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Dating scammer Yuliya Aleksandrovich


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Name: Yuliya Aleksandrovich


Russia, Yoshkar-Ola,
Baumana street, 105

Other Comments:
Very very hot. First email here. Hello my dear new friend! To say the truth I haven?t even expect that
you would write me because I?m for the first time in the internet and
almost don?t know how it is working. But I hope that soon I will be
able to understand it better and write you letters every day if you
want to correspond with me more. As for me I think that we can find
much in common. And what about you, Christopher? I think we can be good
friends. The main thing is to have a very big wish and try to
understand each other. Understanding is very important in the
relationship between the people. I think you can ask me why I have
decided to go to the internet to register on this site of
acquaintance. I will try to tell you the truth from the first letter,
I don?t want us to hide anything from each other because it is also
very important for me to be truth that the person whom I want to get
acquainted with knows me and have the imagination about the person
with whom he corresponds. I hope you understand me, Christopher, and
won?t hide anything from me too. Don?t be afraid, Christopher, I won?t
think bad of you even if you tell me any bad facts from your life
because I am such a person who can understand and share feelings and
thoughts of other people. Ok, Christopher, I will continue to write you
the reasons of my registering on this site. It is a very sad story. I
had a boyfriend here in my town, his name was Roman. We have been
studying together at school in one class and had big love to each
other. As for me I loved him with all my heart and thought that we
would be together forever. We understood each other without words and
enjoyed our love every day. I think you can understand me, Christopher,
because in my opinion every person has felt it even though one time in
his life. We were going to marry after studying at the university and
dream about our life together, about children that we would give a
birth but when we both were 21 years old a very awful tragedy happened
to us. We liked going for a drive on bicycles and one shiny summer day
when we were going to the beach of our river Volga to have sunbathe,
we saw a very big cargo car that raced on us. We didn?t think that it
could be dangerous but the driver of it was very drunk and he
misdirected my boyfriend on a bicycle. I was shocked and
unconsciousness. I remembered it vaguely but a very awful thing for me
was that Roman dyed on my hands because of many traumas he got. It is
very very awful to lose the person whom you love and see how he say
goodbye to the life. I remember very well his eyes at that moment. He
wanted to say to me something but he couldn?t. I cried a lot and
thought that it was an awful dream and when I opened my eyes I would
have understood that I simply was sleeping and my lovely person would
be alive. But it was a terrible reality. I didn?t want to believe in
it. I thought of committing suicide because I don?t want to live alone
in this world without the person I loved. I was used to him and didn?t
imagine my life without him. I still remember this accident. And now
when I write you it I cry because remember it again and don?t want to
believe it. This tragedy will always be in my mind. After that I
couldn?t sleep for a big period of time. I was going to the
psychologist and took medicines for depression that I had that time. I
hope you will understand my sincerity. Now four years later I feel
much better, I understood that I should live in spite of the fact that
he is not with me. I saw a dream one night where Roman said to me that
life continued and he wanted to see me happy and want me to find a man
who would be worthy to share my life with, who would love me not less
him and who would take care of me. When I awoke I thought a lot about
it and thought that maybe he was right and I really should be happy. I
think that he was honest and said it to me with sincerity. But it was
difficult for me to get acquainted with new people because I became
unaccustomed to it. I was so used to Roman and he was not only my
boyfriend but also he was my friend he was everything for me, the
person due to whom I breathe, eat, sleep and live. We had many common
friends but almost all the time we spent together. That?s why I had no
a need to have the best girlfriend. Roman was the man whom I trusted
all my secrets, everything that worried me a lot. I loved him?Now I
think a lot about for what I loved him and can enumerate a lot of his
assets but maybe I loved him not for what he was, I loved him for what
I was with him. Do you understand me, Christopher? I hope I didn?t bore
you with my story in the first letter. But I really need such a person
in my life who will understand me and will share my feelings and
thoughts. That?s why I decided to get acquainted with somebody in the
internet because for me it is more simply than to get acquainted with
somebody in person. I begin to shy and become nervous. That?s why all
my thoughts are about what to say how it to say and the contact become
not sincere. But writing letters through the internet can be more
useful for the persons who want to become closer, we don?t see our
eyes and can tell everything to each other honesty. Am I right,
Christopher? I also wanted you to be honesty with me and to hear your
story about why you have decided to get acquainted with me over
internet? As for me I have chosen you because after reading your
profile I understood that we approach each other. We have some common
things in our characters and to be the truth I simply liked you. I
decided to try to write you, who knows maybe you would write me back
and you have written. I was really glad to see your letter in my mail
box today because I was waiting for it with impatience. I?m very
thankful for it to you. Maybe we will be able to learn later that we
don?t approach each other but we will be able to be good friends,
Christopher. I hope you are not against it. Ok, I think I have written
you a lot today, moreover my time in the internet ends and I should
say good-bye to you. I hope to get an answer from you as soon as
possible. Take care, Sincerely, Your new Russian friend, Yuliya!


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[hidden] from United States  

2007-11-09, 18:26:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-11-09, 19:26:43
OJAS from United States  
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@allbies, once in a while check these links for information currency [Link Version 2007-11-08, 13:42:36]
2007-11-10, 21:23:48 from United States  
this was my follow up to my first letter

Hello my dear friend sucker! At first I want to thank you for the
answer. Maybe you will take it strange but when I sent you the letter
I worried a lot if you would like it or not. For me it means that I'm
really interested in you and want you to like me. But today when I got
your answer I was really very glad to read that you enjoy correspond
with me:) I consider you to be my new friend too and when I think
about it I become happier because nowadays it is very difficult to
find a real friend whom you can trust everything and who won't betray
you. Do you agree with me, foolinlove? Do you have a lot of friends? I
think that we should learn from our letters more and more. As for me I
am fond of learning about your life, about things that you like and
dislike. I feel trust between us. I fell so easy and comfortable
corresponding with you. Sometimes it is much easier for people to
discuss some things not looking into the eyes like in our situation
corresponding through the Internet. I think that it is interesting for
you, , to learn a little about my family and me. As you have
already learned I’m 25 years old. I live in Yoshkar-Ola with my not
family. It consists of my father, Viktor Aleksandrovich, my mother,
Valentina Aleksandrovna, and my small sister, Masha.I wish to write
also to you the address of my residing, and also my full name! As
speak at us in Russia: ' NA VSYAKIY SLUCHAY ', that means just in
case!!! I shall make it below: Tanya. Russia, Yoshkar-Ola,
Baumana street, 105 My parents are old and they have already become
pensioners. They are 56. My sister is 20 years old and she is a
student of Yoshkar-Ola State University. She wants to be a
Maybe because of that tragedy that has happened to me. She saw how
difficult for me was to outlive it. And nobody could help me to
inquire with it. I know that all my family suffered with me and wanted
to help me. But the pain in the heart was very deep and I think that
only time can make me feel better. But I’m very responsible for them
for their support. I love them and also want them to be happy. I have
no grandmothers and grandfathers because they dyed when I was a little
girl. That’s why I even don’t know what kind of care children get
their grandparents. As I’m an elder sister I got less love from my
parents than Masha. They didn’t give me so much weasel and
But I got it from my boyfriend Roman. He was my soul. We all live in
Yoshkar-Ola. It is the capital of the republic Mari-El. Our city is
big with the population over 400000 people. I’m proud of my town
because it is very beautiful and has a very big and important history.
We live in a two-room apartment near the center of Yoshkar-Ola. My
and I live in one room and my parents in another. We try to live
friendly but sometimes we all bore each other and begin to swear. In
such moments I go away from home and try to calm down. I like nature
very much and when I feel nervous I go by bicycle to the forest and
find my sedation in nature. There I can cry, scream, laugh and do
everything that I want because I could be heard only by silent trees
that take my emotions and bring me relaxation. And what about you,
myprey, do you like nature? To say the truth I don’t like to
with the members of my family because I love them and don’t want them
to suffer and feel bad. But you know, sucker, that sometimes it is
very difficult to do because some situations in our life don’t depend
on us. But I can say that almost all the time we live happy together
and always try to support each other every day. Well, Christopher, I
finish my e-mail, I hope that we will continue corresponding with each
other and you will tell me much more about yourself, and I will try to
tell you about myself as much as possible in future e-mails. I want to
learn more about your country, please, tell me about your family,
about your friends. I hope to see your answer soon. And of course I
wait for your photos. Please send me all the pictures that you have. I
will be very glad to receive them!! Good-bye, usexymotherhumper! Take care!
Your Russian friend, Yuliya.
2007-12-03, 08:18:06 from United States  
here we go again with more pics... btw is this that other blonde or just freaking similar to that model to in certain poses.

Subject:     i love you!
Date:     Sat, 24 Nov 2007 20:40:40 +0300

Hello my love, #$%^&! Thank you so much for your kind letter, it is
as always brought a lot of wonderful feelings to me! My dear, my love
, in my last e-mail I have told you about my love feelings to
you, Chris, I was sincere and honest, dearest, I couldn’t hide my
love, it was a voice of my heart telling you about what I feel,
because it is so difficult to hide my warm feelings, Chris!!!
Yesterday I came home from the internet cafe and told everything about
my feelings to my mother. She was shocked a little because she has
never imagined that I will marry a man abroad. But I said to her that
she should calm down because I am not going to marry him now. I told
her that I only confess to him about what I feel and afraid to get his
answer because I don’t want him not to feel the same to me. I so want
you really to love me. My mother was also surprised; she said that she
didn’t see me so happy for a long time especially after my boyfriend
Roman dyed. My mother said to me that if I was sincere with him he
would appreciate it and would love you. I was glad to hear it because
I really was sincere with you. I don't stop being surprised how deeply
you understand my heart and how much in common I have with the man who
lives on the other side of the planet. During the time we are
corresponding you have become the closet and dearest man in the world.
You have become the true friend for me with whom I can share all of my
feelings and thoughts, to whom I can trust all of my secrets and I am
sure that you will always understand me. My God! How long I have been
waiting for it! How often I depicted it in my imagination! It seems to
me that it's just a dream and I will wake up soon and everything will
be over. I don’t want to lose this feeling. I want to give you it and
I want you to feel it. I want to present you my love and appreciate my
feelings. It is already a tradition for me to go to the Internet cafe.
But frankly speaking is the best what is going on during my day. I
enjoy every letter I get from you and re-read them every night. I want
to share my life with you; I want to be always with you, to feel your
warmth and care. I am a very emotional, passionate, hot-tempered woman
deep in my soul and nobody except you can feel it. Maybe it seems
strange for you, we haven't met with you in the real life, we have
only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know each
another for ages. Hope you understand me. The most important in the
relations between two people, man and woman, is love, of course,
mutual understanding, and respect. Two people should trust at first,
understand, and care about each other. Your life will be my life and I
will give you all my love, care and tenderness. I want to do it very
much, Chris. Think about you all the time!! I send my hot kisses to
you, my love!! Forever yours, Yuliya.

* [Fri, 23 Nov 2007 18:04:54 +0000]:
> Today the shoppers are mad. The traffic is heavy. Old women fighting
> over bargain deals. Christmas is such crazy mess. Holiday traditions
> lost in a pile of bargain hungry and materialistic people. My
> grandmother just got out of hospital for a mild heart attack. Seeing
> pain in people is just terrible. Well I'm glad your friend mate her
> mate. I know going through visa process is crazy. You have to have
> work filled out properly. Even leaving America to over seas is crazy
> you gotta get shots. Yes I think of you. I wait by computer for your
> letter. I'm sad not having you close. Why does distance separate us
> Why can't we be doves flying together in the sky. I wait for you my
> dear. Yours only Chris
> Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Yuliya Kazantseva.

Rambler-ICQ 6 -- íîâûé ôîðìàò îáùåíèÿ!

2007-12-03, 08:21:18 from United States  
Subject:     I love you, i miss you Chris!!!
Date:     Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:14:43 +0300

Hello my love man, my dearest Chris! How are you doing, my
Chris? I'm doing fine, my honey! I have received your answer, my
Chris, I’m so happy to receive your necessary love for me, your
warm words, my dear Chris. My dearest Chris, I love you, my
Chris, I love you so much that I can’t without you now, my love,
you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable
part of my life, my love Chris. But still I wish so much that it be
something more then just e-mails, I really want to meet you in person.
But E-mails are the only thing that connects us for now. And day by
day I realize how great it is that the Internet was once invented. My
mother decided to write you a letter, she understood that I really
fell in love with you and afraid of me. So I want to translate you
what she has written to you. Dear Chris! I am Yuliya s mother
Valentina Aleksandrovna. It is very unusual for me to write you
because I have never associate with men abroad but I hope that you are
very intelligent and will understand me and my feelings. I will try to
be sincere with you. My daughter Yuliya. is very kind, honest, careful,
and tender and as her mother I want her to be very happy. But I’m
afraid of her very much too, I don’t want her to suffer. Maybe she
didn’t tell you about the woe that has happened to her but I will
you that she suffered a lot about the accident that has happened with
her boyfriend Roman with whom she has a very big love since the first
class at school. She suffered a lot and I don’t want to see how she
cries again. I see that now she looks happier and I understand that
the reason is that she fell in love. I tried to speak to her and
learned about you. She told me that she got acquainted with you
through the internet. It is strange for me but I don’t want my
daughter to be unhappy. If she has chosen you it is her choice and she
has the right. I heard a lot about you from her and to say the truth
she only speaks well and praise you. I understand that she really in
love. I am happy for my daughter and hope that you will be able to do
everything that she feel happy too. Don’t upset her. She needs you. I
hope that you will be together and make a happy family who knows maybe
I will be a grandmother for your children. I dream about the moment
when I will be able to bring up the children of my daughter. I hope
that you will think about my words and will take care of my daughter.
Be happy!! Thank you for all you have done for Yuliya. Best regards,
Valentina Aleksandrovna Dear Chris! You know I have nobody but you
in my life. I am so happy that I have you. I believe that you are the
very person I have looked for a long time. And I am ready to share my
life and everything that I have with you my Love!! Here is the poem I
found for you today. Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool
caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I
think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your
arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has
never before been given away I hope you like these poems I am sending
to you. I can't wait to get your next letter. I can not wait to hold
you and share our happiness together for the rest of our lives. Send
you my warmth kisses and love, Forever yours Yuliya!

2007-12-03, 08:24:24 from United States  
Hello my love man, my dearest Chris! Thank you very much for your
warmth words to me and my mother. When I read them I feel that you
love me too. What you say is part of your heart and that warms me. The
day we meet will be the day that the sky and earth come together,
there will be such an earth world will shake to my
foundation. Our eyes will meet and our bodies will come together and
our hearts will skip a beat. Our lips will come together that will be
a kiss to die for. I know that heaven is missing an angel and I found
him here and he is so wonderful!!!!!! I sometimes think I was born in
the wrong country I should have been born somewhere near you. You are
an answer to my prayers. I asked God for you and he has answered and
his answer was YOU. We have something that I will keep with me forever
and no one can take it from me! Thank you for being in my world. I
LOVE YOU, Chris. Let me tell you how I see love. I can see us
sitting side by side in the morning light and looking out at the
future together. What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing
still, to love! You know you are in love when you see the world in
your partner's eyes, and your partners eyes everywhere in the world.
Holding you up, when you are weak, Helping you find what it is you are
looking for. Just being there, through thick and thin. Love is like
magic and it always will be. For love still remains life's sweet
mystery!! Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange And there's
nothing in life that love cannot change!! Love can transform the most
common place into beauty and splendor Love is unselfish, understanding
and kind, For it sees with its heart and not with its mind!! Love
can't be bought; it is priceless and free. I hope this will explain my
view on love. And now I want to tell you about my dream. Maybe it is
very usual but I want it to happen sometimes with me. So, only imagine
yourself the cost of the boundless ocean and the sunset. And only two
people are sitting on sand embracing and looking into the distant
spot. They don't talk to each other because they needn't any words to
express their feelings. They kiss and embrace. They are in love.
That's all but I have a lot of dreams and it is only one of them.
Maybe sometimes I'll tell you them when I will be looking right into
your eyes, Chris. I love you my darling and wait for your letter
with impatience. Kiss you and wish you to see me in your dreams,
Forever yours, Yuliya!
ps. I was not surprised, that you have seen my photo. I in the country
have a lot of swindlers, which appropriate the another's data to
and to remain pure. Me have warned about them. I really do not want you

to deceive, because you are very important for me! I hope that you will

understand me correctly!!!

2007-12-03, 08:26:51 from United States  
btw notice the ps part. instead of writing a complete letter they added with a p s to the end of a form letter i think.
2007-12-03, 08:32:06 from United States  
Hello my love man, my dearest Chris! Today Natasha has written to
me the letter from the USA and said that she is the happiest woman in
this world. Her future husband as she said Richard met her at the
airport with a big bunch of flower and gave her a big kiss. They
dreamt about it a lot and finally it happened. She was very glad and I
heard her funny and happy voice. I am sincerely glad for them. And I
also want to go to you to, Chris! You are all for me now, the air I
breath, the food I eat. I want to be with you. I am waiting and I am
dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport. I will cry in
this moment, because it will be our happiness my dear. I dream as we
will live together my darling, go for a walk, keeping for our hands. I
want you to show me your native land, places where you like to go for
a walk and you like to spend more your time. I want to be with you my
love, I want it very much , I miss you. I want to say to you that I
have spoke with my parents about us again. I want to say to you that
they have so many happy smiles for us too, they are so happy because
we love each other very much, simple they said me that we will happy
with each other and they wish us a large happiness together! They see
my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and mom
understand me that we with you can't live without each other and wish
us a great love in this time and our future life too! A hot hello from
my mother and father to you, please, accept the love from my nearest
people, my parents love you as a relative son! My life has changed
since I met you. Since we started writing, I've been sleeping such a
sound sleep I haven't slept in years. In fact, I don't think I've had
such a good sleep ever since I was a child. I dream such magical, such
colorful dreams, that it's so hard to wake up in the morning,
returning back to the real world. And I've begun to see you often in
my dreams. In my dreams you're so close to me, that I can feel the
warmth of your body and the strength of your hands, the softness of
your lips. Seem as if our hearts are being as one and there's no such
force that could become an obstacle between us. Like last night I
dreamt a wonderful dream. In that dream we were walking together, hand
in hand, along the ocean shore. And then suddenly it began to rain, in
a second it was pouring heavily, and there wasn't a single soul in
sight, and no place, not even a tree, to seek shelter from. In an
instant our clothes became wet, and useless. So, we took it off, and
plunged into the warm and gentle ocean waters. We messed around in the
water like two kids, yet I could feel your strong hands holding me,
and I felt so safe, as I never had felt. We laughed; it was the most
genuine laughter. As I woke up I thought that I wouldn't be fair any
more to say I'd never seen the ocean. After my dream today I decided
to go to the travel agency to learn how much it will be cost for me to
go to you because I can’t wait for the moment I will be able to hold
you and kiss you in your hot lips. Just wanted to tell you also one
more time that I am very happy to find you my love!!! I believe that
we will be the happiest family! I love you so much, my darling, I'm
sure of my love to you and I want to say that every day I want to be
with you as soon as possible, my Chris, I love you so much, dear, I
can't live without you, my Chris, you are so important for me,
Chris, I love you, Chris!!!! I am ready to apply all my forces
to our meeting. I think we should meet each other, because we should
know each other better. The meeting will help us to make serious steps
in our life. Do you agree with me? I was very resolutely adjusted to a
meeting with you. I will find out the information as soon as possible.
I will inform you immediately as soon as I will have the necessary
information. I’m so excited because of our meeting!! I understand
I won’t be able to hide tears when we meet at first. Do not only pay
attention if I cry when we meet. OK? Do you promise me that? I want to
have sensation of your man's hands with all my heart. So your caress
is necessary for me!! I want to feel your care. I will try to do you
the happiest man in the world! I want us go towards to our love. I
want our meeting to be the first step in making our life together
happy!! Let's do our life happy and long! I want the union of our
hearts to be strong! I want to take care of you; I want to love you
with all my female heart!! I do not want that something will interfere
with us in our love. But without it, it is impossible, therefore we
should overcome all. Our love should overcome everything! Also, my
Chris, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I want to go to the
church, I must thank God that we found each other, my love, I hank God
so much, I know that God helped us to find you, my Chris, I know
about it, Chris! My darling, on this I will end my E-mail to you, I
will wait for your next E-mails with my great love!! You must know,
Chris, how happy I am when I read your messages, my darling!
Forever yours, All my kisses and hugs to you!! Very truly yours,
ps. I very strongly suffer for you, how do you feel? I hope that all well.

2007-12-03, 08:33:19 from United States  
one more pic......

2007-12-04, 17:11:20   (updated: 2007-12-04, 17:13:12)
Eddie from Sweden

wow, you've been a busy boy ;D

Thanks for posting the pics.

Could you please post the email addie he's using? (if it's different from the one at the top of the thread)
2007-12-04, 17:43:35   (updated: 2007-12-04, 17:45:02)
Eddie from Sweden  
PS... about your follow-up letter

I've found that Russian scammers don't generally respond if you write them in English (especially before the money letter). There are several reasons for this.....lack of time, they're complete morons, etcetc. But if you write in Russian, they nearly always respond in kind...even if it's only to say 'idi na khuy'. But the subject line needs to be very eye-catching.

One of my few redeeming features is that I can speak a few languages. Here's a letter that I composed in Russian, to be sent just prior to the money letter, if you want it (or know anyone else who does). I have a couple of other longer ones too, and a lot of the info that I've accumulated over the years has come directly from the scammers in Russian. Add the clown photo for that subtle added impact.

(The English translation is for your benefit only. I've transcribed it from cyrillic)

PLEASE READ THIS: skamerstvo!

Privet khokhol!
Pozhalujsta, ne oskorbl'ajte moj intellekt. Ty ne zhivete v (insert name of city), ty zhivete v Ioshkar-Ola, prestupnyj gorod v Rossii. Ty posylayete mne ukradennyye fotografii i nizkokachestvennyye skopirovannyye pis'ma. Skoro, ty budete prosit' den'gi poluchit' vizu (nevozmozhnyj poluchit' bez pis'mennogo priglasheniya ot men'a i biletov takzhe.)

Poetomu, ya sekonoml'u tas nekotoroye vrem'a. Pojdite ots'uda, chtoby iskat' chestnuyu rabotu, ty neschastnyj zhulik. Ya ne imeyu interes dl'a vashego skamerstvo. Oto'idi, a to jebnu. Idi na khuy!

English version:

PLEASE READ THIS: scam business!

Hello vile greedy one! (khokhol is very insulting to Russians)
Please don't insult my intelligence. You don't live in (insert name of city), you live in Yoshkar Ola, a criminal city in Russia. You send me stolen photos and poor-quality copy letters. Soon, you'll ask for money to obtain a visa (impossible to obtain without a letter of invitation from me and tickets as well.)

Therefore I will save you some time. Go from here and seek an honest job, you miserable scammer. I'm not interested in your scam business. Get lost or I'll kick your ass. Fuck you!

2007-12-05, 08:59:09 from United States  
here we go again... muhahaha

Hello my love!! LOVE of all my life!! Thank you again and again for
your kind letters! My angel, my fairy - tale, my sweet dream! I so
want to be with you Chris. I want to be with you, very much, as we
have waited this moment. We were meant to be together, and will make
each other very happy. You are the man of my dreams, and I love you,
just the way you are. We will share everything together, and pursue
similar interests. Anything is possible, when you're in love, which is
such a wonderful feeling. No matter what obstacles we encounter, we
will overcome them, because we have each other, to turn to. You mean
the world to me, and without you, my life is meaningless. I want to be
everything you ever wanted, in a woman, as you are the man I have
always wanted to meet, someday. I love you, with all my heart, and
nothing will ever change the way I feel. We will have an everlasting
love. But there is a little problem. The reason we can’t meet is that
the travel to you costs a lot of money. I have come to the travel
agency and found out everything about flying to you. The visa costs
600$...It is a very big sum for me, I was shocked when I learned it. I
have no such money. You know that my wages is only 200$ a month and I
keep all our family. I asked my parents about the help but you know
that they are pensioners and get a very small pension which is enough
only for some little life expenses. So I help them with my wages to
buy food and pay the bills for the flat,…I don’t know where I can
this money. I called to the bank and was said to come to bank and to
talk to the manager. I hoped that they will help me. But when I did,
the manager of the bank told me that it is impossible. Oh, you just
can not imagine how unhappy I was. The manager told me that I can not
take a loan from the bank, because I want to go abroad. And they do
not accommodate people with a loan in such cases… Can you imagine it?
Oh, Chris!! My dear Chris! It is incredible thing! It is a
disaster! My heard is simply dying for being with you, my love, my
dear friend, my Chris!! And what will I do without you? Tell me;
tell me please, what I should do then!! How can I live without you, my
Chris?! You are all that I have in my life, believe me, Chris!!
I don’t want to lose you because I love you very much with all my
heart. I have no right to ask you to help me, to put it more precisely
- to help us. I know that our love is mutual!! My dear Chris, I do
not have this right!! But at the same time I have no money to come to
you. I do not want us to lose our love, my dear Chris! I do not
want to think that 600 dollars will be an insurmountable obstacle to
us to be happy together!! So what else can I add? We have a choice -
to start a new happy life together or to lose each other
do you prefer?! As for me I want to be with you for ever! God gave us
such a splendid opportunity to find our happiness! To be together! To
love and to be loved by each other! Can we allow this small problem to
spoil our happy future life?! What is money? It is just a mean to
achieve our aim, and nothing more. And our aim is to be together and
be happy. That's it! I do not have any right to say the next words,
but it is really so, believe me - now everything depends on you, my
Chris. My dear Chris! Please, do not leave me to the mercy of
fate…I pray… Love You, miss You, wait for Your decision, Very truly
yours, Yuliya!

* [Sun, 2 Dec 2007 19:42:45 +0000]:
> So what do you think it will really be like to finally meet. Will
> destiny cross fate. You have me excited to fact I am about to
> My friends and family think I am reborn person with new life. I a
> the details of your arrival but should I not visit first meet the
> parents and stuff
> Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Yuliya Kazantseva.

Rambler-ICQ 6 -- íîâûé ôîðìàò îáùåíèÿ!

2007-12-05, 09:02:45 from United States  

2007-12-05, 09:03:52 from United States  

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