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Dating scammer laura mcarthy


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Name: laura mcarthy


laura seyicollins nigeria ogun abeokuta 1001

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she tell u that the hotel manager have her passpor n visa n won;t give them back to her till bill pay passport is fake she there nigeria scammer


2007-12-16, 20:52:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-12-22, 21:27:26
anonymous from United States  
I was online with Laura 12/22/07 around 10pm to 11pm, and she tried the same scam. I told her it all sounded too good to be true....lovely pics, but just didnt add up. While talking to her, I found this on GOOGLE....amazing!

Thanks for sharing. I have new photos to share

2007-12-22, 21:30:04
anonymous from United States  
here's another pic emailed to me 12/22/07

2007-12-22, 21:32:04
anonymous from United States  
here's her
2007-12-22, 21:32:37
anonymous from United States  
here's her

2008-01-02, 18:32:16
anonymous from United States  

you guys are Slow - I got her to ask for the money in like 20 minutes after completely messing wiht her (or him)

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laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: am single and looking for a man that can be open minded to me
D Qualls: describe open minded
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: I'm interested in meeting a man to start a friendship that will lead to a serious relationship.
D Qualls: ok
D Qualls: doesnt sound so tough
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: what do you mean?
D Qualls: why would it be so tough to find that?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: bcs ........I am single since i had caught my fiancee red handed im my room sleeping with my best friend..but i have erased there path we took to met in my life.
D Qualls: i see
D Qualls: thats why i prefer bisexual women
D Qualls: i dont have to worry about that kind of thing
D Qualls: they like to be involved with other women
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe but am a decent girl
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: dont think that am kind of that
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: am really need a true love and soul mate
D Qualls: oh you will ahve that with me
D Qualls: dont worry
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring,lovely,open minded.
D Qualls: you'll enjoy sex with beautiful women i promise
D Qualls: they are very caring
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: What is your bad experience in meeting a person on inetrnet?
D Qualls: i had one whom almost got me arrested
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: really?
D Qualls: one who tried to hurt me
D Qualls: one who wanted to just have sex with me
D Qualls: another who wanted to get even with her cheating husband
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: hhmm
D Qualls: another who tried to bite me
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: hhmm
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: cool
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: I’m 23 years old and very hard working who lives alone and has no kids and has never married i am a single and young girl

laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: and you?
D Qualls: i'm 40 years old - veyr attractive male
D Qualls: very successful
D Qualls: i travel a lot
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: well,age is just a number
D Qualls: of course it is
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: love is the matter most
D Qualls: i prefer younger women
D Qualls: very sexual women
D Qualls: tell me what makeing love to me would be like
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: As for the type of companion I desire.
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe are you player or for real?
D Qualls: i know what i want in a woman
D Qualls: a partner
D Qualls: i love like no other you've ever had
D Qualls: emotionally
D Qualls: and physically
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: It is rather simple.
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: Race, ethnicity, and physical appearance in general is not problem.
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits.
D Qualls: i bring happiness to people in my life
D Qualls: i make them smile
D Qualls: feel love
D Qualls: feel passion
D Qualls: but i expect somoene who is with me to please me
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: thats what i want in my life
D Qualls: i mean really please
D Qualls: my every desire
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with when i get back.
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with.
D Qualls: why wait?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: what...?
D Qualls: why wait for that
D Qualls: you can have me whenever you choose
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe are you really for the same?
D Qualls: i'm for someone tending to my every desire
D Qualls: if i want you to do something you'll do it right when i tell you
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: yes
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: I am looking for a love,relationship (Mr Right) i dont know if its you ?
D Qualls: i'll give you your desires in return
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: okay
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: What do you do for a living?
D Qualls: i'm director of IT for a large corporation
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: you know have told you that am a model
D Qualls: you didnt tell me that?
D Qualls: what kind?
D Qualls: sexy pictures?
D Qualls: nude?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: no
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: cloth model
D Qualls: porn?
D Qualls: oh
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: just came down here with my my manager here in west africa
D Qualls: i see
D Qualls: have you ever considered doing nude work?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: nope
D Qualls: why?
D Qualls: i'm sure you're beautiful
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: you know am not a porn girl
D Qualls: it pays veyr well
D Qualls: you will be my little private model
D Qualls: lol
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: i will send u some of my pics now
D Qualls: ok
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe unfuutunaly my manager took away all my money
D Qualls: i'll arrange some cash work for you
D Qualls: although i only know of 'adult' photographers and production people
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: I hope i am not going to chace you off from me by my words...But i'll just let you know that I'm interested in meeting a man to start a friendship that will lead to a serious relationship
D Qualls: i know
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone with whom I can share life's experiences and grow together in faith and love with
D Qualls:
D Qualls: here is a modeling job
D Qualls: pays cash
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: what do you mean?
D Qualls: well u said you ened money
D Qualls: right?'
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: yes
D Qualls: this is how to get it
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: but the money i need is to get back to the state
D Qualls: how much do you need?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe if you help me send it i will refund it back when i get to you
D Qualls:
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: you mean all my bill here rt?
D Qualls: here's a nother
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: only just send me your nearest airport
D Qualls: if you do one of these jobs you'll have plenty of money to get home
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: where?
D Qualls: they are where you are
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: nope
D Qualls: what town are you in?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: they cant allow me to do any job again
D Qualls: ah well that sux
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: bcs i owe them some little amount
D Qualls: what amount?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: the amount i owe the hote; here
D Qualls: which is how much
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: hotel bill and internet acess
D Qualls: how much?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe dont you know that am here to for you
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: its 420
D Qualls: 420? in what currency?
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: i have my return tikect
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: $
D Qualls: oh
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: and passport
D Qualls: can you do anythign for them to pay them off?'
D Qualls: you could offer sexual favors to the manager
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: who?
D Qualls: that usually works
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: what?
D Qualls: if you have sex with the manager he'll let you go
D Qualls: for free
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: nope
D Qualls: hmmm
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: i can never do that in my life
D Qualls: well then you're stuck
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: am not the type
D Qualls: i leave for china this weekend
D Qualls: all my money is tied up for the next month
D Qualls: i spend the next 4 weeks in chengdu
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe why cant you help me out now and i will refund it back with my check
D Qualls: because i paid 5000 usd for plane tickets
D Qualls: my money is all gone until i return
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe its a little now to complete the fund
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: plzzzzzzzz help me out
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: i promise you that i will never dissapoint you
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: babe i will send you my pics now and my passport
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: i hope you got now
D Qualls: k
D Qualls: send me a nude picture
D Qualls: i need to know your body
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: nope
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: i dont have nude pics
laura_mcarthy01 mcarthy: you can see that my passport there?
D Qualls: i see nothing
D Qualls: http://www.delphifa..488.shtml
D Qualls: except this site which shows you



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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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