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Dating scammer Olga Spasibkina


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Name: Olga Spasibkina


The postal index 606210

The Nizhniy Novgorod area

The city of Lyskovo

Street Bitter

The house 87, apartment 128

Other Comments:
I think i've got one.....damn it!....these poeple are good at this......said just the right me like a f'in book....thank god i dont have any money

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2008-05-06, 20:43:48
anonymous from United States  
Thank you Padre Pio for your answer to my prayers - I knew it was too good to be true. I lost $450 to this woman, original Yahoo Personals ad from South San Francisco, then it was cancelled. She wants me to send $1500 for the airfare ticket. She said she is Yanina Paranovskaya same address you guys found out, said her father is Grigory, mother is Alexandra. Played me like a fish. Thanks to all for the exposed truth, it hurts, but better now than $2000 later. Amen
2008-05-11, 03:00:52
I feel like an idiot. Same pictures and sounds like the same letters with my name inserted. Worldwide player. I am glad I did the search. I did not get all of the pictures.
2008-05-11, 11:55:28
anonymous from United States  
I had dealings with the scammers, they down loaded a worm into my email searching for info, thank God I don't keep any in there, they played the religious angle on me. I don't know why, but something told me to google names, addresses, etc. I also found a bunch of there other ficticious people on yahoo pers. so watch too(another) I turned them into webmaster for now but you know they will be back!
2008-05-11, 20:40:49
anonymous from United States  
what ever you do don't answer the personals that aren't in the link at yahoo or where ever, these people tried to play me, I was quite embarrassed, but you can tell miss spelled words, shit that doesn't make sense like grad school and less than 25k a year, or' I trust everybody'stuff
2008-05-14, 13:38:35   (updated: 2008-05-14, 13:40:12)
anonymous from United States girl or whatever it was named Olga e-mailed me with pictures, I rejected as spam, sound familiar? watch yahoo personals
2008-05-14, 13:39:10
anonymous from United States  
oh yeah, with pictures.
2008-05-14, 15:25:27
anonymous from United States  
I'm greatful this was out here LOL I sent yanina a message basically letting her know that cat was outta of the bag. I was on my third email from her ( I'll assume its a her ) could be a guy using her pics or a group of scammers etc... but i used the pics to tell her she was found out and what pic I liked . Its a shame but I bet it works on some of the gullible guppies out there
2008-05-15, 04:18:41
anonymous from United States  
ok yaninas net is so spread out that she has these letters already set up and emailing them once you answer .... lol I suspected from the 1st one but if you ask questions she doesnt even answer them . All she does is send you out another long winded email that saysd absolutely nothing
2008-05-15, 18:19:23
anonymous from United States  
Her email address given to me was 'She' does not live in Lyskovo, she is writing from Nizhniy-Novogorod and Moscow. The elderly couple at the address in Lyskovo reportedly denied knowing her. Her best friend and/or little sister is called 'Olga' and is the blond 22 year old featured on this webpage. Russian and U.S. consulates notified, already working her case. The first giveaway is the Yahoo Personals message from her, which is cancelled right away. Yahoo Personals has been notified. South San Francisco P.D. notified of grand theft and Internet fraud. Western Union was notified of wire fraud. She picked up the money at a Western Union in Moscow, and promptly asked for more.
2008-05-15, 22:12:40
anonymous from United States  
The US Consulate in Moscow informed us that they forwarded all the information to FSB, and they are interested in the case for several reasons: 1) Internet fraud, 2)wire fraud through Western Union, 3) grand and petty theft 4) conspiracy to commit....5) utilizing a child in furtherance of a criminal enterprise, 6) impersonating a doctor is a crime in most states in Russia, and the list goes on, including racketeering. Yanina and Olga are members of a criminal racketeering enterprise operating out of the Moscow region, and typically the group of 10-20 people rent a house or several apartments, and even work in shifts. They also engage in 'pornography on demand,' meaning if you agree to pay enough, they will sell anything. Probably even their little sisters. The legitimate online dating agencies in Ukraine and Russia already know about this group. Assume the group already knows we know, and don't really care!
2008-05-15, 22:17:32
anonymous from United States  
They downloaded a worm into my email too! Lots of 'animal pornography' with addresses like
2008-05-16, 00:43:28
anonymous from United States  
Oh sh--! I've been writing to her for several weeks - just checked this out. I got a pic of a girl this Yanina said was her friend - xsomebody name Alena, looks like Olga. How many women do they have?
2008-05-16, 09:44:15
Here's a big surprise! Yanina ( my true love ) wants me to send her $417. for a visa so she can come here to be with me..her true love..LMAO. This little scammer needs to go to JAIL. She blew it when she went from a friend(1st,2nd,3rd letter) to being in love with me ( 4th letter). Now how big of a fool does she think I am? Oh yeah she's a doctor now, specializing in pediatrics. Wait til she gets my next letter. I'm going to string this lil biotch right along & have some fun with her. Thanks for puttin up this site & lets work together to stop this kinda thing.
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Dating scammer Olga Spasibkina

2008-05-16, 09:45:29
anonymous from United States  
Yanina ..scammer!@#$#@!
2008-05-16, 10:18:31

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