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Dating scammer Lyudmila


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Name: Lyudmila



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2009-05-09, 00:29:57
OJAS from United States  
2009-05-25, 08:27:57
I fell for the song and dance, She keeps her story the same. She will ask you for 950.00 And then the visa will come in to play. then she will need 2000.00. So she can come and see you. But i didn't send her the 2000.00. I wished i found this site a little sooner. What ever you do don't, don't send money.
2009-06-18, 10:10:26
anonymous from United States  
Hi guys bill here I just got the money letter yesterday and almost fell for it but I did some research and found the pics she sent on a black list. Man I feel stupid. I dont kow if I should confront her/him or not I did reply and told her I need sometime to put the transaction together I wonder If I will get a reply. What to do next?
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2009-06-18, 10:13:30
[hidden] from Cosby, United States  
Cant belive I almost fell for this I am so glad I googled the name or might have had a few drinks and off to the bank bye bye $890.00

2009-06-18, 10:20:54
BILL from Cosby, United States  
Here is the money letter almost exactly what you guys saHello dear Bill,
I have got info from agency and resend to you.I am so happy to meet you just in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just have not any words how happy I am and a little tired of so many troubles h.
Information for Olesya Iwanova

Kind regards,'Nova Tour', 142037, Moscow, Donskaya 50,
office 21. e-mail:

Please use our service. Manager: Mr. Sergey Petrenko

Flight, June 21, 2009

1. Moscow/Atlanta DL047 Flight duration: 11h 40

Delta Air Lines
12:55 Moscow (SVO), Russia , Sheremetyevo International terminal 2
16:35 Atlanta , GA (ATL), USA , Hartsfield Jackson terminal S
Change of plane required. Stop duration: 2h 41

2. Atlanta/Asheville DL5441 Flight duration: 1h 03

Delta Air Lines
19:16 Atlanta , GA (ATL), USA , Hartsfield Jackson terminal S
Asheville , NC (AVL), USA , Asheville Regional Airport

Price: foreign passport, visa, tax, consulate fee,ticket Eco.class. USD 1190.00+FlightAdult: 1190+
Taxes and fees 60.00USD Includes a service fee. Total trip cost 1,250.USD
Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to be checked in with your name and
where possible your address. Suitable baggage labels and stickers are available free of charge.
In advance of your journey. Please note the current free baggage allowance included in your ticket
price. You can find this information in the internet or via your Airline contact person. In case
you booked a special fare please note that it can be subject to restrictions. Travel Abroad: When
preparing to travel abroad for less than 5 months, it is important to ensure entry to another country.
Depending on the country to be visited and the student's nationality, it may be necessary to apply for
a visitor visa. The person must have: a valid passport or travel document, valid visa. No special
permission is needed, but it is important to have a valid passport, valid visa and all travel docume.
I repeat I am here after my visit to the consulate and to the agency I am so happy to say we will
meet in few days!!!! I am really lucky girl to meet you. Honey the thing is that I booked the nearest
possible flight but I have a little problem and I really hope you will be able to help me. You see
I never expected I will ask you for such help but I have nothing else to do. You know my mom promised
to send me money for tickets by western union as soon as I will find out prices but she was told on her
work that because of economic crisis she will receive all the money she saved from every months salary
only in a few months. So thats why she can`t send me all the sum for tickets now and she was able to
send only 200$ I have got it today. I can`t delay my flight because all my documents are arranged on exact
dates. I wanted to ask you to help me to pay for my tickets directly but I was told in travel agency
I can't use your help or ask you about sending me tickets or ordering electronic ones because I have a
permission to use the help of the travel agency only. Your see its business of travel agency to arrange
all travel things for my trip, such is the law. If I will not buy the ticket by myself, I won`t be able
to use my work visa so you can`t send me tickets. I`m sure my mom will help me but she needs more time
and I can`t wait so long because I need to buy tickets till Saturday. I was in the bank to try to ask
them a loan but they said I need to have registration in Moscow to get a loan from their bank and I don't
have it! I know I`m asking you for very big but maybe it will be possible for you to help me. You are my
last hope and I have nothing else to do. If I will not buy tickets my visa will be canceled and it will be
forbidden for me to apply for visa again for next 8 months. I have only about 200 dollars that I expected
to take with me for the first time and plus 200$ mom sent so if you will help me with 890$ I will have
enough to buy tickets and have some extra money for travel needs. I know its a big sum of money for you,
but please try to help me and I promise I will return you money back after my first salary or as soon
as my mom will send it, as she promised. I will cross my fingers hoping for your help because I want to
meet you so much!!!!! I will be waiting for your answer!!!I will be here in late evening and please don't
worry if I can't answer immedeatelly I have too much to do. Please make a transfer by western union or Money
Gram, I have got transfer from mom and have all the info for it and it was so easy to get.
Only show my passport. You should know my rent address here is Mozhaiskii Val 54, Moscow, Russia, 112341.
Remember my full name is Olesya - (first name) Iwanova - (last name, its the right writing in transliteration
from russian, I was told it by manager in travel agency). and you should put it on western union
list and you can choose any bank in moscow, so I can pick up the money at any bank of moscow.
The address of the closest Western Union and Money Gram here is METROBANK, MOZHAISKII VAL 8B,
Moscow, 121151, tel: +7-495-7306700 it will be safe to use their transfer because I need to have passport
to receive it! And please after you complete transfer write me the number of the transfer!!!
I`m so sorry I asked you for such help, but you see you are my last hope and now my only wish is to meet you.
I want to start a new life and I`m sure we can spend so many happy days together!
Please try to help me with rest 890 and I will fly to you and in one month I will return you money back!!
P.S. I am not sure I should tell this but I want to let you know if you don't like me when I come I will not bother
you and it is only your choice to spend time with me or not. I know you may be too busy or just meet different woman
but in any case I will return the money back. I will have a room for rent if I want, a job and I want to say please
don't worry I don't want to use you just to reach my goal. I am sure when we meet we will have no regrets about it,
I promise. I dream about our first meeting..............I think everything depends on you!
Please, honey, don't leave me alone I've done so much to start this trip and I don't want to give up. Olesya

2009-06-18, 10:27:42
[hidden] from United States  
I cant belive people actually get away with this. Man if I tried something like that I would be locked up and forgotten. Must saay pictures are very pretty. Red flags started going up when the photos were different from one another not the same girl had to ping pong back and forth several times to make sure. But the cheek bones dont lie close but no cigar said something not right here duhh

2009-06-18, 10:33:20
anonymous from United States  
Bill USA I wonder when the next letter will ocome if a tall
2009-06-19, 16:08:33
anonymous from Westerville, United States  
2009-06-19, 16:09:43
anonymous from United States  

2009-06-19, 16:11:08
anonymous from United States  
2009-06-19, 16:11:36
anonymous from United States  

2009-06-19, 16:12:05
anonymous from United States  
2009-06-19, 16:12:30
anonymous from United States  

2009-06-19, 16:12:56
anonymous from United States  

2009-06-19, 16:13:32
anonymous from United States  
Alla naked
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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