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Dating scammer Victoria Flegentova


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Name: Victoria Flegentova



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2008-01-02, 18:10:49
anonymous from United States  

You really need to wake up!!

I found another scammer site that has vika holding up a sign that says 'I love you, Pedro' on it to prove she is a real girl. Fortunately, Pedro was smart enough to recognize her as scammer, and didn't send her any money!

2008-01-02, 18:22:15
anonymous from United States  

you need to visit following site:

You will find more men who got scammed by Vika!

2008-01-03, 00:43:26   (updated: 2008-01-03, 00:45:20)
Peter from Germany  
Good job, sw, compliments!

IFR, the ALWAYS say you have wrecked their life. They NEVER surrender fast!

That's what I have got after telling her that I know I had been scammed:

'I was very upset all these days because my mail box in the Internet of cafe has been broken also I have lost all opportunity to contact you. The manager could not make anything. I cried all these days. And all this time a computer for which I sit did. For me there was this heaviest time.'
2008-01-03, 01:29:40
OJAS from United States  
IFR / Ken
As long as you say that she claims WITHOUT PROVIDING ANY EVIDENCE that Eddie offered to fly her to Sweden, or he was even in correspondence with her that's all I was looking for!

I too might one day fly to Sweden, using my own wings, since I belong to the avian species! :-))
2008-01-03, 01:39:40
Peter from Germany  
OJAS, if anyone can defend himself than Eddie.
2008-01-03, 11:31:07
OJAS from United States  


From the browser edit menu find Vika http://www.datingnm..ters3.htm

Here she is 19 years, born in 1981 - Is this Gregorian calendar? Help! http://adultsingles..otia.html

More Calendar problem http://www.iepazisa..otia.html

Notice her height here 5 Ft 7 In - She can magically change her her height

When she goes to Iran she is 5 Ft 8 In http://www.iranian...000009720

Here she grows to 5 Ft 9 as she goes to the subcontinent http://bmser.sindhi..vid=&sid=

Her income (about $20000 per year is more than 4 times Yoshkar-Ola) means she is well-to-do. How much in addition is scam income? http://www.oasisofl..p?id=2322

pupsik1 and PUPSIK - WOW! buy one get one free on the same page! http://www.asiafuns..untry=163

She was here today













I think it is her http://www.oasisofl..p?id=2322







Ovidyemsa Zafstra! :-)
2008-01-03, 12:21:57   (updated: 2008-01-03, 12:34:34)
Peter from Germany  
OJAS!!!!! I have to take breath! Next online joke award is for you. Vika Inc. - an entire industrie.
2008-01-03, 16:07:36
OJAS from United States  
Vika has been at it since 2006. Two of her then e-dresses and are in these very useful sites.
2008-01-03, 16:59:50
Peter from Germany  
I pity you get no money for googling, OJAS. This Vika mail order company opens a new dimension. Vika can't be much more than an employee there.
2008-01-04, 04:55:31  
This Vika thread is becoming longer and longer and will soon be dangling into a bottomless pit in danger of collapsing into itself.

It is now well established that this is a scam and there is really no need for any more examples to be published.

These scammers are probably reading these posts which only strengthens the incentives of the scammers to continue on with their misdeeds, as they like to be portrayed as the untouchables, especially when most posters list themselves as anonymous.

The next step must be is to take these people out. I am willing to give my name to whatever authority is concerned with capturing and prosecuting these people.

The most important witnesses are the guys that have already sent money and been scammed. Theirs is the evidence that will smash these scammers.

So now you have it, the facts. There is enough material on here that is beneficial as a warning to those who are presently in contact or in the future be contacted by this Vika scammer.

I am doing my bit. I posted a profile on as pupsik1 that warns Vika is a scammer,

Positive action is required to curtail these scammers otherwise I for one cant be bothered reading anymore examples of this scam.


2008-01-04, 05:27:50
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
OJAS/Lord of the Link, Hat's off to you.

Ken, With all due respect. How about it?

Corrdepot, This Vika-thread can't be long enough. You shared your evidence. Thanks!
2008-01-04, 10:17:31
OJAS from United States  
Your views are appreciated. There are a few die-hards with big hearts who seem to sympathize with a criminal when the scammer is a female. If they are unwilling call a scammer on account of gender, maybe a barrage of evidence will sway them?

For various reasons, posters choose anonymity - Dirk as you see is NOT among them. His e-mail is all over this site. Another person, my compatriot JeffG also wants action like you, his e-mail is open and protected http://www.delphifa..p=12#63300 Our friend Tony recently had a scammer apprehended. I will ask him if he will post his e-mail address on this thread so you can discuss strategies with him, but not about the case details on his scammer.

You might have seen plenty of ways to pursue scammers
Canada http://www.sptimes...y_id=2960
US East http://www.nytimes...ef=slogin
US West http://www.nbcsandi..tail.html
Head Quarters

Scam Reporting
Report your scam to Local Law Enforcement Agency. More info


Finally, with due respect, I am not finished with this scammer - Information is power - The more information (=lies) the scammer uses and exposed, the better
2008-01-04, 11:40:31
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

Work on it! The best of luck!! If you need my help...

Yes OJAS, I did it again. Why??? It doesn't matter! No Yoshkar Ola-scammer ever attacked me (or Delphi). The actual attacks come from an imbecile (whereever, but not in Russia). Once again: hat's off to you OJAS. You did a great job here! Respect! I hope Ken understands the importance of posting his info here.
2008-01-04, 11:49:07
OJAS from United States  
You seem to be a man of action, nice to have guys like you, since different posters have different skill sets. Others with your interest are JeffG and Tony and you now have information to reach and discuss with them.

Some more come to mind. Marvin http://www.delphifa..p=7#22661
Cheers from Australia works for Australian Federal Police http://www.delphifa..p=8#54866

My question to you Anton is, am I free to provide your contact info for future guys wanting action like others?
2008-01-04, 12:26:54
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Dirk, Peter, and many others who may find that my interest in the area of information a bit useful.

For action guys like Anton I hope something is here as well.

I for one can never have too much info on criminals. If I can find one extra word about them, I want it available to others.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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