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Dating scammer Larisa


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Name: Larisa



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Clearly a scammer, and uses automated emails, coz the same mail sequence and content arrives at different email adresses, she uses other names like Detka, but same pick, and she doesnt answer questions, even when i sent that im a pink fluffy bunny and she is a scammer...

im a pink fluffy bunny!!!


----- Original Message -----
To: 'ME
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 6:02 AM

> How you morning my Knight???
> With impatience waited your letter. Tell to me, what
> weather at you? What mood? What for feelings at you on soul? What you
> think of me? Forgive, that it is too many questions. I would like to
> learn you more and more. I have understood it on your words. I am
> happy to know you. For me it is honour. I know, that you count me the
> beautiful person. But I want to know fairly, what I need to change in
> the appearance? I think, that I am not ideal. I would like to be
> better to like you. You know, that I live in Russia in city of
> Cheboksary. My city is in republic Chuvashia. It is very beautiful
> city. His age exactly one thousand years. In him lives about 500000
> people. Unfortunately now it was the city in which a lot of
> criminality. To leave on street after approach of night it happens
> very dangerously. I never left the city. To travel to me it seems very
> interestingly. In the childhood, I dreamed, that sometime I shall go
> round all world and I shall see many different people. Ok, At us it is
> now rain in the street. For me the friendship very much means. The
> friendship is communication between people which pulls together
> people. The friendship does people by relatives to each other. They
> have one blood, therefore friendship, it not simply conversation with
> each other and an exchange of any ideas or experiences. The friendship
> is an exchange of souls, an exchange of feelings. The love she is very
> similar to friendship, but is much stronger. The love does two people
> by a single whole. If the person is jealous loved or regrets to him of
> something is not love. For me attitudes with the person very much
> mean. And for you? What people mean for you? When people begin to love
> you how you concern to them? Once again ask to forgive me for a heap
> of questions. I not so like, when to me ask much. dear you have things
> which you irritate? I do not like, when the person is drunk. I very
> badly treat harmful habits. I do not understand, what for someone
> sells drugs, you see it ruins many people. Unless money cost human
> lifes? I never use more alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke. I want,
> that my children were healthy. I so want to have children. I think,
> that human attitudes should not depend on money. Only the love may
> give a high-grade marriage. You with me agree dear? I do not have
> present friend. At me is familiar and fellow workers, but they never
> will go on victims for the sake of me. They only can sympathize with
> me if the help will be necessary for me or I shall be in a trouble. I
> can trust only to mum. I know, that she will help me always. She will
> make everything, that will be in her forces. And now, I hope, at me
> very good friend dear has appeared still. Write to me necessarily.
> Larisa.

mails are carfully constructed so if u answer udd have the impression its a conversation, but like i said i used a pink fluffy bunny ... clearly you would answer something like that

also when she uses the alias DETKA, same pic her englis drastically improves :)

Het hallo!
I have found at myself in spam to a basket the letter with with several questionnaires and email! This letter from the Netherlands site of dating! I never tried earlier gets acquainted through internet but for the sake of interest have dared to write to you! If it is interesting to you to learn me also that write to me! Only that I now can tell i live in Russia. To me of 25 years. Children are not present. It was not married! my education university! The Rest I shall write at your return answer! Ik zal blij zijn naar uw antwoord en het verhaal over youself!
Van de joue trouw.
My e-mail:

Content-type: text/html


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2007-10-08, 14:37:18
anonymous from Belgium  
No Eddie from Sweden , i am NOT that russian speaking guy ^^
2007-10-08, 18:24:20
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Eddie: I think you will find him on the Tati-Thread. Remember? D.
2007-10-08, 21:28:20
cromag from Belgium  
no, not me anyway :o) jäg hoppa p°a en häst!, den häst hoppa I en bill :p

not i don't speak russian, anyhow

btw so she don't bother other people? lol this is not a person, this is a bunch of photos in a spam mailing, they don't even bother to scam you in person, what is the scamming world comming to i ask you.... :p
2007-10-09, 04:09:34
cromag from Belgium  
the sage continues, i wonder how long it takes for a visa money question or will they take it in personal hands then lol...

honnestly, i don't want to be offensive, but if you fall for something like that, ... what were you thinking, maybe tis is just an amateur scammer, but this is just plain rediculous.

How are you my Knight? Today at me very good mood as I today to not
work. To me distances free day from work. We together mine girlfriend
Tanya shall go on the market behind products. We with her today have
decided to make a small party at her houses. We shall prepare for
various tasty dishes, and also we shall bake a pie. Do not worry it
there will be only a female party. We shall chatter as always about
the private life and about the men. If you not against I shall speak
my girlfriends about you and that you very good person though I was
bad to know you, but I to feel it my heart and soul, and my heart and
my female intuition of me still never brought! OK? My girlfriend
transfers you greetings! I even to be jealous slightly!!! I transfer
you many kisses in your lips and gentle hugs of your torso! Love!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Larisa

2007-10-09, 04:10:21
cromag from Belgium  
looks like tanya has a hardone... ;)
2007-10-09, 08:46:23
OJAS from United States  
cromag from Belgium,

Wonder if the other one from Belgium neander? :-)
2007-10-09, 14:16:04
Fjellhare from Norway  
really nice beach....there must be some bonefish......jepp.... :-)
2007-10-10, 04:47:24
cromag from Belgium  
nah, we shipped them, or sent them walking to the usa back in the old days, were they still live, its like a reservation, they evolved nothing ;)

butttt DING DING DING were at the finally!!! but then everyone liks to see a pink fulffy bunny hopping arround irradically while chanting you are a scam scm scmmrrrrrrrr


Hello my love! Today again cold weather! I have a little caught a
cold, but you do not worry. I will go tonight to the sauna and
tomorrow I shall be completely healthy! I yesterday spoke with my mum
what to wish to have relations with the man from other country. It has
funny smiled and then has told, that when it was young corresponded
with the man from Austria but then yet was not Internet and it was
necessary to wait long when the letter will find the addressee on the
post mail! But they could not have a future as then there were other
times. Then there was an Iron Curtain and the authority h ad
communists who considered, that the Soviet girl should not have the
relations with the person from capitalist country! I am glad, that we
now live in Democratic Russia and I can visit you without any
problems! We with mum long spoke also it has asked me, that I am
really confident, that you the good person and will not cause me a
pain! I had told my mather, that I can trust you, not because I am
good to know you. Simply I to feel, that you good heart!!! For this
purpose the meeting also is necessary to us for time on Internet. I to
wish to speak with you looking each other in eyes and to learn you in
a reality! I spoke with my boss. It has told, that I can take holiday
in the beginning of November for one month. I also am very grateful to
it. My mum has learned, that it can receive tickets of the plane for
70 PERCENT from cost, as it the deserved teacher (The Ministry of
Education) of Russia. To it will allocate money from fund of the The
Ministry of Education of city Cheboksary. Now it on pension and to it
in March have handed over an award of 1 degree for merits before
fatherland. An award the president of our republic Chuvashia.. Nicolay
Phedorov and has handed over personally the letter signed personally
the president of Russia Vladimir V. Putin. My Mather asked, that you
have given me the name of the airport and city in which I should
arrive! Write to me the airport in your city! I hope to receive your
answer soon! I all to burn from impatience! I will take tomorrow free
day from my work to go to learn, that I need to do to receive all
necessary documents for visiting your country! I will write to you
tomorrow more information! Love and Kisses! Your Larisa.

2007-10-11, 04:51:51
anonymous from Belgium  

we have a winner!!!!!!!

How are you my Knight of heart? I today for a long time could not fall
asleep, as me all tormented ideas about you and about our first
meeting. Today I am work. I am glad, that I shall be soon capable to
arrive to you. I went to transport campaign to learn, what documents
to me need to be issued and in what term. To me have told, that I need
to make out the visa, foreign the passport and the insurance document,
and also the medical inquiry. I all over again was very much
afflicted, as to me have told, that 1 months is required to legalize
these papers as it will be necessary to give inquiry in embassy for
reception of the visa, and now the big turns! Then it is necessary to
wait approval of the visa. The passport for travel abroad will be
ready in one week after payment. I informed about it to the mum. She
did not begin to waste time all for nothing. We with her went to the
Ministry Educations. I am very grateful to her, as she has solved my
problem with reception of the visa. I have written the application on
reception of the visa and they at once have made inquiry in embassy
directly! Now I shall be capable to receive the tourist visa for one
month without any problems! My visa will be open for 30 days. To me
her to make out during 2 weeks. I now do not need to wait for 1
months. Only 2 weeks and the visa will be at me! Also I have met with
approval from fund of the Ministry Educations Affairs for reception of
the discount of 70 PERCENT at purchase of air ticket! Now it is a
little about sad. Not all so is smooth as me it would be desirable.
There were problems with payment of documents and the ticket. I need
to pay till Oktober 15th. To me need 860 euro to capture all cost of
my documents and the tickets plus transport campaign keeps the
commission for rendering of services and for speed of official
registration of papers, and also an insurance sheet on 150 euro. I
yesterday have received my wage payment 120 euro. Some accumulation.
Also my mum has given me all money which at her were in a coin box.
For me it is a pity nothing to her. But all the same it is not enough
money to capture all charges of my travel! I now everywhere to try to
borrow money, but everywhere was refused. It me very much to afflict
as my happiness was so close. I have thought and have decided to write
to you about this problem as I know, that you to not give up to me and
I think, that will be capable to help me as I all to make, that was in
my forces and even little bit more! Certainly it is not convenient for
me to ask you about such help and in other situation I would not ask
you about it, now I do not have more other output. I was always fair
with you and to want, that you trusted me, as the trust always stands
on the first place in relations. To me very need now only about 455
euro. Please transfer me this money today or tomorrow. I know, that
there is a fast way of transfer of money between the countries.
System of monetary transfers western union. I have now
found the information through Internet about branches monetary system
in my city! You can use any of these monetary system. 1) Western union:
code: 428009. For transfer of money to you it is required my nameplate
data. My full name: Larisa Chernova. street ASHMARINA. home-17
Apartment 34. CHEBOKSARY, Russia. post code: 428000! I was necessary
to return back you all this money when there will be at me such
opportunity. I do not like to be the debtor. Nevertheless I am very
happy what to find you! By the way what weather at you in the near
future will be? At us colds will be and rain.
Today (+10) degrees! Forgive if I to write, something not so. I should
go now home. I shall wait for your letter today! More Love and more
kisses! Your Larisa.

SERIOUSLY you are a frakking moron that should stop chasing your wee-wee if you fall for this :)
2007-10-11, 17:56:39   (updated: 2007-10-11, 18:05:34)
anonymous from Netherlands  
2007-10-11, 19:09:16
OJAS from United States  
@newbies on this thread

2007-10-12, 18:20:03
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
And an Angels' kiss in spring
My Summerwine is really made from all those things
2007-10-14, 04:56:06
cromag from Belgium  
and clearly u had to much of it my friend ;)
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