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Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova


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Name: Anna Petrovna Sotova


Komi region
Lermontova st.
Bld #7,apt #10

Other Comments:
Hi Michael!

How are you today? How is the weather there? I hope everything is ok!
I'm feeling well. I feel myself completely recovered. I want to thank
my friends. They helped to overcome the illness. My friends visited
me yesterday and I was very glad to see them. We did prepare chicken
fry with potatoes. It was delicious. They actually didn't stay till
late, because of my illness. All in all it was a very pleasant evening.

By the way they granted me some flowers. It was sky blue peonies. As
I wrote you before these are my favourite flowers and my favourite
colour. You should remember that Michael.
I talked to my agent and she told me that all of my papers are ready.
My visa is ready too and it is waiting for me in the main office of
my agency in Moscow. I'll fly out from Moscow and I'll pick up my visit

from my agency en route to the airport. I also talked with her about
the job they found for me. My agent said that I'll have a different
salary from one year to another. My salary for the first year will be
$40 000 USD, and $50 000 USD for the second year. Next 3 year salary
could be raised more, maybe it will not happened, but it will not down
under $50 000 USD. It's for sure. Michael, can you tell me if this
amount of money will be enough for me to live in your area? Let me
I think I will be able to afford a place of my own right away (I mean a

rent), but I'm not sure if I will be able to afford a car. Should I buy

a used car or I can expect that I can buy a new one? What do you think?

What are the prices for the used cars and for the new cars?
I was told that I'll get an advance as soon as I come to NYC. It will
be $5000 USD, which I'll have to return in six months. I believe that
is not a great amount of money, so I'll be very careful with them. I'm
going to reserve a ticket by Thursday or by Friday, not sure right now.

I wanted to make it tomorrow but I've got some affairs which I have to
finish right away. I'll let you know my flight schedule soon.
I watched a TV set lately and there was a programme about the NASCAR
racing championship.
I see it's a very popular sport event in the states. I find it
too. I'd like to visit the race sometime. Is it possible? Is it
I want to give you my address just in case. Here it is:
Country: Russia
Region: Komi region
Town: Lach
Lermontova street, building # 7, apt. # 10
But, please, do not send anything through regular mail. I want you to
know that our mail service is very bad. It is very slow and the cards
or packages could be lost or even stolen! There a lot such incidents
That is why I want to warn you from sending anything through our mail
service. I gave you my address to show you that I trust you enough
I want you to know that I started to feel some kind of affection
you Michael. I miss you letters when I have no possibility to check my
mailbox and to read them. It is very strange. I do not know how to
it. Well, it is late and I have to quit here. I've attached a picture
you. The quality is not very good, but I hope you will like it. I'll
to prepare a new picture for you tomorrow.
I'll wait for your reply Michael!
Your Russian friend Anna

Hi my faraway friend Michael!
It is 4:00 pm in Lach, Thursday. We've got a thaw today and the snow
has melted away. Everything has become gray and gloomy. My mood is on
the zero. In fact, I've got a flue or something like this. I feel
myself terrible. I think I have to see my doctor today. That is why
I'll be short today, ok? I hope you are well Michael and didn't get
sick. It's a horrible feeling.
I talked to my agent today and she said that I have to reserve a ticket

by next week. She said that my visa and other documents will be ready
in a week, so I can start to pack my baggage! I was also told that I'll

have to spend 2 or 3 days in NYC before I'll head to my place of
It will be needed to arrange some formalities and to sign a contract
with the employer. My agent said that I'll be met in the airport. Those

people will help me to reach the office in NYC. All in all I think I'll

come to NYC in a 2 week. It is really close from now. I'm getting
and nervous at the same time. I so used to have my mother somewhere
to me, that it will be very difficult for me to leave her here in Lach.

I'll try to take her to America in the future when I'll get a
I'll think how to arrange it.
Michael, I wonder what places I should visit in America. I've heard of
Niagara Falls, Las Vegas and Hollywood. Maybe there is something else?
Let me know. I very like to travel and to see new places.
I can't remember if I ever asked you about your horoscope's sign. As I
wrote you before I was born 23.12.1978 which makes me Capricorn. Do you

actually believe in horoscope? As for me I do. I find it fun.
I went today to our local connection center and asked if there is any
way you could call me from overseas. I want you to know that I have a
phone but it has a local number only. It means that I can make
calls if they are local only. Do you understand it? I hope. So I think
I'll call you when I come to NYC it will be ok.
Michael, from each letter I feel that I'm getting closer to you. Do you
the same? I feel some kind of connection. I can't explain it right now,

but I like it.
I've attached a new pic of me today. It was taken a year ago by my
Katerina, as usual. She is my best friend. She is feeling well after
car accident by the way.
Well, my doctor is waiting for me. I have to go. I hope that I'll feel
better tomorrow!
Be healthy!
Your Russian friend Anna

Hello my friend Michael!
I am very happy to see that you wrote me! I was not able to check my
mailbox during the weekend, and I must admit I started to miss you
Indeed I'm feeling much better today. It was a terrible weekend for me.

My doctor said that I have to stay at home and do not leave my bed. I
a high temperature and a cough. I'm still feeling myself ill but much
better than during the weekend. I feel that I'm recovering Michael.
A medicine became quite expensive here since the USSR did fall to
I remember the times when everything was for free. It sounds like a
tale now. I have to pay 500 rubles ($20 USD) every time when I see my
I'm not sure if it is too many for America, but it is quite expensive
Russia. I wonder how much does it cost to see a doctor in America. Let
Michael, I want to ask you could you find out what the average
salary in America is. It is very interesting for me to know, especially
your area.
As I wrote you before I was going to reserve a ticket by this week. I
that I'll it by Wednesday or Thursday. As soon as I reserve a ticket
let you know the exact date of my coming! I also will have to pay some
to my agency; because they helped me to find a place to work and helped
the papers. I'm very nervous about my coming to America. I think that I

caught flu because of my agitated condition. It is so good to have
which could hold you on in a hard time. Some of my friends will visit
me today
in the evening. They will help me to clean up my apartment and will
help me
to cook my favourite dish - chicken fry with potatoes. I'm very good at
and maybe someday soon you'll check it out! I like flowers very much
and I
hope that some of friends will tumble to bring me some flowers. I like
asters and peonies. Do you ever heard of peonies? I bet you do not, but
it is
a very popular flower here in Russia.
Did I ever tell you my last name Michael? I guess I never did. Well, my
name is Sotova.
My full name is Anna Petrovna Sotova. So you know now.
Michael, I think we could be a good match. I do not want to push you
and I'm
not in a rush either. Please get me right. I have to say that I
definitely want
to meet you face to face, to talk to you one on one. Only time will
tell if we
are a match, but I'm happy that I have a friend like you are Michael.
I'll stop here. I feel myself tired a little bit, I need some rest.
I'll write
to you tomorrow and will send you a new pic.
Your Russian friend Anna

Hi Michael!
How are you? How is the weather there today? I hope that much better
than here
in Lach. We've got a first snow this morning! It was really beautiful!
was white. I've got up very early today and what I've seen I could name
'The white
I went to my agency this morning and I was told that they could suggest
me some
job's options in your area. That's real great! So I can definitely say
that I'll
come to your area. I don't know how close I'll work/live to you, but I
think it
will not be a problem, right?! I can not say the names of the companies
and if they
have web-sites right now. But I can say that I really wonder myself. My
agent told me that
she couldn't advise what company to choose. She said that I can make my
choice at
New York office. There are some people there who can advise me what
company to choose.
I consider that it is reasonable and I think that I should make my
choice in the
States. Michael, do you know what will be the first thing I'll do when
I come to
NYC? I'm going to call you! I want to hear your voice very much
Michael. I'm still
looking for a chance to call you from Lach but it appears quite
complicated and
expensive. I hope you understand it Michael, and will not be upset.
I don't remember if I ever told you about my town. Maybe it will be
interesting for
you. The name of my town is Lach. It's a small town and the closest big
city is Ukhta.
The population of my town is about 25 thousands of people. My town is
located in Komi
region; it is not far from Siberia so the weather is very rigid here
too. Lach is a
very green town in the summer and very white in the winter! Every
winter we get a lot
of snow. There are some cinemas in Lach, we even have a theatre. The
streets here are
narrow, but it creates some kind of cosiness. I like it. I love my
town, but it's time
for me to leave it. Maybe I'll back someday, who knows. I think the
hardest thing for
me will be to part with my friends and relatives. I used to spend a lot
of free time
with them, I'll miss them. I'll also miss for my apartment. It is
actually not big (It
consists of 2 rooms), but very cozy. My apartment consists of bathroom,
dining room,
hall, lobby and bedroom. I wanted to make a new design for it but it is
not actual for
me now. What can you tell about your surroundings Michael? I'd like
to know.
I must admit that sometimes I feel myself really confused because many
of the questions
you asked I already answered in my previous letters. I don't know how
to check it but
I'm wondering if you received all of my letters. It is a strange
situation. Maybe some
letters didn't get to your mailbox right away? I do not know why that
I've attached a new pic for you today. My friend Katerina did shoot me
last spring. You
probably admitted that I look different in my photos?! I actually like
to look different.
In fact, I'm not a natural blonde. I like to colour my hair. I hope
it's not an issue
for you Michael? I tried some colours but I think that the blonde hair
is the best choice
for me. Don't you think so?
Ok, it's getting late here. I have to close now. I'll write you
tomorrow Michael. It is
so good that I have so much free time this week so I can write you
everyday. I hope you
don't mind that I write so often.
Your Russian friend Anna

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2007-12-03, 06:02:13
JR from Vienna, United States  

Your right when you said 'There are an unusually high proportion of assholes on this thread.' I assume you were looking in the mirror when you made that comment.

It doesn't really do much good to apoligize for making rude/uncalled for comments when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and just how would you know that you are the only one that speaks Russian?

Maybe you need to get out of your Mommies basement once in awhile!

2007-12-03, 08:42:18
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-03, 08:47:23   (updated: 2007-12-03, 08:51:56)
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from Canada

yet another anonymous? can't be 'Billy' from Canada, because he agrees with me. If you knew me at all, you'd know I don't have 'an inflated ego''re welcome to ask OJAS, Drod, Dirk, Pierre and any of the other veterans.

Anybody who posts 'what do we owe europeans anyway?' and other opinionated bile (anonymously) is an asshole. And an ignorant, counterproductive asshole at that. I fail to see how comments like this 'are helping us to bust the scammers'.

It wasn't your post, so I wouldn't take it personally. As a veteran on this site, I am certainly qualified to judge assholes when they post, and this thread has more than its fair share.

I (we) and the rest of the contributors on this forum certainly appreciate constructive input in the cause of informing against scammers and preventing scam victims from sending money that they don't deserve to lose. The rest is irrelevant.

Ironic that on most of the other threads that are not exclusively North American, there is a much friendlier, less judgemental and more co-operative attitude.

JR from Venice (judgemental redneck?)...I wasn't apologizing to you, asshole. I was posting a mutual apology to JeffG. He at least has a few brain cells to rub together. Why don't you read the threads properly?...I'm assuming that you can read in the first place. My comments are never 'uncalled for.' And if you can speak any other language than English, and possibly Spanish, then I'm a banana.

Try helping a few people on this forum instead of posting childish retorts in substandard English.
2007-12-03, 08:52:10
MAX from United States  
Eddie is certainly not the only person who speakes Russian! He is simply one of the few (if not the only) person on this site who has exhibited this particular skill. He has provided translation of Russian for us here, as well as given us some very unique Russian phrases to use with our beloved scammers.
Actually, Eddie has taken a lead role here in the forum. His efforts have save many potential victims thier money and helped victims of scammers understand what has happened to them, allowing them move on in life. This is all documented within the threads of this forum.
By working together with each of our unique skill sets, we can have more of an impact against these vile scammers. Actually, I am interested to see just what some of us can come up with to disrupt the workings of the scammer.
2007-12-03, 09:32:36
OJAS from United States  
Was that his response to your mild gentlemanly rebuke? Can you post X-Originating IP and X-Mailer of his latest? We are fortunate some techies are on this thread

PS - My gender choice for your scammer ''Anna'' is conscious. In reaction to my first line in the primer thread, I have already been accused from half-way round the world as being a ''Gender-biassed Female Chaunist Sow'' - It no longer matters to me, except a fleeting thought if I should sign-off as GFCS

Have a nice day buddy! :-)
2007-12-03, 09:46:58
anonymous from Canada  
Your right Eddie comments like you just made
recently are not helping to stop the scammers so why do you post them?

The following is the most recent letter received from Anna
on Dec 3 2007 almost two months since the letters stsrted
on oct 10 2007 and still no request for money:

Hello my dear Billy. This is your Anna.
How are you today honey? How was your weekend? Is the weather good there, in your area?
We have sunny and warm day here. Temperature is about - 4 Celsius. Yesterday in the evening
I watched movie on TV. It was romantic love story. Name of movie Piter FM. It's russian
movie. I don't know if you heard about it. The movie was good! One year ago this movie
was shown in cinemas of our town but I didn't watched it at that time. I liked it.
It's not funny movie , it's just romantic love story about relations between two
people who fallen in love with each other and who overcame all difficult and strange
situations! This movie have happy end. In the end of movie main heroes were happy
together. I think together we can overcome all situations too and will meet each other
soon and will be happy together too! I dream about our happy life together with you!
I dream about out house and about kids. I imagine how I will take care about you and
our children. I will give you all my love and will shoe you all my feelings and passion
to you Billy! I think you will proud of me. I will do all I can to be best woman for
you! Honey I hope you will do the same to me! If we will do these things to both of us
we will be happiest couple in the world! Do you agree Billy? I am praying that our
meeting will come true soon and we can hug and kiss each other in real life! I want
to get new job in your country as soon as possible and want to help you and to support
you by my income and to build our joint life. I think it will be better for both of us.
Yes I want to work when I come because it will be more easily for us to build our future
plans. What do you think about it honey? I hope you will agree with me! I will wait for
your reply with impatience because you know that I miss you and your letters! I love you,
love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you Billy! I need you,
need you, need you, need you, need you, need you, need you and want you honey! I can't
find words to tell you how strongly I love you! I suppose you can see it in reality after
I come to you! You are right person for me and you are the best!
Bye honey! See you later!
From your Anna.

2007-12-03, 10:43:41
OJAS from United States  
Eddie has posted somewhere info on a proxy provider in the US. My question for techies on this thread [JeffG, PBR et al.] is there a way to go after the proxy provider? On the surface it appears easier to go after a domestic company than an overseas based one. Sure, they may not be the one used by this ''Anna'' scammer. Even if it is a different scammer using services of this provider, can they be confronted? I do not know, but my question is purely at the academic level, long way from practicality.
2007-12-03, 10:51:03
OJAS from United States  
Billy from Canada - Quoting Anna ''will shoe you''
Make sure you include ''her'' words in your parting finale.
2007-12-03, 11:25:26
OJAS from United States  
In the first 5 pages there are only about 19 posts without North American geography. Of these ONLY Eddie's are identifiable. Others are Anonymous, fully respected. [There are 15 posts per page in delphi configuration]

Victim's geography is chosen by a scammer which in turn determines the thread geography.

When someone doesn't even bother reading the welcome page in the red banner immediately above comment box, but insists on posting irresponsible generalities about gender, another country etc., designed to mislead other newbies what is a word for him?

On a different thread today another native English speaker didn't bother a mouse click on the same, although must have spent his time relishing e-mail scamlish from his scammer. Due to his geography, should he be called an arsehole and elicit the same reaction on that thread as well?

How about a compromise, let's not bother with asshole / arsehole controversy. Ani is only 3 characters to type, a simple technically accurate description of those who insist on infecting their irresponsibilities on unsuspecting newbies.

There is no reason why a native English reader should be exempt from his homework but is free to propogate his own irresponsibily rather than preserve it within himself.
2007-12-03, 11:42:16
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-03, 12:01:00   (updated: 2007-12-03, 12:06:16)
Eddie from Sweden  
Billy from Canada 2007-12-03, 09:46:58

'Your right Eddie comments like you just made
recently are not helping to stop the scammers so why do you post them?'

Once again, I'll repeat that any comments I post are not directed at you personally, but in response to anonymous assholes who post opinionated and counterproductive bile on the site, e.g. 'what do we owe europeans anyway?' etcetc. It's your prerogative to overlook, though I'd rather you did the right thing and took them/him to task yourself.

I would respond to a scammer in exactly the same way, only in Russian. There's no need to post derogatory, sexist, misogynistic and/or inflammatory remarks, but if anyone does, I'm perfectly within my rights to kick verbal ass.

PS...your money letter's coming soon.

MAX...thanks and spasibo! My Russian is poor but I do what I can. I'm hoping to continue contributing on delphifaq until April, by which time my Russian fiancée will finally have been granted (or denied) her residency. And I agree about 'working together'.

OJAS...I'm with you in the sense that it's great to have some techies around (and have posted as such). And I've also asked a similar question. If this 'Anna' is using a proxy provider in the US, which seems to be the case, would it be possible to get to him through the provider? On the other hand, I still suspect that even if it was possible, (hackable?), the resulting IPs would trace back to Yoshkar Ola and we'd be back at square one.

I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
2007-12-03, 12:35:00   (updated: 2007-12-03, 12:47:02)
OJAS from Anonymous921

- Anonymous921
Was that his response to your mild gentlemanly rebuke?-

I don't know. He sent two messages after my rebuke - one the 'How is your friend?
I'm not sure if you got/understood my last letter to you. Please let me know if you could help me....'. (This was posted by PBR about the same time, 11-21-07.), the other a brief Thanksgiving good wishes message (also posted by PBR).

After about a week or so, I decided the scam was over and made my farewell address to the army :) [Americans will recognize that as a reference to myself as G. Washington.].

Evidently the scammer considers me worth an additional e-mail. That is why I posted the message text, to see whether any other member of the Anna Petrovna cohort had also received this followup. Evidently no one has stood up, but with all the bitching I see in the few intervening days, I can understand why.

There is one self-important individual who would do well to take a few weeks off.

- Can you post X-Originating IP and X-Mailer of his latest? We are fortunate some techies are on this thread-

I'll tell you this: the message went through Comcast to Yahoo to me. Other messages have used very different routes (for example, Rogers to Yahoo to me), indicating IP spoofing. I am hidden behind so many levels of security that the details of headers will be useless. However, I'll throw in this:

X-YMail-OSG:    Yqnz_EIVM1n9jECBGsVasJzqglx2pT 6VrKLHjxRPRaxWkPR0y7563sYs3agNagN0J0BNyOXNEN8AIEfY0YTv5A5A--

- PS - My gender choice for your scammer ''Anna'' is conscious. In reaction to my first line in the primer thread, I have already been accused from half-way round the world as being a ''Gender-biassed Female Chaunist Sow'' - It no longer matters to me, except a fleeting thought if I should sign-off as GFCS -

I really still prefer to refer to the scammer as Anna Petrovna; really, the letters were so well done. But I have realized from the first what I was writing to. I know Russian, I know Russians, and frankly I don't like very many Russian males. For reasons that I will not go into here but are well-founded.

OJAS, your second post:

- has posted somewhere info on a proxy provider in the US. My question for techies on this thread [JeffG, PBR et al.] is there a way to go after the proxy provider? On the surface it appears easier to go after a domestic company than an overseas based one. Sure, they may not be the one used by this ''Anna'' scammer. Even if it is a different scammer using services of this provider, can they be confronted? I do not know, but my question is purely at the academic level, long way from practicality. -

In all practicality, NO! An ISP has records up the ying-yang, but will give them up without even asking only to the US government. Otherwise, someone with standing must go to a court and get a writ of mandamus (I believe that is the proper writ, but it may be another) to tell the ISP to furnish the records of the specific usage. That requires that the court believe that the plaintiff has suffered damages as a result of the usage sufficient to justify this action. It will almost certainly have to be a Federal court, as ISP's are goverened by the interstate commerce provisions of the Constitution (in so far as they are governed by anything).

The FBI won't look at anything less than a $50,000 problem (last time I heard). A Federal District court probably will take somewhat the same view, and though time is of the essence, the law may grind exceedingly fine but it also grinds exceedingly slow. And this requires lawyers, who are expensive (at least $300/hr), unless a pro bono representation can be found.

This is not the ACLU's bailiwick. Possibly the EFF has an interest. There may be other resources that I cannot think of now. But it is simple to spoof IP's, and what was done a year or two or three ago is past history.

I really don't see the importance of whois-ing IP's and tracing the various providers, when they are only conduits. Unless you can discover that a particular scam is located in the US (which I have not seen in these 'anna' cases) and then can locate the scammer, it is all just mental masturbation. It doesn't matter if one scammer is located in Russia and brought down by the police; there'll be a thousand others, and I'd bet a ruble or two that among them will be found the police.

Scammers are located in every country. The 'net in this aspect is rather like the old west of the US in the 1850's - largely lawless.

So I would say that the old maxim 'caveat emptor' applies.

- Have a nice day buddy! :-) -

And you too. I'll respond to Anna and see what happens.

2007-12-03, 13:01:39   (updated: 2007-12-03, 13:07:44)
Eddie from Sweden  
:))))....curious that the 'bitching' doesn't occur in any of the other threads. Any theories about that?

IP spoofing??? When I suggested it, one of the Anna cohort jumped down my throat.

Nice that you deleted my name from the quote. A subtle touch. Haven't been cold shouldered like this for years. Seems a bit 3rd grade for someone as mature as yourself?

The rest of the post is very valid, and pretty much paraphrases my previous posts. And despite numerous objections otherwise, since it seems fairly obvious that this scammer is located in Russia as usual, we would need to enlist the help of the Russian federal police, FSB, anyway (the 50k would do as bribe). Hope your Russian helps.

In the meantime, i'll stick to what I've been doing all along, researching and posting advice and info that may help unwitting potential victims from losing their money and their dignity

2007-12-03, 13:23:09
OJAS from United States  
Anonymous921, Eddie, MAX and everyone else who I imight have overlooked unitentinally, thanks for caring to read my posts, some of you even taking additional time to respond.

Scamming like any other industry is globalized and it makes no sense to entertain an isolationist view. An answer lies is information, so a would-be victim makes informed choices.

Due to be verbal temperature of this thread several experienced folks are simply content to read but are refusing to post on this thread. This has nothing to do with geography. Those reluctant but experienced folks include North Americans.
2007-12-03, 15:46:56
@ JR from Vienna, United States


Your right when you said 'There are an unusually high proportion of assholes on this thread.' I assume you were looking in the mirror when you made that comment. '

Yes, JR, I agree with you 100%. Eddie was looking in the mirror when he posted that comment....crazy, isn´t it??

....but YOU were standing behind.....
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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