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Dating scammer Tatyana


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Name: Tatyana



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She hasn't asked for money yet, but she has given all the signs, wants to know all about me, my family, where i work, where i live

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2008-02-09, 12:57:45
Eddie from Sweden  
FFS, anon from United States!

Why don't you newbies read the 'welcome page/ primer for newbies' before you post your pathetic insults?... conveniently located just under this post so even a moron like you can't miss it.

Or maybe you can't read?

Say hi to Boris for me!
2008-02-09, 17:27:10
drod from United States  

Takes too much time to read the 'instruction manual'

You know its a 'man' thing.
2008-02-09, 17:42:24 from United States  
OK .... so here's the deal ... I discovered this page a few months ago after being hit up with an email greeting from 'Ekaterina' via an online dating service; I've kept the conversation going back and forth since then. Yes, she finally asked me for money for an airline ticket to the US, which i claimed I didn't have (it's true - i don't have it) ... and today, of all days, she emails me saying she's PAID for a ticket to visit me in a few weeks (for 6 months - from late February until late August).
Here's the gist of the email ...

I hope that you can meet me when I shall come to you by this plane.
You will be free? You can meet me at the airport? How you will be
dressed on? I know that I shall find out you. I do not know where to
go after go from the plane but I hope that will show me and then I
shall see you. My heart is pleased also happiness full it, love and
passion. All feelings make me happy. Paul To me have told that tickets
will be to cost 1430 dollars. I need to pay in addition 730 dollars, I
shall pay soon we shall be together. I tomorrow shall go to the
girlfriend which promised me to help to pay tickets and I shall pay
them and the unique problem which will divide us, it only interview.
But I any more am not afraid of it. I am prepared to it also am sure
that I can to receive the visa, I study English more strongly, I
answer on questions which usually set on interview. I think that I can
be fast with you. I love you and only you, my gentle and tender Prince
Paul I for ever yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina

OK ... I haven't paid a dime to her ... should I truly be expecting her to be here in three weeks? The airline information she sent me is legit - it's a real Delta flight, etc.

2008-02-09, 17:45:32
Eddie from Sweden  
Why does it ALWAYS have to be about ego, Drod?

You're quite right that it takes time to get some education -- and no time at all to advertise one's ignorance by posting complete crap on a thread -- but honestly, how long does it take to click on a link and see that those first illuminating words...

'the vast majority of Russian dating scammers are not girls at all, but actually MEN...'
2008-02-09, 17:57:16
anonymous from United States  
who cares if they are men/or women...they be tryin to people off you !@#!@#!@ idiot. I haven't lost a dime and it pisses me off. so shut your trap, are you feeling guilty?, or a little defensive? you ass!

2008-02-09, 18:03:49   (updated: 2008-02-09, 18:15:02)
Eddie from Sweden  
Paul from United States

LOL...nice one...'she's' bought her ticket and 'she's' on her way to the airport?

Here are some possible future scenarios:

1...Her girl friend doesn't have the money in the end and can you help her with the 730 bucks anyway?
2...She gets the ticket money but her car crashes on the way to the airport and she needs some cash to pay for hospital bills.
2...Her mother gets sick between now and her flight, needs an operation and ditto...
3... She arrives in moscow but they won't give her a visa because she needs a last-min medical examination etcetc...
4. ...they won't give her a visa because she doesn't have enough money in the bank, can you subsidize her?

The only thing that you can count on is that this is a scam and as long as you keep writing, he (because it is surely a 'he') will keep trying to get some money out of you.

It's also worth noting that it is almost impossible for a single Russian girl without any money (why does she have to borrow it in the first place?), and presumably without kids or a job, to a get a tourist visa to North America or a Schengen country. She'd be considered a serious overstay risk and INS wouldn't let her in. The only way she'd be able to come is if you sponsor her, which is a complicated process and involves a lot of paperwork and documents (I speak from experience).

Here's a link to The US Embassy website in Moscow for you to browse.

Take care

PS Probably not a good idea to leave your addy on here.
2008-02-09, 18:12:30
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from United States 2008-02-09, 17:57:16

Hey you ignorant m***erf***ing shit-kicking asshole, how dare you come on this thread or any other posting crap about 'bitches'? You really are a neanderthal. And why the hell would I be feeling defensive?.... because you are too goddamn lazy to do your homework and too arrogant to be advised?

Stick around and get yourself an education or shut up and get lost. And stop using my scammer clown pic as well.
2008-02-09, 18:14:49
anonymous from United States  
Eddie ...
LOL, thank you for the info ... which is pretty much what I expected to read. I was really just shocked when I read this one, since it had the specific flight information ... THAT kind of sent me for a loop. I mean, I KNOW it's a scam ... her elongated letters to me are followed by 2-3 sentence long (at most) responses by me that consist essentially of 'I want to have sex with you' or 'I need you so bad it hurts!' (As you can see, I'm an extremely prolific writer, lol)
I'll keep you posted on what 'she' does to try and get me to pay the extra $730 :)
2008-02-09, 18:22:28   (updated: 2008-02-09, 18:24:16)
Eddie from Sweden  
Paul...LOL...good idea to keep us posted.

90% of the scammers send flight details to your nearest airport when they're scamming for a visa and/or tickets...which is one of the reasons they usually ask where you live in about the first mail (or trace your IP address and find out that way). Pretty easy to find the flight info on the net when you think about it. Then they usually put pressure on the vic saying that they 'only have 3 weeks' before their flight leaves to get the money together, etc etc. Everything has to go as fast as possible so the vic has as little time as possible to get cold feet. It takes about 10 working days for the US Embassy to process a tourist visa anyway, so the whole thing is a joke anyway.

take care.
2008-02-11, 11:01:40
anonymous from United States  
Hey Eddie, why are you such a sensitive asshole? They tried to scam me three years ago, and they are not very smart at all. Still using ther same letters, and if they really knew English then we would have a big problem. But it isn't too hard to figure out, sexy hot gal begging you that she needs your letters and she waits impatiently, give me a friggin break.
So in closing Eddie I just wanted to tell you......from me to you, and i wait impatiently for your response.
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Keywords: george w bush
2008-02-20, 05:55:42
anonymous from United States  
Haha this is to funny! Met this girl on I will paste her letter below, look familiar!!!

I am glad to receive your letter. I at all did not expect to receive
it because not know you will answer me or not.
Suddenly I that not so have written that also you have not received my
letter. I hope that you can see me on my photo. On it My girlfriend
with photographed me houses when we with it drank tea at my place.
it is pleasant to you? I hope what yes. Because you like to me.
But I very much would wish to learn you better. I ask you read my
letter and to answer my questions. you are very interesting to
me and I wish to know about you all. I do not wish to hasten, I
know that if to hasten that of anything good it will not turn out. I
search for serious attitudes and I wish to find the man of the dream.
I do not wish to play or simply to communicate. I wish to learn about
all of you. In men I to appreciate sincerity and the truth. Because
only these qualities help people to create mutual understanding and
happiness for both. I so think, and you ???
My name is Tatyana. To me of 28 years and I was not married and I
do not have children. I live in small city which name Sovetsk, in
the Kirov area. The population of ours it is city about 16,8 thousand
people. I work in hospital, I look after patients. My speciality
nurse. I work six days in a week, I go to cinema, theatre, I go on
dances. I wish to learn from you, what most of all interests in girls?
What you like? What qualities? How it should look? We in city do not
have man with which I could be happy. Therefore I have decided to get
acquainted through the Internet and have written to you. At us to have
the Internet of cafe and I can to come and receive your letters. I as
would like to receive more than your photos. I hope that you will send
them to me. I shall wait for them on the e mail
I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that you will
answer me.
I shall wait your answers and questions, I with pleasure shall
answer them. I wait and I hope.......
Your new girlfriend Tatyana

P.S. I as wait for your photos!!!

This was too eay to research, I knew someting was up. But hey who cares. My friend once had a great idea!!! Learn another language, hook up with some hot chick from overseas get her here and be her pimp! Then in another three years do the same again, EVERY THREE YEARS A NEW HOTT ASS RUSSIAN... HAHAAAAAAA
This image was also posted here:
Julia -

2008-05-19, 07:00:19
here are more pic that she sent me and is know asking for me to pay tavel agency $764

2008-05-19, 07:01:38
there is another one

2008-09-12, 13:01:08 from United States  
This Lovely Tatyana also goes by the name Irina, and her email is I have been getting raunchier and raunchier with her and she has agreed to give me oral sex. Now- THAT is love, guys.
'Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Rick!!!!
Rick I miss you. I think of you and I am madly glad to receive your
letter which gives me caress and tenderness. Which warms my heart and
helps me to find a way what we with you were together. I all want to
be in your embraces more strongly and more strongly and to enjoy our
love, tenderness and happiness.
Rick I today have paid to travel Agency of 1300 dollars for trip. It
is all that I could find. To me have told that I have told them
precisely name the airport where I should fly. They have told that I
should inform the exact name of the airport. The state in which is the
airport, city and a code of the airport. Rick Would inform me please
this information that I have told it in Travel agency and then to me
will tell how many I still must to pay for tickets. Inform me about
the airport where you can meet me and I shall come to you soon.
Remained 14 days up to our meeting. One my girlfriend promised me to
help with payment of tickets and I can arrive to you soon.
Rick you in my heart, I love you and I want to be only with you. I
send you the photo. Soon I itself can arrive to you and we shall enjoy
our love and happiness together!!!!!
I want to be with you Rick!!!!!
I shall be very glad that in your embraces soon!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Irina '

Ok, Irina, if you are coming, come to St.Louis International airport, in St. Louis, Missouri. That is the closest to me, my Dearest Lovely one. I cannot wait for the days to pass. I am working, working, working. Very little sleep, and I am tired. As I type this, I am just waking, at 12:04 pm.
We can send your people the funds back as soon as you have arrived safely.
I love you, my Irina. Love,Love,Love,Love,Love. Love. Love. I simply am trembling with anticipation. Oh, Irina, to have you here, in my bed, giving me head. My imagination runs away with me. I imagine the back of your head, moving in my lap, your fingers caressing my Turgid, Throbbing Penis. Or licking you in the private parts, my tongue, darting, hither and yon, moving to inside of you, your hips switching, twitching, moving ever more towards me, your gentle hands pulling me to you. Licking you, sucking your Clitoris, bringing you higher, higher, HIGHER, until you cry out, in Ecstasy, your body falling back- - - spent, by our lovemaking.
Come to me my love, come to me, cum with me.
Your gentle, loving Rick.

And then there is this, my favorite picture of my Loving Irina. My GOD- to have her, and just think- as soon as she raises ALL of the money, she is mine.
Oh, hey, fella have I told you that I am going into real eastate? Yep- I am going to specialize in Bridges, of all things. Wanna buy one?

2008-09-12, 16:25:59
OJAS from United States  
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