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Dating scammer Tatyana


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Name: Tatyana



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She hasn't asked for money yet, but she has given all the signs, wants to know all about me, my family, where i work, where i live

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2007-11-22, 18:16:42
anonymous from Australia  
Looks like this Boris doesnt even remember whos name to put in the email. This is a big Joke,must of been the last bloke they ripped off . The second letter was emailed after this !!!!!!!!! Boris has finally run out of photos ,I have recieved all the ones posted here to date.Asked for nude but was told the guy in the cafe would see as he scans them in hahaha

llo My Lovely Man and My Fine SUCKER!!!!
SUCKER I wish to be with you, I so dream to be only with you for ever.
Your dream of a meeting is fine!!!!!!!!! I WOULD WANT THAT we With YOU
were TOGETHER And HAVE embodied ALL our DREAMS In the
I did not take for a long time a vacation on work and consequently I
can take it now.
SUCKER I so am happy now, I am assured of that that we with you
shall are happy together. I AM ASSURED BY WHAT EXACTLY YOU my PRINCE
And I WISH TO be With YOU!!!!!!!!!!
I love you my lovely and fine Prince SUCKER!!!!!!!!
I wish to be only with you and only with you for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would want that we with you were together, I would want that our
dreams of that as we make love to you, about that as we spend time
together, about that how together to walk on park and a beach, about
that as we shall kiss.
I WISH TO FEEL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SUCKER my heart overflows love and passion. I do not know as to
describe that that I now I feel. I do not have not enough words. I
very much regret that I would not know in perfection English that you
have understood me.
But I hope that you understand me, that you feel the same.
I all the night long today thought, I waited for your letter. I would
wait for your letter what to tell to you about that that I wish to make!!!!!!
And I shall make it. I shall be with you, we shall be together, we
shall be happy. I would shall make all that we with you had our world,
the world full of love, passions, caress, tenderness and all that that
did not suffice us before we have not met.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I TOMORROW LEARN ALL. I learn that would be
necessary what to arrive to you and I shall arrive, I shall be with
you, I shall inform you tomorrow when I shall be with you. I hope that
I can make it quickly and we can be happy. We waited for our happiness
so much years and to us remains very little.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Tatyana.

I do not know from what to begin.......
Forgive me please, Peter.
I ask you do not take offence at me. I do not know as to write it. I
do not know as to tell to you that that have happened. I
would not want that you were upset. I would want that you were happy.
It is happy always. Even if I shall not be happy, I would want that
you were happy. Peter I ask you, I ask you only about one. Promise
me that you will execute my request. I understand that I cannot fulfil
the promise. But I ask you to execute mine the request.
I wish to be with you. I shall inform you that that happens.
I went today and learned how many it is necessary to arrive
to you. It would Appear what to overcome such distance between us many
money is necessary. I do not know where to find this money. I today
weigh day in tears, I think of that how to find this money, but
nothing turns out. I do not know where to find this money. Peter I
ask you, I never was so is happy, I was happy when have met you when
communicated with you. I thought that our meeting soon. But there is
not all so simply. There Is between us a big barrier. Forgive
that promised yesterday that I shall arrive to you soon.
I do not know as to make it. I hope that you will forgive me. If at me
was even what or that I all would make an opportunity, ALL!!!!!!!! I
would give all of money which I would have what to arrive to you.
But they will not suffice.
Forgive Peter,

Havent replyed to this
2007-11-23, 03:33:05
anonymous from Australia  
The last few letters have been made up with a different language translation thatleads me to believe that a new gang of Boris minors have taken on the leads generated by an initial operation,hence the wrong names and format or style of writing. I have not posted all the letter as some of them were so off topic it almost was becoming boring
Where to from here ?Can some one help me to track the ip address as I have a helper in russia to follow this through
2007-11-23, 10:56:31
OJAS from United States  
Aussie mate
In my next post follow the e-mail section for IP
However do not ignore the rest
2007-11-23, 10:57:18
OJAS from United States  
Newcomers - Please click on the Welcome link and make informed posts http://www.delphifa..=122#62019

Frequently Asked Information - Visa - News - E-mail - Translator - More FAQ ... http://www.delphifa..p=17#62230
2007-11-26, 18:00:38
anonymous from Australia  
havent been able to obtain the headers in gmail due to the options tab not having the feature ?
2007-11-30, 02:49:42
anonymous from Australia  
Guess that means go to hell
2007-11-30, 04:54:09
OJAS from United States  
Starting with the last post 2007-11-30, 03:41:32 on Page 93 of this thread It appears to be scammer activity. Do not click on any of his links. It may be a virus meant for your computer. Just hit the Spam button on his posts after swearing him in any language.
2008-01-11, 12:38:46
Email received from January 11, 2008

Hello Ed!!!!!How your day? How you? How you feel? Ed I am glad to receive yourletter. I do not know why but I feel better when I receive yourletters.Ed I so am glad that you have written to me. I shall send you myphotos and today I too send you the photo. I hope that you as willsend them to me. At me it is a lot of questions but I shall not askyou to answer all at once. I hope that you will answer those which Iwish to learn from you today? Well Ed? Ed I all over again shall tellmore about myself. My weight of 54 kgs. It approximately 120 lbs, butI am not assured. Growth about 174 centimeters, or 5 ' 10. The size ofa breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89-65-92. Describe itself? Iwish to learn about yours the sizes also. You will inform me Ed? Iwish to inform you on that that I love in men. I love cleanliness, Ilike to cooking for various dishes. I think that all that should atmark the man, it to appreciate the woman, to love her and to lookafter for her. And I am assured that then the man and the woman willbe happy. Therefore I also wish to learn you better. I think of thatthat I shall meet the man with which I shall be happy. And which willbe happy with me. I have met you and I wish to learn more about you.What will you tell? How you think when the man and woman will is happytogether? When will understand one another from one sight? Or a kiss?By the way, I send you a photo on which I have a rest on the nature. Ihope that I shall see as tomorrow your photo as?I with impatience shall wait, I hope that my photo has liked you.I wait for the letter Ed, you already answer me?Sincerely, Svetlana.

2008-01-29, 23:29:09
anonymous from United States  
Well, I'm certainly glad I found this website. I have gotten about 15 emails from a Natalya who gave me a wink and an email on I was working on getting info from her, typical in conversation when you are trying to get to know each other. I started to get a bit suspicious when the distances on places seemed a bit off. Also, it was snowing every day where she lived and she lives in a town where it's been raining the last few days. Good ol' weather sites helped me out on this one. I guess I'm seeing lollipops now. Get it? SUCKER! Luckily I found it before this ran on too long and I made any investments. I did take note that I was showing enough caution about actually wanting to talk to her. This site did have those types of tips here which I was already following. From my experience, I know that women from other countries, if they are interested, will definitely take a phone call from you. I had one from Spain that I was actually talking to and she had even offered to pay for me to fly down to Mexico City where her family had a business. Idiot me, didn't take her up on the offer and I wound up getting married to a woman who basically made life miserable (I can deal with the day to day bullshit, but not having a relationship beyond sex - if thats what she called it - is the type of thing that made me more than a bit vulnerable The emails were an exact match for some of the ones posted here. She was calling herself Natalya in my letters and of course, she was hot. Face it, don't most of us have a thing for hot blond russian chicks? And of course, they know this. Well, I guess I'll hop off here and quit boring everyone with my rants and sit down with a nice coffee here in Chumptown.

2008-02-03, 11:17:51
anonymous from Canada  
Are known this Tatyana or Tatiana from Russian?

2008-02-03, 14:26:52
OJAS from United States  
Canada, Is she somewhere in this thread? http://www.delphifa..1892.shtml
2008-02-09, 11:27:42
anonymous from United States  
no shit, these chicks are so stupid. i already knew what it was when i received the letter. famous american saying don't ever forget it. 'if it looks to good to be true, it usually isn't true.' i have those same letters but with different names. the bitches are so stupid, they need to correct their letter. sovestk is part of kaliningrad oblast, not kirov. all i did was google it man. don't send money man, if she can't speak english you dont want her trust me i married a latina, ooooof! and if you do venture their. tell her she can take the 23 hour train ride to or from sovetsk to moscow. from what i read the term used was 'the horrid 23 hour train ride to kirov' so plan your stay in moscow or st petersburg. learn how to track an IP address also for you security.
2008-02-09, 11:32:05
anonymous from United States  
shit i forgot to give you the photos. the one is supposed to be her mum. but this chicks name

My name is Yuliya.To me of 28 years and I was not married and I
do not have children. I live in small city which name Sovetsk, in
the Kirov area. The population of ours it is city about 16,8 thousand
people. I work in hospital, I look after patients. My speciality
nurse. I work six days in a week, I go to cinema, theatre, I go on
dances. I wish to learn from you, what most of all interests in girls?
What you like? What qualities? How it should look? We in city do not
have man with which I could be happy. Therefore I have decided to get
acquainted through the Internet and have written to you. At us to have
the Internet of cafe and I can to come and receive your letters. I as
would like to receive more than your photos. I hope that you will send
them to me. I shall wait for them on the e mail
I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that you will
answer me.
I shall wait your answers and questions, I with pleasure shall
answer them. I wait and I hope.......
Your new girlfriend Yuliya.

P.S. I as wait for your photos!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva

2008-02-09, 11:32:47
anonymous from United States  
and this nice hot pic...lil bitch...lmsao

im gonna have fun
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva
Blacklisted Emails of Russian Dating Scammers
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2008-02-09, 11:34:44
anonymous from United States  
and the other is supposed to be her mum. shes liks 16 mum 20 something....
lil bitches i do them both in the ass just for trying to scam me and who know.

her email is:
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva

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