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Dating scammer Yulia


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Name: Yulia



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I got her from another scam site

hello,my dear friend Pierre !

I'm very glad to get a letter from you.

I am single now and I really want to find my second half in this life on this planet.

May be it will be you, let us see...

But at first I want to tell you something about myself.

my name is Yulia,I'm 27 y.o. I live in beautiful Ukrainian town Lutugino.

I am very romantic and tender person. I was born in a big family with a lot of traditions.

I was surrounded by care of all the members of my family. So, now I want to find man ,

whom I can present all my love and care too.

my family,is the most important part of my life. It's not big,but very

strong. We always help and support each other. there are three of us:me,my mom and dad. I have no any brothers or sisters.

I live along in a rent flat... study at the medical university of our town. It's rater interesting for me to study medicine,and I'd like to be a doctor after graduating it.I'll graduate in some days!

If you ask me about my hobbies, I like music, so when I have free time

I usually play piano. I like to play different kinds of music,especially jass and classical one. music always helps me to relax and to forget about all troubles and problems. what kind of music do you like?

also I like to learn different languages. I have been learning English for 5 years. now I can speak and write rater fluently with out using any dictionary.

I'm very romantic feminine, sensual and passionate person,I like to fall in my dreams and to imagine, that I live with person who do I love, and who I can share my love with...

It's rather difficult to find a good man in my country, because they

all are selfish, and rude. I'd like to find romantic and kind person,who will appreciate me...

tell me please more about yourself!

Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. I speak English rather fluently with out using any translations...

sincerely yours Yulia.


Hello Pierre,thank you for so lovely letter!

I hope that this our correspondence will turn from friendship to love, but now I can not know this exactly. Anyway, it is very

pleasant to see your letter now and I feel a little involved and at the same time happy, because you may be the one, whom

I searched for for a long time.I think it is time to tell something about myself. I will not tell you much about me, because I don't know exactly what to tell about, what will be interesting for you, so I'll wait for your questions in your next letter, OK?

It was pleasant for me to receive it from you.

I decided to tell you about my family,because it's the most important

part in my life. actually I live along in a rent flat,

my mom and dad lives in another town. I have no brothers or

sisters. our family is not big but very friendly,and strong. we always

help each other and give different advices. we also like to pass free

time together. sometimes we go to our granny,who lives far from both of us. my

granny had much to tell,her knowledge and the sharpness of her memory

always shocked me. she can speaks with me during a lot of hours. granny

always has lots of stories to tell,stories, which usually comes from

generation to generation. Everybody says, that she is the best. But in

common,I like to spend a lot of time at home,i like cooking,and always

cook smth special and delicious for my family. especially I like to

cook meat and different salads.

my Mom is house keeper, she doesn't work but always take care of me and my dad.

my father works as a teacher in the college,so he has rather little free time,which sometimes he spends with his friends in a friend's meeting clubs. what about your family?Do you spent a lot of time with them?

as about my hobby,the best way to relax and to do smth. interesting is

to listen to the music,you know i like every kind of music,from

classical one to r&b. sometimes it inspire me for writing poems. also

i like dreaming about my future and far away countries. I have never

been abroad,so i hope that one day my dreams will come true!what is

your favorite music?and in what countries have ever been?

I'm waiting for your answer impatiently,

buy for now.

yours Yulia



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2007-12-21, 07:37:14
anonymous from Canada  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yulia

2007-12-21, 10:46:55
OJAS from United States  
USA 2007-12-21, 03:47:07 (updated: 2007-12-21, 04:07:36) ''your beating, which if not, I will die'' ... Don't know what to suggest ... except it is nice phrase for future googlers. Some time and perhaps translation fee seems to have been invested by this scammer, so it will likely become a template that can be googled
2007-12-21, 16:12:28
MAX from United States  
Wow, gotta love the Ukrainians, they always use the hottest babes for thier scams!! Hell if the woman there are all this fine, I would consider taking a long vacation there!!!
2007-12-25, 18:47:39
anonymous from Canada  
zvezda1717@gmail.comHi my Dearest and Loving man of my life!

You have reason... I Think about you very much, during the day and during the night and also I would like to be

now with you. You cannot imagine How long is every day without you, it's incredible!!!

when you accustom to communicating with so important someone in my life like you

it's hard to be one day without you.

How to say to you that I don't stop thinking about you? I Start loving You much more,

I love You Like I never loved anybody else and only a day without you,

it demonstrates it to me. I cannot live without you and I need you as the air that I breathe.

Sorry me may be it's earlier to say about it. But I can't anymore keep my feelings in silence I LOVE YOU.

And I'm in heaven from the happiness.

Honey I'm afraid ,because I've never feel such strong feelings to anyone so strong like with you,and I'm afraid that

you'll break my little heart. Please promise me that you'll never do it,

because men often betrayed women and I wont survive if you do it.

I have 30 good reasons to love you. And after this 30 I have other 40.

And after this 40 I lose the account.

And I begin from zero to enumerate you. There are so many reasons to love you that my words remain short on having named

you. There are so many reasons to love you that the blue sky expands on the breeze of a walking way.

There are so many reasons to love you that the infinite it stopped being, for fleeing without knowing it.

Only, there are so many reasons to love you that these simple letters. Seek to shape his own language.

Only, there are so many reasons to love you that the nature sticks fast to our fight For leaving to happen

For leaving to live,

For only leaving to love.

To recover tenderness.

TO RECOVER strength.


Therefore and for everything, for much and for more, I have and I will have so many reasons to love you.

And I wrote to you that also I will have many reasons to love you.

Because when we will be together I will wake up and your hair will explode in my pillow.

Because I will return and kisses will stay in your mouth.

Because I will slip and again your breath will save me.

Because you will silence and the world will crumble.

Because I will name you and I know that I will name an amulet.

Because I will look at you and the storm will be dispersed.

Because the moon will guard well our secret.

Because I will walk and I will continue the track of your fingerprints.

Because I will fall asleep and I will follow smelling your desire.

I love you


2008-01-07, 09:57:05 from Chicago, United States  
I have been contacted by a person, supposedly a female named Julija Poletaeva, from a small town in the Permskaya region of Russia. She has sent me alot of emails- maybe 20 or so, and has not asked for any money yet. She says she wants to come see me in Chicago, that she can get a visa for 6 months and renew it-stay a year here. Her pictures look pretty nice- though much more believable than that beauty queen scammer from Ukraine, Yulija. Has anybody else been approached by this person, and were they asked for money? Is she the front name for some type of scam? She claims to have gone to Moscow this week to get a visa and book her airline travel. Is it possible she is legitimate? I don't want to send a mean insulting email if she might be legitimate. It seems like too many emails over too long a period of time with too much information and none of the poems or stuff like that. I should have received the set up for the money demand by now, shouldn't I? She claims to have got my information off of a dating site that I actually had a posting on briefly, just before she started sending her messages. Please let me know what I can do to figure this out. Thanks
2008-01-07, 14:52:37
OJAS from United States  
Wait until she writes from Moscow. Did she say what type of visa? Did she know her full expenses before leaving for Moscow? Since it does not seem like a joint decision with you to leave for Moscow, she is supposed to meet all her travel expenses on her own!
2008-01-07, 14:54:04
anonymous from United States  
I am receiving the same emails as many others you have seen from Julija Poletaeva. Same story, went to Moscow, wants to come to US to work, is a dancer, etc. Today I received the one asking for money.
2008-01-07, 16:22:30
anonymous from United States  
I just got another email- from Julija, not Yulija-this one says she will be here in Chicago in 1 week-next sunday, that she has a work visa and has paid for tickets-has an airline itinerary
via Stockholm on flighs that actually are scheduled on Aeroflot and Scandanavian Air.But it must be the same person because the name is the same. Perhaps she is working up a new scam on me, because she hasn't sent the money request letter- says she is already in Moscow. I probably baited her too much when I upped the ante- told her I was a millionaire playboy wanting to settle down-that I am half owner of a insurance company and finance company, and that I am an agent and manager for entertainers and models. She had said that she obtained a work visa, but I told her she would not have to work once she got with me-that I could get her a position at a top modeling agency.I wanted to see if she could work outside the script to try to aim higher. I still don't think iot is possible for her to get proper permission without me going there and reqesting her o a fiancee visa, unless she knows how to bribe officials. Also she doesn't look like the blond model posted above this thread- she is a light brown hairred girl. No poems,decent English. I'm certain she i s a scammer, yet where is the money request letter?
2008-01-12, 12:23:29 from Saint Cloud, United States  
barry or who else reads this.BEWARE!!!!!julija sent me the same info,waited til she was in moscow a few days then said she needed $1,000.00 for round trip ticket.i told her no. she wrote back and said she sold her mom's gold jewelry for $350.00 and only needed a loan for the rest until she gets here and she would cash the other ticket in and give me the money back then.i can't beleive that there is people that would do this to some people.i forgot to mention barry that she found me thru a dating site also.don't let her get to you.GOOD LUCK.
2008-01-12, 16:50:51
anonymous from Sweden from Saint Cloud, United States

and other newbies on the thread

The vast majority of Russian dating scammers are not women at all, but actually MEN, mostly students, working in organized cells known as 'offices' - in or around Yoshkar Ola, the capital of Mari El republic, sometimes in Chuvashia....occasionally further afield.

Most scammers are VERY lazy and only looking for quick cash money. They use email extractor programs to get your mail addresses (if you don't have a profile on a dating site, that is)...for example:

...and multiple identities with copied form mails and spam programs on automatic reply, very often the BAT!, with which they can personalize small parts of each letter if necessary.

They mostly won't read your mails until after the pay-off - known as the 'money letter'- because they don't have time, ie because they're mailing, and trying to scam, as many guys as they can (economies of scale).....and also because they're semi-literate lowlifes who can't speak much English anyway. They call this initial phase 'zakidka' -- which means 'fill 'em up' in scammer slang. IN OTHER WORDS, you can write almost anything in your replies and they won't notice, the scammers only get interested when they're curious to see if you've taken the bait.

It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in these scam pics aren't directly involved in the scamming because the scammers steal their pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for them, or buy and exchange them on scammer websites. Mostly they steal them! (Once an experienced Russian scammer actually admitted to me that he stole all his pics from and Occasionally they'll use a local girl for a pic set, usually a scammer groupie. Real female accomplices are otherwise only involved either to phone a guy up, for the sake of credibility, or to pick up the loot at Western Union.

And more recently, the majority of Russian scammers have started using proxy servers or IP spoofing to hide their real locations so ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IS TRACE THEIR IP ADDRESS to confirm the scam! (if you haven't worked it out already, of course). Untraceable IP address = scam.

If, by any chance, you don't believe any of this, please read: http://www.cheboksa..mers.html

or: http://www.delphifa..#comments
(Russian newspaper article about scamming, 6 posts down)

Further info about scammers and real Russian women, and a whole lot more, can be found in the ..
'Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
welcome page/ primer for newbies.'

just below this post (bright red, so you can't miss it)
2008-03-04, 14:03:48
anonymous from Switzerland  
It seams that Yulia looks very limilar like mss switzerland from 2006 Xenia
just have a look.
2008-03-04, 17:23:59 from Chicago, United States  
Hello again-
I told Julija that I am very rich, and that when she gets here, she will be a top model and never really work-that she will be a star and I will get her into famous movies. I told her I have several homes and mansions, and that I have a Mercedes sports car for her- all she has to do is get here and I will marry her and take care of her and our children forever. Then I told her I was going to take a trip to Russia soon, since I don't need to work, after all- I am very rich and own finance and insurance companies! I told her I have a private airplane and I will fly into where ever the hell she is and bring her back to Chicago. I told her not to worry- I am hooked up with the Russians at the embassy, and that they would see to it that she was well taken care of until I get there-
AND THAT'S WHEN SHE STOPPED SENDING PICTURES AND LETTERS! I had told her that the embassy people could track her down due to her writing from the internet cafe, and he/she must have thought that I might be telling the truth. Oh well- the photos looked almost as nice as my girlfriend- and she's a Penthouse Magazine model. So I guess my 'romance' ended abruptly- and I never even got any! Too bad.
2008-04-21, 10:04:10
anonymous from Spain  
same text as all and some pictures............. thats all from this nice pictures !
2008-04-28, 09:28:22
anonymous from France >>

Don't worry my friend, I have contact with her now ! Her wonderful pictures are Xenia, russian model, Miss Switzerland 2006 ! She certainly wait long time the fake Western Union MTCN I will send to her... For now I only collect nice pictures (however available through the web ! !)
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yulia

Keywords: sexy short dress tree
2008-04-28, 12:21:12
OJAS from United States  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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