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Dating scammer Olga Spasibkina


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Name: Olga Spasibkina


The postal index 606210

The Nizhniy Novgorod area

The city of Lyskovo

Street Bitter

The house 87, apartment 128

Other Comments:
I think i've got one.....damn it!....these poeple are good at this......said just the right me like a f'in book....thank god i dont have any money

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2007-12-21, 07:35:24
Peter from Germany  
Have a look at these at-the-doc pics. They are so artifical. She is still wearing the same trousers and boots under the lab coat and still has got full war paint. She doesn't even know what to do with her left hand when she is misusing her little sister.
No, she does not look trustworthy at all. She's a gangster's bride and that's what she likes to be.
To US nearly victims: I once falled for that shit too.
2007-12-21, 09:55:54
OJAS from United States  
With an instrument in front of an open child mouth see where her pupils are trained - at the camera. Is this her way of chid-care?
2007-12-21, 10:21:01   (updated: 2007-12-21, 10:28:19)
Peter from Germany  
She is looking utterly out of place there. A miscast, only the little girl does a good job.

To US: Some more pics please!
2007-12-22, 09:53:01

2007-12-25, 02:09:20   (updated: 2007-12-25, 02:40:45)
[hidden] from United States  
It seems Olga is getting around a lot lately. Hey! She only lives and breaths for me. What's she doing writing to all you guys. She or whoever has been writing me since early November. She sent an e-mail to my mailbox but her profile had been deleted. It was listed in Muskegon, Michigan. Her first letter said she lived in Russia. I have the same adress, full name and pictures and some you don't have. Maybe I'm her first. Ha! What is the first date she has wrote to someone. I have gotten my eighth letter. She has never asked me for anything but told me not to send anything to her adress. She was madly in love with me in her seventh letter. In her eighth letter she is ready to come to America. Just so happens her mom has a friend in a travel agency and can get everything needed for a visa. I think the next letter is the money letter. I do not know if she is real, works on her own or part of a group. All the pictures are from either 2003 or August 2006. They are from the same camera. I told her from the start I was broke and had no money but she kept writing. She must read a little bit of the letters because she answers some questions sometimes. Are they learing from mistakes. Is she in Russia or Califorina? Too bad were not all rich. We could all knock on her door at the same time. If you get an e-mail from her check the area for russian mob past history. Muskegon had a large credit card conterfitting mob. If anyone has more information on her please post it. Fortunatlly I am from New York and tend not to believe anything till I see it. Thanks for your website. JJ
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Spasibkina

2007-12-25, 02:24:22
[hidden] from United States  
Here are some more pictures.

2007-12-25, 03:27:43   (updated: 2007-12-25, 03:28:16)
[hidden] from United States  
Olga lives in Russia or at least her bank is in Moscow. Go to and you can read your letters before you get them. She changes part of them but most are the same. It appears to be the eight or ninth letter that she asks for money. If you want to have some fun send the letter asking for visa money before she sends it to you! JJ
2007-12-25, 11:41:04
OJAS from United States  
If Olga has bank in Moscow and claims to live in Lyskovo in The Nizhniy Novgorod area her banking expenses must be high. I.E. She MUST be very rich! For an idea of how expensive Moscow is, it has the most billionaires (33) in the world, New York only second (31)
2007-12-25, 16:32:59
anonymous from West Chester, United States  
I received emails from Olga but she looked a little differnt but same story.....from Russia with love
2007-12-26, 05:51:54   (updated: 2007-12-26, 05:54:43) from United States  
Olga is listed in stop I do not have a subscription but they have her as aka Anastasia Polushina and possibly Lisa Johnson ( from Nigera ). I have not answered her last letter yet. Mike on has all her letters posted. I only write her once a week but mike wrote her every two days. But guess what? I have a profile on yahoo and have got another e-mail the exact same way. It arives in my mailbox and asks to please write back at gmail point com ( thats a dead give away ) she is 37 now and has a new name of course the profile is under review but I'm sure it will be deleted tomorrow. Sounds like they are setting me up before they even know if I am sending money. I searched the new name and it does not show up any where yet so I will post it as soon as I get more info. I think I'm going to tell Olga to forget about the visa and that I am comming to Russia to get her. When she asks for money she wants it sent to the Trade Finance Bank in Moscow thru western union in her name. ID's must be real easy to get over there. ( or they are part of the scam also ) If any one out ther can tell me how do They manage to send an e-mail adress to a Yahoo mailbox without subscribing I would appreciate it. They seem to be so smart but so very dumb. I think this is part of a group that sends out the e-mails all at once and than changes their names every couple of months. Do they check our scammer lists to see when they are busted. When I get the new scammer and some pictures I will post it. Maybe it will save some one a little heart ache or money. I think the key here is to idenify them asap. Thanks again for your website it has been a big help. JJ

2007-12-29, 23:09:58   (updated: 2007-12-29, 23:22:26)
anonymous from United States  
Said she was just looking for a friend to talk to , I know she got to me through the
yahoo personals . Has never asked for any money and she sends emails 3 to 4 times a week for about 5 months now . Eather she really likes to take her time ( with me ) setting me for the kill or she just likes to talk to me . I'm no fool
2008-01-04, 23:58:27
anonymous from United States  
this site is great, thanks to all who comment. She just left a christian dating site. She put up 3 pics of a hot blonde, claimed to be from the Bronx, ny. Careful guys!
2008-01-13, 14:11:37
anonymous from United States  
here is a picture of cindy

2008-01-17, 00:01:04   (updated: 2008-01-17, 00:04:49) from United States  
My name is Toby from Hurst,Tx. We have been writing each other For 6 mo. now . Has never asked for anything except , She wants to fall in Love so bad she had her friend
that can speek & read english ,( well broken english ) write up some drafts for her first
internet romance that ended bad because the old boy had a wife. But the truth is she cannot speek or read english , and the silly gal kept using the same drafts changing only the names , thats why we all got the same letters , And you may thank your the only one ,But she is looking for her soul-mate very hard . She does not like her own countrymen ,saying their all Drunks that treet there women badly. She really is a good person . The only reason I know this is I'm learning to speek Russian .
And yes I have sent her $ 400.00 , she did not ask for it , I just sent it . And to my surprise she has already sent $200.00 back! And the rest she told me would send 2 week from this Friday . Tell me what scammer does that ?
All she is guility of is falling in love to easy and using the same drafted letters we all have . Giorgio & Michael , my friends, She really liked you both very much .
Thank-you for giving up . But I'm not , this woman is worth any and all efferts . In my book.
And yes Olga is Russian.
2008-01-17, 09:51:31
anonymous from United States  
Olga Spasibkina is now going by the name of Kristina Terehova, same pictures same lame letters, these people need to be in prison!!
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