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Dating scammer Nadya


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Name: Nadya


Nadya from Severodonetsk - Avtonomna Respublika Krym
She is at: nadezd77 at PlentiFish
Her E-mail:
Work: Psychologist
Born: 25 years old
Got the money letter after four e-mails

Other Comments:
Email #1
Hello, xxxxx! Nice to meet you, dear! But where are your photos? I confess I was surprised, I did not really expect a reply, I just hoped!!! And not only did you reply but in such a lovely way too, thank you! Thank you too for the nice words you said about me, I was actually a little touched (he says a little shyly but happily!). I certainly like to think I am honest, sincere and loving as well as some other things too like considerate, thoughtful etc but I guess however hard we try there are always some people in the world who will not like us for some reason, I always think that a little strange but
I guess it is just different personalities and without different personalities the world would be a very boring place! I can only be who I am and hope that you like that person and want to continue to know and communicate with him! I liked what you said about yourself and your wish to have a loving woman and family. I have always wanted a family too, it is one of my biggest wishes as I love to be in love and I love children too. Marriage to me though is the most important decision you make in life, it is not something to take a chance with. I will only marry when I am as sure as I can be that the person I marry will be loved and love me for the rest of our lives, the person who I will wake up next to each morning and smile simply because he is beside me. It is similar with children, I will not have children outside of marriage because I think they need a secure and safe base, to be part of a happy and loving family. Kisses, Nadya.

Email #2
Hello, my dear xxxxx! Thanks for the photo, you are very cute! It was really nice to hear from you again, I was really hoping that I should hear from you, so it made me very happy when I saw I had a letter from you on my mailbox today:-)Dear, I really liked your letter it was so open and sincere and so far I think you seem to be very intelligent, wonderful and sincere man with a great personality:)( but don't let all this go to your head now:)(just kidding with you;) I am really looking forward to getting to know you really well so I hope we can continue this and see where it would lead us and hopefully
someday meet, ok:) So maybe you want to know what am I looking in that special one? He got to be easy and fun to be with. I like to meet someone who likes to try new things, because I really enjoy trying new things. He will also be happy pursuing his interests on his own, as well as enjoying time with me. I like someone who is gentle, affectionate and have a great sense of humor:). And if there something or anything he feels wrong about, I want him to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not to be afraid to share his thoughts with me. Because I shall always be there for him and support him in anything he does, I think a good relationship is all about being honest and open to each other, really listening what both have to say, I also think most be respect and faithfully to each other but most of all is love:) And hopefully I can meet that man I can fall in love with and start a family with, of course I love children and want kids, how many I don't know, it's something me and my boyfriend or husband should decide together, but yes I want children in my life:))) And yes, dear, it's little bit different our countries tradition but I don't think that it would be a problem for us at least not for me I'm a very open person and I really respect other countries traditions so I wouldn't mind if you showed me some of yours as I will you show you and learn you some of my Ukrainian traditions. I promise I will help you and do so you really felt welcome here if you should come to my country :) in a relation it all about helping each other, in whatever it can be, I'll always be there for my husband and my love ...just so you know that so if there anything you just tell me and maybe we can help together to solve all problems... together we are strong:)) So what more can I say about me... I'm usually with my friends or with my family; they are very important to me, so I like to spend quality time with them. So I'm very happy to have a big family, we are always there for
support and comfort each other if someone is needed it. So I was brought up in a very warm and caring family atmosphere. Maybe that's why my friends think I am a very caring and considerate person and say that I have so much to offer and to give here in life, but what else can they say they are my friends:). Kisses, Nadya.

Email #3
Hello, my dear xxxxx! I am so glad to hear from you again. Your letter took all my interest .. What a pleasure to realize that somebody is thinking about you and is Interested in you. I think distance is nothing if people wish to meet and to be together. I hope our correspondence will help us to get to know you better and maybe in future will lead us to serious relations and we will meet. I am romantic and want to trust people. There is no other way to get to know someone other than being Completely open and honest about everything. I must have this in my life. It is something that I put a tremendous amount of weight in a relationship. If the other person can not tell you the truth, then I do not wish to be with him. If I open my life to you, I would hope that you would open all of your life to me, good and difficult. No one is perfect! No one has had everything in their life go perfect. These things shape us into what we really are. So it is necessary to know these things. After all, I believe that if we were to meet in person one day, our minds, hearts and souls should already know each other perfectly! Only our eyes need to look into each other's and into each other's soul. And to see if our 'chemistry' mixes good together. Qualities I seek in a man...He is intelligent, kind, tender, sensitive, Loves children, is positive about life, active, takes care of his health, romantic, passionate and affectionate, faithful, humorous, open and honest about his feelings, emotions and desires. Comfortable with his sexuality, enjoys the affection his woman gives him and wants to give in return. He knows what real love is, and wishes to love and receive love. He wants the same qualities in his woman and I want to give him those things that he asks of me. He is my best friend, my life partner in all things, and my lover! When I look across the room at him, no words need to be spoken between us. The love that we have for each other is communicated with our eyes and we know exactly what each of us is thinking. It is not only love, but respect for each other, happiness that we have found each other, pride in the children that we created together, happiness in the life that we share with each other. And always knowing that if we ever had it all to do over again, we both would always say 'yes'. I want a house that is filled with the laughter of children. I would like to have two - a boy and a girl. A house filled with the romance and love of a husband and a wife. A family that travels together. A family that eats and plays together. A family that supports each family member equally. A family that is respected by others not because of it has good looks. I want a happy family too! I would care for it! Nothing else would be more important for me! it is not too much to ask or is it??? Kisses, Nadya.

Email #4The money letter
Hello, my dear xxxxx! How are you doing? I hope everything goes fine and you are in nice mood and high spirits. Thank you very much for such an interesting letter. Darling, I have bad news. Today I found out that there is no money for me to write you and I want to meet you so much, but there is no way for me now to talk about the meeting:( My dear, I am allowed to write you a short message so just it is up to you to decide whether it is worth continuing corresponding. I do really like you! I do really want to know you better and closer! I do really want to have you as a part of my life! I do really want to see your letters and read warm words from you. It is a pity if I lose you...As I think you are a special man and I would like to build something special with you. Maybe someone will think that I am in a hurry with my conclusions but I feel with all my heart that I am not know that there is such a thing like women's intuition... so I feel that I have to try the fortune with you!!! My account is off...and I can't afford myself to continue filling it as my salary doesn't allow me that...Please, help me with the expenses. I promise I will do my best and next month I will take partially the expenses on me as I understand that it is not fair to ask you to do all by yourself. Just let's try. If you don't like anything you'll always have the opportunity to stop. Maybe the Life will give us a chance...don't let it go away... Please, please, don't wait with the I am looking forward to it with great impatience. With this letter I send you my heart and million of tender kisses. Kisses, Nadya.

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2008-10-09, 08:05:40
anonymous from South Africa  
She is on alot of scam check site, cant post all the links - russiandetective - delphifaq - loveclear - playmail - cuteonly - chanceforlove - stopscammers

2008-10-09, 11:42:11
OJAS from United States  
Good job, protea,
When you see URLs, if you copy on to notepad, and finally paste contents of notepad in a new post it could save a lot of time for lot of newbies, and who knows ... might save someone a lot of money as well!!
2008-10-09, 12:54:47
anonymous from South Africa  
thanks OJAS - will - got ir here is one with swift codes, used recently....

2008-10-09, 12:56:50
anonymous from Canada  
I have been talking with this girl for some time, and it's 'buyer beware!' She has now been verified as a scammer so don't fall for her heart tugs.
2008-10-10, 03:41:09
anonymous from South Africa  
anonymous from Canada - why dont you post some of the picks, that she has sent you?
2008-10-16, 20:45:54
anonymous from Canada  
anonymous from South Africa - I DID post pictures she sent me. They are on this site.
follow the link

2008-10-22, 08:20:16
anonymous from South Africa  
Boys – she is busted, i would like to throw out the baby, had fun researching her – i assure you there is n real NINA, and she was with the “agency” – yes several bogus agencies exist, the take portfolios of the girls, and then use them, to solicit rich guys to hotels on trips that they arrange, for men, to find they got clever, and now keep on using them long after they have gone, one after the other, like cows to the slaughter....i am closing this expedition with some of the stuff i got.
The real Nina - has a passport – see photo -and yes her real name is Nina, with the birth date she got involved, i don’t know... http://www.oksanalo..aine.htm.
Well the brains behind this scam is not one but several woman; but the name - Angela Nedobega / Anzhela Nedobega / Nedobega Angela Nikolaevna Both names have multiple hits when googled. In relation to Nina and Nadya. “Nina” told me this was her Aunt..
She raffles with; does this sounds familiar - i got this and i quote:
'Thank you for your letter. If you do not feel comfortable using Western Union or MoneyGram, feel free to use my aunts bank account . - Anzhela Nedobega. Here is the information of how you can make bank transfer:” .
Part of agency scams - http://agencyscams.../Bank.html and http://www.scammers..encies.htm
google “scam nedobega” and see for yourself....
some sites are closed? –
Bonita – Managers – Alika Uzunova & Angela Nedobega - Alexeeva St. 7-146 or 4-15, Lugansk, Ukraine
Atarax – Managers – Regina Dubovitzkaya & Angela Nedobega – Lugansk , Ukraine
Google nina and you wont find much, but as Nina = AKA; ninulya, Ninochka, Ninok, Ninushka, Nadezhda Novchenko,Nadya --- so many search terms have rendered a mass of results...

I got i wild flyer – google Lena Bondarenko (Lugansk, Ukraine) – they have tonnes of similarities...

http://www.womenrus..age141.htm - follow this link and scroll down, compair photos...with nina – her third pic from left, with the one at Russian detective with the jersey on

back to nina;

i asked her for PROOF, i want a pick with her, with my name in it.....i was convinced, it was all there – or was it?
No, the text was digitally inserted, i could not find the exact font, but my font size and colour matches, and the what i presume to be a” certificate” the real Nina got was cut away to look like a sheet of paper...i am by profession into digital design and art work, did n negative scan on the pick and it had zero shades....puff, clever trick....check where her finger nails are on the pick, still some left overs of the “fast”
Some picks of Nina/ Nadya on the net – too many to post them all, i found, the nude ones, and they are mine lol
Well brothers stay safe....and keep up the good fight Viper.

2008-10-22, 08:22:57
anonymous from South Africa  
here we have the edit

2008-10-22, 08:27:28
anonymous from South Africa  
Nina Nikolayev - nadyas real name

2008-10-27, 14:40:50
OJAS from United States  
Hello again Protea, thanks for the links. From her profile you posted I googled for the exact phrase
simpathic young lady who has
and here we go:

2008-12-05, 13:54:06
anonymous from Venezuela  
you are very pretty is luis barrios the venezuelan is a pleasure to meet you blessing
2008-12-13, 11:32:51
Well she is scammer fo sure, I got lot of her pictures, and it's to bad cause if is really her on it she can make much better to be honest with guys.
2008-12-30, 20:39:16
anonymous from Chile  
This Nina from Lugansk, after 4 letters wrote this one I already received from another woman (VERA) from the same region:

Dear XXX, I spoke to my mom and she was a little bit skeptic about
your proposition. But please don't make fast conclusions. Of course
both of us I mean mom and me would be very happy to see you as our
guest...But listen what my mom has told me. She says that in the case
both of us decide to stay together for me it would be better to go to
you first. As I don't know you, your country your style of life and so
on and here you can behave yourself as one person but when I come to
your country you will be just another... Please don't get offended.
These are not my thoughts, these are the words of my mom. I can
understand her, she is my mom and worries about me on every trifle. Be
sure I don't believe so as I see that you are a good man, I see that
from your letters, from the manner of your writing...But mom insists
on my first visit to you in order I could see your life with my own
eyes...As it would be ME and not you who will change the place and the
way of living. Agree with me that it would be better for me if by the
time we decide to stay together forever I will have already seen the
place of my future living, your style of life, the customs and
traditions of your country and so on.

Dear, I very appreciate your feeling about me... it's great, and I
think no man can confess about his feeling if he really doesn't feel
it... again, I appreciate it... And I would like to tell you that i am
really happy if I know that my partner feel happiness... this is my
own happiness... and this is my secret, if I can make smile my beloved

Really I don't know what I want to write, I have a huge positive
feeling to you... but when I start to write it, I am lost how can I
write it... Perhaps, because there are really no words which can
express what I have and how I feel...

But be sure, that I see a good and shinny future for each other... not
only for our same understanding and some common situations between
each other... but also I speak about some nice feeling I have in this
time.. maybe they call it love... but I think it is more than love...

I think no dictionaries have it till now.


This is waht I call prefabricated letters.
I add another picture to the collection.

2009-01-10, 08:44:57
mustapha from Belgium  
Hello dear internet daters ,

i was scammed by this person :

katerina ozerova (

and lately her mail is

Re[8]: Hello my sweet bleu eyes Katerina.‏
From: Katerina (
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 12:08:45 PM

Hi my angel Mustapha!

I am very happy to receive your letter.

I love you.

My angel, to my happiness is not present a limit.

I am glad that absolutely soon we shall meet and we shall be together.

My angel, I have paid documents.

My documents already transferred all in embassy.

I can fly to you.

I shall reserve the ticket for December, 21st. You can meet me?

My angel, I now need to pay the ticket aboard the plane.

The ticket costs 450 euros.

As soon as I will have this money to me at once will reserve the ticket aboard the plane.

I love you. My angel, up to our meeting remains not enough time.

Absolutely soon we shall hold each other for hands.

I love. I with impatience wait your letter.

Yours katerina

lately she used a new mail address and here her last mail.Hello, my angel Mustapha!

I'm sorry that so long did not write to you. We in Russia was the New Year holiday.

Nothing worked. Only today I was able to find a working Internet cafe. And once you decided to write. I love you. My angel, I was so bored. I keep thinking about you. My love, I am so sorry that the New Year we have not met together. When my dream becomes a reality. When we meet and be together. Just today I found one a school friend. Her name is Kristina. We have four hours with her talking. We were sitting in a cafe and talked. We have not seen for 6 years. She explained that her husband was not for one businessman. Her husband's cooperation with an American company. I told her about us. What now want to meet but the money can not. Since I have no money and you, too. She understood me. She immediately called to her husband to take his money. she said that will help me pay for the documents and buy a ticket. You happy? I am so happy that very soon we will be together. My angel, but her husband said later that he now also has no money. The company owes it to American money. Here he said that as soon as it gives a debt he can help us immediately. But the husband of my girlfriend does not want to have the United States sent him to direct money to the bank. Because of the crisis raised interest rates. Here he said that it would be much quicker and easier if the company will give you the money. And then you just send the money has already been addressed to me via Western Union. You understand? The company will transfer the debtor to the money in your name. And you've already send money to my name only through Western Union. Do you agree? So we meet again soon, thanks to my friend's husband. You need me the following information:

Bank account information

Bank Name

Account Number

Account type (business or personal checking account)

ABA / Routing Number

Name On Account

Bank Branch Address

Bank Branch Contact Phone

your full name:

your full addres:

As soon as I give her husband a friend your information, it will transfer its debtor, which in America. And the representative of the company to send money to your account. You will receive the money and send me the full amount through Western Union or immediately husband girlfriend. Then I will give you his name.

Then he immediately would give me the money that I paid for tickets and documents. I love you.

I hope that very soon we will meet.

you and only your wife Katerina

so people be aware .
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer katerina ozerova

2009-01-10, 09:37:13
mustapha from Belgium  
the last letter from nina Re: Let's try !!!!‏
From: sladenkaya08 (
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 1:35:32 PM

1 attachment(s)
sum.jpg (58.6 KB)

Hello, my dear Mustapha!

Thank you so much for the letter and for the photos, my dear! I loved
all of them! I am so lucky to meet such an interesting person in
the Internet!

I do not know what you are talking about? I bought that necklace in
the market for $5, it is very popular here, in Ukraine, I did not know
it meant something bad...

As for the scams, I absolutely understand your feelings and you have
all rights to have such thoughts. I heard some stories about this and
what can I say... Starting searching your second half through the
Internet you had to guess that you may pass into such a problem- I
mean a problem of being not sure whether the person exists. Dear, I
don't know how to prove you that I am like you- I live, I breathe, I
move my arms and legs, but all this I do on the opposite part of the
Earth. I am not a girl with some butter instead of brains in my head
(this is purely Russian saying) and I am not playing any games. Here
it is almost impossible to find a decent man as everybody doesn't know
what they want...they either suggest to become a lover or don't want
any serious relations. That was the reason of the thought why not try
to set my own life? When I saw my friend-colleague writing letters to
Amsterdam I thought why not to try... Ok I won't continue all this as
you are a clever man who understands everything:) Both of us are
adults, and I think that no letters will substitute life alive
communication. I think I am good in psychology and dear, believe me I
see among the lines that you are the man whom I was searching...I hope
just to be a woman whom you were searching for:) I know for sure my
intuition won't let me down.



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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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