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Dating scammer Tatyana Sedelena


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Name: Tatyana Sedelena



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2007-10-17, 20:22:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-10-18, 04:38:50
anonymous from Saint Catharines, Canada  
I'm so dissapointed. I actually thought that maybe she was sincere!!!! I Guess I'll stay with my irish spring!! LOL :)

2007-10-18, 09:15:23
Eddie from Sweden  
To any newcomers who find their way to this thread. PLEASE READ THIS!


80-90% of Russian dating scammers are men, mostly working in small gangs. It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in the pics aren't involved because the scammers steal pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for a photo shoot, or buy and exchange photo sets on scammer websites. They use form mails and spam programs on automatic reply, very often the BAT!, which can personalize small parts of each letter. They don't even read your letters until after the money letter because they don't have time, ie because they're scamming, or trying to scam, as many guys as possible at the same can write any crap in your replies before that and they won't react, they're only interested when they're curious to know if you've taken the bait.

So...if several or more of the following criteria apply to your Boris (the beautiful Russian 'girl' that is supposedly writing to you), resist the temptation to help 'the poor girl' by sending her money. You're really writing to a sleazy guy sitting in a smoky room in Yoshkar Ola, Mari-El Republic, with a bunch of other sleazy guys spamming indiscriminately on laptops.

# 'girl' writes to you first on a dating site...especially a free one (or an email appears out of nowhere in your mailbox). Real Russian girls are rarely so bold as to write to you first. (unless you're obviously very attractive or rich :). They might reply to your mails, but they rarely write first. It's the man who should do the chasing. Plus if they're looking for a partner, they generally prefer him to be Russian speaking and live in Russia. Much more convenient!
# girl's much too young for you (or too good to be true/looks like a model/porno star)....although I have noticed a recent tendency for some scammers to use photos of slightly 'less attractive' girls.
# girl has some far-fetched excuses for you not visiting her in Russia (criminal city, not the Russian custom, terrorism, it's her dream to come to your country, etc). ALL BULLSHIT!! Actually, the normal way to meet a Russian girl is to visit her in her city first!
# scammers rarely have children, but most the real Russian women I've ever met on the internet did. (except for Moscow career girls)
# photos are too revealing (can't be a respectable girl). Respectability is very important to most Russian women (especially Moscow career girls). Think with your brain!
# most of the pics are old and a little bit faded with a curiously grainy quality that soon becomes easy to recognise (overuse?). A serious girl who's looking for a partner, would save up and go to a professional to have a studio set done, and/or borrow a digicam at least (dates should also be on the photos you receive). My fiancée did it. Russian girls aren't all that poor anymore, and if they seriously want to leave Russia, they know that posting sleazy pics will only attract cheap guys.
# girl claims not to have a mobile phone. Very unlikely!!! fer f***'s you know a single girl without a mobile phone? Even poor Russian girls can't do without one, they're much cheaper than in Europe and a megafon telephone card doesn't cost that much either. You should be able to call her when you want. On the other hand, not having a landline or a desktop/laptop is very common.
# very long rambling/ecstatic form letters with a strange format, punctation and layout written in scamlish. (world's worst Babelfish copy)
# writes long letters everyday in English. How does she have time to write those long letters if she's working? (And if she doesn't have a job, how can she afford a computer + internet?) Most Russians outside Moscow can hardly speak a word of English anyway. And what's the point of finding a girl you can't communicate with, at least on a basic level? + if she can't speak English, why does she have a non-cyrillic email account?
# doesn't answer direct questions (sometimes factual mistakes in the letter)
# falls in 'love' very quickly. Don't let your ego or loneliness pull the wool over your eyes. She doesn't know you. You could be an axe murderer for all she knows. Russian TV is full of documentaries about Russian girls who have emigrated and got murdered, abandoned, etcetc.
# uses a proxy server to hide his/her location, ie a SOCKS server / GPRS Internet. if you can't trace 'her' IP, it's 100% scam. If she uses gmail, be suspicious too cos you won't be able to trace the IP. Hotmail and yahoo are acceptable if she'll chat with you on messenger.

MOST IMPORTANT...if you get this far:
# wants money for a 'visa' and/or maybe tickets, but IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE RUSSIAN GIRL TO GET A TOURIST VISA TO A WESTERN COUNTRY! She can get a sponsored visa with your help, but then she needs a personal letter of invitation from you, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in your home country, a completed sponsor's application form (also from you)....not including the documents that she has to fill in herself. All of these she has to drop off at your national embassy in Moscow WITH PREPAID TICKETS and wait 10 working days. These are the rules for the Schengen countries...the USA and Canada are almost as complicated. Anyway, a normal tourist visa + travel costs + hotel rooms would set her back 2000+ US dollars for a trip to the US. She should be asking you for a lot of money! Why should it be so easy for a gorgeous sexy girl just to jump on a plane and fall into bed with you? Be realistic. should check your national embassy website in Moscow for visa prices and procedures.

There are a few scammers that are more patient and professional. There are even a few real girls scamming, and professional gold-diggers. One or two (mostly in the Ukraine) are not even afraid to use their true identities. These scammers are harder to spot.

But a ground rule is: if you are looking for a Russian wife/partner, you must be prepared to travel to Russia to meet her. And if she turns out to be a professional gold-digger, which has never happened to me personally or anyone I know, you should try to be philosophical and treat it as an exotic trip to a foreign country, have fun anyway, and try not to waste too much money on her.

There are actually hundreds of perfectly nice Russian girls in Russia but you have to go and get them. Chercher la femme.
2008-01-15, 14:01:07
[hidden] from Russian Federation  
I am not a scammer but I use gmail. I had know idea that its impossible to trace my IP. :-) Now I will use only yahoo mail to not look like a scammer:-)
Sometimes i use PC at work (lunch time :-) of cause companies have a proxy server.
I cannt find post about african scammers. I was telling her stories but itd not enuogh for her. I saw before that very useful post and dont recall where, I would like to show it to my GF.

Thank you. Why it says on every page I saw Thanks to Eddie for writing up?
2008-01-24, 03:58:06
anonymous from United States  
Hello, Russia!

Eddie is this dude that kind of 'took over' all the Russian marriage scammer threads.
I know little else, other than he has a low opinion of Americans.
2008-01-24, 07:18:54
anonymous from United States  
Too many to mention, but I've been hit or at least attempted to be hit by about 6 different scammers. I usually have fun with them for awhile. Talk about will they still love me when they find out I have no legs and will they still be able to pleasure me without puking. I always try to get them to leave naked pics, some do most want cash first. It's a game and when I get bored I'll play awhile. Plus it the use of common sense that says some chick isn't going to start calling you tiger right off the bat and confess her undying love after 3 emails. The picture attached is Elizabeth Anymoli from Ghana supposedly. She was the best so far at trying the hardest, even had a phone number for me to call.

2008-01-24, 11:23:51
anonymous from United States  
Copy, Paste this URL for gmail in Russia - Notice the country domain ru for russia
For msn the url - Notice the country domain ru for russia
For yahoo - Notice the country domain ru for russia
For hotmail - Notice the country domain ru for russia
For Live - Notice the country domain ru for russia
For additional possibilities http://www.zemskov...l_com.html - Notice the country domain ru for russia

When you send an e-mail, the mail server domain will show the country the server is situated
A point about Proxy

Many organizations with large number of computers use proxy. Every public school in my former state was required to use a proxy, each school having 100 -200 computers. They were working on providing a district level proxy for all district. When an e-mail is sent from such organizations, at the bottom will be appended a message wherefor the user has no control. It will say report abuse to Postmaster at mail domain. In one instance an abuse was reported. The admin knew user id, but needed additional info. The proxy maintains a log of which MAC address goes to which site at what time. By cross referencing the MAC address in the DHCP Server, the user computer was traced. It turned out the user had sent angry message in foul language after having accidentally clicked on a site he never meant to be on. Since the user had not violated school policy, the admin blocked that site on the proxy.

Reputable organizations' proxies also can be traced to their OWN city, for service maintenance, help with Law Enforcement, etc. i.e., NEVER a forged / hijacked IP
When delphi users make an important post they want to follow-up, they immediately Bookmark it (Add to favorites) and e-mail the URL to themselves so they can access it anywhere they travel. Also add a suggestive phrase before the URL.

delphi (or any database for that matter) is not about remembering it is about query. On the top left search bar I use patterns to construct queries. My favorite is unusual patters like spelling / grammatical mistakes I make, so I can readily find my earlier posts.

If you started a thread, Logon to http://www.delphifa.._scams.htm and from the Edit menu keep Finding the scammer name, in case it is a common name. If it was a recently started thread, another way is to Logon to http://www.delphifa..age_scams/ and opening threads in the descending order of thread numbers.

To generalize my compatriot, http://www.delphifa..=115#57292 There is so far no separate inquiry thread, ''Is this African scamming me?''

A Recent thread for African scammer http://www.delphifa..2589.shtml and the author may not mind if you post your African scammer there, if it is not an active baiting thread.

A new thread can be started by clicking the button at the bottom of this page Add a nScammer
Quote from the above Russian Federation Post ''I saw Thanks to Eddie''
Quote from the next American Post ''he has a low opinion of Americans''

2008-01-24, 12:57:12
anonymous from Russian Federation  
1)Thank you very much once again :-)))
On 15 th of January I was really a dumb blonde here. Now I know location of most my posts and threads. Some of it I have lost forever. But its not so bad.
This one have found by accident :-))))))))))) Just saw Hello Russia. Not many my compatriots here______________________________ ______________________________________________________

2)For American 2008-01-24, 03:58:06: HELLO USA! No doubts you do:) Me too. I am pretty sure Eddie just writes sometimes with sense of homour. Americans are not so lazy. They are just much more far away (8-10hours? with tranfers as I know) from Russia when Swedes (2-3 hours?direct flight).
2008-01-24, 18:30:15   (updated: 2008-01-24, 18:43:24)
MAX from United States  
Hello Boris, glad you are enjoying this site. Question to you comrade: Do the Russian scammers also have such sites where they share entertaining stories of thier conquests? Just a couriosity question, perhaps you may respond...

I do enjoy the pictures of the many lovely young ladies and no need to thank me for the exercise I provide to the many scammers by keeping that running back and forth to collect money that will never arrive! :-))))

PS: I perfer the burnettes, maybe you will put in a good word for me and help slow down the impending bleach shortage in the FSU!

Best Wishes!
2008-01-24, 22:05:38   (updated: 2008-01-24, 22:07:31)
anonymous from Russian Federation  
You are totally wrong. I am not a Boris. And its not the matter of hair colour anymore. Its just common saying at least among my friends and collegues for people who make some funny, stupid, foolish things or cannt understand fast what is going on and some other cases... We can tell 'Turn of a blondy'. :-) I would give you my links here about my scammers but I dont feel like. I was scammed as most of people here and now I collect them and post here their names and picture when I get ones.
Try dot not generalize next time when you will see posts from Russian Federation. My country is not full of borises.
Good bye, Uncle Sam!
2008-01-24, 22:23:16
anonymous from Russian Federation  
One more, MAX: turn of blondy!
2008-01-25, 09:44:40
MAX from United States  
Russian Federation:
No insult intended for your fellow countrymen/women, the people of the Russian Federation are good and decent (with the exception of a small percentage of criminals), the same is true in my own country! However, it is a rare event on this site when a post from Russian Federation is not from a scammer. They are here to see what is being said and exploit the information found here or they stop by just to be insulting in some manner! A show of good faith would be your posting of some useful information, perhaps add some insight that those of us not living in the Russian Federation could reflect upon and learn from you, as you learn from us, this type of action builds credibility.

PS: We also have ' Blonde Moments' here!
2008-01-25, 18:40:13
MAX from United States  
Russian Federation:
No insult intended for your fellow countrymen/women, the people of the Russian Federation are good and decent (with the exception of a small percentage of criminals), the same is true in my own country! However, it is a rare event on this site when a post from Russian Federation is not from a scammer. They are here to see what is being said and exploit the information found here or they stop by to be insulting in some manner! A show of good faith would be your posting of some useful information, perhaps add some insight that those of us not living in the Russian Federation could reflect upon and learn from you, as you learn from us, this action builds credability.
PS: We also have ' Blonde Moments' here!
2008-01-25, 18:52:43
MAX from United States  
Russian Federation:
As a good contact in the Russian Federation I am sure mutually beneficial relationships could be established. There are many here, I am sure who would be happy to exchange information, who knows where that could lead...
2008-01-25, 20:28:45
OJAS from United States  
I am sure many of us read several threads but it takes time http://www.delphifa..=13#39806

However the concept of ''innocent until proven guilty'' unfortunately may not even apply in delphi. Perhaps Доверие, но проверие?

I have had my own share of misunderstandings, turned eventually into mutual respect with some delphi friends. I try to bide time by reading a few threads, as it sometimes can cause problems between guys on the same side.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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