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Dating scammer Lyudmila


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2007-10-27, 16:10:44   (updated: 2007-10-27, 16:44:55)
Tom from United States  

You asked what am I doing here. I'm here for the same reason that you are, to help someone from not being scammed. But in order to do that, you kind of have to think like a scammer. I do agree 100% that a victim is a victim, but to what I said about a victim being to blame as well as the scammer, I still stand behind that. I don't know if you've noticed that more than half the people have been scammed more than once.
Where's the logic in that????
Now as to a superior attitude, your coming across that way when you speak of WHAT a Swedish woman would NOT do!! How can you speak for a whole race? Just because you have never heard of it happening, doesn't mean that it doesn't. Scams happen everywhere, might not be the same situation as in other parts of the world, but they do happen. See I answered a question to 'would you blame a rape victim, because her skirt was to short?' and I replied NO if it was truly a rape. Sorry to have to burst your bubble, but people lie everywhere. It's human nature, whether a big lie, or a little lie, it's still a lie. So granted the situation that I spoke of might not happen as much in one country as to another, but it still happens whether you believe it or not.
2007-10-27, 17:36:43   (updated: 2007-10-27, 17:38:38)
OJAS from United States  
Tom, Eddie

Both you guys need to calm down. There's no question of ego involvement, ''who knows better to disseminate information to help newbies''

You both, and most of US here are on the SAME SIDE!

You guys need to extend a handshake across the Atlantic.

We have a common battle ahead of us, let not a civil war take away our valuable energy.

For the record, Tom, I'll be open and say this:
I mistook one of Eddie's post for scammer-friendly, and immediately challenged him. I wanted to offer myself as a decoy, and while engaging me, will take away part of his energy, and I could bide time for my homework.

He in turn suspected me for a scammer as he not only may, but also must! Some heated exchange confused everyone despite our language at a civil level.

The whole thing was unnecessary. It happened a few weeks later between two other of US, again on the SAME SIDE

It's really irrelevent who started it all, who has scored points, etc.

2007-10-28, 04:19:05   (updated: 2007-10-28, 04:20:56)
Eddie from Sweden need to play the peacemaker. One of the benefits of an open forum is that it encourages discussions of all kinds. I have previously had similar healthy discussions with other people on this forum, including yourself. This is not a kindergarden site, we don't have to agree about everything. Of course, we're still 'on the same side'!

Tom...a quick point about Swedish rape victims, I'll excuse you for misquoting me, I said 'almost unheard of'....and btw Swedish is a nationality not a race.

You'd have to appreciate the political climate and culture of this country to understand why false accusations of rape are almost unheard of. Sweden is a very equalitarian (feminist) country currently waging a socio-political war against violence towards women, including rape. Did you know that Sweden is virtually the only country in the world where johns are illegal but not hookers?

False accusations of rape would undermine the sisterhood and their struggle, because it's obviously important that they can maintain the moral high ground. In other words, a false rape victim is more of a pariah here than the rapist himself, which is why it's unlikely to happen if you've been raised in this climate. Plus it's difficult to see what a woman in Sweden would gain from falsely accusing a man of raping her.

In the USA, I guess it's a different story. Anything goes, right? Some people are ruled by the mighty buck, others may have a hidden agenda. But what I was trying to say in my post is that you can't make assumptions about the cultural and ethical values of another country solely based on your own.

Otherwise, I agree that it's difficult to feel sympathy for someone who lets themselves get scammed more than once!.... But I'm not kidding you, I've never come across it in 2 years of baiting. Certainly, nobody on this site has lost money more than once, although a few people take a while to cotton on to how the scammers operate.

I can also see your point about 'thinking like a scammer', though I prefer to 'imagine what a scammer might be thinking'. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to end up with a jaded, cynical attitude. I was once on a scammer website and saw how some of them were justifying their criminal activities.

....'Americans deserve to get scammed'!!! ...apparently because the USA ripped off Russia at the end of the cold war?.... apparently because you all have money to spare? and people 'who look for a wife on the internet are morally reprehensible creatures'? etcetc.

In the meantime, I found myself a real Russian girl and she had her residency interview at the Swedish embassy in Moscow 3 weeks ago. I wouldn't have succeeded if i didn't have a generous nature.
2007-10-28, 06:12:17 from Austria  
I would like you to know.
My name is Andreas, and I am 39 years old and lives in Bad Radkersburg, Austria.
I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 184 cm tall, 75 kg and had enough of being alone. For me, a loving relationships and feelings is very important. Bin unmarried and had no children.

It is important that you know that I have since my birth hörbehindert bin.
Write to me always. If my family is with me, they look to me so that I can read their lips.

I have two sisters and four nephews. What is especially important to me, I have a very good relationship with my sisters.

Bin professional lab technicians and work in Graz. I drive every day between Bad Radkersburg and Graz back and forth that is a total of 150 km. I make different tests in the laboratory. Research projects do I particularly enjoy although sometimes very exhausting.

In my free time I like sports mountain biking, swimming, jogging and skiing.

I would be very pleased if you with me meldest.

Kindest regards,
Andreas from Austria

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lyudmila

2007-10-28, 08:20:29
anonymous from Germany  
In german cause he used a translator (that did not work):

Andreas, das hier ist der letzte Ort, um eine Frau kennen zu lernen. Alle Frauen, die du hier siehst, sind nicht real sondern lediglich Fotos, die von Betrügern benutzt werden!
Wenn du noch Fragen hast, melde dich auf dem 'deutschen Thread':


2007-10-28, 08:57:58   (updated: 2007-10-28, 09:00:01)
OJAS from United States  
My stance:
We are not here to agree with anyone on anything so peace reigns - (e.g. Eddie's disregard for postal code usage Vs. my INSISTANCE we demand it from scammers to aid google query on postal code)
Healthy disagreemets are bound to surface and language doesn't degenerate solely for want of supporting arguments
Peace-making for the sake of being seen as a diplomat? Not in this instance, my amplification on it.
1) Scammers don't deserve civil-approach treatment
2) Whether in West Point or Sandhurst, the first day, one is told Mission, Unit, Individual come in that respective order of importance
3) Mission @ hand - Make life harder for scammers; Unit - us all on the same side; Individual - As for me I only care for respect from those I myself respect - I don't give a **** what a scammer thinks of me other than if I feel he fears me.
4) ''To catch a thief you set a thief'' approach was successfully tested by the British in Malaysia. Today there are execercise teams in various intelligence organiztions, one of them actually thinking, and playing the role of terrorists; At the end of the day, both teams share the same table in the same mess (double entendre intended)
2007-10-28, 13:07:48
OJAS from United States  
1) Tom - here's an example of a returning victim you mention. He is a different victim of my scammer Elena Solodovnikova


2) My physics professor, who should know something about center of gravity, has fallen down the same stairs several times

Who am I to judge them, harshly or otherwise?

I instictively respond with compassion to victim / injured whether one-off or repeat.

Some people may be born in a privileged environment, never allowed to err. Yet no-one claims to be born with googling instict. It is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR, one way or another
2007-10-28, 19:40:44   (updated: 2007-10-28, 19:42:18)
Tom from Chicago, United States  

First off, Like you stated 'almost unheard of' meaning it STILL happens. But now on to you, don't try to correct someone without acknowledging all the definitions of a word, such as RACE. Race can also be defined as, 'A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: such as the Swedish race.'
Also let me clarify something, I have never said, nor stated that a false accusation of a rape happens as much in one country as to another. So to bring me back to the point at hand, false accusations, and scams happen everywhere despite one's location, ethnicity/nationality/race, or however you may want to call it! I don't undermine anyone's cultural, and ethical value's despite the assumption that you have made of myself, assuming that I was basing my answer merely upon the actions that might happen in my country, as opposed to mankind....
So with that said, I agree Ojas,and Eddie that we're all here for the same reason. Not to pass judgement on one another, nor to correct the way one write's, and uses their vocabulary. The main focus here is to help, and also stop others from becoming scam victim's.
2007-10-28, 20:26:28
Skeet from United States  
I see something's haven't changed! One reason you guy's haven't heard from me in awhile!
2007-10-29, 07:29:16
anonymous from United States  
Whoever this person is, they are trying scam me right now. I recieved most of the same pics that are posted minus the naked one..I guess I should string them along until one is sent maybe I'll get a different one and I can post that one up did send me some of this woman in Egypt next to the sphynx. She states in her e-mails she is a nurse and won a competition to go to Egypt.

Here is a pasted copy of one of the e-mails she sent me.

Hi! This is me again!!! My short name is Lida! If you want you can
call me Lida.
Sorry I didn't know what to write you last time I was not sure what to
write because I don't have any experience in writing to someone in
internet and this is very new for me!
I told my sister about you yesterday! She said I should be cautious
because there are a lot of crazy men in internet! I hope you are not
one of them!
I would be happy to talk to you by phone someday soon when I feel
ready to do it!!!!!!!!! Maybe on weekend?
My main hobby is a practice of kundalini yoga. Kundalini Yoga
on psychic centers or chakras in the body in order to generate a
power, which is known as kundalini energy (kundalini energy is a
sexual energy). It helps to make a sexual energy stronger and make
sexual life more emotional and fulfill it with many interesting
I can show you some yoga poses when I come over there, what do you
Please tell me more about your hobbies!!!!!
I don't have much free time to have many hobbies. Also I like to read
books, listen to the music and go to the cinema sometimes. My favorite
actor is Johnny Depp and my favorite actress is Eva Green. I don't
have a favorite movie, I like all movies with my favorite actors!
As I wrote you I'm 26. I don't smoke. I drink socially. I don't have
any kids although I like kids, I've been working in Children's
hospital, tomorrow will be the last day of my work.
I live in the city called Talnakh. Talnakh is a city in
Krasnoyarskiy Krai, Russia.
I think I didn't write you I'm a nurse. And I'm going to get a special
work visa for nurses and come to your country and work there for at
least 6 months!!!
I like my job so much!!!!! I like to help people!
I'm not sure for what kind of relationship I'm looking for, I'm open
to anything and I can't look in your eyes now and touch your hand,
it's not easy to communicate by writing emails only! Although I feel
something special about you. I hope so much we will meet each other
not later then in 2 weeks. Now I write to you only.
All of my emails I write by myself, I'd been learning English in
school and then at the Academy (I graduated Krasnoyarsk State Medical
Academy), I continue to teach some professional terms. Sorry I don't
have much free time last days, I'm making all arrangements of my trip
and please forgive me if I can't comment everything or write all I
want to write!!!!
I guess we have time difference and I want to calculate it! Please let
me know exactly the name of your city, I found a site in internet
about timezones and I will try to calculate it. As I told you my city
called Talnakh.
Oh almost forgot to write you! My birthday is July 30, I'm a Leo!!!
Do you believe in horoscopes?
I live with my father and sister. My sister is 17, my father is 68.
My mother is not alive she died from pneumonia two years ago. She was
47 years old, much younger then my father.
I won a trip to Egypt this summer, I took a part in the regional
competition (I'm not sure how to express it in English) of nurses and
won the first place!!!!! I was so happy! I didn't expect it!!!! While
I was in Egypt I though how lucky I am and I think if I was able to
won the first place maybe I can reach more in my life and I decided to
find a work in another country, more well paid then in my city... In
Russia nurses earn not good money.
I'm sending more pics this time! One pic is me at work plus one pic is
me at the nurses competition (I'm sorry the quality is not good, I'm
the right one) and another
pics were taken in Egypt. Almost all doctors at my work are the men,
not women but I never had any close or intimate relationship with them
because I never mix my work and my private life.
I have to go now and finish to write my resume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
will write more later!!! I can't wait till I come to you!

Lidiya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. This is a copy of some part of my resume. Could you please spend 3
minutes and
read it maybe you can tell me if I made any mistakes! I'm trying to
learn all professional terms but it's not that easy!!! I will be very
thankful to you if you take a look at my resume!

City: Talnakh
State/Province: Krasnoyarskiy Krai.
Zip/Postal Code: 663842
Country: Russia
Languages Spoken: Russian, English fluently.
Country of citizenship: I am a Russian citizen
Occupation: LVN/LPN

Specialty: Adult, Ambulatory Care Nursing, Burn,
Call Center, Cardiac Care, Charge Nurse, Chemical Dependency,
Children's Care, Critical Care, Diabetes, Emergency Room, Family
Float Nurse, Gastroenterology Nursing,
Head Nurse, Home Health, HomeCare, Hospice Nursing,
Hospital, Intensive Care, Licensed Practical Nurse,
Long Term Care, LPN/LVN, Newborn/Nursery, Outpatient, Pediatrics,
Primary Care, Private Duty, Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance
Nursing, Recovery,
Rehabilitation Nursing, Respiratory, Skilled Nursing, Staff
Development, Trauma,
Urgent Care, Womans Health, Wound Care
Graduation date: May 2001.
Degree/Diploma Held: LPN/LVN. Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy.
Estimated start date: 2 weeks
Desired Work Status: Full-Time, Permanent, Part-Time.
Are you willing to relocate for right position? Yes

Seeking an awarding position as a Licensed Practical Nurse

Human resource management
Key problem solver
Counselor and source of information to personnel
Payroll certification and delivery
Prepares correspondence
Maintains files and administrative records
Performs diagnostic testing, and clinical lab tests
Administers immunizations
Emergency Medical Technician
Pediatric Medical Assistance care


Pediatric intensive care nurse 1999-2001
The Central Regional Hospital of Norilsk

Licensed pediatric intensive care nurse 2001-2003
Norilsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Licensed pediatric intensive care nurse 2003-2004
The Central Regional Hospital of Talnakh.

Licensed pediatric intensive care nurse 2004-October,2007
Talnakh Regional Children's Hospital
2007-10-29, 09:49:51
anonymous from United States  
Just read your 'Interview with a Scammer' comments....Wow, loved it! I have had a couple that have done similar, I believe their ego's make them want to tell thier story, to justify their criminal actions, laugh at us and tell us of our stupidity. I especially liked how he told of the technology he uses to hide behind and how he steals pictures....things we already know. Technology will again change and these SOB's will be exposed. For now though, it is lucrative for the scammers to continue and they will! He was right about one thing, if they can make 5 x the average wage then why should they work an honest job? I think his $5000 per month number is a bit inflated especially after others get their cut if it is an organized operation.
2007-10-29, 13:44:41   (updated: 2007-10-29, 13:57:13)
Eddie from Sweden  

Semantics apart, wishy washy definitions won't cut it. It's amazing how words can be misused so much that they lose their original meaning. I could have actually accepted you classifying Scandinavians as a 'race'.

'we're all here for the same reason. Not to pass judgement on one another'. And I do believe that was the point I was making in the first place. Ergo, I'm glad we can agree on something. We're here to help, not to patronize scam victims.


glad you enjoyed it ;D ....'Anna's' mails were certainly an eye opener. He gave away a lot, I can tell you....even the Russian word for scamming. And he was most definitely arrogant. But that's a sort of speciality of mine, winding up arrogant people. LOL.

As for his claimed earnings, I totally agree that they're inflated. He could probably 'earn' 5000 bucks in a good month. Ironically, in mail no. 3 I actually got him to admit that his lifestyle sucked and that he felt bad about scamming innocent guys (as well as exploiting the pics of innocent girls). Sadly, I've somehow deleted that mail. But that's the thing about arrogant people, scratch the surface and you'll find an insecure loser compensating for something.

Another thing I learned about Russian scammers, if you insult them and chastise them in Russian, they often respond in kind....if only to tell you to 'idi na khuy'.

If scammers have replied to your taunts, why didn't you keep the mails and post them here? Would have made interesting reading.

Skeet...can't imagine what you're talking about.
2007-10-29, 18:12:47
Doug from United States  
Ms thang has no scruples or any imagination, I have seen the same letters with just a change in words. She/he/it sent me the same letters. I turned down the money letter and she stopped writing. I wrote another letter and said maybe and got another one with a lower amt and the bunny picture. I sais that I would send the money to a bank or to the travel agent directly with no reply from her/him/it.
It is a shame that whomever this is, is using the pictures of this gorgous young lady and possibly hurting her. I got all her pics, including the nude one, eccept the one overlooking the mall in moscow before communication was lost.
2007-10-29, 19:27:02
anonymous from United States  
This ( girl-guy) Ana is now using the email address I have been lucky in the fact that out of the three times I have had scammers try me I haven't had money. I don't think I would have trusted them anyway. This is a mid level scammer. Moves to fast to the (caring stage) he-she actually tried to negotiate with me by lowering the amount of money they were asking for can you figure this one out. I have met lots of REAL russian women and there husbands and would love to be able to find one for me they seem to be better hearted than most the women I meet here in the usa who knows.. Well keep up the good work and I will keep my eye out for more scammers and post them as I find them. Going to play around with this one a little while first.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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