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Dating scammer Lyudmila


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Name: Lyudmila



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2007-10-25, 05:37:01
OJAS from United States  
If there's only one addition to a thread, it may not show on the left, (minimum I have seen is 2 new comments) after it disappears from the right, replaced by later ones, it won't be readily visible.

Once in a while visit this thread to see if there's a only one post, seeking help that was missed.

2007-10-25, 18:33:23
anonymous from United States  
Email #12

From: Lost in Reverie (
Sent:Thu 10/25/07 3:54 PM
Reply-to:Lost in Reverie (


Security scan upon download Tom.jpg (184.6 KB)

Hello dear XXXXXX!!!
I think about you all the time and I hope so much we will be together
soon! I didn't tell you I write poems in Russian, I wrote a poem for
you in Russian but I couldn't write a poem in English, I tried but
it's not easy!!!! Maybe someday I will be able to do it.
That's why I found a poem in internet for you, the sense is almost the
same as in my poem in Russian.
I hope you will like this poem I found for you!

Long Distance Love

When it hurts so bad,
why does it feel so good?
I wish this all made sense,
I wish I understood.
Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,
but I can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.

You know how I feel about you,
and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
but it's so hard to do when I can't even be next to you.
Why does it gotta be so complicated?

Loving you feels so right,
but at the same time,
knowing I can't have you keeps me awake at night.
I just want this to be simple,
I just want you here with me,
to look into your eyes,
be held in your arms...then I'd truly be happy.

Right now this distance between us is out of our control,
but I'm still hoping one day soon,
I'll get what I'm wishing for.

This is the way I feel about you!!! You are so special man to me and
I'm very attracted to you!
Tom, did you read what I wrote you? I can stay at the travel agency
and wait for your call only when we arrange the exact hour when you
can call me. Maybe you can give your number to me? Work or cell?
Please try to help me to get over there, I hope we will overcome the
distance between us and try to build our relationship in the real
love! I want to make this happen so much!
By the way have you heard about the city called Sochi (it's Russian city
situated near the Black sea)? Only one months ago this city was chosen
as a place for winter Olympic games in 2014. Do you watch Olympic
games? I like to watch sports!
When I was at the travel agency last time I asked them to help me to make
this photo for you because I don't have a timer on my camera. I hope
you will like it. They in the travel agency were laughing so much
when they saw me with bunny ears!!!
I bought very sexy bunny suit and I hope you will like it!! I couldn't
pose dressed all parts of the suit in the travel agency!!!!! I hope you
understand why! So I dressed only ears and I hope you have enough
I want to dress this suit for you when I come over there.......

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Dating scammer pretty

2007-10-25, 19:06:40   (updated: 2007-10-25, 19:12:02)
Tom from United States  
Eddie from Sweden

OK!!! I wouldn't say dumb, the majority of them cover the tracks. But I have had some email me on accident from their own home computer. It's really funny how when you tell them their own name, and address how fast they stop emailing you. Now to what you said about a scammer claiming to make $5000 a month, I could believe that. There are alot of guys out there who like to feel that someone wants to be with them, or excuse me but just wants some ass and will pay, or do things to get what they want. Honestly, I hate to say it but the people who get scammed are as much to blame as the scammer's. Now granted it's wrong, and I feel bad for the one's that send them their money, but by sending them their money, they are in fact the ones keeping the scammer's around.
2007-10-26, 02:45:39
anonymous from Sweden  
Hi Tom...

I generally agree with you. Let's just say... they're not as dumb as we think, but not half as clever as they think. Sure they can make mistakes, they get careless. Most of them are very lazy. They're easy to catch out. But it can't be easy to scam dozens of guys at the same time and not mess up sometimes :D

As regards the 5 thou a month, I'm sure they can 'earn' that in a good month, but I've always wondered how they manage to get away with having that level of untaxed income in a run-down republic like Mari El? They must stand out a bit? Even my diplomats at the Russian embassy tend to agree that the Yoshkar Ola police must be on the take for them to get away with it..

Can't agree with you 100% that scam victims are equally to blame for the scam. Would you blame a rape victim because her skirt was too short? Would you say she was asking for it? I certainly think that some scam victims of the sex-tourist variety deserve it. And many scam victims are ignorant and don't do their homework. Quite a few (especially, dare I say it, in the US) still think that all Russian girls are desperate to leave Russia like they were in the Cold War, which is patently untrue.

But I nearly got scammed myself last spring, even though only 4 months earlier I had actually sponsored a real Russian girl to visit me in Stockholm for 2 weeks and I knew all the Schengen visa procedures (my first Russian girl even wrote to me first). The reason for my nearly falling for it was that, despite the sponsored trip, I was still a little naive and I'd never come across dating scams before and didn't know how they worked. After a couple of weeks when I got the money letter (for a visa that I knew she couldn't get without tickets etc as well) and I was getting suspicious, I still thought that I was writing to a real girl, albeit a female scammer. I figured...if a poor Russian girl is scamming, what's 400 bucks to me? Maybe if I sent her the money she wouldn't have to scam any more. Some of us have a generous nature, you see.

And the 'girl' actually phoned me one evening on my mobile. In the meantime, I'd done my homework and found out that 80-90% of Russian scammers are guys, working in organized gangs in and around Yoshkar Ola. I'd discovered that her supposed address was a fake, and I'd learned how to trace an IP, which was my first experience with Volgatelecom Mari El branch.

Still, it was close.
2007-10-26, 12:40:32
anonymous from United States  
This girl called herself Anastasija Ablisowa, claimed to be a nurse and was coming to us to work on a special visa. she wrote me for about 2 weeks then as she is supposibly ready to leave the special program she was in had expired and she needed money o finish her trip. She is a good talker and it sounds good at first. She can get you to fall for the whole thing and begin to like her. It is too bad that there are people out there who try to scam other people out there and put the sincere Russian woman to shame.
2007-10-26, 12:40:34
anonymous from United States  
This girl called herself Anastasija Ablisowa, claimed to be a nurse and was coming to us to work on a special visa. she wrote me for about 2 weeks then as she is supposibly ready to leave the special program she was in had expired and she needed money o finish her trip. She is a good talker and it sounds good at first. She can get you to fall for the whole thing and begin to like her. It is too bad that there are people out there who try to scam other people out there and put the sincere Russian woman to shame.
2007-10-26, 14:16:02
Tom from United States  
Anonymous from Sweden,

First off, NO I wouldn't blame a woman who was truly raped, but then their are women who will set you up, stating that you raped them, but in fact they will see what they can get out of you. So I wouldn't even compare a rape victim to a person who was scammed.
Now to you almost being scammed, you stated you almost fell for the scam because you were a little naive. People who say that are pretty much taking blame. Granted I wouln't say 100% of scam victim's are to blame, cause there are really good scammer's out there who will take the time needed to get your trust. About 90% of scammer's will never answer any, or the majority of your questions. So there, a little common sense should tell you somethings not right. The other 10% of scammer's who actually take the time, and respond to your questions are a little harder to catch on to. But by saying some people might just be being generous, or are generous is not helping the situation with these scammer's. By them giving the scammer money their only expanding the situation. Now there sending emails to thousands of guys at the same time, making huge amounts of money from the so called 'generous people'.
And yes local police, banks, and so on are in on this. It's more of a conspiracy!!! Everyone involved is dipping into the money that was received. This is why you barely ever hear of a scammer getting caught. I have had quite a few of scammer's inform me on how it works.
I myself have never been scammed, nor will be. So it's a little hard for me to relate to someone who has been. But by receiving tons of emails from scammer's, good scammer's who take the time, and the one's that don't. It's hard to understand why? Why give them your money, if you want to be generous donate to a charity, or a good cause. I'm not here to belittle someone who has been scammed, but to point out the facts, and to give my advice in hopes that someone will read it, and possibly not get scammed.
2007-10-26, 14:28:19
Tom from United States  
Email #13

I will call now!!!‏
From: Lost in Reverie (
Sent: Fri 10/26/07 2:57 PM
Reply-to: Lost in Reverie (

Hello my darling XXXX!!!
A part of you has grown in me.
And so you see,
it's you and meTogether forever and never apart,
Maybe in distance, but never in heart.
Every day before I go to bed I think about you and I imagine our first
meeting and how it will be to look in your eyes for the first time...
And then we can have a candlelight dinner together... It will be soromantic....
I wrote you I was in Gorky Park, it's the most famous park in Moscow.
Have you heard a song of Scorpions 'Wind of Change'?
I follow the MoskvaDown to Gorky ParkListening to the wind of change
An August summer nightSoldiers passing by Listening to the wind of change
The world is closing in
Did you ever thinkThat we could be so close, like brothers
The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere Blowing with the wind of change
Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away In the wind of change I think it's a wonderful song and I like it very much!!!!
Do you like it?
I hope we can meet each other soon and I can sing for you! I don't
remember if I wrote you but I can play piano and sing very well!
I would be happy to sing a song for you when we meet!!!!

2007-10-26, 14:32:25
Tom from United States  
Email #14

Re[4]: XXXXX!!!‏
From: Lost in Reverie (
Sent: Fri 10/26/07 3:01 PM
Reply-to: Lost in Reverie (

What number did you give me??????????????? I call there and I hear
men's voice talking something about rejection line. WHy????????



2007-10-26, 18:17:57
Eddie from Sweden  

Well, now you're teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. But I obviously can't disagree with most everything you've posted. There are certain conspiratorial elements afoot, especially in certain parts of Russia. But I put it down quite simply to a low standard of living and corruption.

But victims are still victims, no matter what the crime. And a victim is never to blame. To think otherwise is to think like a scammer. Plus the whole world is not the USA, thank the Lord, ie it would be almost unthinkable for a Swedish girl to accuse a guy of raping her just 'to see what they can get out of you'. You have to live here to know that.

The only assumption I can make is that you're just not an especially sympathetic person.

And trust a cool unscammable guy such as yourself to pick up on the word 'naive' and misinterpret. Of course I'm not naive in that sense. I was born in one country, grew up in a second, I've lived in 7 in all, including your own and this one for the last 17 years, I've travelled in over 30 more, including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala and North Africa, quite a few places where you need eyes in the back of your head....and never once got robbed or ripped off.

But if the first Russian girl that you corresponded with happened to be real and gorgeous and came to visit you for 2 weeks, it wouldn't be surprising if even you had your guard down after that. Then again, I doubt that a cute Russian girl would be interested in visiting you. So I will rephrase the 'naive' and say 'unprepared'.

On the other hand, it begs the question as to what exactly you're doing at Delphi in the first place, since you deny getting scammed, which is quite common among scam victims, as it happens.

Myself, I come here to post advice and information that will hopefully stop guys from losing their money to Russian scammers, whether they deserve to lose it or or not. They certainly deserve to keep their money more that a scammer deserves to steal it. And it's ironic that, somewhat like you, scammers don't differentiate between nice scam victims and fools. So despite your claim that you're 'not here to belittle someone who has been scammed', it certainly comes across as a superior attitude, especially when you post that you 'have never been scammed, nor will be'. Of course you won't, because you're prepared.

I happen to know that quite a few of the regular contributors on Delphi were originally scam victims, and I have no right whatsoever to judge them for it. Anyone can make a mistake. And at least, they're not too proud to admit it
2007-10-26, 18:48:19   (updated: 2007-10-26, 18:48:57)
Eddie from Sweden  
Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 05 July 2006 17:40


Привет 'Anna'! Пожалуйста не оскорбляйте мой интеллект.


1. Вы не читаете мои письма. Вы игнорируете мои вопросы. я пишу Вам на русском языке, но Вы не видите, потому что Вы не читаете мои письма.

Да вижу я что ты пишешь по-русски, но я веду переписку с тысячью таких как ты. Я не могу писать каждому индивидуально.

2. Вы посылаете мне скопированные письма.

Конечно. Чем ты лучше других?

3. Вы пишете мне использующий сервер по доверенности из США ....типичную уловку для интернет-жуликов. Если Вы откровенны, почему Вы скрываете ваше местоположение?

Я использую SOCKS-сервера. Обычно я пользуюсь GPRS интернетом и ты всё равно не сможешь узнать где я нахожусь. Ты сможешь увидеть только IP оператора сотовой связи.

4. Ваши фотографии очень красивы, но Вы не фактическая девочка. Возможно, Вы мужчина по имени Борис.

Ты прав, но не Борис конечно.

5. Вы профессиональный преступник, который обманывает деньги от одиноких мужчин, которые только ищут компаньона. Почему Вы делаете это? Вы слишком глупы, чтобы работать? Или слишком ленивый?

Вот только не нужно говорить о глупости. Ты сам глупец, если хочешь найти жену в интернете. Это не реально. Средняя зарплата в моём городе 150 долларов в месяц. Выбор прост - или нищета или воровство. Сейчас я зарабатываю 5000 долларов. Наша действительность не оставляет выбора. Ты можешь хоть захлебнуться в своих красивых словах о честности и благородстве, но когда хочется ЖРАТЬ мораль отступает на второй план. Я очень сомневаюсь, что ты способен понять это.

Жулик должен быть более умным чем его жертва. Но Вы являетесь слишком тупыми, чтобы быть успешным. Если бы я мог бы найти Вас, я пнул бы ваш торец.

Не тебе меня в тупости упрекать. Я переписываюсь с целой дивизией сексуально озабоченых мужиков и у каждого свои причуды. И я вполн удачен в своём деле. Радуйся, что мы ни когда не встретимся, иначе я бы засунут твою ногу тебе же в задницу или торец, как ты вырожаешься :)

Пробуйте вести себя благородно и не обманывать деньги.

Обязательно, когда-нибудь. Может быть в следующей жизни.

Greetings 'Anna'! Please do not insult my intelligence.

Scammer: agreed!

1. You don't read my letters. You ignore my questions. I write to you in Russian, but you don't see, because you do not read my letters.

Scammer: Yes I see that you write in Russian, but I correspond with many such as you. I cannot write to everyone individually.

2. You send me copied letters.

Scammer: Certainly. Then you are better than the others?

3. You write to me using server by proxy from the USA....Typical dodge for the Internet-scammer. If you are honest, why do you hide your site?

Scammer: I use a SOCKS-server. Usually I use GPRS Internet and you all cannot equally learn where I am. You can see only IP of the operator of cellular communication.

4. Your photos are very beautiful, but you are not an actual girl. Probably, you are man called Boris.

Scammer: You're right, but not Boris certainly.

5. You are a professional criminal who deceives money from lonely men who only search for the partner. Why you do it? You are too foolish to work? Or too lazy?

Scammer: Here only it is not necessary to speak about nonsense. You are a fool if you want to find a wife in the Internet. It is not real. The average salary in my city is 150 dollars in a month. The choice is simple - either poverty or larceny. Now I earn 5000 dollars. Our validity does not leave a choice. You can choke on beautiful words about honesty and nobleness but when would it be desirable TO GUZZLE morals? It leaves only the second plan. I very much doubt, that you are capable to understand it.

6. The scammer should be cleverer than its victim. But you are too stupid to be successful. If I could find you, I would kick your end face. *(didn’t know the Russian word for ass, but I do now)

Do not reproach me in your dullness. I correspond with a whole division of sexually perverted muzhiks and everyone is a fool. And I am quite successful in the business. Be pleased, that we shall not meet, differently I would will thrust your leg into your задницу or end face, as you call it :)

Try to behave nobly and to not deceive money.

Necessarily, sometime. Can be in a following life.

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re[2]: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 05 July 2006 23:09


Hahaha ... ваше письмо развлек меня. Наконец, 'честный' преступник? Но, Вы являетесь несколько патетическими также. Как все преступники, Вы имеете много оправданий .... не достаточные деньги или возможности .... неудачная жизнь ... плохая судьба ... bla bla bla. Если ваша ситуация настолько трудна, почему Вы не изменяете это? Вместо этого, Вы живете в вашей темной пещере (вероятно, Yoshkar Ola?), и Вы злоупотребляете вашей жизнью. Вы не имеете никакого уважения к Вам. Кроме того, Вы не думаете о несчастье, которое Вы вызываете вашим жертвам. Другими словами, Вы эгоцентричны.

Ты я смотрю знаток скамерства! Даже про нашу столицу знаешь
(Йошкар-Ола). Сколько раз ты посылал деньги? Два или три раза. Конечно
ты скажешь что ты очень умный и не посылал денег не разу. Я видел
таких как ты много раз. Знаток скамерства - он же, трижды опущеный ЛОХ.

Я приехал в эту страну, Швецию, 16 лет назад без денег. Теперь я имею большое количество денег. Как это возможно? Обманывая? Украв? Нет! ... то, потому что я работаю очень, и я имею таланты и ум. Я побеждаю, и Вы проигрываете.

Попробуй приехать в Россию и начать бизнес.  

Что касается обнаружения жены, Вы говорите ерунда. Мое знакомство имеет succeded, чтобы найти красивого российского компаньона. кроме того, я буду путешествовать в Россию в августе, чтобы встретить красивую, откровенную, (фактическую) девочку. Я знаю, что Вы будете чувствовать себя счастливыми для меня.

Что ж, если ты нашёл подругу в России могу поздравить. Но с твоим
склочным характером вы не имеете будущего. Ради бога не говори ей о
своём выдающемся интеллекте. Это смешно! 

Чтобы закончиться, я дам Вам немного совета. Очень легко видеть, что Вы жулик (за исключением глупых мужчин). Ваши фотографии слишком стары. Качество не хорошо. Кроме того, ваша 'девочка' похожа на игрока или звезду порно.

Я занимаюсь этим делом 7 лет и не нуждаюсь в советах. Фотографии
должны выглядеть именно так плохо. Откуда у бедной российской девочки
деньги на цифровую камеру. Хорошие фотографии вызывают много вопросов
и лишних сомнений. Так то. Фотографии должны быть потрясающими. Это
действует на 100% Красивые фотографии это 95 процентов успеха.

Найдите некоторую работу. 150 долларов, заработанных честным способом должны быть предпочтительными чем 5000 заработанный с обманом. 

А ты пробовал прожить на 150 долларов в месяц? Ты некчёмный дрочила,
будешь учить меня как жить? Люди, которые ищут женщину в интернете -
моральные уроды.

Ладно, ты меня утомил. Нужно работать! Я должен каждому из своих
пациентов подарить чуточку любви и надежды :)))))

Me: Hahaha... Your letter has entertained me. At last, an “honest”criminal? But, you're a little bit pathetic also. As all criminals, you have many justifications.... Not sufficient money or opportunities.... an unsuccessful life... bad destiny... bla bla bla. If your situation is so difficult, why you do not change it? Instead, you live in your dark cave (possibly, Yoshkar Ola?), and you abuse your life. You have no respect for yourself. Besides, you do not think of the misfortune that you cause to your victims. In other words, you are egocentric.

Scammer: In you I see the expert скамерства! Even about our capital you know
(Ioshkar Ola). How many times have you sent money? Two or three times. Certainly you will say that you are very clever and never sent money. I saw such as you many times. The expert скамерства - it, three times опущеный ЛОХ.

Me: I have arrived to this country, Sweden, 16 years ago without money. Now I have plenty of money. How is it possible? Scamming? Stealing? No!... Because I work very hard, and I have talents and a mind. I win, and you lose.

Scammer: Try to arrive in Russia and start a business.

Me: As to finding a wife, you speak nonsense. My acquaintance has succeeded in finding a beautiful Russian partner. Besides, I shall travel to Russia in August to meet a beautiful, frank, (actual) girl. I know that you will feel happy for me.

Scammer: Well, if you have found a girlfriend in Russia I can congratulate you. But with your troublemaking character you have no future. For God's sake do not speak about outstanding intelligence. It is ridiculous!

Me To end, I will give you some advice. It's very easy to see that you are a scammer (except for silly men). Your photos are too old. The quality is not good. Besides your 'girl' looks like a porno star.

Scammer: I am engaged in this business for 7 years and I do not require advice. The photos should look so bad. Whence could a poor Russian girl get money for the digital camera? Good photos cause many questions and superfluous doubts. So that. The photos should be blurred. It acts on 100 % beautiful photos these are 95 percent of success.

Find some work. 150 dollars earned the fair way is preferable to 5000 earned with a deceit.

Scammer: And you've tried to live for 150 dollars a month? You некчёмный дрочила,
You will teach me how to live? People who search for the woman on the Internet are morally ugly creatures.

All right, you have tired me. It is necessary to work! I owe to each of the patients to present чуточку to love and надеж.

MAIL 3 I accidentally deleted


Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re[4]: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 06 July 2006 08:29

Me: Кое-что заинтриговало меня. Где Вы приобретаете фотографии симпатичных девочек? Вы платите им деньги? Они сообщники? Компаньоны? Или они невинные жертвы?

Scammer: Конечно они невинные жертвы. Я например беру фотографии тут:
или тут:
Конкретно наш случай:
Все фотографии размещённые в black list принадлежат невинным жертвам. И это единственное о чём я сожалею.Ты конечно прав, что касается моего занятия. Я и без твоих нравоучений понимаю всё, но другой альтернативы нет. Я тоже могу дать тебе совет. Если хочешь встретить реальную женщину, то ищи её тут: Это самый надёжный сайт.

Скамерство - scam business.

Если твоя девушка приезжала к тебе в декабре, что же ты сидишь тут на
сайте невест? Насложилось с ней? Или ищешь запасной вариант? А она знает что ты prowl по сайтам знакомств? Может быть ты хороший человек, но основная масса интернет-женихов это моральные уроды, секс-туристы и прочий сброд. Нормальный мужчина может познакомиться с женщиной без посредников. Я думаю, что в прошлом ты посылал деньги в россию. Для простого человека ты слишком много знаешь про 'scam business'. И ум здесь не причём. Среди моих пациентов были и профессора и политики. Например я развёл на 1500 долларов мэра Мехико. Я не думаю что он глупый человек. Моё оружие это человеческая похоть, а не глупость. Животный инстинкт заставляет мужика поднимать свой толстый зад из кресла и бежать в Western Union.

Me: Something has intrigued me. Where do you get your photos? Nice girls? You pay them money? Are they accomplices? Partners? Or innocent victims?

Scammer: Certainly they're innocent victims. I for example take photos here:
http: //
Or here:
http: //
Particularly our case:
http: //
All photos placed in the black list belong to innocent victims. And this only thing that I regret. You are certainly right, as to my employment. I and without your morals understand everything, but another alternative is not present. I too can give you advice. If you wish to meet the real woman, search for her here: http: // is the most reliable website.

Скамерство - scam business.

Scammer: If your girl came to you in December, why are you here on City of brides? Насложилось with her? Or you're searching for a spare variant? And does she know that you prowl on sites of acquaintances?
2007-10-27, 13:25:44
anonymous from United States  
this girl has also used the name Lyudmila Kiselewa with the email of I have received identical letters from her dated with the same dates as posted here. I had to wonder how she was ableto geet her pictures developed so quickly and why was she wearing a coat in the warm Moscow weather. If she lives near the artic circle then she should be sweating while in Moscow.

2007-10-27, 13:30:30
anonymous from United States  
another of her Moscow pictures
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer pretty

2007-10-27, 13:38:25
anonymous from United States  
Anastasija/Lyudmila says she is getting a work visa in less than 2 weeks - it takes more than 6 months to get and needs a job offer in pocket to qualify. How can she write that she wants to see you and have a job somewhere else in America. How dumb does she think we are or does she think America is a small country like Cuba?

Have you noticed all the nursing picture are very small and out of focus so you can not identify her in the pictures.

2007-10-27, 16:10:44   (updated: 2007-10-27, 16:44:55)
Tom from United States  

You asked what am I doing here. I'm here for the same reason that you are, to help someone from not being scammed. But in order to do that, you kind of have to think like a scammer. I do agree 100% that a victim is a victim, but to what I said about a victim being to blame as well as the scammer, I still stand behind that. I don't know if you've noticed that more than half the people have been scammed more than once.
Where's the logic in that????
Now as to a superior attitude, your coming across that way when you speak of WHAT a Swedish woman would NOT do!! How can you speak for a whole race? Just because you have never heard of it happening, doesn't mean that it doesn't. Scams happen everywhere, might not be the same situation as in other parts of the world, but they do happen. See I answered a question to 'would you blame a rape victim, because her skirt was to short?' and I replied NO if it was truly a rape. Sorry to have to burst your bubble, but people lie everywhere. It's human nature, whether a big lie, or a little lie, it's still a lie. So granted the situation that I spoke of might not happen as much in one country as to another, but it still happens whether you believe it or not.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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