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Dating scammer Julia Valyaeva


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Name: Julia Valyaeva

Email: hugofsun@yahoo/lfresiya@yahoo both deleted

114Krasnoarmeyskaya str#136 Kiev 01010 Ukraine ph#380506813464

Other Comments:
Gold digging pro dating scamming hooker.19 month relationship then it was over after me finding out how big of a piece of crap she was.Working with a translation service with offices in Kiev/Nikolaev/Lviv and god knows where else.I am sure they will just open up under a different name soon however I will see this through to the end and punish all involved.


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2008-01-20, 04:51:26
OJAS from United States  
Sure, Craig. All the best in your pursuit efforts, hopefully will end in justice.
2008-04-25, 17:24:21
Okay I had my suspicions for the longest time and now they are factual.The owner of the flats that the rent out to unsuspecting victims are owned by a one Yaroslav Kruts better known by his yahoo chat name mishka1911 he is The manager of the Kiev offices he is the one who the western union's are sent to and he is also the one who picks up the fools from the airport.I was told last year in a pissing contest with her friend Katerina to leave this mishka 1911 alone all he does is own the flats we rent well this in itself is one big scam I know he and Vasiliy Prokopchuk must be butt buddies and are laughing all the way to the bank.Come on guys any of you victims out there please post we really need to shut this place down any bad experiences anything so when they appear in court it will help prosecute the assholes.
2008-05-02, 08:31:06
[hidden] from Wabash, United States  
Just to add a little to all this... I am one of the men who know's Julia. I met her back in march 2006. On a paid dating site which I am a member. Which on her profile on the site, it even said she was from Kiev, Ukraine. She had sent me an intrest on the site, so I contacted her, and she gave me her Yahoo email address, julia with a sunny smile// So I emailed her on that email. sent her a very nice letter, wanting to get to know her better. I received a very nice letter back, and that started a very nice 1 year coraspondance. Which in the beginning she told me she did not speek english, or write it very well and had to use the help of the professionals. Thats were she told me she used the help of and they translated our letters to each other, and hoped it was not a problem.. At first I was a little cautious, So I started checking out the club, and her to see if their was any bad reports on her or the club. found nothing... But I did find her profile on quiet a few dating sites, which was still not a bad thing... So I used the site that Julia gave me to send her some flowers, which I thought would be a nice start. (but I must add the she also asked me if I could help her with english lessons for her birthday) So thats why she gave me the site to look at. Thats where comes in to all this... I used them to write Julia, even got her English lessons, paid for our translations, sent her nice gifts for holidays.. all seamed great... Till someone told me I should google the email address, that would give me more information on any bad reports if any... (So i did) and came up with a scammer report on her at So I checked out the report, which had her pictures, but the only reason she was reported, was she asked for english lessons, Tried to mail the site to see if their was any more to it, but they never got back with me, So sense this was the only report I let it go.... (should have not) i will cut to the nitty gritty... I went and visited Julia in 2007, spent three weeks their with her.. When I was their, just before I left, she wanted my personal email, So she would not have to use the club any more to write me... I asked her, don't you have it, and she told me no that the club, dose not let the girls have our emails.. So when I got home had an email from her, under Leya Fresiya Must say though I almost didn't read it. but like any one.. was courious.. who it was... So as I read the letter I knew who it was from. Julia.. Just in what see said, and the way she writes.. of course she said she had spent as much time with me as she could will I was thier with her....

So craig is not the only one who knows Julia... and went thru alll the lies and everthing.. you can add me to that list... Their is alot more to add but all you have to do is go to you have my report on their, and The report on is when I met craig. The author of this report... We were at odds about Julia at first... but we have become good friends and helped each other deal with Julia and So i don't have to put all I know about them both...I just will have to say I back up everthing craig has to say, about her the club.
2008-09-14, 23:58:03
anonymous from United States  
Well, I am not sure where to start. But for some unknown reason tonight I decided to do a search for Julia Valyaeva. I should have done this search earlier. Unfortunately, I have to add my name to the list of her victims. Moreover I am probably a victim of my own naivety. I wrote to her via Ukraine-Club for about a year and then last May I went to see her and stayed in Kiev for 3 weeks. I do not make much money and the translations, trip, things I bought for her etc., was a real burden for me and I am still paying for that. I made some poor decisions and that sucks, but if I had done a little homework perhaps much of it could have been avoided. The details of our time together are not important. I was deeply hurt on the last night we were together when she made it painfully obvious she was no longer interested in me. So it goes. I wanted so much for it to work for the both of us that I could not see the forest for the trees. My fault. Personally I never had any problems or complaints with Ukraine-Club. I always thought I was getting what I had paid for. They met me at the airport, and took me back. Arranged for lodging which was all quite comfortable and I really liked the guy that was their rep., he was knowledgeable and very helpful.

As for Julia, she is one cold hearted woman. I have never been used like that and I feel sorry for all of her other victims. I could go on but it serves no purpose. It's hard to keep your feet on the ground and your head on your shoulders when you feel in love, and even more so when you are face to face with her...force yourself. Harden your heart just a little bit to provide you enough space to think clearly. There is nothing wrong with being careful. Michael
2008-11-10, 09:04:11
Craig/Steve/John,42 from United States  
Anon I am sorry you were taken by the Ukrain-club and Julia both.Yes her heart is made of stone she has ice water running through her veins.The club has opended up under another name I believe it is now ua-club this goes along with the red-rose-club-go-to-ukraine and who knows what else.She is very good at making you feel like you are the only one while you were visitng with her I was sending her money like I had been since my visit.The wheels of justice are moving slow in Ukraine right now but someday I will see justic they all deserve to be sitting in a Ukrainian Jail cell.The club is behind all of the scams they use pretty girls like her to trick unsuspecting men into sending money for unneeded lessons the owner Vasiliy Prokopchuk knows very well what goes on.
2008-11-26, 10:26:17
Craig from United States  

2008-12-10, 09:12:40
anonymous from Adelaide, Australia  
g o and fuck this cunt ;)))
2009-01-03, 14:02:52
Steve from United States  
I already did that several times there anon but it aint worth what it cost me in the heart or pocket somebody needs to burn that ukraine-club down.
2009-01-06, 12:05:00
anonymous from Wabash, United States  
The one thing that really is bad, is the men behind all this. You would think the girls would get a clue. Sure wish we had pictures of Vasiliy Prokopchuk, and Yaroslav Kruts, the real master minds behind all this.
2009-01-07, 14:55:32
Steve from United States  
I saw Yarlslav a few times he looks like a dam weasel.I would like to see what Upchuck looks like only when I was choking the crap out of his scamming neck.
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