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Dating scammer natalia, nata


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Name: natalia, nata


crimea, russia

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I was very happy to receive your letter. I would love to get to knowyou a lot better. I want to know everything about you. Well, where do I begin? My name is Natalia but all my relatives andfriends call me Nata. I was born on the 6 of October, 1980. I havegrey eyes and long blonde hair. My height is 167 cm and weight 53 kg.I live in Eupatoria. It is a wonderful city in Crimea which issituated in Ukraine. The most closest big town is Simpheropol. I havelived here pretty much all my life. It is a nice quiet and verypicturesque place. It has a population of 114 000 people. There areenough other Crimean beautiful places within an hours drivingdistance. It is a perfect place to live and raise a family. I mainlylike it here because all the people in my city are so friendly. As for where I work. I work in as a fitness instructor. In summer Iwork in a sanatorium and spa institution and I will send you somephotos from there. In winter I work in a gym. I just love my work verymuch as I like to be in moving and keep my body shape. And I am gladwhen I can give this pleasure of being in a good shape to my clients. As for my family life. I have no kids of my own but I would like tohave some one day. I just haven't met the right man yet. Who knowsmaybe it is you right. I believe in fate. Do you? I also believe thateverything happens for a reason. Just like me finding you on theInternet. It happened for a reason. Anyway back to my family. My momand dad are 60 years old and they are pensioners. They don't work. Ilive with my parents in an apartment and we live very friendly andhappy. I believe that family is one of the most important things inlife. As for my hobbies. I don't have much spare time after I am done workbecause I am very involved in my work. In the winter I like to skatepretty much 3 or 4 times a week so this takes up most of my sparetime. I also like to go camping in the summer time and stuff likethat. I enjoy walking, running, and pretty much anything else thatkeeps me going. Every now and then I do sit down and relax. I like towatch some TV or read a book but I have such a busy schedule that Idon't do it very much. You are probably wondering why I am looking in the Internet for myother half. I feel that I have not had any luck finding someone I loveany other way so I decided to give it a try. One of my best friendsmet her with on the Internet and then got married and have two kidsand are very happy. I believe that communication is one of the mostimportant things in a relationship and writing letters to one anotheris a good form of that. I believe that honesty is the most importantthing in a relationship. Because if you are not honest with oneanother the relationship will never work out no matter what you do.What do you think about this? I think it is almost time I wrap this letter up. I have attached acouple of pictures with this letter. I hope you enjoy them. If youhave any pictures of you and your family or whatever I would like tosee them. Feel free to send them. Well I must be going for now. I hope you enjoy this letter and I hopeto hear back from you soon. Hopefully this is the first of manyletters between us. Bye for now. Sincerely,Natalia.


2007-12-04, 23:18:15   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-12-05, 20:38:48
[hidden] from United States  
This was the third letter she sent, in response to a lengthy letter I wrote asking about her family, whether her friends knew she was writing to me, etc. I wrote nothing like this, to be sure! She never answers anything I ask. After this letter, I responded about not being able to respect a woman who would write such drivel to a complete stranger. She wrote me another letter back, saying how much she enjoyed my reply... She then wrote more nasty stuff and sent another picture.

Dear Xxxxxxx,

Thank you once again for writing back to me, I so enjoy receiving yourletters. You sound like such a wonderful, kind person and this becomesmore and more obvious to me as I read your correspondence. I also feelthat there will come a day when we will meet in person and I am reallylooking forward to that day! I also intend on putting forth what evereffort is required in order for us to continue this wonderfulfriendship we have started, I also look forward to the futurepossibilities, whatever they may be? I am so happy that our attractionto one another is mutual. My feelings for you seem to be growing moreand more with each passing day! Even though you live across the worldfrom me I feel as though we have a strong connection and I lookforward to what the future will bring! I have a dream and I want to share it with you. On a cold winters daywe have spent the afternoon walking in the frosty sunshine. Wrapped inwinter clothes and warmed by each other’s company. We have spent ourtime chatting, strolling around the park on the edge of the city.Kicking through the piles of fallen leaves, feeding the birds on thefrozen lake, laughing at the children sliding around on the ice,smiling at the passers by who smiled back at us walking arm in arm.But now we are back home in the warm. When we got home I ran you abath as you prepared hot chocolate for us. When you came upstairs youfound the bathroom candle lit and perfumed with aromatic oils. You layin the bath listening to gentle music whilst I prepared dinner ofroast leg of lamb with thyme and apricots for us. We sat and talkedover dinner, with candles lighting the table and some soft musicplaying on the stereo. We finish dinner and move to the sitting room,bringing the bottle of red wine and our glasses with us. However youcall into the bedroom on the way and change from the clothes you werewearing for dinner. When you join me on the sofa in front of the fireyou are wearing a soft, white towelling robe. We snuggle togetherwatching the flames flicker and spark from the logs and for a momentenjoy the silence and the contentment of being together. My face turnstowards yours and we kiss, gently at first but then stronger and morepassionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My handscaress and explore your soft and gentle skin as we kiss and caress. Ihelp remove your T-shirt and then my hands move to the buttons of yourjeans as your hands undo the clasp on my bra, releasing my breasts andsensitive nipples. You roll us over and kiss my mouth, then myjaw-line, then my neck.. Your hands gently explore my body, revellingin the softness and femininity of the curves of my hips and waist. Andthen your mouth moves down along the line of my collar-bone, kissingand exploring until toy reach the perfection of my right breast. Youslowly lick the sensitive underside, feeling me squirm with excitementand anticipation beneath you. And then you slowly lick upwards untilyou can take my nipple gently into your mouth. You slowly draw it inbetween your lips and feel I instantly begin to react. For the nextten minutes you kiss and lick and tease my nipple and breast, takingme to a high of expectation and sensitivity. Only when you feel I cantake little more do you move slightly and repeat the whole process onmy left side. And then without saying a word, but knowing the momentis right, you climb to my knees and tenderly pick me up in your armsand carry me through to our bedroom. And we make love. Tender, gentleto begin with, passionate love. Giving and taking from each other,caught up in the intensity And afterwards we fall asleep in eachother’s arms, at the end of a perfect winters day I am looking for a man that I can make happy with every passing day. Iwould like to find happiness with someone I can share adventures with.Someone I can spoil with love, affection, tenderness, understanding,and patience. I also enjoy having sex and I dedicate myself toensuring that my partner is satisfied and treated like a prince. Ifeel that a man should buy a woman flowers, even if it isn't a specialoccasion, just as a gesture of love and appreciation! I have so muchlove within me that I want to share, I just need to find the prince ofmy dreams so that I can give my love! Could you be that man? Only timewill tell! I so look forward to your next letter! Have a wonderful day, night, week! I am sincerely interested in you aswell! Natalia.

2007-12-07, 21:53:13
anonymous from United States  
Another photo of 'her'

2007-12-07, 22:00:26   (updated: 2007-12-07, 22:02:20)
anonymous from United States  
and yet another one

2007-12-08, 03:01:20
Eddie from Sweden  
scam, scam, skamerstvo! pics though.
2007-12-08, 09:22:45
anonymous from United States  
And then came the closer, just sent this morning! WTF?! LOL

Dear Sir, We want to inform you that your lady Natalia is not able to reply toyour last e-mail, as her paid contract with our firm is over. She hasbeen using the Internet resources and the translating services of ourfirm to correspond with you. If you are interested in future correspondence with this lady Nataliawe can offer you another contract for this purpose. If you are able tohelp your lady Natalia with correspondence fees we will be glad toassist you and are ready to offer you our service. Feel free tocontact us if you will have any questions. Respectfully,Principal of TC 'Absolut',Arkady Denezhny.
2007-12-08, 15:13:49
Eddie from Sweden  
Almost a typical Ukrainian translation scam. They usually ask for money 'for translation services', or such like, by the 5th or 6th letter. Photos are usually copied from glossy magazines, and become more and more revealing.

Having said that, although this girl is obviously a model, her pics don't quite fit the pattern. These look like regular scam pics.

The first time I came across this scam, about 2 years ago at Absolute Agency, they sent me pics of the American soft-porn star Real Peachez. Very tasty they were too! When I got the money letter after about a week, I wrote back in Russian asking them to pass a message on to her that she was very welcome to write to me in Russian if she wanted. Needless to say that was the last I heard.

Ukrainian translation scams always have the best pics!

2007-12-28, 22:05:19 from Alicante, Spain  
thanks for being there!
Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New year!
2007-12-29, 12:42:59

Hey everyone, miss 'Nata' is hot but lacks imagination, really. I just received her first email, exactly the same as the one above. Of course, everything sounded like scammer (they are always gorgeous women), but still i decided to do a little bit more of research, and it was more easy than I thought: I just typed her email on google and I was imediatly directed to this page. My Lord, these 'girls' have still a lot to learn. Anyway, I'm glad that 'she' is now well known to everyone. Cheers, everyone.
2008-02-16, 04:24:54
anonymous from Argentina  
Yes, she is a very knowed scammer. I received many letters from her. She or he, the scammer search in the web sites for singles. One of the sites that he prefer is CafeTropic. It is a good site but the scammers are in everywhere. Beware!



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