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Dating scammer Jennifer James


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Name: Jennifer James



Other Comments:
Hi sweety,
Thanks for your intention to help me out of this situation.I have been praying for the past few days now. I will appreciate your trust and help towards this.The boxes will only take 2-3 days to be deliver to you and yes it is very legitimate and i would never involve myself in anything illegal. i have all the documents relating to the boxes and i will send you a copy of the Deposit certificate as soon as i get it scanned. We can definitely arrange a delivery time with the security company and it will definately be delievered at the time you specified. i will be there with you in a few days,but i need to be sure the name of your nearest airport.i just need to be sure the boxes leaves here. Below are my deposit details and the contact of the security company. You can write to the security company and instruct them that you want Miss Jennifer James deposited boxes be sent to you . While contacting the company, please do not let them know that the boxes contain money, just tell them that you want the boxes be sent to you ,Then you ask them how much the clearance and the shipment fee would be and i will also want you to contact them with your name and your address where my boxes will be send to.

Deposit Details
Deposit Number: GSC-POL-0669-PRVT3450
Sort/Clearance Code: GSC/576-45/MP56 33
Deposit Certificate #: GSC 33 94 07
Consignment Description: 2 Traveling Boxes
Depositor: Miss Jennifer James

Contact of Security Company
Contact Person: Mr Daniel Smith (Custodian Manager)
Contact Email:
Contact phone number: +234-808-092-8978

As soon as you contact the security company, kindly get in touch with me. I will as well send an acknowledgment email to the company to attestate to your request to have the boxes shipped to you. You can give them your name and delivery information while writing to them.Thanks.i really cant wait to meet you.

Thinking of you,

PS: Dont forget to tell me the name of your nearest airport ok.

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2011-12-03, 00:03:54
There is no sexy gal on the other end ! Just some ugly black dude with balls in some internet cafe in Nigeria or Ghana ! Usually a lowlife member in a gang of thugs hired on a percentage basis to scam you into sending his gangland boss as much of your money as possible.


You don't have to question it, you don't have to ask why, you don't have to seek exceptions from the rule, because there are NONE. That's just the way it is ! And your beautiful chick in Nigeria or Ghana regardless of their apparent ethnicity is also no exception. Sorry !

If a supposedly white, asian or hispanic chick contacts you online and then turns out to be in Nigeria or Ghana, it's a scam. Always ! As for black people, if they claim to be African-Americans, but 'presently' temporarily in Nigeria or Ghana (or anywhere in Africa) for any reason: job, taking care of a sick parent, etc.. this is also a scam ! Especially if their picture looks like an African-American model. And more often than not a picture of a sexy PORN model cleverly used to lure you into their web of deceit and deception !
2011-12-07, 17:11:08
anonymous from Portugal  
Hey. Found that scammer on twoo. Here is the link:

Name is Tammy.
Profile description is:
I'm Tammy by name a 24yrs old girl,single never married and never had kids,i will like to have my other half on here,no other thing please,all i want is true love in a long term relationship and will be glad to have him on here.I have been hurt in the past and will not like it to repeat itself anymore as it hurt can mail me on tamdollan at yah00 d0t c0m and i will definitely get back to you.

Best of luck finding that prick.
2012-03-15, 16:32:53
hi dear you are nice i love you
2012-05-20, 20:59:18
Honey how are you and how was your day? I have some good news and i have some bad news as well. I was at the company this morning hoping that i would be able to cash today, but to my greatest surprise, a cashiers cheque was waiting for me. I have been able to get the check and i have it with me right now but there is a problem down here right. The hotel manager has already seized my passport and other travel documents because of the hotel bills and he said he will not release it unless i pay his bills and now am in deep shit. I was hoping i would have used the cash to settle the hotel bills but didnt went as planned. I have been to the bank with the cheque and they told i wont be able to cash the cheque here due to the high amount of money involved and due to the fact that its not drawn on a Nigerian bank. They said they wont be able to give me any assurance as there could be complications because its a Bank of America cheque. I just want to be on the safe side thats why i prefer to keep the cheque since i can be able to get it cashed easily as soon as i get there with you, i just dont want to take any more risk down here, hope you understand what i mean and i just hope you will be able to trust me. I even had to report the case to the Nigerian Police here but they could not do anything about it, they told me that i have to find a way to pay the bills myself. I know am not supposed to tell you this but am in a very tight situation now and i have nobody to turn to. I want you to know that if i had anybody else to turn to, i wouldn't have asked you for this, i feel very ashamed to ask this from you. I have been very reluctant to tell you this, considering that we have never met face to face and i know hard this will be.

I have my return ticket, you just need to let me know your nearest airport and i can re-en route my flight and i can be there with you in a few days time. I have been able to pay the rest of the bills, i only have US$820 left to pay right now, if i can get it paid,then i can be out of here by tomorrow. I will send you my flight details immediately. I have been able to talk to the hotel manager and i have just scan and send you a copy of the Cashiers cheque and also a copy of the hotel bills so that you can know that am not here to play games. I have also been able to talk to the hotel manager and i have just attached a copy of my International Passport so that you can see. The cheque was drawn on Bank of America and they have corresponding banks all over Australia so am sure there wont be any problems in cashing it. I promise i will return the money back to you as soon as i get back. I'm very sad right now that am doing this and i just hope you wont let me down. I promise that i will make it up to you as soon as possible. Honey if you want to send the hotel bills, you will have to send it directly by Western Union to the hotel managers information or you can just send it directly to my name ok, all i need right now is just US$820, i will be so glad if you don't let me down.

Receivers Name: Debra Anderson
Address: 42 Ake road, Ake
City: Abeokuta
State: Ogun
Postal code: 110001
Country: Nigeria
Test question: whats my favorite color
Answer: Blue

Honey as soon as you send the money,you will have to get back to me with the Money Transfer Control Number MTCN, that is the 10 digit number given to you at the western union location. I will be waiting to hear from you. I really cant wait to meet you and be in your arms forever...


How are you and how has your day been? As you may have known, my name is Debra and im from Brissy but am not home right now, I had to travel to Africa urgently for an important issue, but not to worry, i should be out of here by next week hopefully if things works out fast as expected and then we can make necessary arrangement to meet and then we can take things from there that it is if we get along well. Just thought i should let you know why am down here in Africa,am down here because of the death of my father. My father is originally from Africa though he has been living in Australia before i was born. My father worked with oil contractors here in Africa before he passed away and i worked with him as his personal auditor, he executed a contract but he was yet to be paid before he passed away so am here to get the money from them. I have been single since i had caught my fiance red handed in my room sleeping with my best friend but i have erased there path from my heart we took to meet in life. Now am looking for new friends or maybe more. I have learned many lessons and gone through so many problem in my past relationship but i need a guy to be with all time and be with for the rest of my life. Ii will like to ask u some questions below :

1..what do u like in a lady ?

2..are u a player or for real ?

3..whats your idea of a perfect date?

4..whats your favorite colour?

5..tell me more about yourself ?

6..what do u do for fun and in your free time?

7.. Whats your bad and good experience in meeting a lady on the internet? do you treat your woman?

Hope to hear back from you soonest.


PS: I have just attached some recent pictures.

2012-05-20, 21:06:35
Hi sweetie,

How are you and how has things been with you? I have been doing good here just that i have been so lonely because am down here in Africa all alone. I just hope you have been doing good there. You seem like the man that i have been looking for all my life,i only hope all this is real because i have been through a lot in the past,i have been deceived a lot and i would not want to deceived anymore. Am so glad that you have really opened up to me,here is a little more about me, i was born and grew up in Queensland. I should be back by next week hopefully as soon as i things sorted out down here. My height is 5'4, not sure i told you that before. whats your height? My favorite color is blue and pink. My mother died when i was just 11 and since then my father has been taking very good care of me since am the only child. The only family i have known are here in Africa, but they don't care if i live or die. My fathers relatives never wanted him to get married to her because she was an orphan and she is white also but he insisted and got married to her and that was what caused the hatred for my mother and was even extended to me after her death. Even up till today they still don't want to see me which i just don't know why. Its a very long story, i guess we will talk about it when we finally meet because i don't want to bore you with my story. I have an accent, but i don't know if that bothers you. I really hope things works out for me here i want to set up something on my own and be my own boss, but am not really sure what i want to do yet.

I always like a guy to be composed in everything he does, honest and straightforward. I don't like beating around the bush. I want to go into the fashion business but am not really sure yet but i will need you to stand by me. I don't care about looks of a man,i care about the inside of a man. I will describe myself as a follower, am always happy for others to include me and my opinion and then make a decision. I will be out of here by next week and i would really love to meet up with you. I had never been married,but i want to get marry soonest and i don't have any kids of my own right now,i like listening to Rn B,Blues,rock and roll,Pop,basically i listen to all kinds of music,i just need a song to lift up my spirit. Now,i think you've known much about me and i too already known much about you i think? I love being with kids and want kids at least 1 boy and 1 girl, So,what do you want us to call it between you and i,are we starting a new relationship or friends or what do you want us to call it??? if you want to know anything about me,just feel free to ask and please tell me something that i don't know about you yet. Will be waiting to hear from you again.

Hugs and Kisses

2012-05-20, 21:10:08
I will like to have a more private more talk with you. Hit me up at and tell me more about you and lets take things from there.

2012-05-25, 17:59:21
anonymous from Sweden  
Got this story from deleated the mail with pics

How are you doing today and i am very happy to know you. Well i've heard you all and i will like to explain myself clearly to you before we can move on......I've been having a problem with my Dad who i live with but right now due to our differences, i have left the country after the death of my Mum in US. MY Dad works with Oil Contractors in Utah and Africa include some parts of the Asian and US. I work with my father as his personal auditor and we move around for his contracts whereever he is awarded.My ex, Johnson Mark, absconded with my dad's money which was kept with me after a completion of a contract in Salt Lake,US. When my ex got absconded with the undisclosed sum of USdollars, this brought the first brokeup between me and my dad, cos he thought, we have the deal together, but not knowing that I'm an innocent about this. So my dad has been harsh and tough against me about this. Then when I perceived all his behaviors towards me and the bad acts of his newly gotten wife, i decided to leave United state to meet a friend in England whom have meet during our stay there for a contract. I left because my dad have been treating me bad and stopped me from working with him even having any access to his assets, and i felt no where to go than to leave the United state.Now, I'm in need of your help, have gotten the enuogh money to run myself when I get to YOU over there, i want to come over to your end and stay with you, I don't want to live here anymore, you know is why i need your gesture assistance.How i want you to help me? I have some money, which I've gotten from an over invoiced Contract renumeration executed by my dad with some contractors, so I have taken up the money from the contractors, but I'm hiding up from the girl I stayed with here in Lacanshire, because i might got setup if they know i have such huge amount of money (2.7million$), so for me to be more safe and secure, I put this money in a box and got it locked up with a security code known to me only, and I deposited the box with some of my travelling luggages with a Security and Insurance Company who render private diplomatic delivery service and i told them that the two boxes are my travelling luggage, which I want to sends forth to United State because i'm returning home, then i paid them up their custody and security fee. So, I want the box sent to you while i catch up with you as soon as it is been delivered to you while I pay you up your Rent charge and a reasonable amount for compensation, only 15% of the money in the box to you. Every arrangement for the delivery is kinda perfect, I have obtained customs papers for private freight and there are seals on the box showing that it is a private delivery and check performed, it is free from customs checks, it will be delivered at your door step by the diplomats of the security company, you do not need to burn out to receive it. Every arrangement for the delivery is kinda perfect Therefore, I want you to contact me as soon as possible, so that you can make the Clearance from the Security Company as the Recipient of my Boxes. And once the box gets, I will be there with you, then we can open the box together or i will tell you the code to open it, so that you can arrange everything properly before my arrival. Like I said, I will pay for your rent and fulfil my 15% promise of the money to you. I will appreciate your trust towards this and hoping to hear from you and to meet you in-person.
Kisses and Hugs,
2013-07-13, 21:05:50
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2013-07-13, 23:16:51
Pix belongs to slut porn girl Blueyed Cass
2014-06-20, 02:01:15
anonymous from Canada  
I have a few emails from her, and am in the process of stringing her along, before I write my column on Dating Scams.
She contacted me, professed undying love within two days. Yeah, okay, sure.

From her photos I knew she was from Europe and has nothing to do with these scams, as the other photos of women you guys are receiving are run out of Nigeria.

While Tineye photo imaging could not pinpoint her image elsewhere, as a journalist, I concluded this photo and many others are pulled from Facebook and other sites. I do know they originate out of Nigeria internet cafes. As you will see the places, names are different, but the story remains the same.

Anyways guys, if you frequent internet dating sites, if they hesitate to either telephone or meet you after three initial contacts, drop them and move on.

Good luck

The woman's name is Jennifer Williams

Thanks for your response, Am 40 but a age is just a difference in number. I have had bad experience dating younger guys in the past. My first boy friend, Michael Arthur, absconded with my dad's money which was kept with me after a completion of a contract in EAST London,United Kingdom. When my boy friend got absconded with the undisclosed sum of United States dollars, this brought the first break-up between me and my dad, because he thought, we had the deal together, but not knowing that I'm innocent about this until my dad passed away.

I got on Plenty of Fish searching for a more older man who is more experience with life that i will spend the rest of my life with and be happy. Am a Romanian but i was born and raise in the U.S Chicago to be precise. I move to Canada after my both parent pass away, am a loner child i don't have brothers or sisters. I grew up in a circular home with my parent before they both pass away from a terminal illness that took them away. I have never being married no kids. Am romantic and i know how to take care of my man.

I don't want a perfect man i want a man that is caring with a good heart. As for me age doesn't matter what is important is the love and the chemistry we have for each other. You have got alot of experience with life. I want a man that will stand by me and help me manage the money my late father left for me and i have found you as one. I want to share my cruel and tender moment with you. I want to share my love with you. I want you to be my confide and i want to share secrets of my life and what i have never share with anyone with you alone. I want you to be my adviser,guide and my lover that will always stand by me never to disappoint me or let me down. I will be selling my late dad Business then i will transfer the money to Canada for investment. I will be back as soon as am able to get the money over to Canada for investment. I want to spend the rest of my life with you If everything work out fine between us.. I didn't hear about the Enbridge news because am in Malaysia. You are having tight schedule. I think we do have a lot in common we can make a successful relationship.

2014-06-20, 03:37:16
Romance Scam • Jennifer Williams, › ... › White Females

Aug 25, 2013 - 4 posts
she's already posted in the Russian section viewtopic.php?p=79701#p79701 but this one on FB should be West African Jennifer Williams
2014-06-21, 22:37:03
anonymous from Canada  
Jennifer Williams
4:08 PM (4 hours ago)
to me
Hi Barry, my dearest love of my life,

Thanks for your response, Malaysia is an Historical Country. Am a woman with a heart for the future. Am romantic and caring i know how to take care of my man and make him happy. Am loyal and respectful i have a heart of Gold am only trying to let you know more about me and what am made up of because am not going to be a responsibility to you. I will be glad if you will help me manage the money i inherited from my late father. I want a man that will stand by me and accept me the way i am. I want my man to always treat me with respect, care and love. I have gotten the money from my late father contract payment which is $5.7MUSD, but due to it large sum and the new banking rules transferring a large sum from oversea with tax precaution, i have not being able to transfer it over to Canada. I have put the money in two trunk box and i got it deposited with a Private Security Company that will ship my boxes to Canada through their diplomatic vault. If you will be able to assist me i will have them ship my boxes to you as my Boyfriend. I didn't tell them i had money in my boxes i only told them is my personal valuables such as Gold and Jewelries. I want to have a greater and happy future with you because i can feel it in my heart that we have something strong in common. I will be back as soon as my boxes has being deliver to you because i have put all the money in the boxes and i don't have much here with me to cover all expenses you will assist me with delivery fee from the Security Company to have it deliver to you. I have attached copy of my picture to you.

You have all my true love, just for you!
xoxoxox many kisses I send to you my dearest.

your jennifer

My response to Jennifer's Letter today June 21, 2014

From: Barry
8:23 PM (4 minutes ago)
to Jennifer

Good afternoon Jennifer,

That is certainly a lot of money, but take my advice, take it out of a private security company immediately. Whoever told you that you would have to pay taxes on it, is lying to you. You can deposit the money in any Canadian Chartered Bank in Malaysia. There are many Canadian Chartered Banks there, as Malaysia is a financial capital of East Asia.

If you are sending the money under the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program, our government does not charge any taxes. Furthermore all Canadian Chartered Banks all over the world will pay all money fees, including any money owed to a Private Security Company, including any Malaysian government taxes. As you said you are an American citizen, you also have the USA government to assist you in case of any sudden financial emergency.

I suggest you contact the Malaysian branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, or the Royal Bank of Canada in Malaysia, they will certainly be glad to take care of everything, including providing you a Canadian Visa to come to Canada.

How it works is once your money is in Canada, the Canadian Government takes a small fee of 30% of your money and invests it in the Canadian economy for 5 years. After 5 years, you are granted Canadian citizenship, the 30% of the money the Government borrowed from you is returned to your bank, with 4% interest, all tax free.

So if you wish to take my advice, this is the best for your future.

Here is a Royal Bank Branch in Malaysia who will be glad to assist you!

Kuala Lumpur office
RBC Investor Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (813051-T)
Wisma RBC Block 3544
Persiaran Apec
63000 Cyberjaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
General contacts

For general inquiries, please contact +603 8686 3888
Diana Senanayake
Managing Director, Malaysia

I hope to hear from you soon Jennifer

So I am thinking guys, what her response will be, as it is clear she has no avenue as I have provided her with factual information. Besides, who the hell ships friggin 5 million dollars in a trunk?
Anyway, this Nigerian Scam Artist certainly is a Chimp amongst Chimps! If he thinks anyone with a brain would fall for this scam.

Last but not least guys, if Jennifer comes back with a retort for cash, I will say, due to Canadian laws, and money laundering, any cash I send you must be accompanies by a current passport, with a photo. Why? Because the Canadian government mandates all non typical money outlets like Western Union, or any other money transfer bank must have her passport and photo first before sending money. So she has to send me her passport photo and info first! Soooo anyone think she will do it, if she is who she says she is? Unlikely. The Nigerian Guy scammer is pretty much screwed now!

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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