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Dating scammer Elena


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Name: Elena



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Hello my friend .

I hope, that has found you at kind o'clock and at you all O K. If you
not boring and sociable the man, kind and sympathetic. That I think,
that we shall get on. And I shall be glad to see you among my good
friends. My name Elena. December, 25 to me it was executed 26 . In
Russia Christmas mark with 6 for January, 7. Speak, that at me gentle
disposition and kind heart. It would be desirable to trust, that it
indeed. I am not able to swear. Also it happens that I offend, and I
can not do anything with it. Still I very much love animals. Can not
pass by a kitten or freezing a small dog. I try though somehow to them
to help. But also lacks at me certainly too are. I shall be to wait
for your letter. Tell, please, about it self. All will be very
interesting to me. Well all right, I shall go home. Already late.
Tomorrow and I shall check up a mail. I hope that I shall see your

Yours friend Elena.

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by with SMTP; 25 Oct 2007 06:29:13 -0000
X-YMail-OSG: L7PDSggVM1n.qE_2FU221NMJOIg.3kG4bsLRpCmBqDDgz5IchuPOOCaYd8klhj143z0Nzri4_w--
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2008-06-03, 14:59:18
eashstone from United States  

2008-06-03, 15:00:15
eashstone from United States  

2008-06-03, 15:37:26
eashstone from United States  
I hope this helps someone from being scammed

some more excerpts from 'her' emails

I live in small city of Yoshkar-Ola,
in Russia. I have no the computer and telephone of a
house. I write you from the computer Internet-cafe so be not upset, if
I shall not answer at once, the Internet of cafe may be closed. My
city is approximately 800 km. from Moscow

My age - 27 years, my day a birth on
December 25, color of hair dark and green eyes My height is 5'7 and my
weight is 120 lbs. I am single.

I the only child in family My mum alone brought up and grew
me, I was the diligent schoolgirl at school, I liked to study and to
learn unknown Most of all I was interested in a history, algebra,
chemistry and English I have grown fond of English from 5-th class, I
even went on additional rates of English My teacher praised me and
joking spoke, that I the given birth American. After school I have
gone to study in institute, on by a trade of the teacher. At present I
work as the tutor in a kindergarten and I bring up children from 3
till 7 years and I teach them to school.

Country: Russia
My city: Yoshkar-Ola.
First Name: Irina
Last Name: Chervinskaya

2008-06-03, 16:32:46
OJAS from United States  
2008-06-05, 12:58:49
eashstone from United States  
thanks OJAS. i found the same link a few days ago when i was trying to see if my new 'girlfriend' was on any scammers lists. She initially contacted me on a site called Love is Sexy. She asked me to send money, as i have stated in an above post, and then i received an email, which i thought was sent from her, asking me to call western union and to change the name to her girlfriends name, as she couldn't receive the money while her papers were being processed. Then when i told her i had done that (not really, mind you) i received another email telling me i am a liar and that i never sent the money and that she never asked me to send the money. i replied both to her email and the email address that had asked me to change the name and received an announcement that the domain name for the 'unofficial' name had been undeliverable. now that has me wondering if someone else had really tried to butt in and get 'her' money. With all the things i have read here, it wouldn't surprise me.
i sent her an 'apology' asking her to forgive me for the loss of our money and how truly sorry i am that we will never meet.
i have not heard a reply.
2008-06-07, 07:50:02
eashstone from United States  
oh, it just gets better......

----- Original Message ----
From: '' <>
To: Jonathan Eash <>
Sent: Saturday, June 7, 2008 5:47:12 AM

Hello my love Jonathan. I am very upset from for this case. I think
that you should me send all letters which you received from me and
from whom the one who asked to send you of money addressed to my
girlfriend. I think that I can understand in happened. I hope you
understand about what I? I ask you to make it from the bottom of the
heart. I do not want that your money have left completely. My love we
should find out that has taken place. As soon as you will send me all
letters, experts will try to make all find that who it could to make.
I have found people which are engaged in similar affairs here in city
and they to me have told that will try to help with it. I with
impatience shall wait from you for letters. With love yours Elena.


My Dearest Irina,
Now I am most confused!!!!!!!!!
I have sent you copies of the letters already.
The email addresses that 'you' have used are:
werter12567 was used when chatting in yahoo chat this email address was attached to the werter12567 chat name along with the name Diane Downer

There have been, I believe, 32 emails that you have sent to me along with several 'chats'. I have kept all of the emails and several of the chats..

And now, my dear lovely, it is more confusing, for it seems you have forgotten your name was Irina, and you signed this letter Elena. And, the chat from werter12567, said you are Diane Downer. I don't know what to think.

1. four different email/chat names used for the same person.
2. three different people (names) Irina Chervinskaya, Diane Downer, and now Elena are the same person.
3. Western Union says they have sent the money.
4. You (hopefully I am writing to my beautiful Princess Irina) say you haven't received the money.

I am about to give up hope that all is lost; both my Darling Irina and the $2,300

If you could only somehow proove who you really are......................

Do you still want me to send the 32 emails to you? It will take a considerable amount of time as each one has to be sent individually. I suppose I could copy each one and try to send them in one email, but then the full headers would not be available for your team of experts to decipher.

Please let me know as soon as possible. I will await your reply.

With all my heart,


2008-06-18, 15:38:48
anonymous from United States  
I was on a trial dating thing, and started getting emeails from Irina, and didn't know how really. I've gotten about 6 emails from her in the last few weeks, she sounds very nice. pretty nice pics to. It of course sounds fishy, it wasn't long till she started asking for money for Passport doucuments.......she sent me her 1st and last name.....I decided to check her name on the net and holyshat....i get to this site and theres most of the pics I have gotten. I gotta admit, pretty goos scam.....I could see how maybe some desperate guy could send money, then be to embarrased to say anything to anyone when he relized he was f'ed. I would never have sent any money, but I could see how it could happen. Rotten people all over!!!!!!!
2008-06-18, 17:03:05
eashstone from United States  
I am still trying to lead her on, as she continues to contact me

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
werter12567 is offline.
You can send werter12567 an email
(6:00 PM)

Greetings my love, I hope that at you all well lovely mine. I'm fine, but me it is very sad as today I cannot talk here to you my love. My love I hope that you have made the decision and will write to me the letter on my box my love. I very much love you and as soon as possible I want to be near to you. I shall never deceive you and to betray my love. So all is a pity to me that so has left also us with you have deceived and have stolen money which you sent me on the ticket and on the visa up to you my love. I know that you love me and that you will help me and I shall arrive to you my love. You my life and all best that are in my life. I shall wait for your letter. 10:04 AM

<ding> 10:05 AM

10:05 AM

Dearest Irina, I was busy in the city of Chicago today and am so sorry I could not talk to you. I am frustrated and upset that the money is gone. My Dear, it will take a long time to save the money necessary for me to bring you here. I feel so badly. I wanted desperately for this to work and now it seems destiny has slipped through our grasp. If only it were different and I had lots of money it wouldn't matter, but Irina, I have only a few dollars saved and I don't want you to feel you have to wait for me. My Love, you are a beautiful girl and I am releasing you to find a fine husband for yourself. It breaks my heart to tell you so, because I do love you. I hope you understand. My thoughts will be with you.....Love, Jonathan

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