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Dating scammer Olga Veri


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Name: Olga Veri



Other Comments:
I have been contacted by this 'wonderful' girl 2 weeks ago on
She sent me a message, I answered, and since that day she writes me a lot of emails

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2007-12-11, 06:03:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2nd mail:

> Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 19:25:05 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Greetings! It is joyful to me to realize that I am interesting to
> you.Yes I know such city as Rome it is really fine - but not when in
> it was not. Whether you ask me I like to travel, certainly yes, I with
> pleasure would visit cities and the countries in which I was not! I
> know about Italy not much only that that it is peninsula which there
> is in the center of Europe she plays the big role in the international
> economy of the world, that Italy is washed at once with some seas
> which are a part Mediterranean! I hope completely have answered your
> questions! It is pleasant for me to think of you and to learn as you
> recollect me even during a spelling you letters. Very important to
> have the friend with which it is possible to share both pleasure and
> the most secret ideas about which the ferry you will not tell to the
> closest girlfriend. Poorly familiar person can sometimes give advice
> completely unbiassedly, but prompt is unique a true output from any
> situation. So, that will prepare to listen to my complaints about
> lives and people from my life. I hope you to me will not give up in
> such trifle. It is important for me. I very much like to receive
> visitors. I like to please close and familiar with culinary products.
> This my hobby. People many like to consume tasty products, well and I
> like them to prepare. Still I like to study languages, but well I know
> only Russian and English. I want to engage in studying of German, but
> it only dreams while there is no time. I love music different
> depending on mood. Two times a week I go to fitness - club, I try to
> keep in the form, and in my opinion at me it well turns out. Though I
> on the warehouse of character the family person and very much love
> children, but till now was not married and did not live at all with
> one man even a civil marriage as it is got at modern youth. I am far
> from being the hypocrite, but I think, that creation of family is very
> important step in human lifes, and a birth of the child in family
> created without love and respect to each other are sufferings three
> person from which the most unfortunate will be in anything innocent
> the child. This my belief. Also it is very important role plays my
> life. I do not suffer that all my girlfriends have already visited
> their experience my belief is married also has once again confirmed.
> And still I am sure, that if there is a destiny to have the husband
> and children it will be, it is not important at what age. Whether you
> agree with me? I all come to opinion more, that in Russia the present
> men did not remain, and if and there is one on one thousand it is
> already borrowed. And to break another's family is not mine... It
> would be desirable the fresh air, a new wave, therefore still I and
> have addressed to acquaintance through the Internet. I hope you of me
> pleasantly surprise, the man, cardinally distinguished from our
> Russian men is sure that you of completely other warehouse. A little
> pleasant to confess it, but I probably am not able to communicate with
> an opposite floor at all. I hope you of me dissuade from it. On it I
> finish the letter. With impatience I shall look forward to hearing
> from you! Olga.
2007-12-11, 06:05:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
3rd mail:

> Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 19:11:09 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hi my precious friend! Is very glad to receive from you the letter. I
> hope also to you too pleasantly to receive letters from me. You to me
> seem to me very interesting person with which it is possible to speak
> soul in soul! Not such as all Russian men, they are artful I I have
> made in a life already one mistake has got acquainted with the man to
> it there were so much years how many and to me - I thought, that it
> not such as all and any especial, it seemed to me, that it loves me
> but there was all not so - it has found to itself the girl better and
> I have remained one after that I could not forget it almost one year
> but eventually was measured with it! Now my life monotonous - work and
> the house and all this repeats every day and only recently I have
> opened for myself a new image of acquaintance and during too time of
> dialogue! And on the days off I like to pass simply across Moscow to
> sigh fresh air, to overlook about problems and simply to have a rest!
> You probably think, what I and my life am boring? Please write, that
> you think of me! Still I did not write to you about my family and in
> this letter I want to write about my native. I live one in the
> apartment in the center of Moscow, my mum Elena Pavlovna after death
> of the daddy (it has died 3 years ago of heart attack) lives on
> surburb of Moscow that is very far from me. As I spend a lot of time
> on work to meet my mum it is necessary very seldom. I have still
> brother Igor, to it 32 years, but it too lives with the family
> separately from mum. His wife Maria. To it of 29 years and their fine
> daughter Lena to it of 7 years. I very much like family of the brother
> and I very much love most him. It very good person clever, hardworking
> and cheerful, easy in dialogue. And his wife very much approaches it
> on a warehouse of the character. And I can already tell about the
> niece hours, it such clear head! A beauty, and simply charming girl.
> My brother having learned about our correspondence has approved my new
> experience in dialogue with the man, I to it have told about you, and
> it has approved my choice. You too very much like me. I very much
> would like to learn better you, about your interests and me it seems,
> that you very serious and interesting person. My brother sends the
> regards to you and wishes you health, successes in all affairs. Write
> to me more in detail about itself and the work, family, friends and in
> general about everything, that you interests. I too shall try more
> interesting to inform you. We need to learn better each other and then
> we can trust each other the most important things. Though I work much,
> but sometimes I allow itself to relax, I go to theatre or at cinema,
> and sometimes it turns out to sit in cafe with friends. But it turns
> out very seldom. And you love cinema? I certainly know films of your
> country a little, but itself very much I love the Russian films. To
> read I love the serious literature, and films I prefer easy, comedies.
> Very good Russian director Mikhalkov, and so his films I look all in
> great pleasure. I frequently recollect the school days, it was fine
> time. Study always to me was given it was not easy problems at me.
> Friends and girlfriends was much. I very easily found common language
> both with schoolmates and with other pupils. Therefore the childhood
> and a youth have passed mine very cheerfully and interestingly, so
> much all interesting has taken place in my life, it is very pleasant
> for recollecting. But gradually after leaving school one by one all
> have run up on the directions, at many the families, the problems, and
> interests in due course were replaced. But there were from that school
> time with me two friends. She is my close girlfriend Natasha and its
> husband Alexey, they have got married after leaving school. We also
> are friends of them many years. As they while do not have children, it
> is much easier to them to choose time for meetings though too work
> much. I shall finish the letter wishes to you all kind, and I want to
> receive again from you the answer. I shall be very glad. Good-bye.
> Olga.
2007-12-11, 06:05:48   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:15:49)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
4th mail:

> Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 21:03:54 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hello, my distant friend! To me the history about your life has
> very much touched! You have told her and have touched mineHeart! I
> work 3 years! You have asked I like to the wolf there is no I since
> the childhood mum have accustomed to not do it and I do not do!I with
> the big impatience looked forward to hearing from you to my letter,
> and at last have waited. To me all is more interesting to receive your
> letters and to learn about you from your letters more. Each person
> understands, that through correspondence it is very difficult to learn
> human character and much can be not understood. But even that you to
> me send their this small information, I could understand, that you not
> ordinary person and simply interesting the man. And in a life probably
> it is even more shown. You are very interesting to me also I very much
> I want to continue correspondence with you and to me absolutely all
> are interesting for learning about you, even all trifles which you do
> not count important. My native have noticed light in my opinion, the
> brother has told, that correspondence with you has done for me good,
> that I became more brisk and cheerful. I feel easy and inspired that
> very much for a long time was not with me. And on work at me all began
> to turn out better and more easy. At us in Russia the remarkable
> nature, and in Moscow suburbs at us matchless woods, meadows and
> fields. All over woods for a long time to reach by an electric train,
> but back from the nature to come back in noisy city it would not be
> desirable at all. If you only could imagine a light birchwood, white,
> transparent from silvery fresh air where birches cost as the maiden
> round dance! It cannot be transferred words, it needs to be seen the
> eyes. The spirit grasps for this pleasure and love to the ground. And
> what pleasure to go on a wood and to collect mushrooms in a basket.
> And what berry places are at us in Moscow suburbs. Solar lawns are
> covered as if with a red carpet entirely wild strawberry. These are
> very tasty and fragrant berries. When I was alive the daddy which was
> the excellent mushroom picker and skilful to be guided in a wood, we
> very much frequently went behind mushrooms and berries. Certainly got
> tired strongly, but pleasure received also a charge of vivacity for a
> week forward. And the ambassador took pleasure in results of the work:
> mushroom soup and mushrooms fried with a potato. And jam from wild
> strawberry at us all the winter long pleased us and our visitors. But
> all this in the past. One I in a wood am afraid to go, mum too is not
> able to be guided in a wood, and the brother is borrowed with family
> and work, to it not before. I very much like to recollect the
> childhood as it at me was the happiest and cloudless because I was
> born and grew in happy and loving family and I am very grateful for it
> to the parents. They used the best efforts also impossible for us with
> the brother that we have grown versatilly advanced people. I was
> engaged in many circles. Went to be engaged in ball dances, sang in
> chorus, was engaged in Track and field athletics. So I love much and I
> am able. And you than like to be engaged, how has passed your
> childhood and whether like to recollect the youth? Describe the nature
> of the places. What you involves and interests and than you were
> engaged in the childhood and can your children's predilections went in
> an adult life? Each person is born with the individual abilities and
> interests. Also it is private life. On it I finish the letter. With
> impatience I shall wait from you for the answer. Yes appointments.
> Olga.
2007-12-11, 06:06:28   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:16:14)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
5th mail:

> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 21:15:36 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hi my dear, the friend!It is very pleasant for me to hear your
> good words devoted to me! Now I shall answer your questions in the
> days off I I am going to go to the best girlfriend to you spoke about
> it at it in there will be a day a birth! You ask me, that I can tell
> about Russian well Russian it is very complex language, in it it is a
> lot of rules which should be applied! Yes I shall wait your letter
> till Monday, but nevertheless try I shall write to me on earlier I to
> wait! I all more also am more convinced, that I have very correctly
> acted, that have written to you through the Internet. It became for me
> fine opening, first dialogue through correspondence and pleasure
> purchase of the friend, especially in the person the man. At me so it
> is bright and pleasant on soul since we have got acquainted with you
> …. But also it is disturbing. I very much want to hope, that our
> correspondence will not end under your initiative, please do not leave
> me. Our attitudes for me are very important. I write to you about the
> life much and I began completely necessary for answering your letters,
> I do not present now the life without your letters and without you …
> it is necessary for me to know about you as much as possible and you
> ask about me about what want, differently we cannot trust each other.
> And without trust there are no sincere attitudes that I very much
> would like with you. I do not know, that I could write to you about
> the work, because she at me very specific. And a little pleasant the
> uninitiated person learns about it. The only thing that I can tell to
> you help mentally unstable people to find peace of mind and to be
> restored in a society by the equivalent person. Our life in Russia is
> too heavy for simple people. Our government gives attention and means
> for social needs and for wages too little, in a result in private with
> financial problems we collide the working person, his family and
> especially children suffer. It is very hard for parents to experience
> that they cannot provide a worthy life to the child, cannot cure his
> illness (we in the country do not have practically healthy children),
> and training of the child not to everyone on forces. Therefore people
> try, nerves do not maintain loading and as a result mental explosion.
> Excuse, that so for a long time and boringly to you has explained, but
> in another way I can not. My work is heavy also tiresome, but she is
> pleasant to me, if only paid for this work adequately. But alas, I
> receive for the hard work of only 350 euros in a month. How you think,
> it is normal? To you probably ridiculously to learn it. I very much
> would like to look now in your eyes and to see your reaction. And in
> general I very much would like to learn, that you think of me and as
> to me concern, it is very important for me. As it is hard for me to
> realize, as I can appear in the same situation, as many my
> compatriots. And it would be desirable absolutely another: the happy
> family, the loving husband, capable to protect and provide comfortable
> existence to me and my future children. I very much love children and
> I dream of them and about the person loving me. Who becomes mine the
> elect, the defender and my second half? It is known only to one god.
> On it I shall finish the letter. I very much hope, that you will not
> overlook about me and I too frequently think of you though also doubts
> of me too overcome, that all comes to an end and not having begun …
> the Whole your Olga.
2007-12-11, 06:07:18   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:16:37)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
6th mail:

> Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 21:27:04 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hi, the lovely friend! I am very grateful to you for your kind
> attitude to me and your fine letters. I very much looked forward to
> hearing from you to my letter, and is very glad, that have received.
> My days off have passed well, I went to cinema with the girlfriend! I
> too think that people which live in a wood the happiest people! They
> do not have not what problems of our modern world!To me all is clearly
> about what you to me write also to me absolutely all interestingly, as
> to you. I naturally understand, that it is impossible to transfer all
> feelings and ideas in the letter, and in detail to describe many
> things, but I very much try. I hope, as you try to be with me frank
> and I think, that you the same interesting person and the man in a
> real life. I think to you I will be interesting to learn, that not the
> feminist and one now only because had bitter experience of dialogue
> with Russian men. It would be unreal at my age to not have absolutely
> any experience in dialogue with men. But all attitudes came to an end
> disappointment. Because Russian the man does not appreciate the kind
> attitude to it of the woman. As soon as the woman incurs duties on
> care of the man, tries to please and deliver in all to it more
> pleasant, Russian the man becomes indifferent in relation to the woman
> and starts to live only for itself to conduct a wrong way of life and
> is started up in all heavy, i.e. to drink, change to it and to
> humiliate in every possible way the woman. And absolutely all men are
> those. Therefore it is disgusting to me even to get acquainted with
> new admirers because all goes under the same plan. It would not be
> desirable to recollect about former at all my 'beloved'. So, that we
> shall not be about it. Very much it would be desirable to think, that
> you did not have bitter disappointments and unpleasant memoirs
> connected with love failures. Can be and at you is about what to write
> to me? I think, that I can understand and sympathize you. I know about
> some events not pleasantly not only to write, but also even to
> recollect. But nevertheless, if can, write. Due to you my life has
> very much changed, in fact except for work and domestic efforts new
> interest has appeared and it - you … to me is very interesting for
> learning, what you think about ideal family and ideal attitudes
> between the man and the woman, and whether you love children? Who
> should be main and be responsible for well-being of family? Write to
> me more in detail, I shall wait very much for your letter. I very much
> miss your letters and I wait for them with the big impatience. I kiss
> you, yes appointments. Olga!

2007-12-11, 06:08:14
anonymous from United Kingdom  
7th mail:

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 18:24:54 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hi, my distant friend! I'm fine behind exception that I was ill > and could not answer your letters! I very much want to speak with you > you too are interesting to me and I want to know about you everything, > and as to your life! Your photo and you like me! Has waited your > letter and it is very glad! I was very pleasant for corresponding with > you. I hope, that you considerably differ from our Russian men. It > seemed to me, that you the kind, sympathizing and clever person. I > present as it would be interesting to communicate to you in a reality. > But alas, it is impracticable dreams. Now I want to tell itself to you > that I think of family, about ideal family. The family for me this > mutual understanding and mutual respect without what cannot be > harmonious attitudes between the man and the woman. They should > understand each other without words only on one sight and movement of > a hand. Children need to be brought up in work, love to the god and > reverence of grown-ups. And then the family becomes the happiest cell > of a society. I the person deeply believing in the god also respect > any belief. The most important that in soul of the person of the jew > belief in supreme. It is too much in a life in ours time of bad people > to which does not have in this world anything sacred, they are the > same gangsters, terrorists. Does not pass also day that in mass media > did not transfer about any act of terrorism or capture of hostages or > still any act of nature. And these negative events deduce people from > a condition of balance and if also houses in family are not present > calmness the mentality of people does not maintain and it is crash! > And how at you in the country all this occurs, how your people > experience unpleasant situations? Write to me about your ideas in this > occasion. I frequently go to church, I ask the god about the world on > the Earth and well-being of my close and all people, not dividing them > on races and creed. In general I think, that all people are equal, > only it is necessary to love and respect near, as the god. On it I > finish the letter. Whole also I wait for your answer. Olga!
2007-12-11, 06:09:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
8th mail:

> Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 16:31:24 +0300
> From:
> Subject:

> Hello, the my dear friend! Thanks huge to you for your letter.
> To me heat I oppress your kind letters, it plays the big role in my
> life. Thanks for your words to me! Yes I live one in an apartment
> which is in the center of Moscow.Very seldom there is a mutual
> understanding between the man and the woman and when it happens it in
> my opinion to opinion the big luck. Basically women frequently suffer
> from man's misunderstanding. In my practice there were many cases when
> the woman from a constant life in a condition of stress, in a result
> received nervous failure and consequence - reception at the loony of
> the therapist. Recently at me has appeared the new patient - the young
> woman of 40 years, beautiful, fairly clever, kind and in general
> interesting as the person. But, alas, private life has not developed,
> she three times was married also all three marriages have developed
> unsuccessfully. It from first marriage has daughter of 17 years, but
> almost she has lived all life at the grandmother with the grandfather,
> its mum (i.e. my patient) a vein one with the purpose to leave in
> marriage and necessarily on love. Now same has fallen in love in young
> the man at which problems with the wife and business has reached
> divorce, but to marry repeatedly it does not gather, but with this
> woman it is simply convenient for it also it behaves too
> independently, and it does not like such attitude as she considers
> indifferent! It all has got exhausted itself and the man has got the
> ideas. In a result the man has broken off with it attitudes, and for
> it it similarly to death, and she has decided to make a suicide, but
> her have rescued, and now she my patient. And very problematic,
> continuous headache. Like a banal history, but soul of this woman -
> the open wound and me is necessary to treat her. That I to you have
> described now probably is not interesting to you, but this destiny of
> the woman very much excites me also I cannot write about it! I very
> much would like to hear your voice even by phone but how houses at me
> are not present phone, I could find an opportunity to call you if I
> knew your phone number. Give me please your phone number. On it I
> finish my letter. I wait the answer from you. Whole. Olga.
2007-12-11, 06:09:47   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:16:54)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
9th mail:

> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 18:02:59 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Greetings my dear and gentle prince!!! Why you to me do not write day,
> I have very much taken offence at you! What there was my sweet? I than
> it have offended you, to not be silent write please. I today have
> woken up in the morning and have understood, that I cannot without
> you!!! Even directly think we of you, we not for some thousand in km,
> not seeing each other never, only corresponding on letters. If it not
> can should be? I shall tell yes, and still as, I to you feeling which
> did not feel since the childhood. I always read your letters with a
> smile on lips, and this smile appears directly!!! You trust in
> destiny? I believe, also, that I know, that we are intended to be
> together, and cannot, more how to be! Only together, and I believe,
> that so it and will be. I wait for your answer, that I again would
> start to smile... Good-bye!!!
2007-12-11, 06:10:26   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:11:46)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
10th mail:

> Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 18:49:54 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hello, my lovely the man! I in increasing frequency think of
> you! Even my brother has noticed, that I began to sit with an absent
> sight and when my name is not at once I react, and I sit having
> reflected.Yes under your stories your city is really very good! At you
> there good weather, and at us today a snow with a blizzard. This photo
> is made at coast of the river of Moscow! I think, that the destiny has
> reduced us and with it will make nothing if we shall want that our
> attitudes will be even more strong. You to me have strong sunk down in
> soul. It is very unusual to me to speak it to the man, but I should
> you tell it, differently I cannot. All that it is connected to you for
> me very important. Your letters - a part of my life and very important
> part now for me to communicate with you for me, the huge happiness,
> and even simply to think of you to me the huge pleasure gives. You
> probably will not believe me, but that that I to you have told it the
> naked truth, I even to myself am surprised, how it so is fast with me
> has taken place? I even think, that you that the man of which I all
> life dreamed, you are created for me! Recently I badly sleep at the
> nights, and I have passed at night could not close an eye of that
> thought of us with you, about our acquaintance and electronic
> correspondence and I think, that it cannot be accident. This divine
> foresight seems to me. Let we with you in many respects differ from
> each other, but by it and are interesting each other. Polar poles are
> drawn, and different characters are drawn. As I am happy, that the god
> has given us with you to find each other! To me it is very sad without
> you, but at the same time I am glad, that you somewhere is empty even
> very far, but alive and healthy. My treasured dream that also you
> tested the same feelings under the attitude to me. And I would become
> the happiest woman on light! On it I shall finish the letter, I kiss
> you strong, strong! I hope with impatience for your letter. Strong I
> embrace you, my lovely! Your Olga.
> P.S Yes you likely have overlooked but I shall remind you, I would like to
> hear your voice you could not give me the phone number I have found a
> way with you to communicate!
2007-12-11, 06:11:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
11th mail:

> Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 19:52:01 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hi, my precious! I am very grateful to you for your last
> letter!Thanks for your fine words to me! I very much regret breakages
> of your machine I hope it not seriously! Yes you are right on the
> account of weather at us too she is not so good today for example all
> the day there was a snow, and on sidewalk naked ice so, that I hardly
> have hardly reached work and my mood was not such as would be at the
> sun so, that weather very much influences our life! I not to time was
> at the Italian restaurant in our their area and much and they very
> expensive my salary will suffice only on some campaigns in these in
> restaurants! So, that I do not go on these restaurants! Every day my
> feelings to you everyone become stronger and stronger. I never could
> think earlier, that for so short period of time I could grow fond of
> the person, earlier to me completely unfamiliar. I constantly think of
> you and these ideas give to me rest, pleasure and love and it to me
> enables though not for a long time to forget about all problems and
> cares. As though I was to be trusted, as you test but me reciprocal
> feelings, but not only friendly. It would be execution of my treasured
> desire. I would like to trust you and to trust that you too trust me,
> I do not want to hide from you anything and that also you from me hid
> nothing. And if something does not arrange you, you should me inform
> about it necessarily. I would like to write to you much more often but
> since I use Internet - cafe my opportunities are limited, and write to
> you I can only once in some days. I very much would like love and
> tenderness that we with you could look in eyes each other, in fact
> eyes - a mirror oppress and deceive they cannot. The favourite person
> close on outlook and the attitude by a life is necessary for each
> person. Let now us thousand kilometers divide, but it not distance for
> loving souls. And if to put before herself the purpose she will by all
> means come true. I am sure, that it only in our forces and we shall
> win all distances and barrier to be together. My lovely, road to me
> the person of thanks you that you are on light! Whole, I finish the
> letter. With the big love and impatience I expect your letter. Your
> Olga!
2007-12-11, 06:12:39   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:17:12)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
12th mail:

> Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 21:19:37 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hello my prince! I am very glad that you constantly write to me
> the letters. Usually I spend the evening of a house it only if I have
> come after work, but it is necessary to come to the days off and we
> with girlfriends go to have a rest in what - be club or cafe, we there
> dance and we have fun as we can, and then we go to walk on city in
> beautiful places, parks, the areas! I too as well as you dream of day
> of our meeting. And I simply can not constrain emotions when I think
> of it. I want to tell to you a history which has taken place with me
> in the street recently. I went on city and thought of you and the
> small girl has approached to me. Whether also she has asked me I that
> such know love. I at first very much was surprised why the small girl
> asks such things. But then I have thought and yes I has answered I
> know that such love. I certainly did not begin to speak her about that
> that such love and that it means. I simply have answered what yes I
> know. I so have told because I really know that this such and it is
> all due to you. Understand when the man loves that it is as though
> gifted with the god. And this gift is not possible such huge that it
> for estimating. But when the love leaves that it simply equivalently
> death. The man like alive, it works does any businesses, but in soul
> at him that is not present. I speak it because I know that such
> complete absence of love. When you thrown by that whom you love, it is
> simple the end to all. I whom shall not wish to test this feeling. The
> feeling when love to the man turns to hatred and your soul becomes
> rigid. I am grateful to the god that you are at me both I can love and
> I know that you too love me. I love you and I want to be with you the
> rest of all life. I that have more in life it is not necessary because
> I have you. I hope that you understand me and will write to me the
> same warm letter.
> Yours Olga!
2007-12-11, 06:13:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
13th mail:

> Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 18:29:29 +0300
> From:
> Subject:
> Hello my loved! Excuse my dear I had no opportunity to you to
> write but I waited for this moment, and I write to you! Thanks for
> your phone number I shall call you tomorrow in the evening! Certainly
> I shall not throw you my lovely in fact, I too as well as you cannot
> live without you! I sincerely regret about your illness! I hope it not
> seriously! You my angel and a ray of light in my dark empire. Today to
> me it was sad all the day long, I thought of you about our meeting
> there in the your country with your relatives. Every day to me to
> become not on itself, to me it is bad without you and without your
> embraces. My heart is filled with pleasure and delight when I think of
> us. Yesterday at night I thought of us. We carry out with you the
> happiest minutes of a life. You give to me an ardent kiss. Tenderness
> of eyes, a tender touch fingers, an easy touch lips. A sight full by
> something inexplicable and clear without words which speaks the
> greater, than damp lips can whisper. The words broken in impulses
> between breaths, the excited words about feelings. Tears, tears with
> happiness, that you beside, that I under your protection. Tears from
> small separations, loneliness when you are not present a beside and I
> do not hear your voice and I do not see your fine body. Sensation,
> that I all only yours, and only you know my small secrets, only you
> feel, how I am shuddered with your kisses. Sweet groans, loud shouts,
> uncontrollable sounds. Damp curls of hair on a neck, trembling in the
> legs, the become frequent pulse. Your strong hands compressing my
> waist and not giving to coil from the overflowed wave of pleasure.
> Pride of what I with you beside, and you near to me. Anxiety to your
> health, day, work, your native, friends. The pain of what not all in a
> life can be eternal, but that happened, these instants will remember
> all life. All this... It also is love. Today I have read your letter
> which I with impatience waited all the day. After the read letter at
> me it was cheered up. I day by day dream of our meeting. I think, that
> my dream to be carried out soon and I shall see you, as soon as
> possible. My lovely, I very much hope that we soon shall meet, I of
> this desire live and I breathe. If she will be gone, I shall cease to
> breathe! I shall wait from you for a prompt reply. Millions embraces
> to you from me!!!
> Your Olechka.
2007-12-11, 06:13:51   (updated: 2007-12-11, 06:17:42)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
14th mail:

> Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 18:56:24 +0300
> From:
> Subject: Re:
> Congratulations, my beautiful! I am very pleased that our
> relations are becoming stronger. I thank God for that, I met you a
> life path. I want to tell you pleasant news. You do not need to go
> with us in Russia itself, I will travel to you! Today, I visited a
> travel agency and learn all the necessary information in my visit to
> you. Tourism agent told me the necessary information. To travel to
> you my wonderful it is necessary for me to issue: to obtain a visa
> and passport, and also pass a medical examination and insurance.
> Registration of all documents borrows about 5 or 7 days, and after
> that I can come to you without any problems. Also, it is necessary
> for me to have a 2 ticket, one to your country and another on the way
> back. I am going to use company aircraft Aeroflot. I have to cure
> you, as I was told, from Moscow, from the Sheremetyevo airport. now
> after that I was told, I understand how difficult it is to do all
> that is me most. I probudu you one month. and I very much hope that
> during this time we enjoy the happiness which we granted. My dear
> my heart is in your hands. I have never tested such feelings
> to other men. I want it, you know that I love you. I hope for your
> understanding, and I will await your response with great impatience.
> The oceans and seas Dates love. Tomorrow I will call you please take
> the tube!
> ps: My pretty, I am pleased that we are able to meet with you,
> but you do not think it is a very long time it will be necessary to
> wait. I am not making this time alone. I want to come to you as soon
> as possible. I can not imagine that I will do alone without you, and
> how I could suffer this time. I want to hug you and kiss you pokrepche
> touch. My pretty, I think we should not delay our meeting, the
> sooner we meet the sooner we all feel fervent love each other.
2007-12-11, 08:05:17
OJAS from United States  
Anon UK
Some additional information will help other readers. Headers minus your personal info, IP trace if not already here. These and other info are posted on the welcome page/ primer link in the red banner between the last post and comment block.
2007-12-11, 08:41:43
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Can you please explain me how to do it?
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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