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Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova


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Name: Anna Petrovna Sotova


Komi region
Lermontova st.
Bld #7,apt #10

Other Comments:
Hi Michael!

How are you today? How is the weather there? I hope everything is ok!
I'm feeling well. I feel myself completely recovered. I want to thank
my friends. They helped to overcome the illness. My friends visited
me yesterday and I was very glad to see them. We did prepare chicken
fry with potatoes. It was delicious. They actually didn't stay till
late, because of my illness. All in all it was a very pleasant evening.

By the way they granted me some flowers. It was sky blue peonies. As
I wrote you before these are my favourite flowers and my favourite
colour. You should remember that Michael.
I talked to my agent and she told me that all of my papers are ready.
My visa is ready too and it is waiting for me in the main office of
my agency in Moscow. I'll fly out from Moscow and I'll pick up my visit

from my agency en route to the airport. I also talked with her about
the job they found for me. My agent said that I'll have a different
salary from one year to another. My salary for the first year will be
$40 000 USD, and $50 000 USD for the second year. Next 3 year salary
could be raised more, maybe it will not happened, but it will not down
under $50 000 USD. It's for sure. Michael, can you tell me if this
amount of money will be enough for me to live in your area? Let me
I think I will be able to afford a place of my own right away (I mean a

rent), but I'm not sure if I will be able to afford a car. Should I buy

a used car or I can expect that I can buy a new one? What do you think?

What are the prices for the used cars and for the new cars?
I was told that I'll get an advance as soon as I come to NYC. It will
be $5000 USD, which I'll have to return in six months. I believe that
is not a great amount of money, so I'll be very careful with them. I'm
going to reserve a ticket by Thursday or by Friday, not sure right now.

I wanted to make it tomorrow but I've got some affairs which I have to
finish right away. I'll let you know my flight schedule soon.
I watched a TV set lately and there was a programme about the NASCAR
racing championship.
I see it's a very popular sport event in the states. I find it
too. I'd like to visit the race sometime. Is it possible? Is it
I want to give you my address just in case. Here it is:
Country: Russia
Region: Komi region
Town: Lach
Lermontova street, building # 7, apt. # 10
But, please, do not send anything through regular mail. I want you to
know that our mail service is very bad. It is very slow and the cards
or packages could be lost or even stolen! There a lot such incidents
That is why I want to warn you from sending anything through our mail
service. I gave you my address to show you that I trust you enough
I want you to know that I started to feel some kind of affection
you Michael. I miss you letters when I have no possibility to check my
mailbox and to read them. It is very strange. I do not know how to
it. Well, it is late and I have to quit here. I've attached a picture
you. The quality is not very good, but I hope you will like it. I'll
to prepare a new picture for you tomorrow.
I'll wait for your reply Michael!
Your Russian friend Anna

Hi my faraway friend Michael!
It is 4:00 pm in Lach, Thursday. We've got a thaw today and the snow
has melted away. Everything has become gray and gloomy. My mood is on
the zero. In fact, I've got a flue or something like this. I feel
myself terrible. I think I have to see my doctor today. That is why
I'll be short today, ok? I hope you are well Michael and didn't get
sick. It's a horrible feeling.
I talked to my agent today and she said that I have to reserve a ticket

by next week. She said that my visa and other documents will be ready
in a week, so I can start to pack my baggage! I was also told that I'll

have to spend 2 or 3 days in NYC before I'll head to my place of
It will be needed to arrange some formalities and to sign a contract
with the employer. My agent said that I'll be met in the airport. Those

people will help me to reach the office in NYC. All in all I think I'll

come to NYC in a 2 week. It is really close from now. I'm getting
and nervous at the same time. I so used to have my mother somewhere
to me, that it will be very difficult for me to leave her here in Lach.

I'll try to take her to America in the future when I'll get a
I'll think how to arrange it.
Michael, I wonder what places I should visit in America. I've heard of
Niagara Falls, Las Vegas and Hollywood. Maybe there is something else?
Let me know. I very like to travel and to see new places.
I can't remember if I ever asked you about your horoscope's sign. As I
wrote you before I was born 23.12.1978 which makes me Capricorn. Do you

actually believe in horoscope? As for me I do. I find it fun.
I went today to our local connection center and asked if there is any
way you could call me from overseas. I want you to know that I have a
phone but it has a local number only. It means that I can make
calls if they are local only. Do you understand it? I hope. So I think
I'll call you when I come to NYC it will be ok.
Michael, from each letter I feel that I'm getting closer to you. Do you
the same? I feel some kind of connection. I can't explain it right now,

but I like it.
I've attached a new pic of me today. It was taken a year ago by my
Katerina, as usual. She is my best friend. She is feeling well after
car accident by the way.
Well, my doctor is waiting for me. I have to go. I hope that I'll feel
better tomorrow!
Be healthy!
Your Russian friend Anna

Hello my friend Michael!
I am very happy to see that you wrote me! I was not able to check my
mailbox during the weekend, and I must admit I started to miss you
Indeed I'm feeling much better today. It was a terrible weekend for me.

My doctor said that I have to stay at home and do not leave my bed. I
a high temperature and a cough. I'm still feeling myself ill but much
better than during the weekend. I feel that I'm recovering Michael.
A medicine became quite expensive here since the USSR did fall to
I remember the times when everything was for free. It sounds like a
tale now. I have to pay 500 rubles ($20 USD) every time when I see my
I'm not sure if it is too many for America, but it is quite expensive
Russia. I wonder how much does it cost to see a doctor in America. Let
Michael, I want to ask you could you find out what the average
salary in America is. It is very interesting for me to know, especially
your area.
As I wrote you before I was going to reserve a ticket by this week. I
that I'll it by Wednesday or Thursday. As soon as I reserve a ticket
let you know the exact date of my coming! I also will have to pay some
to my agency; because they helped me to find a place to work and helped
the papers. I'm very nervous about my coming to America. I think that I

caught flu because of my agitated condition. It is so good to have
which could hold you on in a hard time. Some of my friends will visit
me today
in the evening. They will help me to clean up my apartment and will
help me
to cook my favourite dish - chicken fry with potatoes. I'm very good at
and maybe someday soon you'll check it out! I like flowers very much
and I
hope that some of friends will tumble to bring me some flowers. I like
asters and peonies. Do you ever heard of peonies? I bet you do not, but
it is
a very popular flower here in Russia.
Did I ever tell you my last name Michael? I guess I never did. Well, my
name is Sotova.
My full name is Anna Petrovna Sotova. So you know now.
Michael, I think we could be a good match. I do not want to push you
and I'm
not in a rush either. Please get me right. I have to say that I
definitely want
to meet you face to face, to talk to you one on one. Only time will
tell if we
are a match, but I'm happy that I have a friend like you are Michael.
I'll stop here. I feel myself tired a little bit, I need some rest.
I'll write
to you tomorrow and will send you a new pic.
Your Russian friend Anna

Hi Michael!
How are you? How is the weather there today? I hope that much better
than here
in Lach. We've got a first snow this morning! It was really beautiful!
was white. I've got up very early today and what I've seen I could name
'The white
I went to my agency this morning and I was told that they could suggest
me some
job's options in your area. That's real great! So I can definitely say
that I'll
come to your area. I don't know how close I'll work/live to you, but I
think it
will not be a problem, right?! I can not say the names of the companies
and if they
have web-sites right now. But I can say that I really wonder myself. My
agent told me that
she couldn't advise what company to choose. She said that I can make my
choice at
New York office. There are some people there who can advise me what
company to choose.
I consider that it is reasonable and I think that I should make my
choice in the
States. Michael, do you know what will be the first thing I'll do when
I come to
NYC? I'm going to call you! I want to hear your voice very much
Michael. I'm still
looking for a chance to call you from Lach but it appears quite
complicated and
expensive. I hope you understand it Michael, and will not be upset.
I don't remember if I ever told you about my town. Maybe it will be
interesting for
you. The name of my town is Lach. It's a small town and the closest big
city is Ukhta.
The population of my town is about 25 thousands of people. My town is
located in Komi
region; it is not far from Siberia so the weather is very rigid here
too. Lach is a
very green town in the summer and very white in the winter! Every
winter we get a lot
of snow. There are some cinemas in Lach, we even have a theatre. The
streets here are
narrow, but it creates some kind of cosiness. I like it. I love my
town, but it's time
for me to leave it. Maybe I'll back someday, who knows. I think the
hardest thing for
me will be to part with my friends and relatives. I used to spend a lot
of free time
with them, I'll miss them. I'll also miss for my apartment. It is
actually not big (It
consists of 2 rooms), but very cozy. My apartment consists of bathroom,
dining room,
hall, lobby and bedroom. I wanted to make a new design for it but it is
not actual for
me now. What can you tell about your surroundings Michael? I'd like
to know.
I must admit that sometimes I feel myself really confused because many
of the questions
you asked I already answered in my previous letters. I don't know how
to check it but
I'm wondering if you received all of my letters. It is a strange
situation. Maybe some
letters didn't get to your mailbox right away? I do not know why that
I've attached a new pic for you today. My friend Katerina did shoot me
last spring. You
probably admitted that I look different in my photos?! I actually like
to look different.
In fact, I'm not a natural blonde. I like to colour my hair. I hope
it's not an issue
for you Michael? I tried some colours but I think that the blonde hair
is the best choice
for me. Don't you think so?
Ok, it's getting late here. I have to close now. I'll write you
tomorrow Michael. It is
so good that I have so much free time this week so I can write you
everyday. I hope you
don't mind that I write so often.
Your Russian friend Anna

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2007-12-04, 14:58:17
Eddie from Sweden  
Yes OJAS...I went further back in the thread to see if that comment was referring back to something I'd posted.
2007-12-04, 15:16:32
OJAS from United States  
I was only ensuring that Eddie's statements stay sharp concerning frayed neves, North Americans etc. I am almost certain he will take my word re: North Sea event. Should he demand proof, it will come from delphi ALONE. In substantiating my statements, I only use what is readily available on public domains like delphi ... NEVER personal e-mail contents, phone conversations, sources in certain agencies and the like. Whatever has been entrusted to my confidentiality remains as such. :-)
2007-12-04, 15:21:22
anonymous from United States  
Got the same pics and bullshit letters. Fuckin people.
2007-12-04, 15:26:18
anonymous from United States  
She claims to be in Nikitino, and can receive money at western union Pervoulsk. Western Union is an American company maybe if they are notified a fraudulant activity is occuring through them and desperate hearts like me and others are falling for this shit in hope and faith maybe they can provide records to Interpol or some other world police organization. Fuck spent too much time on this bullshit already. Movin on to next situation that proves this world is full of parasites and germs.
2007-12-04, 16:09:15   (updated: 2007-12-04, 16:09:41)
I've already contacted Western Union regarding the scam.



2007-12-04, 16:20:35
Peter from Germany  
2007-12-04, 16:32:36
OJAS from United States  
Some possible causes for an over-heated thread - My highly subjective views, as always I am open to being wrong.
Targeting any victim is WRONG, but scammers have nothing to do with morality. I use Wrong Target in the acquisition sense only!
1) Here we have ... not a run-of-mill scammer who works 40 hours a week scamming, This one like a well-fed predator hunting for sport, is a comforable middle-class, taking more than 2 months per cycle per victim, probably with an accomplice in North America
2) Over-confident, has acquired too many wrong targets simulaneously in one large geographical region
3) Unlike a casual googler, some of these targets feel they may not have been scammed for money, but may have come close
4) Some feel it is time the tables are turned or even the fight taken to the scammer himself
5) Some may be more anxious to post than read welcome for newcomers
6) Some are techies on the look-out for any slip-ups their quarry makes - After all a scammer is only as smart as his victim makes him.

This link how to punish scammers might interest some readers http://www.scammerl..1220.html
I find it a bit distasteful to post the next link lest it be miscostured as self-aggrandizement. Please understand the sole purpose is to let you know there is something underway against some scammer, and contact him on his strategies http://www.delphifa..=119#58712
2007-12-04, 16:40:37
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from United States 2007-12-04, 15:26:18 (and PBR)

...I can only sympathize with your feelings. Sadly, Western Union's fraud prevention/security precautions are sadly inadequate. This is also why WU is the preferred choice of scammers!!

Customers are advised by bogus sellers (scammers) that by withholding the Money Transfer Control Number from the receiver, the transaction won't be paid (only true for France, India, Pakistan, China, Korea & Nigeria). Western Union representatives typically pay out when a receiver presents a form of identification bearing the name of the intended receiver.

Customers are also being advised by bogus sellers (scammers) that by adding a Test Question and withholding the answer, the transaction will not be paid. Not true, if the receiver produces ID, the transaction will be paid (exception UK and Africa).

Customers are being advised by bogus sellers that you can specify the type of identification required by the receiver. Not true, so long as identification is presented, the monies will be paid.

In other words, if a scam victim sends money and the scammer has a valid ID, the local WU will generally pay out. The scam can only be verified after the fact, by which time the money has been paid out and there's nothing that can be done about it.

The only advice that WU provides is a disclaimer to 'make sure you know to whom you are sending money. If you are purchasing goods or services and paying through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to verify the reputation and legitimacy of the seller. Western Union is not liable for the non-receipt or quality of any goods or services.'

So much for corporate responsibility.

2007-12-04, 16:50:23
Eddie from Sweden  
OJAS...about your link to

nice to see my research corroborated.
2007-12-04, 17:18:02
Peter from Germany  
Thx to both for research and good link. Hope nobody will get the idea to call someone swedish emu now.
2007-12-04, 17:32:52
Eddie from Sweden  
Sadly Peter, I fear there are still some swedophobes about. Quack, quack.
2007-12-04, 19:06:19
anonymous from United States  
From JeffG

Received no emails for about a week and now have had two in three days. Regardless of content same usual b.s. The time stamps are 1600 hrs +/- two or three hours so from the last one does put this guy in russia. Still using the yahoo scab address.

Since the local usa victims machines are no longer available he's reverted back to home ground I suspect.

Yes profiling this guy again. He's getting sloppy with the stories. reverting back to a broken english writing style His english writing is very well in good grammar. He does use a very poor email program or is using an ascii format that when you read the letter from the server he's typing from a server format. i.e. > is the character and line(1) etc is tell tale.

This guy or organization is using some pretty good hacker software and his way of getting in is through Phoney Dating intro websites. The reason I know of phoney web sites for dating is the models they use in pictures. Get your email and the stories begin. Doesn't have to hack just put up a phoney dating intro web page.

This org has some server power. They don't abuse it and probably keep traffic appear to be normal.

I also think this org uses subordinate slaves to write letters. (the old usa scam was perfume and big red lipstick kiss in a letter?) I see it as desperate reading between the lines. I've been emailed several writing styles and very detailed sexual overtones to simple housework. Almost like somebody is trying to get my attention without flagging the master. 'I am coming to you' etc.. seems more like a plead to rescue vrs out right b.s.

As I menstioned before this is not the usual message and someone is signaling. Russian sex slavery? Absolutely exists as American phone dating at 5$ a minute does.

What I'm reducing this to is the handle like a morse code. the smpt stamp puts the hours in russia. But the letters and writing style varies

Russian mafia is so indepth I think eduacation is the only answer

Still the time stamps come from russia add +/- a couple hours.
2007-12-04, 22:53:45
anonymous from United States  
I have been cooresponding with Anna from Nikitino who also travels to Pervouralsk and is near Ekaterinburg (or similar city name). She's sent quite a few photos. Today I received a plea for $720 (USD) which she assured me she would exchange to rubles. She instructed me to wire the money via Western Union to a bank (Ursa Bank in Pervouralsk) near her and in a friend's name VOROBIEWA EKATERINA. She sent me a copy of her passport and ticket which look real. The flight is an actual Aeroflot flight that is scheduled to leave Moscow and arrives in NYC at JFK. The reason she needs the money is that she got into a car accident and had to ask the 'agency' for her money back (for her ticket and documents to leave the country and come to the US) so that she could pay the damages to the luxury car she hit after swerving to avoid a boy who ran into the street and disappeared. The $720 would ransom her documents and ticket from the agency after the accident had been payed off. Here is her passport scan which she said the 'agency' allowed her to scan as well as the ticket.
Concerned in IL
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova
Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova
Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova
Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova
Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova

2007-12-04, 23:19:31
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-05, 02:47:31
Eddie from Sweden  

thanks for the post. As I mentioned, as a techie your contribution is very valuable here. And now it seems that we agree on a few points :D

curious that you noticed a deterioration in the English quality of your copy mails (especially as the first few are so advanced, in this case). Scammers are probably using an internet translator, as you suggest. Or they've realised that you're not going to cough up and have put you on the low burner. If this is the case and the scammers work shifts, it could explain

Could you please post the phoney dating intro websites that you mention?

I also know that many Russian scam operations use email extractors to get their addresses since I still receive a new scam mail about once a month directly to my address even though I haven't been a member of a dating site for more than a year.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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