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Dating scammer Natalya Solce


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Name: Natalya Solce


Kokshaisk, Russia

Other Comments:
The addy is also used by Nadezhda Vasileva (Moscow)

-------- Message ------------------------------------------------
Good afternoon my new friend! My name is Natalya. To me of 28 years. I serious, fair, arrogant, perspective but not looking at it the cheerful and cheerful girl. I possess knowledge of several foreign languages. I do not love lie and a deceit. I do not play on any feelings and I would not want that played on mine! I search for exclusively serious attitudes. I wish to find the greater and pure love instead of short-term correspondence. My friend if I have really interested you also you would be not against with me to communicate that write on my mail box With impatience I shall wait for your letter.

Letter 1
Hi my new friend. I am glad that you have paid attention to my
announcement on the Internet. I am really very glad to the beginning
of our dialogue.
As you already know I live in Russia. In a silent, picturesque, fine
place under name Kokshaisk. It is present paradise for people which
really love a life and love all beautiful! To us come to take pleasure
in pure air and the magnificent nature people from all Russia!
I the girl which am quite happy with a life but which does not suffice
the present pure love! And for this reason I also have submitted the
announcement on the Internet... Because in Russia such love simply not
to find! I since the childhood dreamt of the prince on a white game.
And even tried to find it here... But my diligence success have not
crowned. And here I also have tried to find the prince abroad. And who
can assume... Can it there are you?
As my friends I 'the walking encyclopaedia' speak about me! This trope
is final! They speak it because I always know all! And besides I know
English! And consequently to me often address for council... Still my
girlfriend speaks that I the outstanding person! Because at me always
good mood also that I can always lift it that at whom it was not
present! I very much love the friends and very much I value them. I in
general value any relations! Two girls enter into a circle of my
friends. We is constant together! We together went to school, at
institute, and even we work now together! But unlike them I have not
found till now the love. And they already married also are quite
happy! And I even envy them a little... But exclusively white envy!
I live one. I the daddy with mum live very far from me! But I have big
and very fluffy cat! His name is Butcefal. Yes, yes, it is direct as
well as horse at Alexander! It though also very big but to it only 3
months! It such prankish! It more than once dropped my flowers
standing on a window sill, dropped curtains and all my books on a
regiment! But I all the same very much love it and I can not become
angry about it! And you have a pet? If there is that tell to me about
it and show its photo? Well?
I very much would want that ours with you dialogue was successful, and
the main thing fair! I do not love when me deceive and consequently I
never deceive nobody. On it I finish the letter and with impatience I
will look forward to hearing from you.
With the best regards yours Natalya.

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country: RU
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tech-c: ETHD12-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered
role: Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
phone: +7 8362 210035
fax-no: +7 8362 210035

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2007-12-05, 12:04:05
Peter from Germany  
Let him show his real face first before we spam him. It is an amazing thread regardless on what platform it is running.

Спасибо за развлечения Йошкар-Ола
2007-12-05, 14:12:21
To the Scammer posting on this thread
This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Niki in in Izhevsk, Russia
Dating scammer Tatyana

Keywords: george w bush
2007-12-05, 14:32:57
To the Scammer posting on this thread

2007-12-05, 15:47:25
anonymous from United States  

2007-12-05, 19:15:16
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Datum: 12/05/07 22:38:04
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: Hello my love

Hi the darling. I am glad to see your letter. How are you doing? The
darling.... I thought about that much that has occurred today... About
my bank account. About my photos. About my former schoolmate which so
with me has arrived. It has arrived meanly in relation to me from two
parties! With one that has placed my photos in the Internet and that
has taken advantage of my account in the mercenary purposes. And on
the other hand it has arrived meanly because now you do not trust me!
Yes! I feel it! I feel that your relation to me has changed... I feel
that you do not concern now me as concerned before... I perfectly feel
it. And me from it it is very heavy. I do not cease to think of it.
And me it is very heavy. It is heavy to realise that that you concern
me on another. And I wish to tell to you that I did not deceive you
never and did not try to make it! I simply naive girl! The girl which
loves you... Loves very strongly! Also wishes to be with you and only
with you. And I very much would want that you concerned me on the
former. I very much want it... The darling... Please trust me! Trust
in my love to you! Trust in it... Please...
And about my schoolmate! Unfortunately I have not found anything about
it. Absolutely... I know about it only that that her name is Natasha
and all!!! It is more than anything... And I thought of it... You
know... It seems to me the unfortunate person! Yes! Yes... It the
unfortunate person! Also know why? Because she should say lies and
deceive... If it was happy from a life that to it it would be not
necessary so to arrive... To simply it has not carried in a life! Has
not carried in a life as has carried to me! And here to me has
carried. Has carried because I love! I love also I is favourite! It is
favourite by you! And I am happy... And it is unfortunate also to me
it it is a pity... Despite the fact that as it with me has arrived to
me it it is a pity... And I wish it all the most good! I am not
insolent on it harms... Neither I nor you to it not the judge! The god
to it the judge! The darling... Please... Let's not pay to it
attention! Let's not spoil our fine relations!!! I ask you... Let's
simply forget about it as about a terrible dream! And all... Also we
will be happy! We will be happy together! Both let anybody is more and
never to us will prevent... I very much want it. Let's forget it and
we will live further?! Give?! Let's make so? Please! I know to you it
difficultly to make! Because you a furious bull! But believe to me...
What not all in this life dares by means of physical strength... Try
to calm down and live simply further... And to love me further! Try to
make so! I ask you! You remember spoke to me that will make all for
me? And so I ask you to make as I speak! Let's forget it!? We will
delete from our life?! Please! The god to it the judge! And I wish it
only the good...
And about my bank account! Yes let it pass!!!! To me without a
difference on it!!! Let it and will be. Simply take away the money
from bank and all... Listen to me! Also make as I speak! So will be
more correct... I assure you.
Also know that... If all of you still me love and would want that I
have arrived to you that take away the money from bank and send them
to me through the western union. It is unique service which remained.
Notice it our third service of transfer of money and I hope what
exactly it will bring to us good luck. If you wish to see me nearby
that make so! And when I to you will arrive we once again we will
return to this theme and we will discuss it once again. Well? But now
let's forget about it. It to us only stirs! It to us stirs!!!! Let's
forget it and we will be happy!!! Are happy together! Well?
The darling... I hope you seriously will concern my words and will
listen to me. I very much hope for it. Also know that I very much love
you. Also I wait for our meeting. And your letter.
P.S. When I wrote this letter I roared... I roared all time while it
wrote... Roared from that that has occurred between us! Roared from
that that I am afraid... I Am afraid to lose you! I am afraid that you
stop loving me!!!!!! I very much am afraid of it!!!! Please do not
throw me! I very much love you! And please help me with arrival to
you! I very much wish to be with you! I cannot more without you... I
roar... I love... I want you...

Received: from localhost (unknown [])
    (Authenticated sender:
    by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 90FAE84442
    Thu, 6 Dec 2007 00:38:02 +0300 (MSK)
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 00:37:57 +0300
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.12.00) Business
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Hello my love
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References: <4756F01F.000003.01248@cp1052231-a>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
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X-Antivirus-Status: Clean
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2007-12-05, 20:16:21
anonymous from Australia  
Could some one explain the words in blue and double underlined ..girlfriend ,,,friend ect ...what happens when they are loaded ??...cheers..
2007-12-06, 01:48:38   (updated: 2007-12-06, 01:49:19)
Eddie from Sweden  
Aussie mate...

they're links to websites. If you happen to write a keyword or phrase in your post, an automatic link is created to a particular website. For example if you posted the words Russian girls, you might get a link to a dating site. Fairly harmless really and I suppose it's how they can afford to run the forum for nothing.
2007-12-06, 07:59:56
anonymous from Australia  
Ahha..cheers , not to educated with the ways of the computer world , thought it could be a bug...thanks cobba!!....actually how i got to this site was google I.P address must have new names well surname and pics , as i have not found..
Received: from unknown (HELO UTELEVIZORA) (nata.kusochek@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 5 Dec 2007 13:36:05 -0000
X-YMail-OSG: aGbl4QYVM1kI.ckhfO4V0O44sRFerFHALP268RofJr3vC2mr
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 16:34:28 +0300
From: Natalya Petrova <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.60.07) Professional
Reply-To: Natalya Petrova <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>

2007-12-06, 08:06:30
anonymous from Australia  
Dont know if to paste pics...but wow 2 hot chicks of the 1 e-mail ...nice alright if it happened down at the local pub!!...whoroo.!!

2007-12-06, 08:51:07
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Hello Australia... You posted your girl on the wrong thread. Try this one. You'll find her there
2007-12-06, 09:04:23
OJAS from United States  
Aussie mate
Your red one graces this page http://www.delphifa..#comments
See Post 2007-12-02, 05:34:35 On that day it must have been a bit cold in Europe. So she decides to move down under today. Maybe she likes to enjoy a Fosters or a VB ... Or of you are a Northerner an XXXX?

Cheers from the States
2007-12-06, 09:07:36
OJAS from United States  
Oops Dirk!
I had been simultaneously searching and posting for the Aussie mate. Just couldn't see what might be happening across the Atlantic!

Have a nice day +0700
2007-12-06, 09:37:36
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
This one took 3 hours and 10 minutes. A lot of money-talk and at the end...

Natalya zegt:
Dirk zegt:
The impatient girl!!!
Natalya zegt:
The uncontrollable!
Dirk zegt:
The worried one
Natalya zegt:
How your mood?
Dirk zegt:
Good. Just came in from work. And now I'm trying to empty my mailbox. But someone is talking all the time
Natalya zegt:
I have not understood you? Who else with you speaks????
Dirk zegt:
I meant you, silly girl
Natalya zegt:
You name me silly???
Dirk zegt:
It was a joke. See? Nobody understands me. Not even you
Dirk zegt:
Don't you like it?
Natalya zegt:
Well and jokes at you...
Dirk zegt:
The joke is on me? How? Why?
Natalya zegt:
It simply was not pleasant to me.
Dirk zegt:
Sorry, won't say it again
Natalya zegt:
You attentively read my letter? If there is no that read it again.
Dirk zegt:
Yes, I read it. You were up late!
Natalya zegt:
You have well thought over that that I spoke to you in that letter?
Dirk zegt:
I thought about you all day, honey. You wrote a lot in your letter. What exactly do you mean?
Natalya zegt:
I wish to learn your general opinion on all that I have written. What do you think? You agree with that that I spoke?
Dirk zegt:
I agree with the part where you say that you love me and that you don't want to lose me. I don't agree with the part where you are crying (don't like it). I agree with the part where you say that your girlfriend will be punished for what she did. I agree with the part where you ask me to forget about your bankaccount. I do not agree with Western Union. Enough?
Natalya zegt:
Dirk zegt:
Wow. We agree!
Natalya zegt:
The darling... When at last we will meet?
Dirk zegt:
I think that we have to be patient a little while longer. I would like to have you with me yesterday. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. But, there are many things we have to think and talk about before making that big step
Natalya zegt:
That is you any more do not wish to meet me?
Dirk zegt:
You didn't understand. I said: I would like to have you with me yesterday. Meaning sooner than soon.
Natalya zegt:
Well you want times it then in what has put??? Why is not present?! What for to wait?! You know that I very impatient! In all!
Dirk zegt:
Yes, I know. You really have to learn to be more patient. It is a big step. Not for me. I have all to win. For you. You have all to lose
Natalya zegt:
Why you so consider?
Dirk zegt:
For me it is easy. I stay in my own country, where I know a lot of people and where I know the language, the culture and the rules. I'm the one who wins. There will be an attractive, funny, young woman at my side. For you it will be completely different. You come to a country you don't know, to live with a man you don't know. It will be like living on an island
Natalya zegt:
Think I such silly? I many times thought of it... Also know why I do not worry in this occasion? Because I will be there with you! And I know that with you I will not be gone never! I completely trust you.
Dirk zegt:
Thank you for trusting me. I really think that we have to talk about this and other problems. You have to be well-prepared before coming overhere. What do you know about my country?
Dirk zegt:
Honey? It's ten minutes ago now. Are you still there?
Dirk zegt:
Natalya? It's fifteen minutes ago now! I know what you are doing! You are reading the encyclopedia, aren't you?! That is a very sneaky thing to do...
Natalya zegt:

Dirk zegt:
Natalya zegt:
You know... If I went to another's country for work that I would learn all about that country in which meal! But I go to the favourite person! To which I trust! And it is not interesting to me where do you live. The main thing to be near to you. You understand me?
Natalya zegt:
Excuse I will return in 10 minutes. Wait for me. I am fast.
Dirk zegt:
Yes, I understand that. It's a very romantic point of view, but it is not the way things work in life. Okay, I'll wait
Natalya zegt:
Here and I!
Dirk zegt:
Twenty minutes! You are really fast
Natalya zegt:
The darling... Understand that I not such silly girl as you think. And before to speak to you about that that I I wish to arrive to you have well thought! About all it is absolute.... Believe to me!
Dirk zegt:
I promised not to say 'silly girl'again! And... Sure I believe you thought about it.
Natalya zegt:
Well then that prevents to meet to us now???
Dirk zegt:
I know one answer... Your visa. It should be ready. Is it?
Natalya zegt:
Yes. It is for certain already ready. It is necessary to descend and take away it simply.
Dirk zegt:
We agreed that you will show it to me first. Remember? We have to check if it is okay
Natalya zegt:
Well. Tomorrow I will send to you its letter. Well?
Dirk zegt:
That is fine with me, honey. You see? That is what I meant when I said 'well-prepared'
Natalya zegt:
It is nonsense. Tomorrow I will give you the visa. But what about my ticket?
Dirk zegt:
That is the next step. What is nonsense?
Natalya zegt:
You became very strange... Why you do not wish to think of it now?
Dirk zegt:
My darling, that is not true! I'm thinking abou you all day and all night!
Natalya zegt:
So share please the thoughts with me!
Dirk zegt:
I love you!!!!! The other thoughts are a bit naughty. And I have serious thoughts too. About the problems you will have to face. But you don't want to talk about them, Stubborn One
Natalya zegt:
The darling... So you can particularly offer me with ticket purchase?
Natalya zegt:
I love you!!!
Natalya zegt:
my darling!
Natalya zegt:
my lovely!
Dirk zegt:
Yes, but how? Shall I try Moneygram again? Or can I have your passport tomorrow too? I can take it with me to the bank to solve that little problem we have
Natalya zegt:
Oh this moneygram!!! I do not trust it in general! The darling... Agree that there is only western union! Really it is very far from you????
Dirk zegt:
Honey, please understand. I hate Western Union! I know that we had problems with Moneygram. But Western Union is the most distrusted company I know
Natalya zegt:
And why it you do not trust the western union???
Dirk zegt:
I used it before. It is a long time ago. And I had only bad experiences with it. That is why I changed to Moneygram. It worked allright up till now
Natalya zegt:
H'm... You used the western union before? Well it is fine... But you understand what to try that costs!!! And suddenly to us will carry this time! Simply let's try! As speak at us in Russia 'attempt not torture'!
Dirk zegt:
Hmmmm. I really... Well, okay then. If you want it. But when? Let me see... I have to work tomorrow till 16.00 (18.00 yours). I can't make it tomorrow! And then it is weekend again...
Natalya zegt:
It really problem... But it is necessary to think of it. And what about today? Now at you 16:40. After all so? You can be in time still. What will you tell on it?
Dirk zegt:
No, I can't be on time. Banks close at 16.00 here. Yes, they are lazy!
Natalya zegt:
It is very strange! Banks of the western union work for us till 20:00!
Dirk zegt:
You are in Russia, honey. Here things are different. See? That is what I mean...
Natalya zegt:
And tomorrow morning before your work you can do pass? Or during a lunch break?
Dirk zegt:
Honey, I have to drive to it. It is not nearby. Geeezzz, you are so impatient
Natalya zegt:
The darling... But we should find the decision! Really again it is necessary to wait all days off???
Dirk zegt:
Do you have another solution? If you send the passport and the visa tomorrow, I can manage to make it to the bank tomorrow in between work
Natalya zegt:
I do not trust moneygramm more!
Dirk zegt:
I didn't mean Moneygram, darling. I meant the bank. The transfer to your account. All I need is that copy of your passport.
Natalya zegt:
I do not wish to use this account more!!! It bad! Bad people used it!
Dirk zegt:
Okay, I understand that. Can you open another account?
Natalya zegt:
The darling... I certainly understand all... But to what it is all so to complicate? Why not easier simply to take advantage of services of the western union! It quickly and conveniently!
Dirk zegt:
My love, I already said that I will step over my objections to Western Union. I will use it. But it's the time... I simply can't make it to a WU-bank tomorrow.
Natalya zegt:
The darling... You cannot precisely do pass tomorrow? Can you all the same will try to make it?
Dirk zegt:
My Impatient One!!! You know what? I will think of a way to transfer it tomorrow. Okay? But, please do not be angry with me if I can't make it
Natalya zegt:
Well... I will not be angry at you! I love you! And it is possible to make inquiry to the western union by phone or by e-mail???
Dirk zegt:
I don't need information, hon. I know about Western Union.
Natalya zegt:
Well... Well...
Dirk zegt:
Well... Well.. I guess you don't have a little time for... You know...
Natalya zegt:
Excuse I you has not understood...
Dirk zegt:
You know... What lovers do... Ahum...
Natalya zegt:
The darling... Speak normally! Without hints!
Dirk zegt:
Making love
Natalya zegt:
Is not present is not present is not present.... I do not do it!
Dirk zegt:
Natalya zegt:
Dirk zegt:
Forget it. It's allright
Natalya zegt:
Dirk zegt:
Well... What?
Natalya zegt:
Anything. Simply.
Dirk zegt:
Natalya zegt:
I love you... Also I wish to arrive to you as soon as possible!!! I cannot wait any more!!! I want to you!!!!
Dirk zegt:
I love you more. I want you more!!!!!
Natalya zegt:
Is not present is not present! I love you more strongly!
Dirk zegt:
Yes-No. Yes-no. Please send the visa tomorrow. Yes?
Natalya zegt:
Certainly! Necessarily! I promise!
Dirk zegt:
See you tomorrow. Around 18.00 your time. Kisses
Natalya zegt:
The darling.... Only try to transfer from all forces money tomorrow! Well?
Dirk zegt:
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss. Impatient One
Natalya zegt:
My data you have. So I hope that this time there will be no problems...
Dirk zegt:
I hope so too.
Natalya zegt:
It is good. Then we will meet tomorrow in msn at 18:00. I would want that tomorrow we had exclusively good news to both of us!
Dirk zegt:
Yes, I want that too. Kiss?
Natalya zegt:
Imagine, that I kiss you! Imagine, that we nearby with each other. Imagine, that you cover me... Present it! And to you it becomes good... I love you my hero! And to tomorrow!!
2007-12-06, 09:56:52
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Same to you, OJAS (- 07.00)
2007-12-06, 14:27:28
Eddie from Sweden  
The, Dagger!'re my hero too!

Do you think when he disappeared for 20 minutes he was trying to trace your IP, so he'd know which country you're in? LOL
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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