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Dating scammer Gulya / Gulnaz Syundyukova


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Name: Gulya / Gulnaz Syundyukova


Lenina 24, apartment 36
Perm, Russia

Other Comments:
Hi guys

First up when I googled the photos she sent me google took me to 'Miss MyJane' Filial Beauty contest. This is a magazine running a Miss-Runet contest.

The photos are of one of the contestants.

The letters run the usual pattern. BUT with a bit of a twist ... I have 2 'girls' writing extremely similar letters. The paragraphing is the same but the wording is slightly different. Makes one wonder!!!

I will post the second 'girl' as a seperate link to this as they are probably one and the same group.

This Gulnaz sent me a copy of her internal passport... doctored! Then got very upset when I asked for a photo of her holding one of my photos.

She also phoned me!

But the money letter seems typical even after I said in my first letter that I will not send money!

Does anyone know this Gulnaz by another name or other photos?

Her money letter

Hello my darling Mark!!! Thank you for your wonderful letter. You are
now constantly on my mind. I’m becoming crazy about you and you make
me feel good about myself. You have extended an openness toward me
ever since and including your first letter, and have accepted me for
who I am. And I appreciate it so much! I knew that you exist long
before we met each other. I had a feeling that soon this day will come
and YOU will come to my life. It was written in the books of our
destinies in the sky and it has happened. You came to my life
sacredly, without much noise but your patience and truthfulness helped
you and now you play the most important role in my life. I thank God
for such a present as YOU. I thank you that you found me in this
world. I live only for you. Now I can say it for sure Yes, I think I
LOVE YOU Mark!!! I would never deceive you and I would only want the
same treatment in return. I feel so fortunate that you found me. I
need you. I need you to be genuine, I really need you to be. If you
are not it may greatly discourage me. I want to be with you now. I
feel really close to you in my heart. You are very special to me. All
my love is for you now. And it has been yours for the taking since we
began, you say you want it, and yes my love I want it too. I would
never forget your heart, and I feel that if you are a sincere person
then you deserve the benefit of the doubt and I would owe as much to
the both of us to trust you. So then, have no doubt that you can trust
me and my words because if you are who I hope, then time will not hide
you or me. Your heart really is now my heart, so then I promise to do
my best to embrace it until we meet and then you can choose once again
if our hearts will remain as one. I can’t stop thinking of the moment
when we meet each other and we will do then! It’s now in my head and I
can’t get these thoughts out of it. I want to thank you very much for
your help my dear! Thank you for taking responsibility for me and our
meeting. Thank you for helping us with the meeting Mark! It means so
much for me! Today I took the day off and went to the travel agency
and asked everything about the trip to you. A woman who my aunt knows
for a long time works there and she told that she will help us with
arranging everything in the shortest terms. I’m so excited that we’ll
be together soon!Won’t be great to spend New Year’s Day together?! And
this girl helped me to pick up the cheapest trip for us. I will start
my holidays in the end of December, and on the day I leave Russia so
we could spend all four weeks together with you! I have mentioned that
vacation in Russia only once a year and if we won’t meet this year,
than we’ll have to wait till the next year. So concerning the cost of
the trip to you. First of all I will need to make an international
passport that is needed for all Russian citizens to travel abroad.
Usually it takes about 1-2 months to issue it, but this travel agency
will make it for 3-4 days for 260 Euros. Then I’ll have to apply for
visa which costs 124 Euro. And the tickets from Moscow to you cost
approximately 827 Euro. The whole preparation will take only 10-14
days. And I will have to get from Perm to Moscow and it will cost 220
Euro. So in total it is 1431 Euro that I will need for the trip. But I
think it’s worth our happiness. Besides she told me about MoneyGram
system which will be really conviniensing for us. In my opinion we
should start preparations as soon as possible. Otherwise we will lose
our time and we’ll have less days to spend together. I hope you
understand me. Can you help me with this sum this week? And soon we
will be together with you. My darling Mark! They say that love is like
a butterfly in so many words, it brings a little sunshine to our lives
even on dark and gloomy days. They say that it makes our souls feel
lighter just to know that it is there. People say that gives our
spirits wings, almost as if though we are floating in the air. It
carries us to places that we never knew before and it comes in many
sizes, shapes and colors galore. Often when we see it we wish to hold
onto it tight, but just like a frail butterfly we must allow it to fly
free, for should we try to hold and put it in a cage, we surely will
crush its wings, and it will never be able to fly again. To keep love
glowing in our hearts everyday, we must remember to give some of it
away. I want to tell you good bye my honey Mark and have a good day
there. I miss you very much and with large impatience wait for a new
letter from you.

Only your Gulnaz


2007-12-19, 17:47:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from South Africa  

2007-12-19, 17:47:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from South Africa  

2007-12-19, 18:23:06
anonymous from United States  
They must have a form letter that they use as I had a man from Lagos Nigeria say almost the same worrds to me, then asked for money, now I haven't heard from him after I said no, but it's strange he used a lot of her words to you like I said they must have a book that they type from as they are all alike words, what i'm going to do is report him to every dating site in the US as he uses a US adrress so he doesn't try this on other worman.
2007-12-20, 03:15:38
anonymous from Sweden  
anonymous from United States 2007-12-19, 18:23:06

sorry pal, these aren't Nigerian scammers...this is a typical Yoshkar Ola scam.

don't believe me? read this:
(Russian internet news article about scammers)

or this:

2007-12-20, 11:33:06
OJAS from United States  
Russian Internet Article referred by Eddie http://www.delphifa..=10#65924
Eddie has done the hardwork; It is readily linked, no scrolling needed; And now the newcomers' turn!
2007-12-30, 21:17:21
anonymous from South Africa  
hi guys

This is my second 'girl'...
As you can see money letter in same format but wording slightly different.

Greetings my dear Mark!!!
Thanks for your e-mail. You are now constantly on we wash mind. I feel really well about you, and you force me to feel good about me directly. You have expanded an openness to me since then and including your first letter, and have accepted me for this purpose, who I. And I appreciate it so!
Weather is still cold now even thus, that it became warmer, and snow thaws very slowly. I will hope, that soon I would not see snow and would see only as the sun shines together with you. Please my love, and I hope, that together we can find, that the way for us meets as soon as possible and as you, I feel, that I should trust you, and believe, that it could be the beginning of a new life for me also. I feel so successful, that we have found each other. You intrigue me the beloved. You clear up both my interest and curiosity. I also feel closer also closer to you from your letters. It does me happy to dream, that we could be happy together. Besides, I really believe, that it - you which clears up charm of my soul, or it is possible - only you who wishes to find in me, than happens so, that you distinguish as charm. My love Mark, you do it very clear to me, that you wish to meet to us as soon as possible, and I feel precisely same about it. I wish to be with you now. I feel really close to you in we wash heart. You are very especial for me. I never would forget your heart. Your heart is valid - now my heart, thus I promise to use the best efforts to capture it while we do not meet, and then you can choose once again if our hearts remain as one.
I wrote in the last letter, that my boss has agreed to give me holiday in December. It is very good news to us. After all now we can meet so soon. Our love allows to us forces to move forward so well that all is favorable for sew meetings in December. It very much excites me and at the same time does me so happy! I cannot believe that it is a reality. It so is fine. I can see you. I am happy. You force me to be such. I love you!!!
I cannot stop to think of the moment when we will meet each other, and we will make then! It is now in my head, and I cannot pull out these thoughts from this.
So now I wish to tell to you all information, that I have reached about the trip to you.
The first thing which should leave, the international passport which I have no because I never was abroad is. 3 working days Is required to receive it, and it will cost 237 euros. Then I should address for reception of the visa which will cost 184 euros and will occupy approximately 12-15 working days. Come back tickets of the plane from Moscow there are 845 euros, and tickets of the plane of returning from Ufa to Moscow will cost 216. Thus I will require in 1482 euros only. Approximately 3 weeks also is required to understand in all. The travel agency takes 10 %-s' payment for their services which will make 148 euros and Natalya (the friend to my mother who works over travel agency), has told to me, that I be able agree, that everything, that one, thus we could save some money. I will receive the holiday in in the beginning of May then, thus I can spend with you so a lot of time as far as possible. I have 4 weeks of holidays. And my following holiday will be only in a year, thus I will hope, that we are able meet this time.
As you would like to care of expenses, I have learnt, what best way to send money. You should use system of transfer of Gram of Money which is very useful as it is immediate and very safe. You should search for the information concerning it in <>. You will require also my personal details so here, they:
The name: Anastasia Bondaletova
The address: Russia, Salavat
Komsomolskaya 34, apartment 23
You can help me with money this week, thus I could start to receive everything, what it was prepared? Time runs quickly, thus I do not wish to release it. And very soon we will together and we will make each other happy!
You are excited? I! Very excited! I have very much a strange feeling which I never had before. It is connection of various feelings! I cannot find, that correct words express those feelings, but that I can tell, for certain that I enjoy them!
My dear Mark! They say, that the love resembles the butterfly in very many words, it brings a few light during our lives even in dark and gloomy days. They say, that it forces our souls to feel easier only to know, that it there. People say, that it gives our wings of mood, almost as though though we float in air. It bears us in places which we never knew before, and it enters into many sizes, forms and paints it is a lot of. Often, when we see it, we wish to keep on it strained, but in the same way as the sickly butterfly, we should allow, that it to depart free, for should try to hold and place we it in a cage, we certainly will break its wings, and it never is able depart again. To hold the love flaring in our hearts everyday, we should not forget to give a part of it.
I wish to tell to you good while my honey Mark and to have good day there. I am absent, you very much and with the big impatience wait for the new letter from you.

Only your Ani

2007-12-30, 21:19:30
anonymous from South Africa  
here's another photo of 'her'

Anyone seen this 'girl'?

Have a good new year to all the guys and their hard work on this site.
2008-06-19, 02:48:17
[hidden] from South Africa  
Watch out for an individual that states their name & location as:

city Izhevsk, Russia.

Check this letter out, after only chatting for a few days! LOL

Hello! I am very glad to receive from you the letter, to me
that is very pleasantly that you have written to me..., How you?? How
your mood?? Whether as i see on yours to the letter at you very
remarkable mood not so, at me as remarkable mood... i have remarkable
news, i just from travel agency I have not endured up to tomorrow I to
go right now after your letter... I have learned all to me gave the
full information for mine travel to you, I to you now to tell all, for
travel to you to be necessary for me not which documents, it as the
visa and the passport for travel abroad and the ticket, all this will
cost for me in euro 1510, for me it is very big sum of money and as
you to me wrote you that you to me to help, i have learned also to me
have told that that you can transfer me of money through electronic
translation.. as we with you have agreed we with you we trust each
other and that that we with you shall be happy.. .. I to you to leave
all data on which you will send to me of money, translate to me
through MONEY GRAM it is very convenient and fast remittance, as you
to me will send money you to me inform the full address, the
completely a surname a name, the country city where you live.. I to
ask you as it is possible for me to send this weeks money that I to
order all and that documents were done, I very strongly want to be
with you, I cannot present myself as I can embrace and kiss you, I
want that you me to meet with big bouquets of colors, I so wish it...
That's all that i have learned I to you to allow the information which
I have, you to me write as soon as possible I shall look forward to
hearing from you and I shall wish very much that this answer was for
me joyful as well as for you i you very strongly love my letter, m and
I want to be with you.. With love Anastasiya!!

2008-06-20, 06:28:33
anonymous from Austria  
This person forced to do me to do any bad affairs, forced to do that that for the girl it is not beautiful and it is bad. Forced me in intimate the attitude to do to suck, it was very rough, and it is simple bitch!!
2008-06-20, 06:33:07
anonymous from Austria  
Not when do not write Shaun Pletschke (S.A), it it is simple Bitch!! It the jobless guy, it simply wants Sex and any more that, about the attitude it only wants one and all!!!
2008-06-20, 08:53:28
Peter from Germany  
F... these free anomizers - but nice to see they wasted their time again.
2008-11-27, 12:43:47
anonymous from Ireland  
Gulnaz strikes again. She really had me going there for a while but I'm glad I googled this link!

What a bitch!!

Thanks guys


2008-12-17, 07:46:41
anonymous from South Africa  
I was sent this very same photo of Gulnaz and many more requesting money after falling in love with me ,to come and visit me with the intension of a possible marriage.

Money for Internet cafe', visa, international passport and flight tickets.

The letter that was sent to Mark from Ireland is almost Identical to one I received.

Beware she or who-ever maybe uses her photos, is a Pro. they can kreep under your skin making out that there exist real feelings!

They are only after your money!

Anonymous -South Africa.



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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