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Dating scammer Nadya


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Name: Nadya


Nadya from Severodonetsk - Avtonomna Respublika Krym
She is at: nadezd77 at PlentiFish
Her E-mail:
Work: Psychologist
Born: 25 years old
Got the money letter after four e-mails

Other Comments:
Email #1
Hello, xxxxx! Nice to meet you, dear! But where are your photos? I confess I was surprised, I did not really expect a reply, I just hoped!!! And not only did you reply but in such a lovely way too, thank you! Thank you too for the nice words you said about me, I was actually a little touched (he says a little shyly but happily!). I certainly like to think I am honest, sincere and loving as well as some other things too like considerate, thoughtful etc but I guess however hard we try there are always some people in the world who will not like us for some reason, I always think that a little strange but
I guess it is just different personalities and without different personalities the world would be a very boring place! I can only be who I am and hope that you like that person and want to continue to know and communicate with him! I liked what you said about yourself and your wish to have a loving woman and family. I have always wanted a family too, it is one of my biggest wishes as I love to be in love and I love children too. Marriage to me though is the most important decision you make in life, it is not something to take a chance with. I will only marry when I am as sure as I can be that the person I marry will be loved and love me for the rest of our lives, the person who I will wake up next to each morning and smile simply because he is beside me. It is similar with children, I will not have children outside of marriage because I think they need a secure and safe base, to be part of a happy and loving family. Kisses, Nadya.

Email #2
Hello, my dear xxxxx! Thanks for the photo, you are very cute! It was really nice to hear from you again, I was really hoping that I should hear from you, so it made me very happy when I saw I had a letter from you on my mailbox today:-)Dear, I really liked your letter it was so open and sincere and so far I think you seem to be very intelligent, wonderful and sincere man with a great personality:)( but don't let all this go to your head now:)(just kidding with you;) I am really looking forward to getting to know you really well so I hope we can continue this and see where it would lead us and hopefully
someday meet, ok:) So maybe you want to know what am I looking in that special one? He got to be easy and fun to be with. I like to meet someone who likes to try new things, because I really enjoy trying new things. He will also be happy pursuing his interests on his own, as well as enjoying time with me. I like someone who is gentle, affectionate and have a great sense of humor:). And if there something or anything he feels wrong about, I want him to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not to be afraid to share his thoughts with me. Because I shall always be there for him and support him in anything he does, I think a good relationship is all about being honest and open to each other, really listening what both have to say, I also think most be respect and faithfully to each other but most of all is love:) And hopefully I can meet that man I can fall in love with and start a family with, of course I love children and want kids, how many I don't know, it's something me and my boyfriend or husband should decide together, but yes I want children in my life:))) And yes, dear, it's little bit different our countries tradition but I don't think that it would be a problem for us at least not for me I'm a very open person and I really respect other countries traditions so I wouldn't mind if you showed me some of yours as I will you show you and learn you some of my Ukrainian traditions. I promise I will help you and do so you really felt welcome here if you should come to my country :) in a relation it all about helping each other, in whatever it can be, I'll always be there for my husband and my love ...just so you know that so if there anything you just tell me and maybe we can help together to solve all problems... together we are strong:)) So what more can I say about me... I'm usually with my friends or with my family; they are very important to me, so I like to spend quality time with them. So I'm very happy to have a big family, we are always there for
support and comfort each other if someone is needed it. So I was brought up in a very warm and caring family atmosphere. Maybe that's why my friends think I am a very caring and considerate person and say that I have so much to offer and to give here in life, but what else can they say they are my friends:). Kisses, Nadya.

Email #3
Hello, my dear xxxxx! I am so glad to hear from you again. Your letter took all my interest .. What a pleasure to realize that somebody is thinking about you and is Interested in you. I think distance is nothing if people wish to meet and to be together. I hope our correspondence will help us to get to know you better and maybe in future will lead us to serious relations and we will meet. I am romantic and want to trust people. There is no other way to get to know someone other than being Completely open and honest about everything. I must have this in my life. It is something that I put a tremendous amount of weight in a relationship. If the other person can not tell you the truth, then I do not wish to be with him. If I open my life to you, I would hope that you would open all of your life to me, good and difficult. No one is perfect! No one has had everything in their life go perfect. These things shape us into what we really are. So it is necessary to know these things. After all, I believe that if we were to meet in person one day, our minds, hearts and souls should already know each other perfectly! Only our eyes need to look into each other's and into each other's soul. And to see if our 'chemistry' mixes good together. Qualities I seek in a man...He is intelligent, kind, tender, sensitive, Loves children, is positive about life, active, takes care of his health, romantic, passionate and affectionate, faithful, humorous, open and honest about his feelings, emotions and desires. Comfortable with his sexuality, enjoys the affection his woman gives him and wants to give in return. He knows what real love is, and wishes to love and receive love. He wants the same qualities in his woman and I want to give him those things that he asks of me. He is my best friend, my life partner in all things, and my lover! When I look across the room at him, no words need to be spoken between us. The love that we have for each other is communicated with our eyes and we know exactly what each of us is thinking. It is not only love, but respect for each other, happiness that we have found each other, pride in the children that we created together, happiness in the life that we share with each other. And always knowing that if we ever had it all to do over again, we both would always say 'yes'. I want a house that is filled with the laughter of children. I would like to have two - a boy and a girl. A house filled with the romance and love of a husband and a wife. A family that travels together. A family that eats and plays together. A family that supports each family member equally. A family that is respected by others not because of it has good looks. I want a happy family too! I would care for it! Nothing else would be more important for me! it is not too much to ask or is it??? Kisses, Nadya.

Email #4The money letter
Hello, my dear xxxxx! How are you doing? I hope everything goes fine and you are in nice mood and high spirits. Thank you very much for such an interesting letter. Darling, I have bad news. Today I found out that there is no money for me to write you and I want to meet you so much, but there is no way for me now to talk about the meeting:( My dear, I am allowed to write you a short message so just it is up to you to decide whether it is worth continuing corresponding. I do really like you! I do really want to know you better and closer! I do really want to have you as a part of my life! I do really want to see your letters and read warm words from you. It is a pity if I lose you...As I think you are a special man and I would like to build something special with you. Maybe someone will think that I am in a hurry with my conclusions but I feel with all my heart that I am not know that there is such a thing like women's intuition... so I feel that I have to try the fortune with you!!! My account is off...and I can't afford myself to continue filling it as my salary doesn't allow me that...Please, help me with the expenses. I promise I will do my best and next month I will take partially the expenses on me as I understand that it is not fair to ask you to do all by yourself. Just let's try. If you don't like anything you'll always have the opportunity to stop. Maybe the Life will give us a chance...don't let it go away... Please, please, don't wait with the I am looking forward to it with great impatience. With this letter I send you my heart and million of tender kisses. Kisses, Nadya.

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2007-12-07, 12:57:12
Fjellhare from Norway  
@ Finland

sure a American girl living in Russia, can not speak English.....we have soon X-mas, but please do not post your X-mas stories here....

.....we are all old enough not thinking there is Santa Claus....even if you tell it...LOL....


please post her telefon number, I want to invite her for a fishing trip...I have a friend that is fluend in Russion, so we do not any translator....
2007-12-08, 03:02:45
anonymous from Finland  
Of course, it is up to you to decide, but you are here to find a good woman for the realtionship, aren't you? It is like you date with her, but can nto see her in real, but you like her and you understand that she is the best you have ever found, why is it bad, if you help her? You should trust, like she trusts you and then you will go on only, you just did not trust her from the very beginning, why then you are looking for the girl here, in the Internet, find a good one beside you, the one who will never ask you the monye for.
2007-12-08, 03:44:58
OJAS from United States  
I am not here to find a real girl. I am here to report scammers. And you ... to justify their operations? What is your commission for translation? When you say relationship, why is my wallet that must first establish a relationship? You know in Scandinavia girls are proud, don't ask strangers for money. Are you her promoter from Ukraine on a vacation in Finland using scammed money from innocent guys. Don't tell me this good looking girl needs money from strangers. Take her pictures to your fashion designer shop and you will know what her life-style is.

It is none of your business asking why someone looks for a relationship on the internet anyway. It is their choice, and don't insult other people's intelligence.

You are justified in asking why someone is on this site, I have answered my reason. And if you want to defend her to the hilt, pay her from YOUR OWN wallet everytime someone posts her money letter.
2007-12-08, 06:40:17
Fjellhare from Norway  

OJAS is 100% right!
This guy/-s using her pictures are 100% scammers. Please feel free, Finland, to send your money to them, nice Idea. You can ask them to stop scamming others if you like to be their financée.

...and she is sure from America.... the old Heddon lure costs minimum one month earnings in not be that foolish....I am an angling collector, need not more to say.....

...please do not think you find only fools here posting thinking with their d... or pe... .

YES, we are here for getting scammers PUBLISHED and NOT for finding a girl.

Please find some other place posting your 'scammer-ideas', we do not wellcome
scammers this place!!!!

Good hunting to all of you!!!
2007-12-09, 11:52:17 from United States  
I am new to this. Galina just started sending me emails.
Here is her 3rd email.
HELLO my friend Tom!
Let this greeting will be for you, as a breeze from far Russia for
you, As hand shake of the person new to you, as a call of the old
friend which you did not see Some years. I am very glad, that you have
responded and have not disregarded my letter. To me it is very
pleasant, Thanks!!! And you probably had a question why I was
registered on a site as the inhabitant of the USA, And I live really
in Russia. I should tell to you, that in Russia it is impossible to be
registered on this site. And I had to make it as the inhabitant of the
USA. I hope, that you will understand me....? I hope, that it will not
prevent to our acquaintance...? My dear Tom, I live in Russia. My
nationality - Russian. I have removed the structure with
because I have already got acquainted with you and I do not want, that
I was written by whom be another. You understand me Tom? I hope, that
you will understand me....? I hope, that it will not prevent to our
acquaintance.......? I know English language, but I do not own him in
perfection. I remember him from institute, When to us taught him.
Therefore if there will be errors, please do not take offence well my
friend Tom? And now, if you do not object, I shall write to you about
myself: My name is Galina. With this name I was awarded with my
parents and I am glad, that any another Name me have not named,
therefore my name always served me a symbol for The further movement
on a life. I live with my mum in the city of Volzhsk. My city to be In
the European part of Russia. Near to our city there is the greatest
river of Russia - Volga. You when be heard about such river of Russia?
To me of 29 years. During this piece of my life I have understood much
- have risen on foots, Has earned trust of people, has worked already
five with superfluous years in the company on design in ours City -
the designer. I never felt true love on attitude to myself. But in the
course of time in my soul so Also the desire learn about those people
who lives absolutely on other continent for thousand miles from was
not erased the house, where absolutely other nature where on - to
another people where absolutely - to another communicate are under
construction attitudes people. Tom, You like to go in for sports? I am
engaged in aerobics. I visit a class of aerobics. In fact it is very
healthy, when opportunities of your body exceed admissible norm. You
Agree, what is very pleasant to look at a beautiful body, whether not
so? And how you concern to sports? Whether you are engaged in
something? My work of the designer consists in that that the help to
people to equip beautifully apartment, the house. To me to like to
show them the ideas and imaginations with conditions and arrangement
of their house cosiness. And where you work? In what your work
consists? By the way, if you do not understand something from my
letter necessarily ask, I do not want That between us there were any
misunderstandings, I shall try the help. But to my huge regret I do
not have own computer. I shall sometimes write to you About the
Internet of cafe. Or from a computer of my girlfriends familiar. I
understand, that from the very beginning of acquaintance there are any
obstacles, but, in fact, if People really have desire to get
acquainted, I think, him nothing will prevent, You with me agree Tom?
I Hope you was not upset and nevertheless you will send me a
long-awaited news. On these words I finish the letter, but tomorrow I
again shall be here in the Internet - cafe.
And with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
I wish you all good.....

Does this sound familier?

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Albert Echertea
Dating scammer Albert Echertea

2007-12-09, 12:56:29
OJAS from United States  
Your picture search cross-references to an existing thread, you may add more info on that thread.
2008-01-04, 09:51:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Also now listed as 'nadezd77' at LuckyLovers with e-mail ''

2008-01-30, 12:52:56
anonymous from United States  
nadia is also on horny matches
2008-08-04, 01:26:19
anonymous from Canada  
I have had talking with sane girl for 8 months, so is she scam or no? She asked me momey for tour to come here, she called me on the phone, sound like young girl. did somebody recently get in touch with her over email?
2008-08-04, 01:26:54
anonymous from Canada  
I have had talking with sane girl for 8 months, so is she scam or no? She asked me momey for tour to come here, she called me on the phone, sound like young girl. did somebody recently get in touch with her over email?
2008-08-04, 08:02:47
OJAS from United States  
Accepting your gifts is normal, but Girl asking for money is scam! http://lonelyrussia..212095480
Navigate the links on the left after reading http://www.datingnm..erate.htm
Some posting guidelines http://www.delphifa..p=0#101855
2008-08-30, 03:58:32
She is scamer for sure, but she will pay back for everything what she did wrong ...
2008-10-09, 07:35:07
anonymous from South Africa  
Nadya hay?
Well she has been a very busy girl, I had time and hunted her on the net;
AKA; Nina, Ninulya, Ninusikka, Nadya, Nadia, = Nadezhda

Real name; Nadezhda Novchenko, and Nadya Novchenko

Known email addresses;

Dating site
Her Narratives     .

Why should you get to know ninusikka?
I am a simple, down-to-earth, friendly, family-oriented, at times
loquacious, hopelessly romantic and sentimental. I don't have children
but I see that the couples of friends that I know are happy to have
them and I believe that also I would be it. I would say i am a good
listener,I respect other peoples point of view and their feelings. I
do not like people who are argumentative just for the sake of it..for
me there is a big difference between arguing and discussing things.
She describes her ideal match thus:
I would like to realize a true relationship, lasting, serious and I
would like to create a family. Perhaps the communication by e-mail is
not the best way, but I think that a first knowledge can happen in any
way and that if we will be sincere, honest, rational and intelligent
we will know how to translate this virtual knowledge in a real
relationship I hope happy and lasting. I am optimist and I believe
that the dreams can be made true if we really want. I hope that with
you my dreams realize it

Something I want to share with you
HI, I am simpathic young lady who has a lot of interests and hobbies. I am quite communicative and talkative person and I love to make friends, I love life and I love to live. I consider myself to be romantic person and I would like to meet a man who can love and be loved and who is dreaming to have energetic and generous wife to create harmonic family and to have children in future and to share whole life together with love and care! Interested? Intriqued? so, write me soon and let's communicate! He is a real whit knight, who has a lot of romantic ideas and who dream to have a real family for whole life with understanding, care and love. Man who is a nice, romantic and active one, who is able to do something to reach his aims.

Name     Nina
Age     26
Height between     5'8' (173 cm)
Weight between     120 lbs (54 kg)
Eyes color     Blue
Hair color     Blonde
Zodiac sign     Taurus
Children     None
Living in     Starobelsk, Ukraine
Current status     Single
Education     Bachelor degree
Occupation     Psychologist
Religion     Christian
Smoking habits     Non-smoker
Drinking     Socially
Seeking     Guy 30-55 y.o.

Her scam:
Letter one
Thank you so much for the letter, my dear! I just hoped to see some of
your photos in it and there was none;(

As for the scams, I absolutely understand your feelings and you have
all rights to have such thoughts. I heard some stories about this and
what can I say... Starting searching your second half through the
Internet you had to guess that you may pass into such a problem- I
mean a problem of being not sure whether the person exists. Dear, I
don't know how to prove you that I am like you- I live, I breathe, I
move my arms and legs, but all this I do on the opposite part of the
Earth. I am not a girl with some butter instead of brains in my head
(this is purely Russian saying) and I am not playing any games. Here
it is almost impossible to find a decent man as everybody doesn't know
what they want...they either suggest to become a lover or don't want
any serious relations. That was the reason of the thought why not try
to set my own life? When I saw my friend-colleague writing letters to
Amsterdam I thought why not to try... Ok I won't continue all this as
you are a clever man who understands everything:) Both of us are
adults, and I think that no letters will substitute life alive
communication. I think I am good in psychology and dear, believe me I
see among the lines that you are the man whom I was searching...I hope
just to be a woman whom you were searching for:) I know for sure my
intuition won't let me down.

Why am I alone? After having some relations I understood that I don't
want to have anything common with these rude alcoholics or just stupid
guys here, in Ukraine. The thing is that one of the main problems of
our youth is alcohol-too many young people start drinking and then
can't stop. Also our men are rather rude in the relation to women as
they afford themselves too much. So I decided to try the fortune
abroad and I think that i have won!!! I have found you, my dear:)

And what concerns the immigration i know it would be hard for me to
leave my mom but still we have such great inventions of Humanity as
Internet, telephones, airplanes so I think I'll keep in touch with my
mummy easily:)


Letter two

Thank you so much for the interest in me, my dear! I will appreciate if
you could send me some of your photos in the next e-mail, ok?

My family is short. Even when my parents are still alive, they are old
people. They are pensioners. And I just have one brother, 2 years
older than me (he is a married man, but they don't have any baby. He
lives in Russia very far from us as he is a military man. We do not
see him very often, I miss him very much. In fact, I have not seen him
for 3 years already, we just write each other letters by post).
I attach a photo of me and my brother in the childhood.

And for me, that's my only family, even when we don't have much
relation, because, even when we live so far from us, we usually only
talk by phone when I go to the post office and call him.

I usually go one day at week (usually on the weekend) to visit my
mother's home, but, she is always asking me about my life, about why
I'm living alone, and of course, she only would like to see me happy,
with my husband, my own family....

I have my birthday on the 24th of April, 1982. Also, I am very happy
with the woman in which I have become at this age, and I do not have
any bad habits. Also, my temperament is very constant each hour all
the days and every day of the year:)

I work as the teenager psychologist at school, I try purposely to
live the ordinary life and I seek the man that will be comfortable
with my life style.

Oh and by the way, I live in Ukraine, in the east of it, in the small
town of ……..

letter 3

…..Maybe I want to make you feel it in real life more better... maybe I
want make you feel what is 'hand with hand' meaning if I really take
your hand in mine... I think that you will know at that time what I
really mean... and what is the meaning of love... and I think it's not
a long time..

I can't stay here and I know that is someone in this big world waiting
in another part of the world... my patience is starting to be over...
and I am really thinking to meet you soon.

It's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual.
Your mail means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you for
a long time and I honestly can't imagine how it will be once we met. I
hope that there will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no
regrets. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you
totally by surprise and you surely have done that to me... All I can
say is you're the best surprise life has given. I've truly been
blessed by finding you and I hope that all our realistic dreams will
come true.

Thinking of you,

by the 4 letter;
In general I don't know the details of this process but I'll find out.
The only thing I know for sure is that I need a foreign passport. The
matter is that here in Ukraine people need another passport for
travelling abroad which differs from our civil one. So the first step
we need to make is to organize a passport for me. It can be done in 2
months and it will cost $195 and if you want to hurry up the process(1
month) it will be about $250, and one more variant is $300 for two
weeks; and the shortest - one day - $450. So it is up to you to decide
which variant to choose.

Only after I have got the passport in my hands, I will be able to find
out about the rest of the things, necessary for the trip to you.

I am sorry, I do not have a bank account;(
Letter 5 ( private correspondence removed)
I earn $100 for month and I pay $70 for the rent.

If you really want to help, can you find the Western Union or Money Gram Office in your city?
And I will send the information for it then.

So, can I start collecting all the necessary papers for the passport and hope for your help?

I am sorry, but I really do not have a phone:(

The photos were taken by my friend, who was 'learning' on me how to
make photos. I posed for her and now she is a rather famous
photographer in our region.

1.     Her photo archive was stored at this server but was removed; nadya novchenko starobelsk ukraine Dating inquiry history report. 17 DATING INQUIRIES remington model weight NADYA NOVCHENKO .... Elena's Models Model model ...


This is the big bad “beautiful” wolf in sheep’s clothing watch out

Raven, I managed to pull 23 picks from the data base, will post some new ones….some are sweet lol

2008-10-09, 07:37:30
anonymous from South Africa  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anita Linn Antoine

2008-10-09, 07:42:15
anonymous from South Africa  

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