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Dating scammer LOLADE BASHORUN


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19:01:06 xxxxxxxx: Hello sweety :d
19:01:22 lovyaluko: Hello XXXXXXX
19:01:26 lovyaluko: How are you doing today??
19:02:31 xxxxxxxx: Working working working lol
19:03:13 xxxxxxxx: A good day a laught with the customers en the other agent
19:03:32 lovyaluko: i seee
19:03:38 lovyaluko: and how was work though
19:03:40 xxxxxxxx: and you ??
19:03:45 lovyaluko: Hope you had a good day dearly??
19:04:01 lovyaluko: My day was fine just myself thinking about you all day
19:04:30 xxxxxxxx: Seriously ;;)
19:04:42 xxxxxxxx: Me too :d
19:04:58 lovyaluko: :) sounds great
19:06:03 xxxxxxxx: Good news perhaps i find a new job but it is not sure
19:06:56 lovyaluko: Oh really...congratulations and i have been praying you find a good one though i am glad you find one and why would you say its not sure and what kinda job is it??
19:08:28 xxxxxxxx: I will have a meeting with the boss thursday and i'll know really all the conditions and if all it is ok
19:08:48 lovyaluko: Ok sounds good
19:09:27 xxxxxxxx: It is hard to waiting before i can see you
19:10:24 lovyaluko: Well...i am trying to make it possibly soon though still taking longer time than expected
19:11:39 lovyaluko: cant wait to see you too though
19:11:56 xxxxxxxx: ;)
19:13:32 xxxxxxxx: Take the time you're need, i'm understant the situation and i know to be patient
19:16:54 lovyaluko: Well.....have not got time as i would love to be home as soon as possible...i was waiting for my inheritance cheque worths $300 000 so i can go pick up funds and start up new thing with it while i get settled with my man and kids dearly and keep run of moms fabric store but i am afraid cheque is ready and cant cash it in nigerian banks so i'd need to get back home to cash it up but right now i have to come up with $500 so i can balance up travel agent and need someone to loan me funds as soon as i get cheque cleard i would pay back
19:20:15 lovyaluko: So since i found no one i taught i was going to be waiting to make sales so i can come up with the funds and that would be taking a couple of month probably 4-5months time so if we would be seeing eachother in anyways then you would be needing to come over or what you think baby??
19:21:11 lovyaluko: I know so much that you care for me from your heart and i really care and would want to share things in common with you for you have made me going and made me happy ever since i found you for making me forget about the sorrow of the lost of my mother and wanting me to get going like you do
19:21:21 lovyaluko: And that i am finding in you dearly
19:24:00 xxxxxxxx: Your so sweety
19:24:24 xxxxxxxx: Your'e need the 500 $ for the travel ?
19:24:27 lovyaluko: :) thank you XXXXXXX
19:24:38 lovyaluko: Yes thats all i need dearly
19:27:03 xxxxxxxx: I would be help you but I need time to have this and I'm don't know when I can have this
19:27:26 lovyaluko: Oh You mean you would help me out?????
19:27:53 lovyaluko: I swear you just got tears dropped down my eyes.....i dont know i am amazed you really got me shocked
19:28:11 lovyaluko: What have i done to deserve this,i dont know how to appereciate you
19:28:46 lovyaluko: Ok beleive me now i am on bended knees and i want you to understand that i appreciate and thank you so much
19:29:04 lovyaluko: And i promise to give back to you as soon as i get cheque cleard dear
19:29:36 lovyaluko: :):D:) thank you so much for your kindness i appreciate once again dearly
19:34:50 xxxxxxxx: Just a minute I have a call
19:34:57 lovyaluko: ok
19:46:30 xxxxxxxx: Sorry for the waiting it is my mom in the phone and bla bla bla lol
19:48:49 lovyaluko: oh never mind
19:49:18 lovyaluko: Its ok to talk to mom and to make her feel more like a mother being protecting her child lol...though lost my mom and it sucks
20:30:43 xxxxxxxx: Ok i'm here now
20:31:38 lovyaluko: Ok
20:31:42 lovyaluko: I am here
20:31:55 xxxxxxxx: Cool
20:32:05 lovyaluko: So how is mom??
20:33:01 xxxxxxxx: she's always ok lol
20:33:21 lovyaluko: Thats good to hear
20:34:36 xxxxxxxx: Ok how can I help you ? Your prefer I'll send you directly the monney ?
20:34:58 xxxxxxxx: Where to witch name etc ?
20:35:36 lovyaluko: Yes you can send it via western union as that would be better and directly to my name for i would be giving you the information to send it through dearly
20:36:05 lovyaluko: DO you have a pen with you so i can type you the details to send the funds through ??
20:36:35 xxxxxxxx: Yes i'm ready
20:36:45 lovyaluko: OK
20:36:55 lovyaluko: NAME------------------------------LOLADE BASHORUN
20:37:02 lovyaluko: STATE-------------------------LAGOS
20:37:09 lovyaluko: CODE-------------------------23401
20:37:18 lovyaluko: COUNTRY--------------------------------NIGERIA
20:37:30 lovyaluko: TEXT QUESTION----------------------------FOR WHO
20:37:37 lovyaluko: ANSWER---------------------------LOLADE
20:38:11 lovyaluko: Thats all you need to send the funds dearly and do you have a western union location nearer to your home?
20:40:12 xxxxxxxx: I'm don't know I had'ent make that before
20:41:27 lovyaluko: oh ok i seee
20:42:02 lovyaluko: can open up to and there you will find your nearest location ok
20:42:17 lovyaluko: open up now and let me know when you open up
20:57:26 lovyaluko: Have you opened it up yet??
20:59:31 xxxxxxxx: I'm just verify one thing
20:59:53 lovyaluko: and whats that if i may ask you??
21:06:40 lovyaluko: you there ??


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2008-12-27, 04:30:58
anonymous from China  
Username: Cordelia70
Name: kris
Country: Nigeria
Age: 28
Gender: Female
2012-07-15, 21:12:00
anonymous from United States  
anyone recognise this girl? goes by ronnie.... says shes in lagos,nigeria with mom...lives in this another scam?




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