperienced newbies is not to post your e-mail or personal info.

Dirk is like the guy donning his crash-helmet, starting at Stockholm and reaching Uppsala in 9 minutes - DIRK KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING.

If you are baitng scammers with a dummy e-mail account, giving your gas-station or a sex line phone number, or a Post Office Address, a pen-name, all these are safe to post, your privacy won't be compromised.
2007-10-20, 18:07:52
Eddie from Sweden  

First of all, no problem, you're welcome! The anonymous post above my last one was written by a Russian speaker, and judging by his attitude, probably a scammer as well. We quite often have them posting here, as well as honest Russians/Ukrainians, who are usually very sympathetic.

What I wrote in my reply was the truth. It's true that you could probably have been a bit more careful with your money, but it doesn't change the fact that she/they took money from you under false pretences. Hard to prove in court, but worth warning about. I hope you succeed against her.

As for languages, I speak 3 fluently... English, French and Swedish, and I'm not too bad at Italian. I can't speak Russian very well, just a lot of words and a few phrases, but I work with languages and I've had a lot of Russian students (currently teaching diplomats at the Russian embassy in Stockholm), which means that I'm not bad with a free Russian translator!...And all my Russian contacts have said it works pretty well, (I also know all the cuss words.

Finally, I tend to agree with OJAS. It's best not to post your email address here unless you have good firewall.
2007-10-20, 18:46:10
anonymous from Fairfield, United States  
Dam Eddie I did not know my address would show up I must have hit the doomsday button.That will explain all the yahoo invites admin can you please hide it for me I got it all scammer's can kiss our butt's from the French side.
2007-10-20, 18:57:41
anonymous from United States  
okay guys lets help Craig out this time, you know what to do!
2007-10-20, 20:08:12
OJAS from United States  
OK all,

Every time visiting to this tread, let's help him; With sufficient # votes, Craig's e-mail should disapper
2007-11-07, 18:11:51
anonymous from Austria  
Hallo!!you speak german oder french
2007-12-18, 19:30:27
anonymous from United States  
Well Ukraine-club and Go-To-Ukraine are one in the same and now it appears they have opended up under another name same scamming business called the Red-Rose-club there are already several reports of scammers on other sites so beware.
2008-01-07, 19:22:01
[hidden] from Hinsdale, United States  
My name is Armand I have corrsponded with Julia I do not understand your anger you know that you are corrosponding with someone from a country that is not developed that life would be difficult there why would you not be careful I have recieved e mails from women from there and from africa and other parts of the world that i know are not stable i have helped some of them with small amounts of money but to be so involved and so angery at someone I do not understand to be so crule as to put her pictures and home address what if some nut job would do somthing to her would you really want her to be hurt?
I have had emails from many other women that have talked of being in love and all of that if you have been on the internet for a while I am sure that you must have too there are thousands of people on the internet that are full of all sorts of scams why would you not be more careful dont you think you should share the balme.
I work with people that are from that part of the world it is not easy there not at all like here I dont know how much money you make I make about $65,000 a year I do not think that many people there make near that and I do know that it is very hard for women there to make money it is possiable that she needs to do this.
I have never been to one of these anti scam sights before but you people seem very crule and not very careful why would you not just let it go and move on with your life

2008-01-07, 20:27:42
Peter from Germany  
Hinsdale, you did not receive mails from women. You received pictures of women from men. If you like to pay for these pics - do it.
2008-01-07, 23:24:32
Eddie from Sweden  
Who is Armand talking to, and why? 'Angry?'.. I'm not angry at all.

'you people seem very crule'...why is cruel to provide info and advice about scamming?
Why is it cruel to try and prevent innocent guys from sending money to scammers under false pretences.

Armand, if you're real...YOU ARE A FOOL! you're not sending money to 'poor little foreign girls''re sending money to GUYS...scum-sucking, low-life, good-for-nothing criminals.

more likely you're a scammer yourself....judging from the quality of your English, probably a Nigerian.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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