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Dating scammer harriet boateng


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Name: harriet boateng


po box kn 2438 kaneshie accra ghana 00233

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cliams to work at lapaz comm. hospitial


2007-11-12, 17:12:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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2008-01-17, 03:16:00
anonymous from New Zealand  
hi there, i am currently having email exchanges with this girl. im must admit its so good to finally get confirmation of what i have always felt all along. She came across as too good to be true. she has been trying to get me to send her money but so far i havent given her nothing. i actually told her i would never send money to anybody i do not know well or intimately. i did tell her in the beginning that i have heard of women scamming men for money on these love sites but she assured me she was real. luckily for me i dont believe in people easily. im far too skeptical for

she gave me her name as Harriett, Sexy Rhonda. i have seen a picture of her with the name Tiffany attached to the jpg. perhaps she uses this name too. watch out you men looking for true love - dont fall for this.

she gave me her work place as lapaz community hospital, Accra, Ghana. When i asked for the physical address of work place, she gave me the P.O.Box 2843 kaneshie accra.
she actually said in Ghana, they use mailbox numbers even for sending flowers - another one of her bads. watch out cos there is such a hospital in Accra.

i cant believe these women. do they really think us men would do anything for them even without knowing them well? they must have very low IQs to think they can get away with such scams. to be honest, i dont think the pics are true at all either. i bet they r using someone elses pics to attract men. i think they must be far too ugly and cant get a man to resort to such trickery to find men.

many thanks for creator of this site...well done. in retrospect she would have had to see me first b4 i would do anything for her but now i wont even entertain putting up with her or her emails. i will just tell her to get lost and get a real life.


2008-01-17, 03:21:21
anonymous from New Zealand  
heres another pic she send over...its a bit rude but i guess she was really trying to get my attention. its nothing really special to be frank...ive seen this pic does show the extent to which the girl will go to suck in any man - how merciless is that?
2008-01-17, 03:35:27
[hidden] from United States  
hmmmm, a picture off an x-rated screen saver. I recognize the name of the company in the corner of the picture.
2008-01-17, 05:14:31   (updated: 2008-01-17, 05:19:47)
Hi anonymous from New Zealand posted at 2008-01-17, 03:16:00.
Its not this or another (ugly) girl, its some black guy from Ghana. Read other posts you will see.
Dont give him this site!
2008-01-18, 13:57:26
anonymous from New Zealand  
thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. you know, i wish there was an easier and immediate way to stop or prevent anymore men from falling for this sort of scam. it would be really nice to know that we can put all these scammers out of business ASAP. i consider it a worthwhile challenge

quite frankly, men need to realise that any love site should not be trusted at all. no matter what the woman says or how they feel for them, men must never give money until they have actually met the woman face to face. as a rule of thumb, they should never send women money under any circmstances. it is so true, in this type of exchanges, seeing is actually believing.

it is logical to assume that both groups of women and/or men might be behind these scams. who knows, they must plan and consult together as a group how to make the scam look real and then share the spoils after. this must be their daily work or career.

to all you other men who may be deeply in love with these women pics but havent yet seen the actual merchandise....BE WARE. you may find that spending your money to get a local girl (if you really need to) is of far more value to you than feeding the bad habits of these weird and amateur to be honest, i would suggest putting your efforts into getting to know the local girls - you know at pubs, night clubs, our your local love sites. evenif they try to scam you, you will realise before you fall for it much easier before you spend any money either...just a thought really. anyway, all the best to all you men still looking n searching for true love - may your labour bare fruit. just be wise in your choices ok. cheers
2008-01-24, 23:55:08
anonymous from New Zealand  
Hey guys i have a feeling our Hariett is probably the same person as Nancy Milman. If not literally then, perhaps in everyway. I wont be surprised is she looks and uses same excuses / reasoning as Nancy when Dave saw her on webcam. You know the type - heavy-set very dark black woman with a mustace larger than most men. Like Nancy Milman using another girls pic because she dosn't think she is good enough to attract men. Watch out she is very good, like Dve, I can't imagine what i would do if I went to the airport and found this woman waiting for me too. Anyway, thanks for the input Dave.

By the way Gents, it seems there is hope for some if not all of us. i heard from a good source / friend that Interpol and Scotland Yard are starting to look at these scams with a bit more focus. Apparently, they are inundated with complaints from men been taken for a ride and lost heaps of money from this. It was also mentioned the FBI are looking into same and it seems their focus is mainly on the Russians and Ghana in particular. The rumour is a reward money is likely to be offered for information leading to arrests of these scammers. Who knows, perhaps their friends and friends might give them up for a few dollars in the end. This is great news if my source is true.

If i was them i would be extremely careful with any moves to be made. In fact they should either lay low for the next 3 - 5 years or totally choose another profession. They may need to watch both what they say and to whom as email and messenger convos can be monitored. Im certain they are looking for comments that will link these scammers to any crimes they are involved with as well etc.

i think its the sort of info another of my friends was telling me. he said a scammer threatenned him with been kidnapping and even death within 11 days. can you believ it? it seems these scammers are well prepared with scary tactics once they're discovered. The nerve of these scammers.

What gets to me is they really have no morals by feeding on others misfortunes. a man is desperate to find true love and they use it against him by making him lose money as well as learning never to trust another woman again. The sad part is whilst well off men can afford to part with some of their money, the poor guy is losing probably his livelihood for the next 2 weeks until next pay day. This is sad.

Nice chatting with you folks, take care



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