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Dating scammer Julia Valyaeva


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Name: Julia Valyaeva

Email: hugofsun@yahoo/lfresiya@yahoo both deleted

114Krasnoarmeyskaya str#136 Kiev 01010 Ukraine ph#380506813464

Other Comments:
Gold digging pro dating scamming hooker.19 month relationship then it was over after me finding out how big of a piece of crap she was.Working with a translation service with offices in Kiev/Nikolaev/Lviv and god knows where else.I am sure they will just open up under a different name soon however I will see this through to the end and punish all involved.

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2008-01-10, 15:37:43
anonymous from United States  
I wonder what Kind of a name Armand is if he is from the Middle East then forget it she does not like those guys I do not care how much money it will bring in.Eddie I do believe you are correct by saying that Armand is a scammer I do not think a Nigerian but a scammer at that.I have some new info this Ukraine-club is owned by a Vasiliy Prokopchuk and also Go-To-Ukraine and the Red-Rose-Club all of the IP'S are the same I compared a letter from another scam site and an old letter from Julia when she was writing me through that club and guess what they were Identical this guy swears he does not own any other place but that one so the lies keep flying.Armand one more thing I am angry at her because of all her lies and it is not allright for any of them to scam for any money an honest lady will never ask for money no matter how bad her situation is period so if you have a problem with men and women posting scammers/pro-daters and others on here I suggest you find another alternative,
2008-01-14, 05:13:42
Just group of idiots which are discussing nothing... :-) Real jerks... Armand is middle eastern name... Mama mia... It is better to turn the brain on before open your mouth... :-)
2008-01-14, 14:03:44
anonymous from United States  
Is a French Canidian name pronounced as R mon and me mother was Irish I would concider myself as south side Irish.
The thing about a lawsute I think would be as for stalking, harassment. & endangerment to put those type of pictures along with her home address and phone # I think farmer John should have this removed !

2008-01-15, 15:20:13
So how much time does mommy and daddy give you on the puter each day?I think you really need to stop using it until you grow up.Nobody is removing any information on this posting as a matter of fact more information will be added I am sure.
2008-01-17, 10:03:52
anonymous from United States  
No my parents are dead have been for a while thanks, I work in heavey industry I would be careful of posting anymore of this garbage, ' anonymous '
2008-01-17, 17:40:40
anonymous from United States  
And just what garbage are you talking about I am speaking the truth all I write here is not garbage so I would really consider not reading anymore about any scammers posted here or other sites if it bothers you that much besides why should it matter to you anyway have you met her? if you are writing her now consider that she will never leave Ukraine no country in the world will allow a criminal to immigrate and this is what she will be soon she will be facing some prison time as soon as she appears before a judge she is a common scamming thief so piss off!!!!!!!!.I do not believe you are who you claim you are anyway I believe Eddy was correct in saying you are another scammer and soon you will be busted also.
2008-01-18, 09:47:06
Roamer from Saint Petersburg, United States  
I think that Craig is fully justified with every action he is taking to resolve this scamming operation..Many of us have a vast knowledge about these scammers and their 'Modus Operandi'...For somebody to come here and criticize these scammers as the helpless ones is so out of touch with reality, they should probably be institutionalized...And someone who makes up stories to back up these scammers is a very beligerent person....Either that or very stupid... Maybe if we give 'Armand' some of the scammers e-mail addresses and let them write him for sometime and have him send them his money and for him to lose his heart...........Well, I won't go there either.....Hey Arm and, is your last name Hammer??Some scammers are so stupid when creating their names...And as far as Craig goes, he is my friend and I talk frequently with him over the phone and also by direct e-mail...I know for a fact that she scammed him along with the agency... And as far as him trying to get revenge!!! Well, when you try to prosecute a criminal, thats not revenge, thats called justice.....Revenge would be burning down the guys club or having her beat up and raped.............That's revenge !!!!! By the way, I'm Jerome Marks and proud to have Craig as a friend..........
2008-01-18, 17:03:50
anonymous from United States  
This is Armand and the last time I will write and ask politely for her details to be removed it is not at all fair that you people that are anoymous or using fake names and to have her real imformation on here do you think?
I do work with people that were from that part of the world they angry that these people that have no idea what things would be like would be so easy to judge these women that they may only to get by trying to survive in a country full of coruption with only low paying jobs and little support as we have here. That they are so american to think that because they spend some money that they can buy a woman if it were here and you datted a woman and found out that she were datting other men or not sincere would you be as upset. It is also possiable that she may not have a lot of choise and may be only part of somthing that she can not controll and may only get a little for her self to be so persinally attacking her by these people that say they so cared for her and because they did not get there way to turn against her as to put her in such real danger as to give out so imformation if her address and phone number were not here it would not be so bad but this is wrong as for me have I not met her but now I think I will try a friend at work that is from Kiev wants me to go there for a visit if I do meet her the first thing I will do is appoligize to her and tell her that all american men are not so cheep and whinny thats anoher thing do you people really ever take a real womon out on a date here I have spent like $2,000 for a Chicago weekend and did not get upset because they didnt marry me so I guess if I were like you would put most of the women I datted on this sight. Im thinking that maybe she would have some of your peoples imformation so that maybe I could put it on some web sights that are more about women being stalked and abbused Im havent heard anyone here mention all of the evel things that happen to women all I here is that some men think they lost some money. ( exciept for the one man that stood up for her thank you) see we are not all bad well like I said this is my last letter to ask to remove her at least her persional imformation please!
2008-01-18, 21:35:57
anonymous from United States  
Armand,So what is your full name and location could you tell a little about Chicago that maybe one of the persons who frequent this site can verify that you are actually from there?What happens to be your problem anyway do you have a problem with men listing women who have robbed them of their hearts,souls and money? I really do wish you would quit writing your jibberish on this site.Her details will not and never be removed I can contact several men who were writing to her also and sending gifts and paying for translations for her while she was telling me she loved me and wanted to be with me.Why dont you google her name and the name of that club and you will see.She had 2 more visitors who have come forward so far and I am sure there will be more to come.You know you will get laughed at by many when you write that it is okay that these girls scam men for money an honest lady will never ask for a dime I do not care how bad off they are and her family is not that bad off she just got greedy I was sending her a lot of money after my visit and everytime a man would travel to see her she would get money for the flat rental and more gifts plus some very nice places to eat at the rental company is tied into this scam business also the owners yahoo chat name is mishka 1911 google that also and you will see.Armand maybe you should schedule an appointment you are overdue to see your Psychiatrist maybe a little shock treatment will bring you back into the real world,
2008-01-18, 21:42:14
anonymous from Santa Rosa, United States  
Oh and by the way Armand if you are going to Kiev you might want to go fast it will not be too much longer before she appears in front of a judge.And $2,000 dollars for a date that is an awful lot of money for a hooker or did she lift your wallet and you did not notice it?
2008-01-18, 22:40:39   (updated: 2008-01-18, 22:42:28)
Skeet from United States  
Just so all you regulars know,'Craig' the original poster and Roamer who just joined in are both friend's of mine. I know the whole story and this girl truly deserves whatever comes her way! Only time will tell...

She's not there...

2008-01-19, 04:55:09
OJAS from United States  
Craig, good job pursuing the scammer

Good point Roamer, some victims prefer revenge instead of justice
2008-01-19, 06:43:54
Craig from United States  
I read the links you posted and am in shock.There are some sick people lurking out there the person (s) behind this need to be dealt with according to the full extent of Ukrainian law.Sometimes it appears to be a fine line between revenge and justice I seek justice and will follow this through to the end.These people need to be held accountable every posting I have seen on many scam sites is the same negative words about this company.Every man who has posted says the same thing she was never serious and she was writing many men or they were probably writing for her to fatten up the wallet.I am not going to comment on any more of this Armand's postings it will be hard to bite my lip this guy needs to wake up and smell the coffee.You guys can get my e-mail from Skeet if you would like the more people the more info the better for all.
2008-01-19, 07:11:57
OJAS from United States  
Several guys interested in scammer-pursuit have posted their e-mails, you may have seen here http://www.delphifa..p=4#70498

Since pursuit requires a different strategy, you guys' confidential e-mail exchanges won't of course get posted.

Although scammer-pursuit is not my area, (it is information-pursuit instead) I will be pleased to help any way I can. I request Skeet to provide my addy to Craig and Roamer, for whatever help I can offer them.

You all have a great weekend!
2008-01-19, 16:04:13
Craig from United States  
Thank you very much Ojas,
I will try I do not have much spare time I am either working or fishing or shooting.I will try you know I used to browse this site a while back and found it to be very nice it is set up different from other's.Skeet told me that stupid comments and if a person is being a pest you can spam there comments well I have done that I will not mention name's but you know who I am talking about I do not like people who do not have a clue to the world around them trying to question what is right.Those of us who do post these criminals are hoping to save a woman or man a broken heart or worse like in my case.I know there are many people out there who are not aware or are too naive to believe it could happen to them but it does happen every day I was thinking today about a friend who was scammed 3 years back by a Nigerian piece of crap for $20,000 he tried to kill himself over that thank god he failed and now he is happily married to a very nice local lady.So I am not so new to scams I never saw her coming this is why my pursuit will go on until Justice is served and yes even in Ukraine there laws are similar to the U.S. so it is only a matter of time till it prevails and hopefully it will set a trend and more victims will not take it lying down then maybe the U.S. Government will pull their heads out from where the sun dont shine and do something about Western Union and Money Gram to be more cooperative when asked about why they made record profits each year from others misery? they are both headquartered here.Plus the Government needs to put more pressure on the FSU countrys and West African nations to pursue the buttwads more and not turn a blind eye to what is an obvious wart on the ass of society.
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