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Dating scammer Mariya Suworova


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Name: Mariya Suworova



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Spells Krasnoyarskiy Krai. wrong added the IY to the end. all headers from all photos had been removed, and photo's edited with Adobe Photoshop CS/2 (not available in Russia, except to professional Photogropers) This is one sick person. I played alone checking IP addresses on the E-mails and pinpointed the main server she is using, and notified them. By law they are required to disconnect access from that IP.

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2008-11-29, 12:08:19
anonymous from United States  
Gents, its hard to have your dream of a nice women dreaming of you and how it could be. but its just like getting a e-mail to no special person about how you are now the benificary of a million dollars. its all about dreams and lieing to you, pulling just the right strings to endear themselves to you. oh !!! i'll make it all come true. and send some money. Look through all of the date scam sites, see what there is, who am i? and then who are they? thats right !!! we are chumps. don't be a chump. ALL DATE SITES, are riddled with these ladies trying to use you. get off the sites unless they are locals and can answer local geographical questions. They pick a city off of a map and target men from that area, but can't answer simple question about the area. And won't even try. They will just keep the pressure on as if they don't hear you. or maybe they don't understand !!!!! NOT !!!! they understand,,, the jigg is up to fast if they screwup at the begining about where they are supossed to be from. OH!!! But i grew up there but now i am stuck because my dad died and my mon is from,,,oh !! ghana or somwhere. please help me get home and oh here is a naked picture to prove i trust you. Tell them get here on your own and you'll see you when they walk down the ramp at the airport. Or, push 'delete profile' if it is skimpy, no imfo, or its gone the next day. dave, ps seasoned looser. don't worry, there are ten more fakes to take there place
2008-12-12, 10:20:17
anonymous from United States  
Well, well, well here is Nadezhda Uteva as I know her. The one with the naked pic. Scammed me big time. Stupid lonely guy. Money for ticket and to show 'stability'. Hope this helps someone else. This happened in the last month. Ended a week ago.
2009-04-05, 12:48:44
hey's amazing...she initiated contact with me through match dot com. profile said she was in florida and that she wasn't a member and to contact her 'honeysunny105 at yahoo dot com' I emailed her and said not much more than 'hello' and in 2 days I got 3 emails saying all the same stuff you've posted here and all the same pics, too.

Good luck and stay alert!!!
2009-06-21, 14:57:09
hi guys she tried to get me by the name mariya stan. she atleast waited about a month before she asked for money but it was 900 to finish paying for the trip here to us. i knew it was a scam but played along for a little while. when she realized i wasnt going to bite she just stopped messaging. wish she would have been real.+
2009-06-25, 22:32:54
anonymous from United States  


2010-03-04, 23:02:58
anonymous from United States  
Hello Baby
How are you doing. i hope you having a nice Day,Thank you so much for the time you spared to chat with me... i have been thinking and day dreaming how it would be when we get to meet each other, i believe we will be a perfect match we just need to take things one after the other, i really appreciate your care and concern towards Darla and really glad i met a good hearted man some who will be supportive, love me as i will always love him, some one who wants me for me, some one who is ready to be a father, mother, siblings, soulmate, half, husband, companion and evertthing in life to me, i told Darla about you yesterday and she says she would like to meet you someday too,baby the total amount we needed initially for the mobilization of this girl down to the united kingdom so she can get the surgery is 3630 USD but we have raised 2430 USD, so the remaining amount needed for this girl surgery is 1200 USD, as soon as we get this she will be flying to the united kingdom for the surgery and the time duration for the sugery will be about 2 weeks which i will be updating you as things is going, we can talk on meeting probably after 2 weeks and i hope you can help in sending invitation letters and helping with other paper works in getting this girl to the united states after the surgery, i really would like to meet you, live with you and get to know more about you and will be so glad if we can adopt this girl and assist her with her future, as i have said earlier in my last message i am not trying to put a burden on you and i think you will understand because with your words i feel you are a good hearted man and a type fo man every woman will dream of having, baby i will be glad if you can help with any little you can help with if you think you cant help with all of the stated amount needed for the mobilization of this girl, God will reward you abundantly with any little cotribution you make to this girl health, and God will everly bless a cheerfull giver, i dont have a phone here but i would love to hear Your Sweet Voice and Incase you need health report from the hospital org in united kingdom you can contact Crystal specialist hospital ,38, charter house drive, newsome, huddersfield, west yorkshire, HD4 7QJ, london-united kingdom make reference to Dr James Carter in The UK and you can contact the Cordinator here in Nigeria Dr Richard Jones ,251 cash Drive street, Summit Hospital and Merternity Home +2347083259640 and let him know you are one of MSF donors, Well here are some pictures of Darla, cant wait to read from you, missing you


she sent me 2 pics of a little girl in the hospital was realy sad to see i never thought someone could do this for money ;(

2010-03-07, 08:28:23
Confirmed as well... she tried it with me too... but got on the wrong guy. She was just asking for like 450 Euro, to pay for the difference of her flight ticket to come and meet me... told her i will give her the money personally when we meet at the airport... Godd thing this page exists. Keep it up guys :). Btw: she used the e-mail:
2013-12-15, 11:22:26
anonymous from United States  

2013-12-15, 19:23:34
DOC from United States  
2013-12-20, 17:44:19 from United States  
Mariya Suworova on this page has been emailing me as 'Anna Suworova', email address is Address of Krasnoprudnaya, Building 11, Apartment 58, Moscow 107140 Russia, says that is apartment she rented when she got to Moscow from hometown (she did not say what it was) to wait for me to send money for her to get to states. Gave bank address to send MoneyGram to then I give her some number - MTCN? - I don't know if that is right I made no attempt to send money. I had other try this when I used MySpace. I use Facebook now. But she did not get my email from Facebook, will not tell me where she got it. Told me a friend told her to contact me I would be a nice man for her. I saw her photo on another page, I think page 4, I have posted a photo of her and have several others. This is my first time using this site so getting where I need to be to post photos and information may take a while. I will get it done. I'm retired and can take all the time to help out for people like these. I'm sure, sorry to say, maybe not sure, but think there are men out there who actually send money to these people. I don't worry about posting my email, I have 3 all secure and no pertinent, like bank or credit card information on any of them. Unfortunately I deleted emails from her as I got them and wish I hadn't now. But I had not come across this site yet. She is ready to stop emailing me because I will not send the money so maybe someone can tell me how to keep her going until she can possibly be caught. I don't know whether to post photos in the name I have for her or the name here. I guess best thing to do is follow instructions.
Thank You,
George T. Hopper
2013-12-20, 18:57:49 from United States  
The two photos on this page I did not have, I do not see the photo I posted of her (as Anna) she has also sent naked photos but none with her face but the body does not match the shape of the body she has sent in photos in bathing suit. So my guess is that they all think that all American men are idiots and blind. I think maybe one email and I can get her back on the hook but I would like to know what information your site needs to catch her if that is even possible. Any photos that anyone has that I can use against her (I know when I returned a copy of one of the naked photos and told her it was not her she was very upset, broke my heart) but she did promise more photos that would prove the photos are indeed her, I just have yet to see them. Any that anyone has you may send to my email. I like to have things to put in peoples face to say THIS is you. If you need the photos I do have that I have not seen here please advise and I will post them where ever they need to go.
Thank you,
George T. Hopper
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