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Dating scammer Tatyana Suvorova


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Name: Tatyana Suvorova


My name is Tanya, surname Suvorova. To me 27 years. I was born in small city Medvedevo ( in Russia )
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817978500090000218
INDEX OF BANK (post code) - 424000

Other Comments:
Lovely, I cannot understand, why you have not answered all my
questions... Loved, I have asked you, why you do not want to help me
in payment of trip to you??? I wait for explanations!!!!!
Lovely, yesterday I descended in travel agency and all have learned
about arrival to you... Now I to you shall tell all:
Tickets up to you cost 360 euro, the visa costs 60 euro,
the passport for travel abroad costs 110 euro, passage of medical
survey for reception of the visa 85 euro, trip up to Moscow 93 euro
and residing at Moscow in hotel for the period of official
registration of papers 112 euro... The Visa and the passport for
travel abroad 5-7 days shall be made out approximately... All trip
costs 820... Lovely, I yesterday talked to mine the daddy that it has
helped me to pay trip to you... When I have told to the daddy, that
trip to you costs 820 euro mine the daddy has told that at him is not
present so many money... It has told, that can help me 300 euro and it is a maximum than it can help... Then I have decided to check up the bank account and there appeared that at me is present only 200 euro...
Lovely, in general at me is present 500 euro for arrival to you...
But, that I could pay completely trip to you to me does not suffice
320 euro... Lovely, I asked my friends that they helped me with 320
euro.. .. But they refused me in this help as spoke that will be fast
new year and Christmas and to them of money they are necessary for a holiday therefore to me cannot to help with 320 euro... Loved, I ask
you to understand, that I have nobody to take 320 euro... Loved if you
really want that I have arrived to you should me help with these 320
euro... Tell to me fairly and frankly, you can help me with 320
euro??? I ask you to answer me fairly and particularly!!!!
I as have reserved the ticket for December, 29... The data of my
Start: MOSCOW 10:45 Arrival: XXXX On December, 29 2007
Flight: XXXX
Lovely, to me have told in travel agency, that I am obliged to pay for
the ticket prior to the beginning of the next week as before new year
many people want to leave in other countries... So if I shall not pay
for the ticket prior to the beginning of the next week my booking will
remove also I I shall not have the ticket... Loved, I hope, that you
understand all... Also will be ready to help me with 320 euro... As I
could find 500 euro for arrival to you...

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2008-01-10, 08:03:16
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ You can read why Tanya is So neCessAry for Me €€€

Tatyana Suvorova
Date : Thursday 10 january 2008 7:20:48
From :Tatyana Suvorova (

Hi my darling,
The darling, I very much regret, that did not write to you some days.. I wish to explain to you why..We had recently in Russia a Christmas and in these holidays the cafe Internet did not work, therefore I could not write to you.. I Hope, that you understand it..

I am glad to receive the letter from you and to see in yours
The letter, that you love me!!! I too love you most on the Earth!!!
I constantly think of you, my love!!! I so long wanted to meet such fine person, as you.
I so wait our meeting with you, my love. I want to see you beside and to feel your affinity till day and night. I want to prepare you for a tasty meal and to have supper with you, To walk together with you under a moonlight and I want to feel your hand on my shoulder. But these dreams warm my heart and give me good mood.

Favourite when I read your letter I had a horror and I could not
understand... That your friend corresponds with any woman who has my
photos. It very strongly afflicts Me!!! I have a suspicion, that at me
have stolen these photos and someone uses them... The Darling, I to
you assure precisely, that with anybody I do not correspond, except
you... I as cannot understand, who has sent to your friend data of my
account... It very much irritates Me and disturbs!!! As it is all very
strange!!! The darling, I do not understand, just as your friend could
send into my account 468 euro... As data of my account is my personal
information and only I sent you it... Favourite, me as it very much is
not pleasant, that we had such problem... I wish to understand this
situation. As I see, that because of it our contact can collapse...
Favourite, I was yesterday was in bank and checked the account... The
Darling, but your money is not available on mine to the account and I
do not know why... Favourite, I ask to descend once again in the bank
and to learn why your money did not reach my account... Favourite, I
think, that your money has returned back to you into the account...
And it seems to me, that it is better to me to learn other way of
remittance... As to transfer of money for my bank account our meeting
is difficult also is postponed... If you want, I can descend once
again in bank and learn what in another way you can to send me
money... Speak to me it is necessary or not to do it???
I wait so for very our meeting... I wish to see you in a reality as soon as possible...
Please write to me more often, my love!!!
Love and kiss.
Yours Tanya
2008-01-10, 08:05:25
anonymous from Netherlands  

2008-01-10, 08:47:49
Hahaha, My is still waiting for the 468 Euro !!!

send:     wednesday 9 january 2008 19:53:52
answer to:     susliktanya@rambler

Hello my favourite !!!
I am happy to see your letter again!!!
Today I went to bank, but on my bank account was nothing, I do not
understand as you sent money if they did not reach me. I hope you sent
them how I wrote to you:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817978500090000218
The address of bank - VASHSKAY 8
Index - 424000

You needed to send money just as I wrote to you, on my full name
SUVOROVA TATIYANA SERGEEVNA. I hope you did so, and in any way to
another. I want that you descended in bank and have learnt, whether
correctly you sent money and if yes when they should arrive to me my
favourite!!! I so love you, that I do not want, that we had problems
with it. I wish to receive faster your financial help, to do documents
and to come to you my prince!!! I very much love you also I hope, that
you will learn all. I love you!!! I wait for your new letter!!!
Yours for ever Tanya!!!
2008-01-11, 06:54:26
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Saved by the bell €€€

Send : Friday 11 January 2008 14:31:33
To :Tatyana Suvorova (

My dear Tanya,
I have come to the Internet of cafe, and I am glad to see that you have written me. When I lie down to sleep, I cannot receive dreams because I can only think of you.

Yesterday I send an e-mail to my friend with a copy of your explanations. He was very shocked, that he fell in love with someone who uses your stolen photos. He transferred 468 euro to your stolen account number on January 7th. Yesterday he hurried to the bank and tried to cancel this transaction. Fortunately the bank had a delay in foreign transactions, so it could be cancelled. He was very lucky!!!

Tanya, I think you are very pleased, that you will not receive this stolen 468 euro on your bank account!!!
Can you tell me how it is possible that other people could steal your photos and your account??? It must be a horror for you???
My friend asked me what he should do with this 'fake lover'. Why is this 'fake lover' mailing two months with him ? Because of the money??? Maybe you can explain it to me??? I send your answer to my friend.
He was very happy that you saved him from a money disaster!!! He received more stolen photos, than I received from you. He knows how you look like, my baby.
By the way, he sends kind attitudes to you !!!
Thank you very much, that you warned us with your letter.
With impatience I wait for you next letter, my love.
I send you my gentle kisses. I hope you can feel my kisses!!!
Your Lover
2008-01-11, 14:46:40 from Canada  
I have that russian girl, she did not asked for anything yet, this is her email address and another one Is there anybody that can tell anything about these girls. ? Thanks a lot.
2008-01-12, 08:46:03
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Money money money €€€

Tatyana Suvorova
Date :Saturday 12 January 2008 9:46:36
From: Tatyana Suvorova (

Hi my love!!!
Weather at us very bad!!! Air temperature approximately from-18 to-22...
So at us in Russia now very cold... I so dream, about that that we go with you for a hand keeping for a hand on park!!! I, likely, as the small little girl!!! But I simply love you, my love!!! I think of our first meeting with you!!! I think, that it will be simply magnificent!!! I wait and I dream of it, my charm!!! And each minute when I think of you I I roar!!! I very much would like to embrace you to feel heat of your hands!!!
I want, that you have embraced me and have kissed!!! And when it happen I to a glow at you on a shoulder and I shall tell to you, that I LOVE YOU!!!
And I shall embrace you very strongly!!! And then, we shall dance all night!!!

The darling, I am very glad for your friend and that he has understood
my explanations... Favourite, I think, that my photos have stolen from
mine the cafe Internet in which I write every day you letters... I
leave the photos on the computer in the cafe Internet... And as all
and your letters I keep... Likely, who has seen my photos and has
decided to take them to itself as with my photos there were documents
where my bank account has been written... I will learn in the cafe
Internet who could take advantage of my photos. To me so very much it
is not pleasant, that who uses my photos for acquaintance to other
people. The Darling, I do not know, why 'the counterfeit fan'
corresponded with your friend 2 months and for what it did it... At me
in it of explanations.
Favourite, I descend in bank on Monday to check up the account... If
yours money is not on mine to the account on Monday I then ask you to
descend in the bank and to learn why your money is not available on
mine to the account...
I shall look forward to your letter!!!
Your Tanya

2008-01-12, 08:51:14
anonymous from Netherlands  

2008-01-12, 11:35:39   (updated: 2008-01-12, 11:38:33)
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ I think our 'Twin Sisters' will have a fight €€€

Send :     Saturday 12 January 2008 19:27:25
To :     Tatyana Suvorova (

Hello my lovely Tanya,
I am very strongly glad to receive your letter. When days are long, time, apparently, lasts, ideas are ardent, those lonely sleepless nights, these words occur; Only for you Tanya, from the basis of my heart.
I hope your heart is not as cold, as the airtemperature in Medvedevo !! At this moment I have no heart because you have stolen my heart, my Tanya !!

Now in me it is a lot of emotion ! My friend e-mailed with his 'Counterfeit Tatyana Suvorova' and she told him the same story as you told me. She explained to him that you stole the photos from her computer in the Internet cafe and that YOU are 'the counterfeit fan' !!
She explained that she was glad not to recieve my friends money. She did not need his money, she only wants his love !!! She made my friend clear that 'Counterfeit fans' do only write letters to receive money !! She send my friend another photo, which you did not sent to me !!! You look wonderful on that photo !!
I really don't know what to do !! I am really upset !!
I love you very much, but who do I have to believe, my love ????
Who has taken advantage of your account number and beautiful photos in the Internet cafe ??? The unknown 'Counterfeit Tatyana' or YOU ???
I hope you have a good explanation, my princess !!
I look forward to your letter !!
Your lover
2008-01-13, 03:29:41
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ The 'Counterfeit Tanya' letter €€€

Tatyana Suvorova
Date : Sunday 13 January 2008 10:06:51
From : Tatyana Suvorova (

My love!!!
I so is glad that you have written the letter!!!!!!
I very much love you and I can not without you adore you!!!!!
I want to be with you each day and to dream of you!!!!
To wait for you from work!!!!
I want to prepare you for breakfast and supper each day!!!!!
And to wake up in the mornings together with you!!!!!
Each day and to love you all life!!!
I want to be mother of your children and to love them just as you!!!!!
I want you - I want that our family was very happy!!!!!!!!!!!
I know - that we shall be with you for ever, I LOVE YOU MY LOVED!!!!
In MY IDEAS And SOUL - ONLY YOU MY MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The darling, very strongly upsets me this situation, that who gives
out to itself for me and uses mine a name... I am very strong harms on
this person as it pulls down our relations!!! I cannot understand why
this 'counterfeit Tanya' to speak, the same as I... The Darling, I
have learnt whence from it my photos and my given accounts, as my
letters... Favourite, I have addressed to the manager the Internet of
cafe with this problem... And he has decided to help me... He has
decided to check up my electronic address. Also has learnt there, that
someone has cracked my mail box and knows the password to it... And
then I have understood, whence this 'counterfeit Tanya' is available
my photos and data of the bank account... And as knows all my and your
letters... When I it have learnt that from me there was a shock... As
I could not understand, why to us who stirs in our relations... I want
that it is all have ended and I will go tomorrow to militia that found
this person...

The darling, I sent you all a photo which I have... But I have
noticed, that some photos at me are removed. And I seem I know why...
This 'counterfeit Tanya' copied a photo from me and then some photos
has removed... That I could not use them... Therefore you did not
receive from me a photo though I sent them to you... As they have been
removed... The Darling, I ask to send me a photo which it has sent to
your friend recently... Whether That I could check up there is this a
photo for me now... But it seems to me, that the photo at me is not
present this, as when it has copied them then remove from my folder...
The darling, I hope, that you now understand, that I became a victim
of a deceit and that someone has stolen my photos and has cracked my
mail box... Favourite, I ask to trust me and to trust, as I very much
am afraid of you to lose and I do not want that we have left you...
Love washing, for me it is very important that you trusted me, instead
of that 'counterfeit Tanya'.
Yours Tanya
2008-01-13, 03:33:29
anonymous from Netherlands  

2008-01-14, 06:38:55   (updated: 2008-01-14, 07:01:54)
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Playing the Counterfeit Game €€€

Date : Sunday 13 January 2008 16:43:48
To :

Hello my dear Tanya,
I am very happy to receive your letter today.
You asked me to sent you a stolen photo. I sent you a photo with the copy of my friends latest Tanya letter. You look lovely on that photo. I wish you were here !!
Maybe you can send me a new photo of you, with my name on it. I think this is the only way to see who is the 'Counterfeit Tanya'. This looks like a big Counterfeit Game!!!
My lovely Tanya, please find out what is happening to us ???
I love you Tanya !!!
I want you Tanya !!!
I shall wait for your letter, my love.

Subject: COPY TANYA LETTER: Hello my love !!!
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:10:17 +0100

Hello XXXX,
I sent you a copy with photo from my lovely Tanya. As you see I can hardly believe that my Tanya is a swindler.
Maybe you can ask your Tanya for an explanation ? I wait for your reaction.

> Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:40:25 +0300
> From:
> Subject: Hello my love !!!
> Dear XXXX!!!
> I am glad to see again your letter wash the favourite!!! Your dreams
> always very much like me, I want that they more likely a steel a reality!!!
> I am glad that you have cancelled the transfer to my bank
> account. It very much irritates and disturbs me!!!
> XXXXX, I am sure that your friend is tricked by a MONEY SWINDLER.
> HE or SHE will constantly ask for money and use my stolen bank account:
> ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817978500090000218
> The address of bank - VASHSKAY 8
> Index - 424000
> Nevertheless, I wish to be as soon as possible with you wash the
> favourite!!! . I some times think I was born
> in the wrong country I should have been born somewhere near you.
> Thank you for being in my world. I LOVE YOU. I BELIEVE, THAT SOON
> Kiss you Tanya!!!
2008-01-14, 06:47:54
anonymous from Netherlands  
Tatyana Suvorova
Date : Monday 14 January 2008 9:26:24
Answer to : Tatyana Suvorova (

HI my love !!!
I am glad to see from you the letter.
I am heated in heat of your letters and dreams about
Day, that I can hold you in my hands and show you it
I worry about you and I love you.
I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel
The strong need for you to have an effect and IS SHOWN, that you like.
Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure, my love.
I feel to you a huge attraction and huge love,
Which reduces me from mind.

Favourite, I would be glad to send you a new photo, but understand,
that I do not have now a camera. As I did those photos, when there
were holidays and I hired the camera... I Hope, that you understand
it... The Darling, I cannot understand why you do not trust me... As
you cannot trust which person love... I always trusted you and
completely trusted...
Favourite, which you have received a photo from the friend, this a
photo was on the computer in the Internet of cafe and was have
stolen... As now it is not available for me... This 'counterfeit
Tanya' has copied this photo, and has then removed it from my folder.
Therefore I am possible to you it did not send... Favourite,
understand, that I very much do not wish you to lose and I wish to be
only with you... To me it is very sad because of this situation... And
as it is sick, that someone tries to use mine and a surname in the

I so wait for our meeting with you!!!
I dream of our meeting!!!
I wait for our meeting with you!!!
I want our meeting with you!!!
And I want to tell you, that I very love you!!!
I finish my letter to you with ideas on you!!!
Yours Tanya
2008-01-14, 06:53:53
anonymous from Netherlands  
How low....will Tanya go ???

2008-01-15, 02:54:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ The Counterfeit Dream €€€

Date :     Monday 14 January 2008 19:47:29
To :     Tatyana Suvorova (

Hello, The darling,
I am glad to receive from you the letter. As it is good to have on light of the person which thinks of you.

Tanya, it upsets me very much that you asked me why I do not trust you?
Well… I tell you my latest nightmare………..
I dreamed you asked me to believe that, after receiving warm embraces from your mother, your Mum = God Mum!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe that in your letters you constantly forget to change “The darling” in my real name!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe that you always sent two photos to me in each letter!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe that your photos had been stolen, after I told you that my friend received naked photos of you!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe my friend received magical letters from his love Tanya, because someone cracked your mailbox and used your electronic address!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe that your electronic address has been stolen for more than two months!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe that when my friend wanted to transfer 468 Euro to the same bank account as yours, everyone in Russia can collect the money from this “Special Bank Account“!!!
I dreamed you asked me to believe that you did not receive 320 Euro, which is transferred to your bank account on December 27th 2007 !!!!
And then I woke up, with sweat on my head!!!
I had a bad “Counterfeit' dream”!!!

The Darling,
I really want to have nice dreams about you!!
I really want to trust you!!
I really want to believe you!!
I love you!!!
Your Lover
2008-01-15, 02:59:45
anonymous from Netherlands  
Tatyana Suvorova
Date :     Tuesday 15 January 2008 9:22:40
Answer to :     Tatyana Suvorova (

Hello my love !!!
Today it is such a wonderful day in my life, because I received your
letter. I reread it several times and felt that we become closer to
each other. I want you to know that I need you and your letters very
much. You have very kind eyes. I want so very much to beside you and
to look into them! I'm grateful to God that He gave you to me, and I'm
so grateful to you. That now I have You, and I will not feel myself lonely anymore. You lighted up a light of hope in my heart, and light rays of love. I love all this world only for that it gives you to me! When being lonely I often ask God to give me power to outlive all this. He helped me much.

Favourite, I understand your nightmare... I completely can understand,
that you bewilderment because of this 'counterfeit Tanya'... Love
washing, but I do not know as you to prove, that I very much love
you... I can prove you it only in a reality, that is at our meeting...
The Darling, I descended yesterday in bank and your money is not
available on mine to the account... And I do not know, why they are
not present. Favourite, I ask you to go to the bank and to learn why
your money did not reach my account... The Darling, understand, that
without this money I cannot arrive to you and prove the love and
sincerity of feelings.
The darling, I very much love you and I am afraid to lose. As I never
before so strongly did not love the man as I love you.
I wait for your prompt reply...
Yours Tanya
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