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Dating scammer Natasha


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Name: Natasha


Omsk, Russia

Other Comments:
Standard rip off, wrote to me for about a month, falls in love and wants to come to the US to see me on a tourist visa. she states the parents have $1300 for visa and passport, want s me to give her money $870 for insurance, she is smoking dope!
Date of birth: 25 Dec 1978

Check out the money letter:
From Natasha Sat Nov 24 01:15:12 2007
X-Apparently-To: via; Sat, 24 Nov 2007 01:42:36 -0800
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Sat, 24 Nov 2007 01:42:32 -0800
Received: from [] (port=18734 helo=PUPS) by with asmtp id 1IvrW1-000Hzn-00 for; Sat, 24 Nov 2007 12:41:34 +0300
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 12:15:12 +0300
From: 'Natasha' View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.62r) Personal
Reply-to: Natasha
Organization: Internet_Center
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: 'John xxxxx'
Subject: Hello, my love John!
In-Reply-To: <>
References: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary='----------5231A03397ED1E'
Content-Length: 306199
Hello, my love John!
It's nice day today I was going to you, with the intention to read
your letter, to write you mine one, which is so important for me.
I am really very very happy!!!
And the main reason of my good mood is YOU!!!
My love I have already told you that I went to the travel agency. So
now I am ready to announce all the information to you. I consulted to a
manager and I was told that for my travelling to you I need to have my
international passport ( it costs (180$), it is not difficult to get,
then tourist visa (it is more difficult but it is possible, it is lasts
for 3 months, 220$), then two-way air-ticket (960$), insurance (870$, it
will help me in any problems, connected with me, my property, my
things, my health and things like that). My tourist visa will help me to do
all with out any problems and because of this I must do package tour
and two-way ticket. As you understand they want to be sure that tourist
have a chance to come back but we will think how I can stay longer! I
asked the manager in the agency and I was tola that they naturally had
such cases of prolonging tourist visas, and these affaires were arranged.

Of course, John, first I was in embarassement. These prices seemed to
me to be very great. They are much greater than my salary!!!
Fortunately those were my dear parents who supported me. My parents
told me that they have guessed about my love and they understood that I
want to be next to my beloved man. They has some accumulation. So, my
parents have approximately 1300$. That's enough for my visa, my passport
and my ticketsBut I need more for my insurance.. This document is
I have asked for everybody, but..none of my acqaintances doesn't
possess this sum. So you are my last hope, John, my darling love John!!! I
hope that you will be able to help me with my insurance and that means
that very soon we'll be together:only YOU and ME!!!
You are my sweetest love, my man. I miss you every time and we have
only our love.
I am dreaming about you. My prince, I need you to keep my heart and
I think that our future is in our own hands and I will try to keep a
good mood for you, my honey lips! I hope that you will do the same for
me until we will see each other and kiss with all our passion.
Kiss you, with love, you sweet Natasha.

Content-type: text/html


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2009-08-13, 18:39:52
anonymous from Saudi Arabia  
and another one for Natasha

2009-08-13, 20:11:12
anonymous from Saudi Arabia  
Thanks to all for confirming my doubts about Natasha
among the several things that cause me grow suspecious are the properties of the photos. The shooting dates shown and the type of camera were questions Natasha could not answer
The most important is 'her' failure to answer questions (obviously they don't read your letters)

By the way, I am not a Saudi, I am an expat working in Saudi Arabia
I did not tell Natasha and wait for few more 'expected' letters from 'her'
2009-08-13, 22:54:08
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-08-13, 20:11:12
anonymous from Saudi Arabia

It is a terrible Russian Scammer ! Be careful !
It is an organized criminal !!!!

At first this scammer emailed me as '' Nastya '' & her e-mail address is here

the face of Nastya is here http://www.delphifa..#comments

But Nastya stopped emailing me for a while.

Then Nastya suddenly starts emailing me again ! But Nastya has changed '' her '' name '' Natasha '' !!!!
Of course ,same e-mail address !! LOL !! Nastya has changed her name '' Natasha '' ,it is here


My Photos (1)

About me


I am a: Female
Seeking a: Males
For: Marriage

Name: Natalya
Age: 30
City: Yoshkar-Ola
State/Province: Mariy El Republic

Country: Russian Federation

My relationship status: Single (never married)
My sexual orientation: Straight (most common)
Languages that I know: English
Ethnicity / Background: Caucasian
Education level: High school
Body type: Athletic
Height: 168 cm (5'6')
Weight: 118 lbs (53.5 kg)
Hair colour: Blonde
Hairstyle: Hay-on-fire
Eye colour: Blue
Eyewear: Eyeglasses
Colour of my skin: Blueish tan
My nose: Long & flat
My ears: Big lobe ears
My teeth: Brilliant smile 32
My hands & arms: Big & long
My feet & legs: Brittle toenails
Drinking habit: Non-drinker
Smoking habit: Non-smoker (quit)
My most important personality traits: High energy
Profile completeness (this info will not appear in public): Full profile complete

In the near future I will post this same Russian scammer ''Nastya=Natasha '' on other thread '' Is this Russian scamming me,,,,,,''. Please wait !

Nastya's thread is here


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2009-08-14, 03:15:16
From,NZ from Australia  
I to have been talking to this girl for the las 3 weeks.she tells me she is a good cook and want us to meet and she will cook for me.She has sent me some photos that i will post here.I am having fun with her as i have been scammer for thousands of dollars from another scammer on here 2 yrs ago so i just follow them now and don't send money.I have talked to the Ravin Riley under her different names and she hasn't a clue about me.So i have fun with them and ask them all sorts of questions nastya3 <> is the address she is using with me.
Beware they only want your money but they will get none from me
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2009-08-14, 03:16:10
From,NZ from Australia  
Here is another one
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2009-08-14, 03:17:30
Fron,NZ from Australia  
and another one of her supposedly
2009-08-14, 03:20:07
from,NZ from Australia  
One of the emails she sent me.

'Hello, dear Jeff!!!Earlier I had the friend. But he to me has changed, with another I could not excuse to him such. I should overturn with him. I do not want to recollect, that the past it is already indifferent.
I do not like, when me deceive.
This autumn day presented me with your letter and that's why this rainy and clouded day became brighter and sunnier! I am really happy to say to you again Hello! and to begin writing you my answer.
I'd like to tell you about my job. I work as a cook in a restaurant for about 8 years. i like my job very much because I can help people to be sated and glad. I feel that it's my calling, Jeff. When i see how a person eats my delicious dishes I feel very satisfied, really. I apply a lot of fantasy and diligence when i do them. I like to cook almost all dishes but especially i adore cakes and pies. Also I like to cook meat dishes because my parents adore them.
My mom's name is Irina Sergeevna. My mom used to be a cook too, and I decided to follow her example. Now she doesn't work any longer, she is a pensioner. My father is a builder. His name is Leonid Alexeevich. He assisted in building of a lot of houses and buildings of our city and he is very proud of this fact.
My family is very friendly. I live together with my mum and dad and we never have quarrels. I am the only child in my family because after my birth my mom had some problems with health and she was told that she won't be able to have any more children. I have never been married and I don't have children. And what can tell me about your family? If it isn't a secret I 'd like to know more about it. May be you'll be able to send me some pictures of your family? I really want to look at your relatives!
I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol drinks. Only on holidays I may drink some white wine. And what's your attitude to drinking and smoking?
Of course, you can ask me, Jeff, why I made a decision to look for relationship in the Internet? Frankly speaking it's a rather difficult question for me. I consider myself to be a very attractive woman who has everything to be loved and to love… but... Yet I have never met such man who would accept me with all my advantages and drawbacks. Two years ago I had some relations with one man. He seemed to me to be very polite and very well treating me. But once I was told that he is dating at the same time with another woman. Naturally I couldn't tolerate such situation and I decided to separate with him.
It was really a great stress for me, Jeff. After that I haven't had any serious relations. I tried to concentrate myself on my job.... but I think that this feeling is familiar to you, feeling of solitude, and feeling that it's necessary to find a man who would understand and support you.
And I also want to ask you, Jeff, (if it isn't a secret), why you decided to look for relations in Internet? I'd like to know it, so if it isn't a great secret, write me, please, OK?
Jeff, I'd like to know the best dream of your life, if it isn't a secret of course. But I still hope you'll tell it to me...
As for me I dream to have my own house somewhere in the suburbs of the city and to live there with my beloved man. I want to have not big, but cozy house with a small garden full of flowers and bushes. Of course it is very expensive but I am sure that it is possible. There is nothing impossible in our life, isn’t it, Jeff?
I hope you will like my letter and it wasn't to long for you.
Well, it is all for the moment. I wait for your letter and wish you a good day!
Your Natasha.'
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2009-08-14, 04:07:39
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-08-14, 03:20:07
from,NZ from Australia

Thank you for your postings !
Here is your scammer Natasha !

Be careful ,it is a big scammer !

And see this
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2009-09-13, 00:39:46
anonymous from United States  
hi everyone well i got u a up date on her i been talking to her she still working hard to get your cash she change up her whole tactics

2009-09-13, 00:42:01
anonymous from United States  
here more photo i jpg when we photo shared

2009-09-13, 00:43:46
anonymous from United States  
note still got the same belly ring and ring on her finger as the naked pic

2009-12-03, 20:35:11
anonymous from Peru  

Esta mujer me ha escrito usando el siguiente correo:
También le gusta pedir dinero porque dice en su mente infantil
que me ama mucho y desea estar en mi país.
2010-03-13, 10:01:27
anonymous from Brazil  
muito gata
2010-03-13, 22:12:24 from United States  
Attention anyone who corresponded with 'visa-and-tickets' or translation agency scammers from Russia and Ukraine:

There will be a research study performed on the subject of those types of scams. The study will be performed by the University of Texas at Dallas, and it will be conducted between Match 15 and April 15 of this year.

We are looking for participants who have had experience with those types of scams and can give their perspective.

The main requirements:
-     You have been asked for money
-     The correspondence has ended
-     You are fluent in English
-     You were not “baiting” the scammer

If you are interested, here a link:

Contact information is provided on that page. Please pass this information on to all who corresponded with scammers from Russia / Ukraine within the last 5 years
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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