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Dating scammer Olga Tomilina


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Name: Olga Tomilina


From Shevekhov 25 miles SE of Irkutsk
Uses Moscow address for money:
121552,Russia,Moscow,street Ostrovnaya house 15 flat 47.

Other Comments:
Say's she is 28 and is coming to US with Au Pair program. The US will only issue Visa's for Au Pairs ages 17-27.


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2007-10-09, 18:11:23
anonymous from United States  
My last letter to her was:
I told you that I had been laid off work for a while and
just recently got back to work. I told you that I
wouldn't be able to help you in anyway in Moscow. I'll
help you when you get to St. Louis. By the way, St.
Louis airport doesn't have a terminal M. Delta doesn't
have any non-stop flight 5651 either between JFK and
If for some reason you do make it here...I will gladly
give you a place to stay, feed you and show you the
town. But I will not send money, especially that
amount to a person that I've never met before and have
only know for a few weeks...would you? Really!

'Wont Be Fooled'
2007-10-10, 14:37:07
Eddie from Sweden  
Or you could send my new scammer-get-lost copy letter, 'Wont Be Fooled'. when you get bored of him, that is.

subject: skamerstvo

Привет (scammer name)! ... спасибо за приятное письмо и сексуальные фотографии. Действительно, ты должны быть очень специальной девочкой. Когда я вижу таше тело, я очень хочу к лысого в кулаке гонять. Тогда я хочу облизать таш сиски и таш манда. После этого ты получите мой хуй и муда в ташем рту с удовольствием. Наконец, пожалуйста встать раком и мы можем иметь блядки. Сладкая фантазия.

Однако, фантазия только! Поскольку ты не фактическая девочка, ты жулик. Tы хохол!!! И я не paedophile, кто предпочитает молодых девочек. Поэтому, пойдите отсюда и ищите честную работу, cкамерство. ёб твою мать!

subject: scam business

Hello (scammer's name)!... Thanks for the pleasant letter and the sexy photos. Really, you must be a very special girl. When I see your body, I very much want to run my bald dude through my fist. Then I wish to lick your siski and your manda. After that, you will receive my khuy and muda in your mouth with pleasure. Finally, please assume the doggy position and we can have a fuck session. Sweet imagination.

However, imagination only! As you are not an actual girl, you are a swindler. You khokhol!!! And I am not a paedophile who prefers young girls. Therefore, go from here and search for honest work, scam business. Fuck you!

All authentic Russian terminology, but sadly the cyrillic won't work on hotmail, yahoo, gmail etcetc.
2007-10-10, 20:07:14
anonymous from United States  
I have been googling olga tomilina since this morning... I got these emails too... right from the start I just notice that there is something wrong... like rushing her love or relationship.. and I know it would end up she will be asking money...

The way she writes her email, she pretends that she is naive but sounds like a pro.

This is really helpful... Thanks
2007-10-10, 20:27:56
anonymous from United States  
The emails really look so generic that she could write once and send it to many but there are parts she personalize a bit... Poor girl in the picture that the scammer used.. Im sure that is not the real scammer...

This is my last email to the scammer...

I really want to help you... I want you to get your dream which is a new life... but unfortunately, I can't help you with money for now, first, I do not send money to Western Union to people I haven't met in person. Second, I don't have much money now.

I think only people got a very trusting personality can be fooled, never trust anyone in the internet even if they sound so true. If ever you really believe on a certain person that needs a ticket to fly to your country, you can always buy them an e-ticket. Just in case they are scammers, they don't get any cash and if they don't use it then you can get your money back...
2007-10-10, 23:25:35
Eddie from Sweden  
Well of course, anonymous from United States, 80-90% of Russian dating scammers are men, mostly working in small gangs in or around Yoshkar Ola, in Mari El republic. It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in the pics aren't involved because the scammers steal pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for them, or buy and exchange them on scammer websites. They use form mails and spam programs on automatic reply, very often the BAT!, which can personalize small parts of each letter. They won't read your letters until after the money letter because they don't have time, ie because they're scamming, or trying to scam, so many can write any crap in your mails before that and they won't react, they're only interested when they want to know if you've taken the bait. The majority nowadays use proxy servers or forged IPs to hide their locations. A girl is only involved either occasionally to phone a guy up, especially when he's suspicious, or to pick up the loot at Western Union, with a false ID of course. Otherwise it's all guys.

And for any newcomers on this thread:


If several or more of the following criteria apply to your Boris (the beautiful Russian 'girl' that is supposedly writing to you), resist the temptation to help 'the poor girl' by sending her money. You're really writing to a sleazy guy sitting in a smoky room in Yoshkar Ola, Mari-El Republic, with a bunch of other sleazy guys spamming indiscriminately on laptops .

# 'girl' writes to you first on a dating site...especially a free one (or an email appears out of nowhere in your mailbox). Real Russian girls are rarely so bold as to write to you first. (unless you're obviously very attractive or rich :). Plus if they're looking for a partner, they generally prefer him to be Russian speaking and live in Russia. Much more convenient!
# girl's much too young for you (or too good to be true/looks like a model/porno star)....although I have noticed a recent tendency for some scammers to use photos of slightly 'less attractive' girls.
# girl has some far-fetched excuses for you not visiting her in Russia (criminal city, not the Russian custom, terrorism, etc). ALL BULLSHIT!! Actually, the normal way to meet a Russian girl is to visit her in her city first!
# scammers rarely have children, but most the real Russian women I've ever met on the internet did. (except for Moscow career girls)
# photos are too revealing (can't be a respectable girl). Respectability is very important to most Russian women (especially Moscow career girls).
# most of the pics are old and a little bit faded with a curiously grainy quality that soon becomes easy to recognise (overuse?). A serious girl who's looking for a partner, would save up and go to a professional to have a photo set done, and/or borrow a digicam at least (dates should also be on the photos you receive). My fiancée did it. Russian girls aren't all that poor anymore, and if they seriously want to leave Russia, they know that posting sleazy pics will only attract cheap guys.
# girl claims not to have a mobile phone. Very unlikely!!! fer f***'s you know a single girl without a mobile phone? Even poor Russian girls can't do without one, they're much cheaper than in Europe and a megafon telephone card doesn't cost that much either. You should be able to call her when you want. On the other hand, not having a landline or a computer is quite common.
# very long rambling/ecstatic form letters with a strange format, punctation and layout written in scamlish. (world's worst Babelfish copy)
# writes everyday in English (how does she have time if she's working? + most Russians outside Moscow can hardly speak a word of English). Anyway, what's the point of finding a girl if you can't communicate with her, at least on a basic level? And if she can't speak English, why does she have a non-cyrillic email account?
# doesn't answer direct questions (sometimes factual mistakes in the letter)
# falls in 'love' very quickly. Don't let your ego or loneliness pull the wool over your eyes. She doesn't know you. You could be an axe murderer for all she knows.
# uses a proxy server to hide his/her location, ie a SOCKS server / GPRS Internet. if you can't trace 'her' IP, it's 100% scam. If she uses gmail, be suspicious too cos you won't be able to trace the IP. Hotmail and yahoo are acceptable if she'll chat with you on messenger.

MOST IMPORTANT...if you get this far:
# wants money for a 'visa' and/or maybe tickets, but IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE RUSSIAN GIRL TO GET A TOURIST VISA TO A WESTERN COUNTRY! She can get a sponsored visa with your help, but then she needs a personal letter of invitation from you, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in your home country, a completed sponsor's application form (also from you)....not including the documents that she has to fill in herself. All of these she has to drop off at your national embassy in Moscow WITH PREPAID TICKETS and wait 10 working days. These are the rules for the Schengen countries...the USA and Canada are almost as complicated. Anyway, a normal tourist visa + travel costs + hotel rooms would set her back 2000+ US dollars for a trip to the US. She should be asking you for a lot of money! Why should it be so easy for a gorgeous sexy girl just to jump on a plane and fall into bed with you? Be realistic. should check your national embassy website in Moscow for visa prices and procedures.

For Schengen countries, please check this link:

There are a few scammers that are more patient and professional. There are even a few real girls scamming, and professional gold-diggers. One or two (mostly in the Ukraine) are not even afraid to use their true identities. These scammers are harder to spot.

But a ground rule is: if you are looking for a Russian wife/partner, you must be prepared to travel to Russia to meet her. And if she turns out to be a professional gold-digger, which has never happened to me personally or anyone I know, you should try to be philosophical and treat it as an exotic trip to a foreign country, have fun anyway, and try not to waste too much money on her.

There are actually hundreds of perfectly nice Russian girls in Russia but you have to be prepared to go and get them. Chercher la femme.
2007-10-11, 20:02:26
anonymous from United States  
Thank you so much. I almost fail for it. She has sent me those exact pictures. Wow she is really good.
2007-10-13, 21:06:14
anonymous from United States  
I wouldn't spend the money to buy an e-ticket....besides, most electronic tickets are non-refundable. If they show up to claim a refundable ticket with fake ID...then your out 1200.00 bucks. I traced her back to the Netherlands Eddie.
2007-10-16, 11:19:07
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture

2007-10-16, 11:21:44
anonymous from United States  
here is olga

2007-10-16, 11:46:40
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from USA 2007-10-13, 21:06:14

He's using a proxy server in Holland (or a forged IP), very easy to do. Nowadays 75% of Russian dating scammers hide their IPs this way...but that's also a scam sign for the guys who do their homework.
2007-10-17, 17:34:37
anonymous from United States  
She just made contact with tonight or should I say they. I have noticed they have been basically all useing the same intro letter. Like I am in a work program and I want to meet someone before I come to the US. And that they don't want to be alone at night in a new country. I have been recieveing this same type of letter from many different scamers. Biut I do have to say I love fucking with them. I lead them along just enuff until they think there going to get paid. I am glad this site is here. I just wish there could be some type of legal action taken against these individuals.
2007-10-23, 14:40:36
anonymous from Quakertown, United States  
2007-10-23, 15:38:21
anonymous from United States  
I have recieved two emails from different two different scamers. Both started from this email address The to intro letters are allmost exactly the same but with different photos. I was a victim this last summer from another scammer. They only got me for $500 but the same people got one guy for $4900.00. What I noticed was the intro letter was the same as mine when I got scammed this summer that I have seen on this page. Here are the three letters that I have recieved including photos. I hope this will help someone.

Hello again !
And thank you so much for your answer, that made my smile happily. (I
wish you could see me smiling+))
I was not mistaken in you I know we can communicate and enjoy it.
First of all here comes the best news : I am coming very soon!
I am so happy we will have possibility to meet shortly in real life!
But before my coming I just wanted you to know more about myself.
And you know there is so much I have to tell you.
Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Anna and I am 28 y.o.
My birthday is May 2. I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 52 kg weight. Thanks
God and nature I am lucky to have good shape.
I care about how I look like, so I visit the swimming pool several
times a week,
which makes me feel dynamic and active. As I told you before I am blond
and attractive as people say.
I will send you some photos of mine for you to have a chance to believe
your eyes not only my words.))
I really hope you will like me!!!
I live in Russia as I also said. The name of my city is Shelehovo, it's
near Irkutsk city.
Shelehovo is very small and Irkutsk is a large city,the main city in
our district.
I love may family which consists of my father who is 61 years old now,
my Mom, 49 y.o and my older siter.
You see my mom is much younger then my father and they are very happy
together. You know I also dream of finding some one so that
I could be as happy and comfortable with him as my parents are
together. Marina, my sister, is 30 years old,
she has a 2 years old son. Marina is divorced, because her husband was
an alcoholic.
We all (me, my sister, her son and my parents) live in two-rooms flat.
It is not easy as you may understand but I love my family so much and
will miss them all.
Although I want to be happy myself and eager to do everything even if
to move to another city, another country!
I finished Irkutsk Pedagogical University and always wanted to work
with little kids.
Since I finished the University I worked in the kindergarten with
I loved this kind of job but my income was so poor that I had to quit
and work as a private baby sitter with
our neighbors' children. So I can do the same abroad you see.
And have much more pluses like seeing the country, learning the
language and finding my destiny,
I really hope so! I can work as a baby sitter with very small kids
cause I also have such an experience.
I helped a lot my sister to take care of her little son.
Else I can work with older children to take them to the school and
back+ You know I am so excited that
I am coming soon and will see so much new things.
And the most important that I will see you!!! I want so much that you
would like me!!!
Do you have an International Airport in your city? Please write me
it's name an code. Or write me the name of the nearest Airport to you.
I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer.
If you want I can call you on next week, it would be nice to talk to
We don't have international calls here.
People in the Au Pair program agency told me that everything is ok with
my documents!
I suppose in few days I will go to Moscow to start my trip! I can call
you from there.
I will tell my parents about you and I am sure they will be so happy
for me! Because there is somebody
who could take care of me and help me in a foreign country.
I want you to know all about me. You see I don't have secrets from you.
There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing
each other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?
My address here is Russia, Shelehovo, Popova street, house 3 flat 15.
Now I think you will have at list a little picture of who I am and I
really hope you will like me!
What's more about myself+ To tell you the truth I'm not that smart..
I was not that good in mathematics, physics, biology and so on! I don't
like to be
smart! But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.
Sometimes I can be not well organized. But I know to love and take
I want to spend my life caring of my future husband and kids. I don't
look any special qualities in a man.
I just hope he will be faithful to me and ready to create a happy
family with me and I will do everything to make him happy.
I'm looking for a soul mate I told you! I really don't care of my man
color of skin, eyes, his age or profession.
I am afraid this time my letter is too long.
Sorry! I wanted so much to tell you! We shall meet very soon!!! Please
never hesitate to ask me questions,
but if I won`t answer some of your questions - pls feel free to ask
again, I will answer in next e-mails.
It is just not so easy and comfortable to right letters in the i-net
cafe' always so crowded and noisy!!!
I hope to hear back from you sooner!
Tender thoughts

Hello!!! Its Elena writing to you! I decided to send you more info
about me.
It is my first time I try to correspondence with man in internet world.
I do hope you will be enough patient to understand my writing.
I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I don`t have
big secrets.
The thing is that I will work abroad for three months or so and I would
like to meet a nice man to
be my guide or just be good friend to spend time with.I think that it
is hard enough to live in foreign town
without friends and also I have never been abroad. I am from so small
town here in Russia,I am afraid to be lost.
I want to see real life and it is impossible to see without
person who knows all sides of the life. It doesn`t matter what age is
he or what is his eyes
color, I just want to know that he is kind and open-hearted inside.
I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here,it
is hardly possible to explain it by the first time but I want you to
know my plans.
In Russia many young girls also want to start a new life abroad, so
many of them
used a special program 'Work and travel' for young people who wants to
work abroad.
I also decided to do so and to use it. This program just helps to
register documents and gives
suitable work in your area. I already started to register
documents and now I need to decide in which city I want to work.
I`m 26 years old and I`m not afraid of work (I will work as a dance
You know, I`m a professional dancer, I dance in group on festivals,
wedding celebrations etc.
But when I will arrive (I will travel alone) I will work as a dance
teacher (instructor), I have an international certificate.
I think it is the right way for me, I am lost here, and I think that I
look pretty enough to find a better place.
I never been abroad so I decided to find a friend abroad and make his
city to be my destination.
I want to repeat the same way,it is my only chance to change my life. I
am full of plans and different dreams.
My hair is blonde and I have grey eyes. I think I look very good, but
first of all I want to be beautiful inside.
I do hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real
life if we will meet.
Well,I will close this letter and I do hope to get your reply.
I will leave my town in a few days or so (I can't tell you everything
exactly right now) and I would like to
be sure that I have a man who waits for me there. I will work all day
and I would like to find a
man to spend all free time together to get to know each other better.
if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet
you too.
My be it sounds silly but I just don't want to be alone in the
evenings,and I want to be sure
in advance that somebody waits for me!
I think that my e-mail starts to be too long so I will tell you all
details about me and my life
that you would like to know in next e-mails! Today I send you more
You know, my mum likes to make my photos, because she thinks that I
look very good on it!
I hope we will like each other and will be able to meet!

With best regards Elena

Hello again! I'm very happy to receive an answer from you!
Thank you
so much!
I liked the pics! Thank you!
I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I'm new in internet
dating and I just don't know what can I expect and if that is possible
to have some kind of relationship in internet and then continue to
build it in the real life.
I'm not looking for any special qualities, just a good person!!!
But I really hope to create a serious relationship in my life.
And I think I'm ready for marriage.
Of course I want to have a serious relationship but at least I want to
have a friend to be not alone over there. I will come over really soon!
I will tell you everything about my trip as soon as I have all
about everything,
I'm quite superstitious to tell about everything in advance. Sometimes
when you tell everybody about your plans it never works out. So I will
write you about everything in about 2 days.
I was abroad only one time in my life, I was in Egypt last year. I
will send you some photos from there next time. My sister and her
husband presented this trip to me for my birthday last year. My
birthday is
May 21.
As I wrote you I'm 25 years old.
I have many hobbies. One of them is bowling (you can see it from my
photo I'm sending today). Also I like to sew
clothes, that dress from the last pic I made by myself. It's a lot
cheaper to sew clothes then to buy it.
As for sports I'm too lazy to go to a gym or do aerobics. I like
swimming! It helps me to be in a good shape. And sometimes I go to
aqua aerobics, I like it much more then usual aerobics! And it's very
good for women to do aqua aerobics because it helps to avoid
cellulite. So I'm in a good shape and I have very good skin ))
I'd been working as a nurse in a hospital. But this work is not well
paid here in Russia and usually nurses here work 24 hours without any
stopping. I liked my work, I like to help people but I didn't like
work conditions in our hospital so now I work at the same hospital but
on reception, I communicate with people who come here.
My height is 5.5 as I told you, I'm not sure what is my weight. You see
I'm not fat!
I live in the city near Tumen (I'm not sure how to write it in
English), it's Tumenskaya oblast. You have states over there (I think
so) and we have oblast (it's like districts). Tumen is a big city and
I live in the city called Ishim and work in Tumen. Ishim
is almost like a village but it's so close to Tumen, only several
by bus so I do all shopping and everything in Tumen.
I graduated Tumen Medicine Academy last year.
I live with my mom. My father died seven years ago from the
cancer. And maybe that's why I decided to start my medical career.
OK I don't want to speak about sad things any more.
My mom is 61 years old, my sister is 35 years old, she lives in
Ishim, she is married and has two kids a boy and a girl.
My mom lives in a wooden house. I wrote my city is like a
village and everybody who lives near us are good friends and they help
my mom so she is not alone. I'm not at home very often because I work
hard. Sometimes I work 14 hours without any stopping.
I don't have any time for private life. I want to go to your country
and to try to start a new life over there.
As I told you I will write you more about it later.
Of course I will miss my family but I asked my mom and she said she
will be happy if I start my life and create a family.
Please tell me more about your city and life over there, I think I can
come over there. Do you think it's possible to find a work as I nurse
over there? I will check it.
You can send me a postcard if you want: Russia, Ishim,
Mitkina 14. I'm not sure how long does it take to deliver it,
maybe I will already leave Russia.
OK I have to go home, I'm so tired. I have a computer at home but no
I would be happy to talk to you by phone someday, I can speak
English, although I'm so nervous to talk to you! I hope we will have
no problems in communicating!
Also I write English by myself without any dictionary.
I'm sending three pics: me in bowling center, and two of them from my
work. A woman on a pic is my sister Anna, she came to visit me at my
work. We look like each other but she is not as slim as me because she
already has two kids and her dream now is loose some weight! I think
she is still beautiful!
I like my work very much! And rules over there are not that strict as
in some office job as a secretary or something like that! Sometimes I
can even wear slippers, I like my pink slippers and they are very
Please tell me more about your work and hobbies!!!!!!!

The Fallowing Pictures are of the differnt faces the scammers are useing
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alena Gavrilova

2007-10-23, 15:39:41
anonymous from United States  

2007-10-23, 15:41:04
anonymous from United States  

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