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Dating scammer Olga (Eolina) Gromova


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Name: Olga (Eolina) Gromova

Email: and

Sodruzestva st 35-54
Rostov on don

Other Comments:
Scammer details:
City:Rostov on don
Postal address:Sodruzestva st 35-54
Phone number:7-8632-785034 cell 7-8632-264112

Hi Jeff!
It was a great surprise for me to receive your e-mail. I thought that you did not receive my letter. Don't worry your address is kept confidential by the agency. You corresponded with Galina in 2004. You sent her several letters she told me. I thought for a long time if I can use your postal address. One day when I felt to be very lonely I decided to write you. I did not read your letters and I have only a part of your letter where you write your address. Galina told me that you live in Maryville, have never been married, have two brothers and work as a building contractor. Galina stopped the correspondence with you because she went to work on the Black sea in the dancing club.
When I say that I am a real lady I mean that I am not one of the women who sending photos of pretty women to get the man's attention. I am better in the life then on this photo. I would try to send you another photo.
My son is 14 years old. I am divorced with his father about 6 years. I am the designer of the home decoration.
You ask me what made my think I would like to correspond with you. It is very difficult question. I think we do not know where we can find our happiness. I think that you are sincere and open man.
About our meeting. I think it would not be a problem. We have to learn more about each other more quickly. I can call you. I am ready for this. When it would be better to call you?
With kind regards. Olga.

This is when she asked for my cell #
To: Jeffrey Henderson
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 1:25 AM
Subject: From Olga

Hi Jeff!
I congratulate you on your birthday (better late than never). Wish you all the best. Cheeks.
I am sorry for the delay. I continue to travel on business matters. And I still don't know when I am going to be back home. If you give me your phone number I'll try to get in touch with you as soon as I can. If you are not ready to give me the number then as soon as I get back home, I will give you my contact info at once.
I hope you are well.

From: Jeffrey Henderson
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 12:38 AM
Subject: letter dated June 18, 2007

Hi Olga,
I received your letter on June 30, and I am still trying to think of what I should write to you in response. I have to say that I am very flattered that you would make such an effort to establish contact with me. I am also very impressed with your photo. You are a very pretty girl.

What impressed me the most is that you did, by yourself, what I have been trying to get women from Russia and Ukraine to do for a couple of years. That is, to use email instead of the agency to correspond.

Of course I do have some questions that need to be answered in light of what you have said in your letter, as well as some questions because of things you didn't say.

I understand that it is hard to write a letter in another language, so don't think I am complaining that some things are unclear. I think you did a wonderful job of writing a first letter. It was wise not to try to say too much. On the other hand, most Russian women tend to write one sentence subjects, so it is hard sometimes to really know the details of what they think. So, you see, you are normal.

First, I would like to know how you got my address, as this information is supposed to be kept confidential by the agency. You said you got it from your girlfriend, but I don't remember having written to anyone in your city for at least two years. The only way someone should have gotten my address is if I had given it to her myself, so I would like to know who your girlfriend is, and if you could email a copy of the letter she has that would remind me of who she is. I am not angry at all about your having gotten my address, but I am very curious about it.

Of course I am wondering why your girlfriend didn't want to correspond with me, instead of passing me off on you, but I say this as a joke, so don't take me seriously.

You say that you are a real lady. I don't know whether you mean that you are a refined lady, as the photo obviously suggests, or if you mean that you are not one of the women who try to take advantage of foreign men by pretending to be interested in them, and sending photos of pretty women to get the man's attention.
I'm sure you can understand that it is hard to tell the difference from so far away.

You said that you had a son, but you didn't say how old he is, or how old you are for that matter. Are you divorced, and if so, for how long?

What kind of designer are you? Clothes, home decoration, landscaping? What made you think you would like to correspond with me? Have you seen my profile from the site? What do you already know about me?

It is now August 13. I apologize for for taking so long to finish it. I'm sure you have been wondering if I had ever received your letter, or had interest in you. If you saw my profile, then you know that I am a building contractor. The weather has been very good for business this year and all I have had time to do is work to try to keep up. I had already planned to go to Ukraine the first couple of weeks of September ( in two weeks). I would consider trying to meet with you as well if we decide before then that it would benefit both of us, and we can work out the details of a meeting.

Well, Olga, I must go to bed now. It is after midnight and I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Sincerely, Jeff Henderson

Agency details: (Irina- email

Which agency/website you contacted her through:first time through anastasiaweb; this time I don't know
Is this agency a member of Anti-Scam Program:
Did you report the scam to the agency:can not contact
What was the agency response:active in scamming

Your contact details:

Your name (will not be published):Jeff Henderson
Your email address (will not be published):henderson_
Your pseudonym (under which name to publish your story):jeff
Your contact email address/URL to publish with the warning (optional):henderson_

Your story (as detailed as possible):

Her friend who operates an agency in Rostov (Irina- email sends letters to men for the first contact saying the agency was in contact with them but now found 'you'. Eolina (aka Olga Malinina, Ella, Olga Gromova, eolina stinson) has the agency send a photo with a ficticious name. Then the agency gives her the phone number and she contacts the men. Of course the men do not know she is married and is getting ready to burn them. When I called her cell phone number, her husband answered. Plus, the agency is making money from sending/reading letters. The agency has been doing this for some time. I have an email explaining so. I lost thousands and have western union, wire copies, etc. Her friend operates a separate email account for her and answers the letters to the men until Eolina (Olga) gets their phone numbers and contacts them.

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2007-11-25, 09:55:43 from United States  
Thanks for posting this info about this scamster. She has been writing me for a while now. She used the name Olga with me and now I can see what her real name is after looking through search engines. Man oh man, she must be good! Did she tell anybody else her mom was sick? She asked me for money for medical stuff. Thank heavens I saw this and did not get taken for more than flowers. Anybody want to ask me any questions, go ahead. Keep your eyes open...I'm adding some pictures she sent me.

2007-11-25, 10:00:36
anonymous from United States  
eolina 'olga' or whatever...

2007-11-26, 11:30:43
OJAS from United States  
Do you keep my telephone numbers?

Thanks Pierre - for extracting this data. When a newbie googles for this phone number he'll know it's your efforts.

Have a nice day! :-)
2007-12-01, 09:42:51 from United States  
New info: The scam agency in rostov is 'Uzanka' (according to Anastasiaweb customer service) and the contact there is Irina Komarova. Here's an interesting URL to check out...what a player. http://profile.pass..58828.html
2007-12-03, 08:07:30
anonymous from Canada  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga (Eolina) Gromova

2007-12-03, 08:08:11
anonymous from Canada  

2007-12-03, 08:08:53
anonymous from Canada  

2007-12-03, 08:09:31
anonymous from Canada  

2007-12-03, 08:12:41
anonymous from Canada  

2007-12-05, 04:47:39 from United States  
Pierre: Too much fun...hey, ask her to send you a copy of her international (not Russian) passport picture page. It will have her last name there. Tell her you 'must be careful with this international dating thing'.
Some other pics...
thanks for the good laughs
have a good day

2007-12-05, 04:53:40 from United States  
Ask her if she is listed on Anastasia... tehe

2007-12-05, 04:55:50 from United States  

2007-12-05, 05:05:00
anonymous from United States  
Dear Bruce,

Below is the information which we managed to find out so far:

Eolina Gromova has been registered on our site and corresponded with several men. Her correspondence was translated by Irina Komarova, by the operator of the local agency where Eolina was registered.

When you offered her to go to the USA she convinced her translator to write a letter from Irina's personal e-mail that Eolina hadn't registered in the agency and hadn't been corresponding with other men, meanwhile she had been. Eolina thought that this letter would persuade you that she was interested in you only.

Now she is again in Rostov and we've contacted her in this regard. She again said that she is interested in our service and would like to have her profile restored on our site. But bearing in mind your case and Jeffrey Henderson's her profile will never be posted on our site again. Irina Komarova doesn't work in the agency any more either.

If you have any other details or additions which will help us clarify the issue please let me know. This will be appreciated. Thank you once again for your concern and assistance.

Best regards,

Natalia, AW Customer Service

2007-12-05, 05:16:13
anonymous from United States  

Subject Reply from Anastasia Customer Support
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Date Wednesday, December 5, 2007 6:44
To '' <>
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Received from ([]) by ( (MDaemon PRO v9.6.2) with ESMTP id 31-md50000066792.msg for <>; Wed, 05 Dec 2007 06:44:24 -0500
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X-IronPort-AV E=Sophos;i='4.23,254,1194238800'; d='scan'208';a='139627419'
X-Spam-Processed, Wed, 05 Dec 2007 06:44:24 -0500 (not processed: message from valid local sender)
X-MDAV-Processed, Wed, 05 Dec 2007 06:44:25 -0500
Original-recipient rfc822;

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Subject Reply from Anastasia Customer Support
From '' <>
Date Wednesday, December 5, 2007 6:44
To '' <>

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your appreciation of our service.

Concerning Eolina Gromova I can suggest that you post the information about her on some scam-sites. This may alert other men from contacting her.

I also wish you all the best and good luck! Whenever there is anything you may need our assistance please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Natalia, AW Customer Service

Please, do not reply to this email message using your reply button. Anastasiaweb staff will not receive your reply.

2007-12-05, 05:32:14 from United States  
So, now she's screwed at the biggest dating site. She burned some other bridges, too before. When I get time, I'll look through my other computer and get those letters from other agencies.
For more fun...ask her if she's ever been to USA. You know, for a Russian woman, there's only one way (maybe two) to get a visa for America (I guess Canada, too for that regard), and it takes what...about 8 months?
take care...

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