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Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams)


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The following text was submitted by Eddie from Sweden and the links at the bottom come from OJAS in the USA.

Welcome to any newcomers who find this thread, for Christ's sake.. READ THIS!
...and save yourself a lot of homework and/or grief


The vast majority of Russian dating scammers are not women at all, but actually men, mostly working in small gangs in or around Yoshkar Ola, in Mari El republic, sometimes in Chuvashia. It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in these scam pics aren't involved because the scammers steal their pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for them, or buy and exchange them on scammer websites. (Once a scammer even admitted to me that he stole all his pics from and ).

Most scammers are VERY lazy and looking for quick cash. They use email extractor programs to get your mail addresses (if you don't have a profile on a dating site, that is)...
and copied form mails and spam programs on automatic reply, very often the BAT!, which can personalize small parts of each letter.

They mostly won't read your letters until after the money letter because they don't have time, ie because they're scamming, or trying to scam, as many guys as they can (economies of scale).....and also because they're semi-literate losers who can't speak much English anyway. IN OTHER WORDS, you can write any crap in your replies and they won't react, they're only interested when they're curious to know if you've taken the bait after the money letter. A girl is only involved either occasionally to phone a guy up, especially if he's suspicious, or to pick up the loot at Western Union, with a false ID of course!

More recently, the majority of Russian scammers have started using proxy servers or forged IPs to hide their locations so ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IS TRACE THEIR IP ADDRESS!

If, by any chance, you don't believe any of this, please read:

So....if several or more of the following scam signs apply to your Boris (the beautiful Russian 'girl' that is supposedly writing to you), resist the temptation to help 'the poor girl' by sending her money. You're really writing to a sleazy Russian guy sitting in a smoky room in Yoshkar Ola, with a bunch of other sleazy guys spamming indiscriminately on laptops .

  • 'girl' writes to you first on a dating site...especially a free one (or an email appears out of nowhere in your mailbox). Real Russian girls are rarely so bold as to write to you first. (unless you're obviously very attractive or rich :))) They will often reply to your mails, but rarely take the initiative. It's the man who does the chasing in Russia. Plus, if they're looking for a partner, they generally prefer him to be Russian speaking and live in Russia. Much more convenient!

  • doesn't answer direct questions (sometimes factual mistakes in the letter). Her replies should be exactly that...replies...however short they are.

  • girl's much too young for you (or too good to be true/looks like a model/porno star)....although I have noticed a recent tendency for some scammers to use photos of slightly 'less attractive' girls as well.

  • girl has some far-fetched excuses for you not visiting her in Russia (criminal city, not the Russian custom, terrorism, it's her dream to come to your country, etc). ALL BULLSHIT!! Actually, the normal way to meet a Russian girl is to visit her in her city first. Russian TV is full of documentaries about Russian girls who have emigrated and got murdered, abandoned, etcetc. They should usually want to meet you first before they gallivant off to your country.

  • scammers rarely have children, but most of the real Russian women I've ever met on the internet did (except for Moscow career girls). It's often the reason that they're looking for a partner.

  • photos are too revealing (can't be a respectable girl). Respectability is very important to most Russian women (especially Moscow career girls). They're hardly likely to send a half-naked photo to a virtual stranger on the internet. Think about it!

  • most of the pics are old and a little bit faded with a curiously grainy quality that soon becomes quite easy to recognise (overuse?). Again a scammer admitted to me that low-quality photos are a key factor in his scamming. I found this curious because a serious Russian girl who's looking for a partner very often saves up and goes to a professional to have a studio set done (often corny ones posing with a chair etc), and/or borrows a digicam at least (dates should also be on the photos you receive). My fiancée did it. Russian girls aren't all that poor anymore, and if they seriously want to leave Russia, they know that posting cheap pics will only attract cheap guys.

  • GIRL CLAIMS NOT TO HAVE A MOBILE PHONE. Very unlikely!!! fer f***'s you know a single girl without a mobile phone? Even poor Russian girls can't do without one, they're much cheaper than in Europe and a Megafon telephone card doesn't cost that much either. You should be able to call her whenever you want. On the other hand, not having a landline or a desktop/laptop is very common.

  • very long rambling/ecstatic form letters with a strange format, punctation and layout written in scamlish. (world's worst Babelfish translation)

  • writes long letters everyday in English. How does she have time to write those long letters if she's working? And if she doesn't have a job, how can she afford a computer + internet connection? Even Internet cafés are relatively expensive in Russia. Anyway, most Russians outside Moscow can hardly speak a word of English. (What's the point of finding a girl you can't communicate with, at least on a basic level?) PLUS.. if she can't speak English, why does she have a non-cyrillic email account like gmail or yahoo? Most real Russians use, or hotmail and yahoo are acceptable if she'll chat with you on messenger (preferably with a webcam).

  • falls in 'love' very quickly. Don't let your ego, kind heart, loneliness or lust pull the wool over your eyes. She doesn't really know you. You could be an axe murderer for all she knows. As I mentioned, Russian TV is full of documentaries about Russian girls who have emigrated and got murdered, abandoned, etcetc.

  • uses a proxy server to hide his/her location, ie a SOCKS server / GPRS Internet. if you can't trace 'her' IP, it's 100% scam.
    THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO IS TRACE HER IP ADDRESS. In fact, it's the only thing you need to do really.

    MOST IMPORTANT...if you get this far:

  • she asks for money for a tourist 'visa' and/or maybe tickets, ignoring the fact that IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE, POOR RUSSIAN GIRL TO GET A TOURIST VISA TO A WESTERN COUNTRY!
    Most Russian girls outside Moscow and St Petersburg are quite poor, and immigration control would consider them an overstay risk. They would never let be let into your country without a healthy bank account.

    She can get a SPONSORED visa with your help, but then she needs a personal letter of invitation from you, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in your home country, a completed sponsor's application form (also from you)....not including the documents that she has to fill in herself. She also needs a job in Russia, a letter from her employer and insurance. All of these documents she has to drop off at your national embassy in Moscow WITH PREPAID TICKETS and wait about 10 working days. These are the rules for the Schengen countries anyway...the USA and Canada are almost as, if not more, complicated. Anyway, a normal TOURIST visa + travel costs + hotel rooms would set her back 2000+ US dollars for a trip to the US. She should be asking you for a lot of money! Why should it be so easy for a gorgeous sexy Russian girl just to jump on a plane and fall into bed with you? Anyway, no respectable Russian girl would ask directly for money, but might accept some if you insisted. should check your national embassy website in Moscow for visa prices and procedures.

There are many variations on the scams, some quite slight. Some scammers claim to have a visa already and need money for tickets, a last-minute medical examination, etcetc. Some claim that their mother needs an operation, etcetc. A few more patient and professional scammers will take months before they hit you with the money letter (though if you follow my tips, you should be able to spot the scammers before then). There are even a few real girls scamming, and professional gold-diggers (mostly in the Ukraine). One or two of them are very bold, and not even afraid to use their true identities. These scammers are harder to spot, and there is no easy way to identify them, all you can do is use your instincts and common sense, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

and, of course, a golden rule: DON'T SEND MONEY...unless you're 100% sure she's real.

Another ground rule: if you are looking for a Russian wife/partner, you must be prepared to travel to Russia to meet her. You also need to behave generously towards her; after all, you need to prove that you can support here (and her kids) if she migrates to your country. But if she turns out to be a professional gold-digger, which has never happened to me personally or anyone I know (but I know it does happen), you should try to be philosophical and treat it as an exotic trip to a foreign country, have fun anyway, and try not to waste too much money on her.

There are actually hundreds of perfectly nice Russian girls in Russia but you have to be prepared to go and get them. Chercher la femme. It certainly worked for me.


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2008-07-15, 02:40:34
anonymous from United States  
Rose, or Rose Mary from Accra contacted me through, a music site. This idiot (the best pic of her is recycling last nights 'soup' spread eagle), hates being told she is a scam. I did not mention this site, but when the succubus tried to send me money for 'her mother medicine', I told her the world knew she was a scammer and she would not beleive me. I sent her a pict of her with her looking like a libraian, and she said 'dat not me', so then I sent her one with her blouse open down to her navel, pulling it apart just to her nipples. I sent her that one, and as it was downloading, I IM'd NICE TITS! The dumb whoaaaa gots 'dats me, somebody stole my picture'. She is really hot, and for working in a 'market in Ghana' the leather furniture must be pretty reasonable over there. After that she canceled her Jango Account. If you stumble across her, just keep yanking her chain, make her answer you questions before you let her just go on with her template IM's. She will send you a couple of good pics. I told her she was sitting on her ATM, and should just pull money out of there! Search for :
As of 7/14/08 now Rose from Accra, or Rose Mary
2008-07-16, 08:49:04
anonymous from South Africa  
Thanks guys for the info!! A few weeks ago I got a random email from Dana and today another from Margarita, both from Kazan. When I replied first time I asked where she got my email address from, as I am not registered on a dating website. 'international agency of acquaintances' is what where she said she got it. So I googled it and come up with your site!! Thanks guys. I suspected a scam but your info has confirmed my suspicions, I'm glad I caught it early enough.
Craig, South Africa
2008-07-25, 05:38:40
fucking scammer...
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2008-07-29, 11:57:45   (updated: 2008-07-29, 12:25:18)
[hidden] from United States  
I am currently chatting with a woman who I firmly believe is from Ghana, but she says that she resides on a 'Wavely Drive' in Frederick, MD. SHe claims to do medical work at a hospital and was getting ready for a trip to Nigeria for a seminar on controlling and preventing Malaria. She was only going for a week, and would be back. I told her to come back to me (where I am at) when she comes back.She has not asked for money and says that she is not interested in my money, that when we are together, we can make money together. Sounds good, but after doing a little research, I found that there are no known Wavely Drive, Road, Street, Avenue, or boulevard in Frederick, MD. She acted offended that I was checking up on her. She also told me that she was flying Virgin Nigeria Airways to Nigeria. Well, VNA just received USDOT acceptance to flight commercial international planes into the US. VNA currently only services locations in Africa, and do not even have the planes capable of international flights. They have ordered new planes, but they won't even be available for delivery until September 2008. I really LOVE doing my homework now, after being scammed for $550, before with a different English woman (posted on here also under her name of Seyi_Nicholas)

Keywords: redhead pink dress staged
2008-07-29, 17:22:01   (updated: 2008-07-29, 17:23:32)
[hidden] from United States  
Well, I think I just rid myself of another scammer. Her name is Suzzy Sarfa Bernard, Her screen name (on is Suzzy_Bernard. She had sent me a confidential broadcast (email) on the site and I decided to follow up and chat with her on Yahoo. Her profile was never completed and she said that she did that for a reason. She is a beautiful brunette (caucasian) admittedly in Ghana. After reading several of the posts on here earlier today, I decided that although she had sounded like a normal, 'good-girl', I decided to ask her about the fact that a white family being in a predominantly black nation. [No answer]. Then I asked her to get a cheap webcam so I could see for myself if she was the one in the pictures. She blew up and decided to try a put a guilt trip on me about not trusting her. So I had told her that I could not trust her until she answered those questions. I asked her when was she getting the webcam, and her first response was that her computer did not have any connections for a webcam, I told her that they all did. Anyway, she said that would get the cam when she got the money. I told her when she gets the money and the webcam, I will be here waiting for her and told her good night. I do not believe that I will ever hear from her again.

2008-07-31, 12:27:32
OJAS from United States  
One of these can be bookmarked as the main delphi page

This page is like site map and loads quickest
This page has 40 most recently viewed, takes a little bit longer to load http://www.delphifa..scams.htm
This page has all scammer threads by title, and loads still slower http://www.delphifa.._full.htm
This page has all the threads http://www.delphifa..age_scams/ can be sorted in ascending or descending order by thread number, thread creation date (on the present server), thread size, by clicking on the desired title.

When you are in delphi, the address bar displays the URL in this format:
The http - hypertext protocol (shows the type of server when you include colon and double slash ://)
After the double slash // domain name till the first single slash / - Here it is www (worldwide web), company name, .com shows root level is American registered company http://en.wikipedia..main_name
The Top-level country domains are 2 alphabets http://www.delphifa..313.shtml
After the last slash fxxxx shows the thread number. The extension .shtml shows the file type http://www.activewi..s_9.shtml

If there is ?p=xxx it shows the page number you are on. The initial thread (number zero is not shown). There are 15 posts per page each wit a blue bar showing post date and time stamp, and updates using the Edit Button, (probably available for 60 minutes after a new post)

The # shows the jump number. #comments is the top-most post on that page. #xxxxxx shows the actual number of the post the screen will jump to, on that page.

To start a new thread, click on the button Add new scammer at the very bottom of this page. After you submit, the Admin will review, and notify you by e-mail.

Searching in delphi - I have written several articles, will write a new one later. Here are some hints:

(1) If you search a scammer e-mail address, include if possible one more preferably an unusual English word or a phrase including spelling / grammatical errors
(2) As an example, if I want to search for a North sea post and search kun I will find the Dutch / Scandinavian post I am after
(3) I may search for spelling errors or falled (instead of fell) when I search for a post by a German friend - I will of course not post his name and risk losing his friendship. I frequently leave my own errors (informatin - missing an o), because I may want to search using my own errors
(4) Truncation search: Scammers often change spelling of their names, not only with different victims, but also the with the same victim in different e-mails. There are many variants for kuznetzova. The characters k and u sequentially seldom occur in English. You form the root ku, stem with a * and search for ku* will hit all combination, plus some you don't want. nata* will hit natalia, nataja, natalya, natasha. Another unusual combination s m h in sequence. If an Australian asks for a Sydney Morning Herald post, I search for smh* When I have lots of hits, I start opening the one with fewest characters, then proceed in the ascending order of the number of characters
2008-08-03, 21:41:17   (updated: 2008-08-03, 21:52:03)
OJAS from United States  
Finding countries that offer Visa on Arrival

Logon to http://en.wikipedia..Main_Page
Select your real girl's country passport
For this illustration, we will search Russian passport on the left frame and get to http://en.wikipedia.._passport
In the contents box click on Visa-free access for Russian passport holders and get to the map
Click on the 2 little boxes under the map to enlarge it, and we get to http://en.wikipedia..rival.PNG

The legend shows dark-blue visa-free and light-blue visa-on-arrival for Russian passport holders
2008-08-03, 22:17:52   (updated: 2008-08-03, 22:45:49)
OJAS from United States  
Some tips on isolating your real girl from scammers, and setup an initial meeting with her

Navigate the links on the left after reading http://www.datingnm..ssian.htm
Read all the articles in http://www.chancefo..t/full/30
Navigate all the bars of Russian Brides Cyber Guide by Elena Petrova

Select a country that offers Visa on Arrival to you and her http://www.delphifa..15#102261
With your CREDIT CARD ONLY buy her an e-ticket, but DO NOT SEND MONEY for plane fare http://lonelyrussia..212095480

Take pictures with her in front of your her and embassies for enclosing when you sponsor her to your country

In the event of gold digging, customs restrictions will limit your loss http://www.flytostp..stoms.htm

Good Luck!!
2008-08-04, 11:29:07
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-08-05, 18:02:48
anonymous from Kuwait  
hi there! 2 days ago i received an email from a girl which she said that she was in a refugee camp at senegal. the mail content was full of pain, helplesness, new hope. and lots of love. but i've got this feeling that this is a scam from somebody. lucky for me i search the google for her fathers name she gave, and fined out that i am rigth. thanks to this web site i have learned more about lots of scammer in the internet, they will do what ever it takes to scam inocent people. I will attach here the photo she or he sent me and the email add is ( ) i hope this must served as a warning to others


2008-08-05, 18:14:51
anonymous from Kuwait  

2008-08-09, 03:25:35
je me suis fait avoir aussi par une femme nommee irina suvorova
j ai envoye de l argent tt bien sur pas de nouvelles .
2100 euros partis en fumee

2008-08-09, 05:18:36
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-08-10, 10:06:55
anonymous from United Kingdom  

I'm in touch with someone called Francisca Adziku from Cape Coast Ghana. She says she wants to come and live with me in the UK but wants me to pay for her visa flights etc. Has anyone seen this person or been in touch with her I have attached a pic any info would be appreciated guys.

2008-08-10, 11:20:24
[hidden] from United States  
I am enjoying reading this information as about a week ago on a dating site I got targeted by a scammer. He and I are now deeply in love and he considers me his wife (Yeah---I am really not buying that one) When he started the money issues, I told him that I did not want to talk money as I was solely in this for his love and not money. In fact I had an extended relationship with the person I thought was the love of my life until his death in 2000. I an stringing him along now. I told him that although my dead lover was worth over $20 million I never married him as I knew he would cheat if we married but I could maintain his love and control his cheating issues by not giving the fictational lover the security of marriage. I was left a large amount in his will (which I oddly enough have a copy of) but his children had destroyed the copy of hte will they had and left me out of the estate. Now I am tryign to honor his memory by not taking his children to court. Let's just say I have the scammer interested in my pathetic situation. He is now wooing me with a passion and I think he will soon be pressuring me to try to get hold of some of my former lover's estate. Of course he has told me he has over a million frozen in accounts in Australia and Canada. They are frozen because of his involvement with a mission to build an orphanage in Ghana (all the cost of the orphanage from his owen funds of course.) Our honeymoon when he returns from Ghana is to meet, marry, and go to 'unfreeze' the accounts. Oh and I think he forgets his own histroy at times-his parents as with all scammers' parents aseem to have died years ago and he has lived with uncles or grandparents. After his initial version of the time of death of all the relatives he had to depend upon, he now has told me that his grandmother left over 1/2 million in Canada for him if he ever found true love again after the death of his late wife from cancer. The problem is that the grandmother dies in about 1980 and the wife died of cancer in 2002. I believe that he was blessed with a clarivoynant grandmother as otherwise the matter 'just don't work' I am having fun with him and will post pictures he is using on line. He is now having to wait for me to get my ID and money where I can access it as my purse was stolen (I told him this happened after her asked for $500 to feed 'our 13 yr old son' whom he left in the care of hte hotal mgr when he had to travel to the remote village where the orphanage is to be built). Of course he called me when he could not get money over the internet (I had turned on the cell phone I have for his calls and plan to toss when I toss him). When I answered, I was the concerned 'mother' who could not understand how he 'an asute businessman' did not leave his child in better hands. That was a very short phone call. I then was crying all day in concern. So I believe if we continue this much longer I will be able to write an interesting short story. God but it feels good to string along the scmmer!!!! ANy ideas for stringing him on more are appreciated. We are so deeply in love and 'hungey' for eah other that he should not be thinking clearly and see he is the victim in this...He has boosted per this site of getting in excess of $500K from women. I have placed the name he is using at this time on the list of scammers, currently he is using Mark Howard-he is allegedly Australian and lives in Florida (but apparently he does not know the salary scales for jobs and wealth in the US as he says he makes $50K to $75K a year-that would not give him money for an orphanage and his electric bill....)
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