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Dating scammer SANDRA JOE


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I've seen this scammers photo in Many places, over the years.
Here IT is again at, going by the screen name of 'sandra9' & 'superfreaky27'. I've known her, also as 'berryice001' & 'windsongprincess' at yahoo, 'Angel_heart2006' at, 'lonelykathlen' at Christianmingle.
Here's what she wrote to me, at, today;

Dec 8, 2007 3:01pm EST

hello Dear
Well i write to u with the fear of
the Lord and with the blessings from him to you.I know
u will be wondering and thinking why do i let you know
about this but please take it easy my name is sandra
joe i am years 29 old and in brooklyn,.
My main aim of writting you this letter is my Late
father was an Administrator at the Gold Mining Section
here in brooklyn when he was alive,He had his part of
share from the Gold Company to the Safe Bank in west
african in nigeira and has 150(kilos) of Gold and also
a sum of 87million USD in this same safe bank which
Security Company he depositted this Boxes none of them
know what actually the Boxes contain, it was meant
secret between the families and the Family Attorney
withness all this. I know alot of people also trying
say this samething,but just try and believe me i am
real about this and mean what i am saying,because we
didn't want this to be heard by any one who won't be
honest to me that is why i have made it to be secret.
I have all the necessary documents to prove my late
fathers deposit and what i want from you now is, for u
just to remain honest and sincere to me and sign for
my Late father foreign Benefiary so that we can be
to get this above said valuables to you, so i can
join you and invest the money together,we i promised
20% for anyonewho is capable to assist me Please i
will be so happy to hear from u again with a good
response, i have been looking for a honest and sincere
man for a long time now.
Take care and i know my cry has been soon
as you got my emaild try to emaild me back and tell me
what his in mind to me so that i can know what to do
and i will be more than happiness if you can have god
meacy on me becuse i have no father no mother all i
have now is you nothing more and i promiss you in the
name of god that you will never regret of helpping me
just give me a tryer and see what will can develop and
i will swear to god that we will never forget you in
ur familly i will always remembers who help me just
have god meacy on me and try your best on me the
reason why i just feel like to let you know about this
just becuse you really sound so good to me and i
that some one responsible man like you is very so
hardly to find that is why i lay my trust on you and
tell you about this but please don't broke my heart i
am just trying to hoppen my minded to you okay i have
no father no mother my parent died when i was still 20
years but since i have been seaching for some one
responsible man that i would like to tell about this
but all people i have been seaching for they are all
lie to me and take my money away and never come back
again honey how can i belive that i am not fool again
becuse i am really hoppen my mind to you and i lay my
trust on you okay all i just need is some document to
prove to the bank that is my late father money befor
they can return all the found back to me and some
golds also but the bank said that with out showing
them some document they will not return all my late
father property back to me but Mr larry williams wish
is my late father lawyer he said that he will help me
to get the inportant document they are asking but he
said that except i get him some littile found he will
not be able to help me becuse is hardly to get the
document can you please try and email my late father
lawyer and ask from him what will need to do this is
the lawyer email (
) okay you can email him and explay every things him
a man to man okay I hope to hear good news from you can try and contact me with my private
email and let me know what is our mind to me
( ) okay that is my own email
okay try and email me and tell me all more about you
and how do you feel about me okay i would like to get
to know more and more about you okay when i went
through your profile you really sound so good to me


2007-12-17, 08:50:15   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection (modified photo)

2008-02-22, 08:31:42
anonymous from Kenya  
The scam is now in Single Christian Network as KATHY002901 picture attached
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rose Kimberly in Africa

2008-05-23, 08:58:41   (updated: 2008-05-23, 09:00:31)
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-23, 09:01:17   (updated: 2008-05-23, 09:02:13)
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Erika Wright
Dating scammer SANDRA JOE

2008-05-23, 09:02:52
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Erika Wright
Dating scammer Erika Wright

2008-05-23, 09:03:34
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Erika Wright
Dating scammer SANDRA JOE

2008-05-23, 09:04:39
anonymous from United States  
2008-10-04, 12:16:11   (updated: 2008-10-04, 12:18:33)
anonymous from United States  
This is a continuation of the mail.

Well all i need is just $200 for the cab fare man to drive me down to the airport here so that i can get on the plane...Well i want you to know that i am for real and i can never lie to you..Well i want you to take a good look at will know that am more than the money that am asking you to help me with..if not the mess am into i will not be here asking you to help me..Well some people maybe on here scamming people But am not like that and i can never do dont look at what some people has done to you before or maybe you have heard all this before...Well i want you to know that i am for Real Just give me a try and help me and you will never regret on helping me..I know that you might be thinking that you are a fool if you help me and which is not or your mind might be tosing on the ocean abt helping me, and i know your thought but is not like that, tryna to know that i can't force you to help me nor comand you to help me am only begging you to help me outta from this shit and i will be back and you'll know that am real and am not lying to you plz i Beg you in the name of God to try and help me out of here and i promise you that i will also help you in all your ways so plz try and find a way or another to help me to sovle out this problem..Looking forward to hear from you soon

I have attached a picture she is using on

2008-12-07, 04:55:21
anonymous from United States  
She has many sights on myspace too, such as lucy Beware!
2009-03-05, 05:24:42
anonymous from South Africa  
Hi Guys .. Sandra Joe is at it again this time on Datefree ... Beware this is a big scam .
2012-04-25, 00:27:28
anonymous from Australia  
I met this girl on cupid calling herself Sandra Jane. Apparently near suicide over her situation. Saying she was in Switzerland meeting with a friend and the friend was killed in an accident. Leaveing her all alone in a hotel she could not afford. She claimed her father left her some money and could only get it if she were married. I am the fool who believed her and tried to help. She had an accomplice whom she said was the hotel manager. He claimed to be interested in helping her get her funds to me. There was also a lawyer claiming to be working on her behalf. This all took place early in 2011. Exact dates I have on file for every conversation but they have got into my email boxes and removed every email she sent me. There came a time when she was declared dead by her accomplice in about august of 2011. Then dealing with the accomplice who claimed she had left forty million dollars in my name I entertained the notion for a while. In all I have $78,000 in western union receipts of money I sent on this epic waste of life and time. It has left me bankrupt. I offer the picture she uses on her email and yahoo messenger that anyone still in contact with her be warned. As two weeks ago she re appeared and claimed to be hiding from her accomplice. Wanting $200 dollars to get the real money transfered to me. Of course by now I know she is trouble and can be found on account to this day . I asked her where she was and she said Nigeria. Trying to narrow it down I asked where in Nigeria. She said 'Ikeja'. It happened I was on messenger with a friend I do trust there in Nigeria at the time and I told my friend this was where Sandra is. My friend informed me its a street in Lagos. As I am in contact with the efcc through my friend I am sure they will be informed immediately. This I declare this 25th day of April 2012.

2012-04-25, 01:19:31   (updated: 2012-04-25, 01:28:54)
2012-04-25, 00:27:28 anonymous from Australia - I met this girl on cupid calling herself Sandra Jane. >>>

Nigeria is a virtual cesspool for scammer activity and it's said the country is riddled
with corruption. Read the following magazine interview article. Sorry! Don't know what to suggest ... the pic belongs to KRELAN a model with FocusInternational in Hawaii. The link - ...

Online scams create 'Yahoo! millionaires' !

In Lagos, where scamming is an art, the quickest path to wealth for the cyber-generation runs through a computer screen. Akin is, like many things in cyberspace, an alias. He wears Adidas sneakers, a Rolex Submariner watch, and a kilo of gold around his neck.

Akin, who lives in Lagos, is one of a new generation of entrepreneurs that has emerged in this city of 15 million, Nigeria's largest. His mother makes $30 a month as a cleaner, his father about the same hustling at bus stations. But Akin has made it big working long days at Internet cafes and is now the main provider for his family and legions of relatives.

Call him a 'Yahoo! millionaire' !

Akin buys things online - laptops, BlackBerries, cameras, flat-screen TVs - using stolen credit cards and aliases. He has the loot shipped via FedEx or DHL to safe houses in Europe, where it is received by friends, then shipped on to Lagos to be sold on the black market. (He figures Americans are too smart to sell a camera on eBay to a buyer with an address in Nigeria.)

Akin's main office is an Internet cafe in the Ikeja section of Lagos. He spends up to ten hours a day there, seven days a week, huddled over one of 50 computers, working his scams.

And he's not alone: The cafe is crowded most of the time with other teenagers, like Akin, working for a 'chairman' who buys the computer time and hires them to extract e-mail addresses and credit card information from the thin air of cyberspace. Akin's chairman, who is computer illiterate, gets a 60 percent cut and reserves another 20 percent to pay off law enforcement officials who come around or teachers who complain when the boys cut school. That still puts plenty of cash in Akin's pocket.

A sign at the door of the cafe reads, WE DO NOT TOLERATE SCAMS IN THIS PLACE. DO NOT USE E-MAIL EXTRACTORS OR SEND MULTIPLE MAILS OR HACK CREDIT CARDS. YOU WILL BE HANDED OVER TO THE POLICE. NO 419 ACTIVITY IN THIS CAFE. The sign is a joke; 419 activity, which refers to the section of the Nigerian law dealing with obtaining things by trickery, is a national pastime. There are no coherent laws relating to internet scams, the police are mostly computer illiterate, and penalties for financial crimes are rarely enforced.

'What do you want me to do?' Akin asks in pidgin English, explaining why he turned to a life of Internet crime. 'It is my God-given talent. Our politicians, they do their own; me, I'm doing my own. I feed my family - my sister, my mother, my popsie. Man must survive.'

The scams perpetrated by Akin and his comrades are many and varied: Moneygram interceptions, Western Union hijackings, check laundering, identity theft, and outright begging, with tall tales of dying relatives and large sums of money in search of safe haven. One popular online fraud often practiced by women (or boys pretending to be women) involves separating lonely men from their money.

Attempts to speak to government officials about Internet crime were futile. They all claimed ignorance of such scams; some laughed it off as Western propaganda.
Some officials, who asked not be identified, said young people are drawn to Internet crime as a way of getting back at a society that has no plans for them. Others see it as a form of reparation for the sins of the West.

Or as Akin puts it, 'White people are too gullible. They are rich, and whatever I gyp them out of is small change to them.'

Editor's note: The term 'Yahoo Millionaire' is frequently used by scammers in Nigeria. They are not affiliated in any way with Yahoo! the company.

2012-04-25, 01:40:51
anonymous from United States  
All of you having been scammed, might consider customizing the following 'NOTICE' and send to your scammer friend as well as the various agencies you might feel appropriate. Most countries now require registration of cellphone numbers, so the scammers do not have total anonymity as they may think. I used this notice recently, and it did get the attention of the scammer who got really pissed; and threatened to have her high priest cousin in Haiti cast a powerful voodoo spell over me that would cause my balls to rot and fall off if I didn't stop the notice immediately. LOL ! So if you're not superstitous, give it a try and post your experiences which may help bring at least some resolution to others who have been scammed.

Notice To File / Internet Crime Complaint Center

'Pursuant to legal statures applicable to judiciary felony fraud cases in Ghana, evidentiary material enclosed indicates a clear intent of scamming over the internet, perpertrated by one Akakpo Samuel, a female of Black/African descent approximate age 31, whose last known physical address is: #14 Abavana Street, Accra, Ghana 00233 email address: and cel phone: 233 276339929. A number of photographs of the subject along with correspondence, depository from Womens World Bank WWB/0994-0801 dated 19 July 2011 and MTCN Western Union data are further enclosed herewith as an attachment. The purpose of which is for investigation and prosecution of suspected criminal and/or civil violations. It appears the premise is being used to conduct illegal internet fraud, whereby a fictitious persona is often created by the scammer who will profess romantic interests, in order to lure victims into sending money for various reasons. It is urgent you precede with an immediate investigation to prevent further scurrilous and fraudulent scamming activity by false pretenses, impersonation and abetment of crime on residential premise.

All agencies are being notified as necessary, including but not limited to; The U. S. Embassy (Ghana), all U. S. Federal Agencies, INTERPOL, NCR (National Cellphone Registry), Womens World Bank (Ghana), private investigator/law firm (Ghana), MoneyGram, Western Union, landlords, neighborhood addresses on Abavana Street (Ghana), other internet providers, affiliations, associates and religious institutions.'



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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