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Dating scammer irina


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Name: irina


Cheboksary, Russia

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it didnt take long to get three responses from 3 russians in a few days span to make me question wtf is going on here. i did some research and found nothing on photos or e-mails. im just looking see if anyone got something


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2007-11-07, 09:51:22   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-11-08, 10:33:38
anonymous from United States  
Last name used is Timofeeva and has already double emailed twice in week and twice saying I have not wrote back which is lie.
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Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina

2007-11-08, 10:33:55
anonymous from United States  
Last name used is Timofeeva and has already double emailed twice in week and twice saying I have not wrote back which is lie.
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Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina

2007-11-08, 10:34:08
anonymous from United States  
Last name used is Timofeeva and has already double emailed twice in week and twice saying I have not wrote back which is lie.
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Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina

2007-11-08, 13:36:40
OJAS from United States  
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2007-11-08, 15:19:45
anonymous from United States  
More pics
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Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina
Dating scammer irina

2007-11-08, 15:54:53
anonymous from United States  
Hello my dear friend Christopher. You can not to yourselves present as
I was glad to receive your letter. What you have weather there? We
have a lot of sun within all day. This is so beautiful! Do you like a
warm weather? I like this very much. This is true spring and this time
of year allways make my mood so happy. This is so nice!!! Lovely, you
remember, that I wrote to you about a film. I visited it together with
my girlfriends. The film was called 'Paragraph 78' and it was the new
Russian film with a russian film stars. I very much liked it, but you
know, that I would be very happy if I could visit a cinema together
with you and look any interesting film. Christopher, what last film
you looked at a cinema? You prefer to look a film of a house or to
visit a cinema? When I read your message, in me even were on eyes of
tear of pleasure. I see, that we are necessary the friend the friend.
Not seldom I visit church, and concerning me ask concerning you and
ours concerning occurrence. How - you there without me? I here very
much without you the people. You in ideas always with me. You show
very strong interest to me it very pleasantly to feel. I began very
much to think of us with you, which waits for us forward. Write to me
all questions, which you interest. I shall be very pleased to answer
to you them. You now, the second man in this world, that to me is
necessary most of all. I very much hope, that, that estimate ours
meeting the future, bears spent. I am very grateful to you, that you
believe me. Through the Internet it - as it is not natural, we should
take each other in hands and consider the friend the friend in eyes
and speak concerning it, as the world is perfect. In me very good
mood. I want to know all. To me you are very important. Mine a surname
Timofeeva. When I went in Internet - cafe, I thought of you much.
Today I finished job am a little before usual and consequently I
enjoyed by walk in park before to visit Internet - cafe. I thought
that I could meet you now.. Here in park. We much talking also had a
lot of fun together. Christopher, whether you reflect on our meeting?
I understand, what is it can be still early, but I have noticed that
recently I even more often begin to think of you and about our
possible meeting. I can not imagine yet as well as where it will take
place, but I think of it. It seems, that I have found that I for a
long time searched. Though I still am afraid to speak you about it,
dear Christopher. But I am very glad, that you do not forget to write
to me. It means, that you think of me within day. If to us still early
to speak concerning our meeting, you can consider, that you has of the
good friend, who always will support you and whom you can tell all
news. I really wait for your letters each day and each day I try to
write to you as my day has passed. I shall wait your letter and you
should know, that on other part of ground, behind many kilometers from
you, the girl lives, who thinks of you the most part of day. I hope to
receive your letter as soon as possible and I hope that my letters
doing your mood more better. Only yours Irina.

2007-11-08, 16:00:51
anonymous from United States  
Christipher, I am very glad, that you do not forget me and answer on
my letters. We with each day become closer to each other. Today I have
risen with ideas on you. Today I had a day off. First half of day I
have lead at home. Then I visited the girlfriend with which we studied
together in institute. She has of the small child,she is the small,
beautiful girl. Her name Natasha and she 7 years old. She likes to
play with me, when I come. This year she was going to school. And me
to like to play with children too. I with children find something
general quickly and us interestingly together. I very much like
children. My friends and grandmother often speak, that I would be the
good mum. I would like to have happiness with you, as I think, that I
shall have happiness with you. This idea is very perfect for me. I
dream of caring of you and to bring pleasure in your life. I hope,
what you Christipher have the same feels to me. Today in our cinema a
new Russian film and I with my friends will go on this film. I hope,
that you like my pictures, which I send to you. And I want to see of
your pictures more. I shall think of you. Irina.

2007-11-08, 16:03:47
anonymous from United States  
Christopher, I am very glad to read your new letter. I very much wait
for news from you. I am very glad that you don't forget to write me. I
really wait your letter with impatience every day. You such man who
understand me. Today I have very bad mood. One man from shelter died.
I watched for him for a long time. He had incurable illness. And we
with the employees in our fund did it last days in life by more light.
I hope, that our help brought to him pleasure. He was glad, that we
cared of him, in difficult time for him. I always dream of, that the
scientists have created medicines for incurable illnesses. As the
death of the people is a large sincere pain. I hope, that the people
will live all over the world better. Dear Christopher, I understand
for myself, that you the sole man, which can me understand. I consider
that I can trust you in all. Please belive me. I write this very
seriously. It seems, that our relations of steel by closer. I think
that you very kind man. Probably we can meet. But we should to learn
each other more. Excuse, but I shall finish my letter, because I very
tired today. I hope, that my letters please you and you wait for them,
as I yours! Only yours Irina.

2007-11-16, 08:24:15 from United States  
ok this chick sent few more emails and i as i did with mila ivanova, i sent a pic of my middle finger and a long thing asking if she was going to ask for money. i have not heard a response back and i even emailed again asking if the person was a man trying to scam me and some funny stuff i don't want to publish so i don't others from that cultural background.
2007-12-05, 12:02:03 from United States  
first emails from her and pics

ReplyTo: Irina
Sent: Nov 1, 2007 6:35 AM
Subject: Hello from Kitten

Hi . If you remember that we have met on a dating site and you have
wrote me and we decided to start our correspondence. I promised
necessarily to write you and to send you my pictures. I hope that you
remember me and also are ready to have correspondence with me. It is
very interesting to me to learn about you completely, but at first I
shall tell you about myself. My real name - Irina. I am 26 years old
and my birthday is November 16. I am originally from Russia and I am
living here now. I want you to know also that I have never been in
other countries. And yes, I at once see a question in your eyes: on a
site of dating my structure was spoken that I from USA. I shall
explain to you this. I already wrote to you that I never had
acquaintance through the Internet and consequently I have asked my
girlfriend to help me with this. She already used at one time this way
of acquaintance through the Internet, but at her nothing it has turned
out. Still I see in your eyes one more question: Why such young and
nice girl searches for the man from other country, other age and why
she has no a boyfriend at home? I was disappointed in the Russian men,
because they do not respect the women, and abuse a lot of alcohol.
Therefore I have decided to go by it a way. My girlfriend has helped
to find to me a site of dating and has shown as to make a profile. I
have made a profile, but they did not want to accept my structure
because I I from Russia have specified that. I do not know why the
girl from Russia can not place a structure on this site. Therefore I
have specified that I from USA. I hope that you have understood me.
So, what I want from my man. First I want the serious relations, it
will be possible marriage but I shall not be against it. I am not sure
for want to have children. I want such man with whom I could be near
all time. I shall be absolute is open with him and I shall not have
any secrets from him. I want that mine the man was honour, decent and
had respect for me. I want that he gave of attention to me maximal.
Certainly I shall try to divide all problems and all difficulties with
him. I shall be love him with all heart. Well and certainly I want
that he did not abuse alcohol. I am really very glad that you have
written to me and if you consider that we are far apart, we could
simply find out each other and to be the friends. I live in city
Cheboksary. This city is approximately in 600 kilometers from Moscow
to south-east. Our city rather large here again live about one million
inhabitants. In what country and in what city do you live? What your
real or complete name? It is very interesting to me and I hope that
you will answer my question. We have the river and this name Volga.
There can be you heard about it. I want also to apologize for my
English language, because I do not know it in perfection. I studied
English language at school and also in college. I studied in trade
college earlier and I have average special education. Where you work?
In what sphere? I was never married also I have no children, though I
dream of that to have children. As I absolutely lonely now and I had
no any serious relation during last 4 months. You have children and
you were sometime married? Whether you have family? I live with mine
the grandmother in our apartment. I have no any brothers or sister. I
hope that you have not got tired to read my letter and will answer my
questions. I am very strongly intrigued also I shall wait your letter
with impatience. Please answer me as soon as possible. You must to
write me at Your new friend Irina.

2007-12-05, 12:04:44 from United States  
ReplyTo: Irina
Sent: Nov 2, 2007 6:57 AM
Subject: About me

Hi my new friend Christopher. I hope, that you have the most good mood
to answer my letter. First, I want to say to you large thanks, that
you have answered my letter. It was valid to me very pleasantly to
read your letter. I hope, that my letters to you deliver as much
pleasures. My friend, if you have a picture you directly, please send
it to me. I very much want to have your picture here. So, my mood
makes very well, because I can write to you. I hope, that you can
answer my questions. But before I shall tell to you more about myself.
You already know, that I live in Russia in city Cheboksary. I wrote to
you before concerning my English language and I hope, that you
understand my letter. Anyways I try to make it much more clearly for
you. I can talk in English and I can understand everything, that me
speak. But I use the program - interpreter. But it in rare cases. I
try to learn much more English. I live together with my grandmother.
We live in new quarter of our city, where is very silent and is quiet
also to me it is pleasant. Also, I want to say, that I have no a home
telephone number, because here still no a telephone line. I hope, what
you understand it, Christopher. What still I can tell to you about
myself? I have no any brothers or sister and I am the sole child in
family. And more I want to you to say, that since yesterday's day I do
not visit that dating site, where we have found each other. I any more
am not interested in it, because now it is very interesting to me to
have correspondence with you and to find out you. I hope, that you
make the same way. I never was in other countries and I never
travelled. I have no many means and time for this purpose. I hope,
that you understand all this. Christopher, if you have problems with
understanding of my letters, please write to me about it and I shall
accept any measures. So, tell to me little bit more about itself. You
can tell any thing and it will be very interesting to me. Still I want
to say about myself, that my growth makes 5 ' 7 and my weight makes 53
kgs. So, I shall finish this letter to you. But I hope, that you write
to me as soon as possible. I will try to send you my pictures in my
each letter. I shall be with impatience to wait your letter. Please,
do not take long time for the answer. I am very much interested in
you. Your new friend Irina.

2007-12-05, 12:05:58   (updated: 2007-12-05, 12:08:05) from United States  

2007-12-05, 12:09:35 from United States  

2007-12-05, 12:12:51 from United States  
ReplyTo: Irina
Sent: Nov 3, 2007 1:50 AM
Subject: About my job

Hi Christopher. I am very glad that you had answered me. I am glad
that you want to learn me more. How are you? What a weather you have
there? Sorry, but this letter will be a short because I tired in my
job today. I has forgotten to wrote you where I work. I work in fund
of the help as the homeless and beggar. I work here already about two
years and I very much like this job because we make very good
business, we help the people. We - sole similar organisation in our
city. I think that similar organisation should be in your city too. I
very much like my job because I help other people, who need in help.
Do you like your job? What kind of musik you like? What kind of films?
I like to listen silent and quiet music and I give back preference to
classical music. Also I like music of a disco 80-x. It is pleasant to
me films romantic, and comedy. But most I like film ' What want women
' with Mel Gibson. Did you saw this film? This is very funny film. Mel
Gibson - my favorite actor. I like all films with him. Did you see 'We
were a soldier'? Who your favorite actor or actress? Christopher, do
you have the driver's license? Do you have the automobile? What mark
you prefer? I like BMW and Ford, though I understand in automobiles a
little. I very much want to have the automobile, but I have no the
driver's license. I want sometime to visit lessons of driving but I
have no free time for this purpose. I hope that you will like my
letter and answer on my questions. I hope that you will not tired from
my letter and my questions. I shall be with impatience to look forward
to hearing from you. And I hope that you will send me your pictures.
Your friend Irina.

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