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Dating scammer Irina from Kupyans


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Name: Irina from Kupyans


Kharkov region

Other Comments:

Do you want to get acquainted with a good looking woman for a
marriage? I decided to write you as my heart feels that I need a man
like you. I want to meet a serious, wise man who knows what he wants.
I want him to be a Man who is ready for a long relationship, isn't
afraid of difficulties and responsibilities. I want my man to be proud
of me, I want to help him in everything! For my only man I could even
change myself! I want to create a prosperous, happy and loving family.
I want to whisper tender words in your ear every morning. I want to
see your happy eyes, I want to feel love... Look at me and if you want
the same find me at

Looking forward to get a note from you,

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admin-c: LDO15-RIPE
tech-c: LDO15-RIPE
mnt-lower: RIPE-NCC-HM-PI-MNT
mnt-routes: LUGANET-MNT
mnt-domains: LUGANET-MNT
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organisation: ORG-LL23-RIPE
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person: Likhno Dmitriy Olegovich
address: 91015 Ukraine, Lugansk, kv. Mirniy 14/80
phone: +380642335331
nic-hdl: LDO15-RIPE
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descr: Lugansk, Ukraine
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2007-10-29, 11:26:40
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: kroha_n
Datum: 29-10-2007 12:50:11
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: It's great to write you again!

Hi my darling Dirk!

It's really great that I can write you again. I miss you so much that
I couldn't wait for this moment to write you again!!! I dream that one
day we can have a meeting and to feel our touches to each other at

As for me, I am so happy we are able to communicate. I hope that all
these letters will finally bring us to the wonderful meeting we are
going to have and I hope it will be soon.

I like to get your letters so much, they brighten my day and make me
feel very good. I can see that we can be a very good couple as I see
your nice personality shines through your words. And I feel very
comfortable. I feel good when it is very mild and comfortable with a
lot of care (intelligent care). When I say 'comfortable', I mean not
only material things, although I value them too, and I don't believe
people who state that they don't - it hardly can be true that someone
doesn't enjoy a touch of very-very mild cloth to one's skin or taste
of best quality coffee, or wine, or juice :)) And all that are
material things :)) But nothing can be bitter than loneliness or
feeling not well inside among those nice and pleasant little and big
material things...

My dear, I really fell that I am comfortable with you in any way. I
hope that we can meet soon and find it out.

The weather is rather good now. It's not very warm but sunny, I like
such weather. And what weather do you have now in your city? I hope
you are fine.

I miss you and I hope to hear from you soon. I would like to receive
your photos, I will be happy to get them and to carry with me. I'm
waiting for your letter very much.

My most tender kisses to you!
Yours only,

2007-10-29, 12:49:43
MAC from United Kingdom  
Hi Dirk

Shame these scammers are using our page 3 girl's pictures, it spoils the illusion !!!
Maybe we should let this 'BORIS' know the picture is actually michelle-marsh, a famous page 3 model
perhaps e-mail him back with a more up to date picture, grab one off her website. That would confuse him.

2007-10-29, 12:52:42
MAC from United Kingdom  
Hey Dirk

Here try this one....... Would love to see the BORIS scratching his head over this one


2007-10-29, 15:15:34
OJAS from United States  
Hey MAC,
A scammer actually sent page 3 girl pix to your compatiot!
Desparate daft
2007-10-29, 18:02:37   (updated: 2007-10-29, 18:03:09)
Eddie from Sweden  
that's the one thing I like about the Ukrainian translation scams, they use the best pics :D

They tried Real Peachez on me last year. When I wrote and said that I'd be happy to write to her in Russian, the 'translation agency' said they'd ask her and then promptly disappeared.
2007-10-29, 18:25:54
OJAS from United States  
That gives an idea. Page 3 I think generally has 3 or 4 pix per day. When you respond to the last, they send the fee letter. So the make response by the newbie to the last letter the fee they ask, copied pasted from Dirk's post, in the spirit of Pierre!
2007-10-30, 02:11:25
Eddie from Sweden  
Great idea OJAS, but page 3 in a UK tabloid only has one pic a day.
2007-10-30, 07:54:37
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: kroha_n
Datum: 30-10-2007 10:42:04
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: From TF 'Avangard'.

Dear Sir,

We inform you that Irina is our client. She has been using our
Internet and translation services but unfortunately she cannot reply
to your last letter due to the lack of funds. She wants to let you
know that she is very interested in you and your further
correspondence. If you have a wish to continue your correspondence
with Irina we can send you all the information about our services and
prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If
you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it
and do not give out the information given from Irina as it is personal
and confidential.

Principal of TF 'Avangard'
Lyudmila Shulgina.

Received: from unknown (HELO KSENIA) (
by with SMTP; 30 Oct 2007 09:42:02 -0000
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:39:27 +0200
From: kroha_n <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.60.07) Professional
Reply-To: kroha_n <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
2007-10-30, 08:05:59   (updated: 2007-10-30, 08:10:49)
OJAS from United States  
Dirk - send him your fee structure he needs to deposit via WU to you, make it in Cyriilic and English

I haven't been to lately. I can't from my present PC. I vaguely remember seeing 3 or 4 per day.
2007-10-30, 08:23:35
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
OJAS: Be patient. Let them send their info first. I'm composing a letter in Russian for the Alina-thread. TF Avangard will receive it tomorrow.

Lyudmila Shulgina:


2007-10-31, 08:46:38
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: kroha_n
Datum: 31-10-2007 11:06:30
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: From TF 'Avangard'.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter and your interest in Irina Kolyagina. We hope
for our future cooperation that will be both pleasant for you and your

We want to let you know about the services we provide for you and your
lady. You can choose the service you like and subscribe to it
depending on the quantity of letters and pictures you would like to

We provide unlimited correspondence including letter translations,
printing your photos and scanning+sending your lady's photos in
limitless quantity.

You can subscribe to one, two or three months of unlimited
correspondence. All prices are indicated in United States Dollars.
The costs relatively are:

one month of unlimited correspondence - 200 USD;
two months of unlimited correspondence - 350 USD;
three months of unlimited correspondence - 500 USD.

We can also provide the service of unlimited translation, it includes
letter translations only in limitless quantity without printing your
photos for your lady and scanning+sending your lady's photos to you.

One month of unlimited translation - 150 USD;
Two months of unlimited translation - 270 USD;
Three months of unlimited translation - 400 USD.

If you would like to use another services we can also provide letter by
letter translation, printing your photos for your lady and scanning
your lady's photos for you:

one letter translation and printing - 5 USD;
(translator service - 2 USD; Internet service - 1 USD; printing
the letter - 1 USD; taxes and other payments - 1 USD);
scanning one photo - 2 USD;
printing one photo - 3 USD.

After you decide which service you want to use you should make the
payment via the Western Union in the name of our client Irina
Kolyagina. You will fill in the form where you should write:
name of the receiver: Irina Kolyagina;
address: Lenina avenue, 16a, Kupyansk, 63700, Ukraine.

After you make the payment you send an e-mail with the following
information: your full name, the country you made the transfer from,
the sum you transferred and the money transfer control number (MTCN).

When your account is filled up again you will be able to write to your
lady and get her responses. We will notify you when your account is
running out.

We hope for our future cooperation.

Principal of TF 'Avangard',
Lyudmila Shulgina.

Received: from unknown (HELO KSENIA) (
by with SMTP; 31 Oct 2007 10:06:26 -0000
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 11:55:06 +0200
From: kroha_n <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.60.07) Professional
Reply-To: kroha_n <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
2007-10-31, 08:54:29   (updated: 2007-10-31, 08:56:27)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
OJAS: Now you see that it is better to be patient. We have the full name and the adress now:

Irina Koliagina
Lenina Avenue 16a
Kupyansk, Ukraine

Found a few links on dating scamreports on the name. The pages were removed.

2007-10-31, 09:02:02   (updated: 2007-10-31, 09:03:23)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
My answer:

Дорогая Госпожа,

Большое спасибо за то, чтобы посылать ваши платы. Я дал этому вопросу значительную мысль. Я пришел к следующему заключению.

Поскольку Вы можете видеть, что я могу общаться на русском языке. Мой друг Ирина Кольяджина не нуждается в вашем обслуживании дольше, потому что она может написать ее письма мне на русском языке. Мы можем возобновить нашу корреспонденцию без любого вмешательства третьего лица. Пожалуйста будьте так добры и сообщить Ирине об этом.

Нетерпеливое ожидание вашего ответа,

Искренне Ваш,


Dorogaya Gospozha,

Bol'shoye spasibo za to, chtoby posylat' vashi platy. Ya dal etomu voprosu znachitel'nuyu mysl'. Ya prishel k sleduyuschemu zakl'ucheniyu.

Poskol'ku Vy mozhete videt', chto ya mogu obschat's'a na russkom yazyke. Moj drug Irina Kol''adzhina ne nuzhdayets'a v vashem obsluzhivanii dol'she, potomu chto ona mozhet napisat' yeye pis'ma mne na russkom yazyke. My mozhem vozobnovit' nashu korrespondenciyu bez l'ubogo vmeshatel'stva tret'ego lica. Pozhalujsta bud'te tak dobry i soobschit' Irine ob etom.

Neterpelivoye ozhidaniye vashego otveta,

Iskrenne Vash,

Translation in Scamlish:

Dear Madam,

Many thanks for sending your payments. I have given this question a significant idea. I have come to the following conclusion.

As you can see, that I can communicate in Russian. My friend Irina Koljadzhina does not require your service longer because it can write its letters to me in Russian. We can renew our correspondence without any intervention of the third party. Please be so are kind and to inform Irina on it.

Impatient expectation of your answer,

Sincerely yours,
2007-11-22, 08:14:42
J.J. from Badalona, Spain  

All these letters and pics-less one-, here showed from Irina K., i've received too, but no more than these... .

But, does Dirk from Heerlen-Netherlands, whom got an normal correspondence by e.mail, directly, with her?.

Because i do'nt speak much english i ca'nt to understand perfectly.

Thanks a lot for answer.
2007-12-05, 13:18:46
anonymous from Germany  
Hi, I have some nice ones too, when reading those letters they sent me I was thinking it was commercial but the pics were nice, so why not play a bit and keep Irina busy
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina from Kupyans

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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